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  1. fdsmiles

    Why isn't there a push to open NJ

    its all about the money and who is willing to pay.
  2. fdsmiles

    Ice fishing

    lake hopatcong has good ice in the coves.main lake still has some open spot that the wind keeps open.woodport,stae park and great cove all had peeps sat & sun.as always be careful.
  3. fdsmiles

    Anyone hunt in that COLD???

    my son was out in 8 yesterday and shot a big flat head.said he saw 10 deer total.said it was cold but worth it.
  4. fdsmiles

    What gets you a bit upset?

    smart old bucks and fish that won't bite
  5. fdsmiles

    January 2019 NJW&W Giveaway!

    i'm in and will pass to my grandson if i win
  6. fdsmiles

    Nantucket Fluke trip

    fished 3 trips last year and jigged on all of them.was lucky and only had to use 4-6oz bucktails.all 6in gulp both swim tails and mullet.stick with the light colors as there is allot of squid up the way.make sure you bring plenty of tails as those big fish destroy them pretty quick.no need for stinger hooks as those fish are very very aggressive and often swallowed the entire bucktail.
  7. fdsmiles

    New Year Resolutions for 2019!!??!!

    fish & hunt allot more,bitch less
  8. fdsmiles

    Tog Time

    yes it was.Dan had a good day.there was not allot of fish but all big.
  9. fdsmiles

    Tog Time

    a friend of mine was out yesterday and had a 14-1/2 lber.they had 4 double dig fish on the boat out of belmar
  10. fdsmiles

    Secretary of Defense Mattis Resigns

    Mattis is a great man and great Marine no doubt.think he was only a major when i was in.he is not an office poggy plain and simple.
  11. fdsmiles

    So I tried a new archery store

    broken arrow or buck n bass
  12. very intrested in all of it.let me know

    1. Kype


      No one has claimed any of it. So everything is up for grabs

    2. Kype


      Everything as a package comes to $335. If you want to buy all of the items I will let it all go for $315 for everything

  13. fdsmiles

    Let us never forget 12/7/41

    God Bless America and our great man & women of the armed forces!!! semper fi!!!
  14. fdsmiles

    Jimmy @ Hunterdon Deer Butcher

    class act all the way around.Jimmy is a great man and butcher.oh yes he can fish too
  15. fdsmiles

    mouse in my house

    go down the hardware stole and get ya a dozen traps and start a line in the attic.you will learn allot about setting traps.that is how i taught my sons.