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  1. yea i guess if thats the only way you get to see fish.i prefer to catch them.
  2. fished saturday morning and sunday morning with all the crappies you wanted.fished the bobber&jig and the small husky jerk.the bite was from sun up till 10am each day.we also had some yellow perch,gills and golden tarpon{shinners}.it was peak season fishing with almost a fish a cast.kept 8 nice fish yesterday all 12-14 inches the rest released for another day.
  3. sent all mine out in december and now are all ready with new line,everything from 50's down to the ultra lites.cleaned and waxed all the rods.checked all eyelets for cracks or scratches.now all we need is some weather and we will be all set.
  4. there were 7 inches of good ice saturday morning.as fare as the knee deep club goes,yes i am a member and dam proud of it.i guess its just easier to pass negative remarks than to get up off your arse and go out and catch some.
  5. my son and i headed out saturday morning early.we were cutting hole by 6am.we had great action with crappy,perch and bluegills till 10am and it slowed to a good pick.we easily had our crappie limits with fish between 12-14 inch's.we fished 5-7 fow and had the crappies were following the jigs up right to the hole.i was hooking them a foot under the ice.we fished till 10:30 and called it a day.it was a great way to end another good year of hard water fishing.
  6. we used to have those same fish back in the 70's.everyone and there brother would be out on the 9 mile lump fishing for them.
  7. don't worry my democratic friends,Hillary will run and win. no that's funny no matter were your from!!!!!
  8. they will save her for the election after 2020.the dems are going to destroy themselves in this next election with this new young social order of coco's.the public is starting to see how crazy & hostile these new dems are, they are losing ground by the second.Trump will win in 2020 because of this{and hes doing allot for the country}.2024 will be the being of the end
  9. its all about the money and who is willing to pay.
  10. lake hopatcong has good ice in the coves.main lake still has some open spot that the wind keeps open.woodport,stae park and great cove all had peeps sat & sun.as always be careful.
  11. my son was out in 8 yesterday and shot a big flat head.said he saw 10 deer total.said it was cold but worth it.
  12. smart old bucks and fish that won't bite
  13. i'm in and will pass to my grandson if i win
  14. fished 3 trips last year and jigged on all of them.was lucky and only had to use 4-6oz bucktails.all 6in gulp both swim tails and mullet.stick with the light colors as there is allot of squid up the way.make sure you bring plenty of tails as those big fish destroy them pretty quick.no need for stinger hooks as those fish are very very aggressive and often swallowed the entire bucktail.
  15. fish & hunt allot more,bitch less
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