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  1. That was the only good marks I found. It was definitely loaded. Cool monkfish you guys got.
  2. Pretty cool to get a monkfish. Haven't seen one in a long time
  3. Went out yesterday for a few hour to scout up some seabass. Well we fished a bunch of spots and did not get many. Out look for Today wasn't good. Well it was totally different today. Tried a couple spot and only shorts. Finally moved about 2 miles away and found a spot loaded. Dropped the hook and it was seabass every drop. My uncle even got 2 tog. Released a lot of keepers after a little while looking for 14" and up. Weird thing was I had a hard time jigging them up and not wanting gulp to much. Switching to clam was the ticket. After we kept our limit we went on the hunt for stripers but
  4. Congrats. Will be a good pile of filets right there.
  5. Lots of bunker around should be some bass around but haven't heard a lot of beach action. Only problem on the beach you have to wait for the bait and fish to come to you.
  6. We don't have that many around here to make any difference
  7. He has not been doing to good this year. Lot of heart problems. Tons of doctors appointments. His doctor might get mad when he tells him about catching and holding it....lol
  8. Bass for the size don't fight that great so I'm not crazy for catching bass but this thing was impressive to hold. She stayed on the top fighting most of the time. She was shaking her head on top throwing a lot of water. Reminded me of a billfish head shake on top
  9. Went out around 11am to run out and check a few areas for seabass tomorrow. Fished from 50 to 80 foot range. That fishing wasn't good. Only jigged up 12-15 seabass and only one would have been a keeper SLOOOOOW.. so came across bunch of bunker and had bass go through them once in a while. Got one bunker and put it for a little while but nothing. So I decided to do the thing I hate most... troll. I put out 2 mojos that I made and tied up. Ended up getting one bass and it was a good one. My uncle said when we started he said he didn't want to take the rod if we hooked one....lol. to bad I tol
  10. Cute little guy. Might be a 140 class in 4-5 years
  11. Cool. Very neat animal and not hunted much
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