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  1. Has been 2 different videos going around
  2. Hopefully she gets a chance at him. Good luck
  3. Congrats. Getting them on jigs is fun
  4. Great day. Will have a big pile of filets for sure.
  5. Cool video clips. What mineral mix did you make
  6. First one dead cedar with peeling bark. 2nd one could be a rub. Most of the biggest rubs I have ever seen were on big cedars.
  7. work a 2nd job......Hahahah. Never happen. Work more hours...NOT.. I enjoy my life and have ZERO stress. Make enough to go on vacations, hunt, fish, trap and do other things. I can make do with what I have. Only have one smaller private land and then hunt state and park lands. Have killed bucks into the 160s here in NJ. So I have no complaints on my life.
  8. EAST WINDSOR NJ. They have 3 locations with self serve.
  9. Buy from local farmers and not the stores that charge you more and tax.
  10. Nice toy. For that money I'd have someone drive me to the stand. Might be good if you lived in the mid west and owned a couple thousand acres.
  11. Welcome to the site.....^^^^ not sure that guy is above
  12. Got out fish yesterday by myself. My uncle still not up to fishing cause of the lung cancer. Had a friend cancel so I went alone. Got my limit of fluke an limit of seabass LOL. Caught bluefish,Mackerel and all the other normal junk fish. Fluke were hanging real close to structure. Keepers were 19", 21" and 23.5" 4.5 lb and seabass 15.5" and 14.5". Threw back other keeper Seabass. Water conditions was a fast drift early even with a drift sock. Heavy current with the full moon coming. Bluefish was saved for shark fishing
  13. Nice trip Todd. Those sailfish there are some of the biggest you will see. Florida sailfish are typically 30-60 lbs.. Congrats
  14. He is not big enough for so send me the GPS marks where he is. I will take care of the rest. Good luck with him. For a 8pt that is a stud and easily in the 140s
  15. Nice. You will get more bucks on camera. I have been getting new one showing up .
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