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  1. fdsmiles

    mouse in my house

    go down the hardware stole and get ya a dozen traps and start a line in the attic.you will learn allot about setting traps.that is how i taught my sons.
  2. fdsmiles

    What is it about for you?

    its about all the good that the good Lord has given us.i love just being out and seeing all those things that others dream about.i have hunted with my two sons since they were three or four years old and now they are twenty eight and twenty six.we still hunt together and help one another.its great to see how far they have come and what they have learned.hunting is a great teacher of life and of yourself.
  3. fdsmiles

    Do You Believe Her ?

    the saddest part of this whole thing is now you are guilty till proven innocent.there is nothing that ties any of this or any other of the other allegations to him.this is all for the lefts loosing to President Trump.they never cared about that women or any of those peeps,they just hate President Trump.
  4. fdsmiles


    best cover scents by far.ever calm is the way to go.when used correctly it makes all the difference in the world.i hunt the ground without a blind and it is amazing how close they come in.they come in so much more relaxed
  5. fdsmiles

    The Circus Begins in The Senate

    why have the police not not been called???????? oh yea,i know why......its all bull s%%t.
  6. fdsmiles

    Willie Nelson Goes Socialist

    haters gonna hate!!!!! starts off about willie and ends up about our President,Mr Donald Trump.lets be easy on uncle Ted,he is a true American with great American values.
  7. damn,i was born to early.now you can smoke dope and not do home work at all and it is ok.thank God i don't have to raise kids in this crap!!!!!
  8. so no matter what our President,Mr Donald Trump does you always hate?????are you still up set hillary got sent packing?????he is good for the country and x2 on not letting other countries take advantage.very refreshing to see our President stand up for this great country.
  9. fdsmiles

    More sexual allegations.

    what a bunch of crap!!!! i mean from both sides.we look like a bunch of third graders to the rest of the world.
  10. fdsmiles

    Who Will Bear Hunt Exclusively?

    full throttle bear hunting.have a few sites with some good bears.2x on i hope its not our last.
  11. fdsmiles

    Surprising incident at Six Flags

    its so crazy for us older folks.all we learned about our founding fathers,is now wrong and they are removing all statues.we were told from birth that drugs are bad but now their good.
  12. fdsmiles

    NJWW Blackfish trip

    in but want to see dates first.
  13. fdsmiles


    does rosy get a fork????
  14. fdsmiles

    Favorite home defense gun

    coach gun in 10ga with 4 buck.add a little marine corp trained booby trapping and thats all she wrote.