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  1. Greenspace

    Bear Group on Twitter

    Can you have a "league" with only 5 mentally deficient players?
  2. Greenspace

    mouse in my house

    put out a few containers of the granular D-con, they'll be gone quick
  3. Greenspace

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    Anonymous, but you're spreading it anyway? This could happen to you, or any one of us. Don't do it
  4. Greenspace

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    Seems that the growing stench coming off the liberal left can only help Republicans keep control in the midterms. Most Americans want adult leadership.
  5. Greenspace

    Bear Meat

    An old woman at a checking station in Maine told me "Best in slow-cooked stews and roasts, rather than steaks." I followed her advice, was excellent!
  6. Greenspace

    Old tree stands?

    I still use Loggys. Agreed, no good on wet, smooth trees. Otherwise, they are one of the lightest and best climbers ever made.
  7. Greenspace

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    Don't local cops investigate these kinds of accusations? Why would they call for the FBI in the first place? Let the locals do their job. And guess what they'll say to investigating this old teenage adventure? Getouttahere, fuggetabouttit!
  8. Greenspace

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    "Christine Blasey Ford" In my own long experience on this planet, I've learned that those women that use that maiden name are more troublesome than those that don't. Its almost like a chip-on-the-shoulder warning sign. Just my personal observation, no other evidence behind it. Anyone else see the same thing?
  9. Greenspace

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    Personally, I'd rather undergo chemical castration than watch "The View"!
  10. Its all about money and politics, not the environment. Neither CA nor NJ can make it on renewables alone, and they know it, despite their posturing. They are both big importers of power, and surrounding states are not going to pave over with solar panels and windmills for NJ's benefit. Soon as NJ is back into RGGI, electric rates go up and Murph's slush fund grows. Wish Murph cared even half as much about NJ taxpayers/ratepayers as he does about illegal aliens and climate change.
  11. Greenspace

    Recall Booker

    Hope he runs in 2020 - No credentials, no accomplishments, no nothing - empty suit
  12. Greenspace

    We Need ONE More Youth . . .

    I see both pros and cons to promoting hunting to kids as a competition, or a team sport. Hunting is more about our interaction with nature, about valuing, enjoying and managing precious renewable natural resources, and less about killing the biggest or most of anything. But always good to get kids in the woods and away from electronics. Good luck!
  13. Greenspace

    Sussex County Piebald

    Used to see quite a few of them in a particular area along the Wallkill. Haven't hunted there in years (I moved)
  14. If public safety was the issue, and he followed statistics, he would ban swimming, skiing, and bicycle riding before bear hunting. Just guessing that's not going to happen!
  15. The 12 fruits, nuts and flakes in the BEAR Group have more sway over Murphy than DEP biologists. Go figure.