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mouse in my house


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Got my trapper's education completed yesterday. I can get my trapper's license now.

I go to bed last night all happy -- instead of counting sheep, my mind wonders off thinking about finally trapping those yotes bugging me at my buddy's property. Well, I get up in the middle of the night to go pee, and I hear scratching above my head in the ceiling. Is that rain? What is that??? :hmmmer:

I open the attic, turn on the attic light, immediately see mouse droppings on the attic ladder, look up, !@#$%$ mouse darts across my face. :shock:

They did NOT teach how to trap mice in our trapper's ed class this weekend. :lookaround:

Now I have to figure out how to get rid of mice from my attic. :letsparty: 

I got an email into Ron Jones - I'm hoping his ACP business will take care of mice. He taught the trappers ed class this weekend, if I knew I had mice, I would have asked him while I was there!

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I had a couple extra traps sitting around that I used to kill the moles I had in my yard. So I went up there and laid down two with peanut butter. Do these !@#$ things poop everywhere they walk? The attic doesn't have a floor, just the rafters and beams, and you can see where they walk but following the poop on the beams (and the burrows they made into the insulation).

Catching them isn't going to be the problem - not a lot of poop, so I think they just moved in. The problem is - finding out how did they get in here in the first place. Been in the house over 20 years, never had a single mouse in the house (yard? yes. shed? yes. house? never). Now all of a sudden, somehow they got in. I need someone with the know-how and good eyes to find out how they got in and plug up those holes!

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