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  1. Good luck. I hunt with what ever I can when I can.
  2. Congrats Vito. $hit happens specially with a gun and little time to think. I will only bust your balls for a half a year....lol. You have come a ways from when we meet a few years ago. You have been taken bigger bucks every year. Keep it up bud..
  3. Muzzleloader. Different reg. Forget all the BS and extra NJ fees. Just go online to https://cva.com/. Took about a week to get
  4. Good luck Andy. I'm working this morning but will be out in the afternoon.
  5. Ordered direct from CVA with scope already mounted. Sent right to your house
  6. Hunted the morning in one spot and only saw one deer but it was a mature big body 8pt that is probably 21" inside spread. Would have shot him most other years but I've had a good year so far. Had him at 62 yards and watched him for 5-10 minutes in this big hard woods. Short tines but good buck. Best buck that I've pasted with the gun. Trail cam picture of him
  7. Always coil it up and hang on a branch
  8. Looks like great end to your season. Congrats
  9. I will be out but won't be shooting anything. Just hope something decent goes out infront of a friend
  10. Minimum to enter for the state book is 135 lbs for doe and 200 lbs for a buck. Dressed
  11. Tell him put it on a scale. If 162 lbs it would be state record doe.
  12. Always have a grunt call. Use if you see a buck and not going your way. Watch his reaction to the grunt when you do it. That will tell you if you should or shouldn't any more at that buck. Every buck has a different attitude.
  13. Good luck. I'm off to work but off tomorrow for Muzzleloader
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