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  1. nice Dan,if you need a few tested i'm on my way to ri next week.good luck to you and the wife
  2. ava-27 plain inshore and ava-47 plain offshore.i can't wait!!!! like Dan said if you want the bigger fish,use the jig.
  3. great trip !!!!gotta love the bft.i hear ya hammer.was nice to only have to run 15 miles and load up.we used to jig bft at the klondike.
  4. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. there are so many bears this year.they wait for me on the pile.
  6. i have the 30-06 ,really really great rifle.
  7. always call the police first.then i would make sure all other occupants are in a safe location inside the house.turn lights on in home{ but do notstand by windows or doors} to let intruders know someone is there and see what they do.have means of protection in your grasp as soon as you hang the phone up with police.call out to them but from a spot you can see them but they can't see you.now you have showed them both visual and audible signs that you are home.if at this time they try to enter let them know what your intentions are.if they try to open or bust into your home,finish what they started. tried by 12 not carried by 6
  8. thank God we only have another month till the season opens.
  9. sharkbite bucktails are great.i order from mike all the time.you will not be disappointed.
  10. i'll be there with a good crew.good luck to all
  11. all fish as long as you adjust your tackle.never caught a fish i did not like!!
  12. nice fish Dan & co.i'm heading out on the 18th to see if i can get another one of those big fluke{lol}
  13. empty guns are worthless,all part of their plan.
  14. about time.war is hell,just a fact.
  15. lol!!!! i've seen allot on the water but the thing that always makes me laugh is the peep with the $1000.00 set up they brought yesterday and are pros today.or the peep that fishes 5 times a year and tells me how i should fish.its real real simple,no angle no tangle.
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