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  1. Greenspace

    Climber Recommendation

    Still rockin my old Loggys, light weight and solid, but Summit or Lone Wolf are good choices today
  2. You can hate Russia, but still understand the need to get along and move forward. The swamp is stuck on the past, and on trying to counter Trump's every move. A new beginning is just what we need.
  3. Greenspace

    Guess this location?

    Morris Lake, and Lake Mohawk Boardwalk
  4. Will the last conservative in NJ please turn the lights off when you leave?
  5. Greenspace

    Tried some scouting today

    Listening for the first half hour of daylight is hands down the best way to find where they're roosting.
  6. Greenspace

    my first experience with "public land" hunting

    Not sure that getting closer to birds you can hear constitutes "stalking". Unless the guy was actually trying to sneak up and shoot the bird (good luck with that!). We all look for a good position before we start to call the birds we hear.
  7. Greenspace

    Booker...a true socialist

    You can bet he'd give that $15/hr to illegals as well. Brings "tears of rage" to all NJ taxpayers trying to live productive lives!
  8. Greenspace

    Great ending to A week!

    Congrats! Just curious - Whats that thing hanging below the end of the barrel?
  9. Greenspace

    Where to shoot a turkey

    For archers, the saying goes "Aim high, watch em die. Aim low, watch em go"
  10. Greenspace

    Global Warming

    When you hear about "the" science, you are generally hearing something from an alarmist, referring only to information that supports their (socialist) agenda. Real science isn't so convenient, for either side of this discussion. But you can bet that the real science is much more complex and dynamic than simple CO2 concentrations.
  11. Greenspace

    First Turkey Season! Need tips!

    Get settled at least 20 mins before shooting light. Listen, but don't call at all until shooting light. Then, just a few clucks to start, then quiet again for awhile. When well into shooting light, they'll fly down from roost. Then try a few yelps every 10-15 mins. Aim for head/neck, do not aim for body. And don't miss!
  12. That might depend on who wins the pool!
  13. Trump and Un should go out on a bottom-fishing head boat with a cooler of beer. They'd be friends and have things all worked out when they returned, and maybe they'd have a few fish too!
  14. Greenspace

    Great Price On Razors !!!

    I still use the old reliable Trac II - I bought 100 blades (knock-offs, I'm sure) on Amazon for $10.00. Can't beat it!
  15. Greenspace

    Absurd Gun Control “Discussion”

    No matter how you slice it, children are inexperienced, naiive idealists with little pragmatism or life experience. Children may motivate action on national policy making, but lets leave the lawmaking to the adults.