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  1. Out in z10 in the ground blind, fingers crossed!
  2. RIP, they are playing his songs non stop now.
  3. Hahaha now that’s funny. Maybe he’s eating your bait pile.....
  4. Trying a new stand out in z10. Winds are right, but it’s hot. Finally had a free day so I figured “why not”
  5. Only the metallic USMC decal on the lower left rear window. Every truck has only had just that one
  6. I’m going to be keeping a close eye on this thread, looking to do the same when I go visit family out there
  7. Would have made great soup. Their tenderloins are pretty delicious too
  8. Sent you a message
  9. We’re painting the house and the wife is redecorating. Set of 12 10”x10” canvas prints. Can be picked up in Clinton Township. They are in good shape, would rather have someone use them rather than just throw away.
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