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  1. fishing is fishing.there is now doubt that both have their good and bad points.
  2. always room on the big boat hammer.i'll be out thus & fri.would be good to toss a few jigs with ya.thats why i like the big boats now.i pay,tip and go home.
  3. i was on the voyager out of point and i just love jigging all sea bass.the jig bite is as good as it gets right now.as far as pics go lets just say i have enough.maybe hammer will take me on his boat and we can have a little contest{lol}
  4. its just getting started.i'll be out thursday and friday as long as the weather holds.
  5. agreed,looking at someone else's fish pics is a huge waste of time
  6. i quit taking fish pics when i was twelve.any sand eel looking grub would work.i use the 4-1/2 hogy sand eels.was on a party boat.
  7. fished on boat out of point yesterday and man did we beat those sea bass up.had tuff anchoring conditions to start but once the wind picked up it was drop and reel fishing.i jigged all day and stopped counting my double headers at 17.we fished 70-85 foot of water.they were stacked up 30ft and hungry.you had to weed thru the shorts to get the good ones but it was well worth it.they were hitting the 27 in silver or gold squidded not yo-yoed.
  8. great way to catchem and the best is yet to come
  9. with stock up 230% over our area population stats, why would they limit the seasons????so now with no fluke,tog,blues,porgies,a few ling and the stripers winding down every boat out there will beat on the sea bass.seems like "great" thought has gone into our fisheries mgt.
  10. ok .thanks.i'm in for both if there is room
  11. no,i did and if you say a 12 ga slug has the same ballistics as that 50 round,that would be fake news
  12. in the marine i shot plenty of 50's and plenty of 870's with slugs.no comparison what so ever.
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