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  1. I always use their jalapeño maple and comes out great
  2. I passed that today on my way to Lehigh valley sporting clays. I think the farmer was using the combine as a hunting blind haha
  3. So today I was able to grunt in my first buck, i know he’s not the biggest, but it was pretty cool. Saw him out in the field, nose down and moving. Hit the grunt and he stopped, I kept at it for a little bit and threw a couple doe bleats in. It took him about 20 minutes, but he came back to the woods line circled around and gave me about a 20 yard shot. I got a good hit and he ran about 30 yards and dropped.
  4. Happy birthday to all my fellow Marines! I’m out trying to get a monster for chesty! Semper Fi!
  5. I had about 4 does and a spike, but nothing big chasing. I’m hoping Sunday morning really brings it.
  6. I can’t, so today I’m using a free afternoon to try my luck in this heat. Figure my chances are better here rather than the couch
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