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  1. fdsmiles

    Sad day

    prayers sent,rip
  2. we do,but like hammer says you have to mix it up.bear,deer,duck,pheasant along with walleye,crappie,tog,sea bass,tile,cod,haddock & pollock we seem to do ok.the only time we buy any meat is if we are having guests and shrimp,clams & scallops are the only sea food.we have friends that come for diner and want the game or fish.how can you not like some back strap and golden tile on the grill.
  3. still a great place full of great people.been going since the early 60's.has it changed,sure but still the best.let face it,anywhere on the jersey coast from june til the end of september is a pretty tough ride.
  4. this is what our enemies want,for us to fight each other.one of them once said"America will fall without a single shot fired",were close and getting closer everyday.i wish i could talk with the fallen who stormed normandy.i wonder what they would say about the way America is acting today. race,gender,political affiliation & religion seem to be all that matters anymore.we better get our heads out of our arse and start to think like a country.we have never been attacked because we were feared as a nation.not just our military but our strength as a country and are willingness to uni
  5. my Grandfather,my father,my 2 brothers,my sister and myself all served.we were always taught the price of freedom and to respect it.
  6. "1st,just relax and stop beating yourself up.all this stress is no good".that was the first thing my lawyer told me.its not any ones fault,things just happen.you even said it was a work in progress.all the worrying and stress your putting your self thru is all for nothing.keep being a good dad and always put the children first.treat mom with respect and as said before never talk or belittle mom in front of the children.having been there i know right now its hard and you feel all kinds of emotions but don't dwell on the bad but focus on the positives like your children,family,work an
  7. best of luck this season Dan.glad the Mrs is getting up and around
  8. great song and i'm glad you posted it.God bless the red white & blue
  9. fdsmiles


    wow!!! that is an eye opener for sure.so many are losing everything so fast.i will keep praying that this all changes and we all can get back to living.
  10. only going to get worse,they make the mess and wait for someone else to clean it up.
  11. amen,God bless The USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Semper fi
  12. just got back with a good limit.fished from 7am -9am.all from shore.all skinny water that can heat up fast.
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