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  1. Ace1985

    Some snows in Allentown...

    I passed that today on my way to Lehigh valley sporting clays. I think the farmer was using the combine as a hunting blind haha
  2. Ace1985

    Buck for dinner:-)

    Cooked perfectly!
  3. Ace1985

    11/10 check in

    So today I was able to grunt in my first buck, i know he’s not the biggest, but it was pretty cool. Saw him out in the field, nose down and moving. Hit the grunt and he stopped, I kept at it for a little bit and threw a couple doe bleats in. It took him about 20 minutes, but he came back to the woods line circled around and gave me about a 20 yard shot. I got a good hit and he ran about 30 yards and dropped.
  4. Ace1985

    Happy birthday Marines!

    Happy birthday to all my fellow Marines! I’m out trying to get a monster for chesty! Semper Fi!
  5. Ace1985

    Cam pictures

    Good luck
  6. Ace1985

    11/2 check in

    I had about 4 does and a spike, but nothing big chasing. I’m hoping Sunday morning really brings it.
  7. Ace1985

    11/1 check in

    I can’t, so today I’m using a free afternoon to try my luck in this heat. Figure my chances are better here rather than the couch
  8. Ace1985

    Euro Mount of Our Son's Buck

    Very nice
  9. Ace1985

    early morning buck

    Good job man, awesome buck
  10. Ace1985

    Bbd 10/28/18

  11. Ace1985

    PM check in 10/28/18

    Same here, had good movement in 10, but no shooters, hoping for a better evening. Good luck to all