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  1. TheGreek

    New stand and feeder FS

    If the feeder is available I’ll take it
  2. TheGreek

    Free firewood-ash

    Ttt still got wood.... get it before it’s gone
  3. TheGreek

    WTB pedestal stand

    Time I have and my dad still has his cabinet shop. I’ll use his materials too.... Win win for me
  4. TheGreek

    WTB pedestal stand

    McKenzie is expensive... I figured I’d look for a used one first... otherwise I’ll build one at my dads shop since I have some time
  5. TheGreek

    WTB pedestal stand

    Wayne a pedestal stand for a mount
  6. TheGreek

    WTB pedestal stand

    It’s for a deer mount lol
  7. TheGreek

    WTB pedestal stand

    Anyone got a pedestal stand they want to sell. Pm me
  8. TheGreek

    The Greek EAD & EAB (now I’m bored)

    Nomad.... I’d love to get a Long bow but I have 2 kids that are 3 and 10m so I won’t get the time to practice.
  9. TheGreek

    The Greek EAD & EAB (now I’m bored)

    Thanks fella’s... it’s the quickest I’ve ever tagged out... now I have time to devise a plan for this guy I almost took him out with my car. He left me with a dent in the fender I was able to plunge out and an urge to pay him back during the rut. He won’t show prior.
  10. Ok ladies and gents.... the story goes like this. Went out Thursday for my first sit. Got in at 3 and by 3:30 I had a nice doe down. Now that she was out of the way I had 2 options go after the big 8 by my house or go after the 8 that’s been coming in like clockwork.... choice was easy. I took the one I had coming in like clockwork. The mature 8 that I want hasn’t shown since 9/4. I have no acorns down to draw them in so I figured my spot at home will blow up during the rut like last yr. fast forward to Saturday I settled in around 3:00... here comes the parade around 3:30... doe, small 6, velvet 6 with nubs, 2 more does back came the 6 and 5:30 here comes 8. I double lunged him on a tight angle. Went 20 yrds and piled up. I was happy yet sad because now I have no excuse to hide in the woods from the wife and kids! Best part is having my 3 yrd old saying congrats daddy I’m so happy you got him and getting a high 5.
  11. TheGreek

    Son's First Bow Deer

    Nice work Jr... way to teach him Freeman.
  12. TheGreek

    10 Pt down...

    Congrats mike... I was at V Roche yesterday around 7
  13. TheGreek

    10 Pt down...

    Congrats... was that the one you told about earlier?
  14. TheGreek

    O9/15 pm hunt

    Got the Doe the other day and the buck this afternoon. Thanks Jay
  15. TheGreek

    O9/15 pm hunt