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  1. Ace1985

    9/23 am , who is hunting

    Out in 10 as well, got in about 530
  2. Ace1985

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas everyone
  3. Ace1985

    Snow Predicted this weekend Coastal

    Same here, plow truck is still in the shop so we’ll get crushed for sure
  4. Ace1985


    Trying my luck out in zn 10 again this afternoon
  5. Sorry, my fat fingers must have hit the button, didn’t even realize... At this point, even if it saves $166, it’s basically paying for hunting and fishing licenses, so there’s always that.
  6. Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely be submitting this
  7. Does it matter how long ago I was discharged or does it have to be within this year?
  8. Ace1985

    Shoot straight, be safe, be kind. 6-day check in

    Zn 10 sounds like a war zone!
  9. Ace1985

    Shoot straight, be safe, be kind. 6-day check in

    Got set up about 530 in zn 10, fingers crossed
  10. Ace1985

    Ruger 1022

    pm sent
  11. Ace1985

    Weapon of choice tomorrow

    I will be trying my new savage 220 20ga as well.