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  1. Where to shoot a turkey

    For archers, the saying goes "Aim high, watch em die. Aim low, watch em go"
  2. Global Warming

    When you hear about "the" science, you are generally hearing something from an alarmist, referring only to information that supports their (socialist) agenda. Real science isn't so convenient, for either side of this discussion. But you can bet that the real science is much more complex and dynamic than simple CO2 concentrations.
  3. First Turkey Season! Need tips!

    Get settled at least 20 mins before shooting light. Listen, but don't call at all until shooting light. Then, just a few clucks to start, then quiet again for awhile. When well into shooting light, they'll fly down from roost. Then try a few yelps every 10-15 mins. Aim for head/neck, do not aim for body. And don't miss!
  4. That might depend on who wins the pool!
  5. Trump and Un should go out on a bottom-fishing head boat with a cooler of beer. They'd be friends and have things all worked out when they returned, and maybe they'd have a few fish too!
  6. Great Price On Razors !!!

    I still use the old reliable Trac II - I bought 100 blades (knock-offs, I'm sure) on Amazon for $10.00. Can't beat it!
  7. Absurd Gun Control “Discussion”

    No matter how you slice it, children are inexperienced, naiive idealists with little pragmatism or life experience. Children may motivate action on national policy making, but lets leave the lawmaking to the adults.
  8. Tire recommendations Ford F 150

    On my second set of the Cooper Discovers, and bought them for my wife as well
  9. Hunting in Scotland

    Mossy Oak kilt?
  10. I can hear 8 computerized voices saying YO...BUCK
  11. Who else made venison chili today?

    Made some last weekend, half ven and half ground wild turkey, some pork fat added to grind. MMMM!
  12. How many car/deer collisions there have been in Readington, county and state over the last year (or whatever period you can find data for). How many human deaths and injuries from deer collisions? How many millions in property damage? How much lyme disease? How much landscape and agricultural damage? The cumulative weight of this information would likely point to the need for continued (or greater) deer population management efforts. If suburban deer management is thrown away due to one isolated incident involving a loose dog, the local residents will suffer the consequences of an uncontrolled suburban deer population.
  13. Catching Reds On A Fly

    If you really want to nail them, use live shrimp!
  14. Mild winters = poor antler growth?

    Mild winters should mean better nutrition, leading to better health and antler growth. But there still needs to be a decent mast crop or food supply, whether winter is mild or not.
  15. Buck down

    Nice buck - why no orange?