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  1. all fish as long as you adjust your tackle.never caught a fish i did not like!!
  2. nice fish Dan & co.i'm heading out on the 18th to see if i can get another one of those big fluke{lol}
  3. empty guns are worthless,all part of their plan.
  4. about time.war is hell,just a fact.
  5. lol!!!! i've seen allot on the water but the thing that always makes me laugh is the peep with the $1000.00 set up they brought yesterday and are pros today.or the peep that fishes 5 times a year and tells me how i should fish.its real real simple,no angle no tangle.
  6. yea 100 peeps might throw a kog or two into the wheel.we flip 27's with full boats for sea bass.its a limited trip with 99.9% being seasoned fisher peeps.great time with loads of room.
  7. catchem up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. wow this flipping bucktail thing has some at wits end.i really don't see whats so hard about it.i guess i do it so much it just seems easy.there were 31 other beeps on the boat with me and i never got in a tangle while buck tailing.i would never fish in a manor that would stop others from fishing ,i would not want to waste their time or money.
  9. i am going back on 7-18 to due it again.i will starting with a 4oz bucktail.i don't know anyone here per say but i can flip a 4oz bucktail pretty far up tide and fish back to me.as i have been doing since i was 9 years old.i fish allot and in all the fluke trips i have made to mass or ri i hjave never used more than 6oz.i also never use bait so i would not have a clue as how to fish it. i think its pretty weird how peeps can say "you can't do it" but yet its done every day.
  10. they don't have a 1000th of the fishing pressure we do.was there for 2 days and the only boat i saw was the helen h.there is a vast area of fish,its not a square mile that all compete for.as far as trophy killers dose that include the hunters who kill the dominant gene bucks????very few fish for fluke up north as compared to us here in nj.they will have great fluking for years and years. big fish bring big money and thats a fact.i hear worry of over fishing stripers but less on the amount of bunker they are taking for fertilizer.lets see poor water quality,depleting forage stocks, abnormal limits and seasons and more peeps per square mile than any other place in America.sounds kinda weak to blame a guy for keeping his limit.
  11. to each their own.i only posted to let anyone who is heading north for fluke that they are there and in good numbers.you are so right about being spoiled.i fluke allot here in nj and always will but when i want to catch many big fish i will head north.i love to see the looks on a peeps face when they land their pb fluke.Lou is there and what a piece of work.had me laughing the whole time.
  12. i fish allot and all over and have for longer than i would like to admit.i don't need to take pics anymore and if their real nice i will fill them with plaster.the thrill is in the chase not the kill.
  13. like i said before if you have not been then how would you know.they do five a year and they sell out on all,most repeat customers????? pictures!!!! really????they are out on a tile fish trip Buck154 but when they get back in tomorrow i'm sure they will post the pics.
  14. the trip is 2 days of fishing.we fluked from 6:15am till noon.we then steamed two hours to the jigging grounds and started fishing around 2-2:15 with lights out haddock cod and pollock.we stopped drifting at 8pm and the captain anchors up for the evening.some guys started fishing when we were anchored and started to bail the haddock.a few stayed up all night and had over 100 fish before dawn.at 5:30am the captain pulled the anchor and we drifted until 5pm when we headed home.thats 12 hours of fishing the first day{if you stopped at 8pm}and 12 hours the 2nd day.yes you can fill your freezer!!!! i guess my question would be "why do so many knock this trip when they never have tried it"??.
  15. if you must see pics please go to the voyager site and see all the fish you want,i for one don't need another fish pic.i used a 4oz bucktail all the time we were fluking and never had a problem. new jersey on its best day never had the fluking that mass has.the trip is $650.00 and well worth it,do the math.most of the traveling is done while the peeps are a sleep so ya really never notice it.i have been fishing up there since 1977 and it just keeps getting better.the have low fishing pressure on the fluke as most of the peeps fluking up there are out of staters.they have habitat,bait and clean water.you don't go to catch fluke,you go to catch the giant fluke.give capt jeff a call as this is a trip of a lifetime.i am on the july and the august trips and can't wait. if anyone has any questions please shoot me a pm and i would be happy to help.
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