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  1. TheGreek

    Jorge & Sons Moving?

    He retired and is moving to SC. It’s true
  2. TheGreek

    Here We Have A Winner !!!!!

    He’s a pro staffer
  3. I’d come up but just had surgery Wednesday and I’m out of commission for a few days
  4. TheGreek

    Indian Food, How Is It?

    I worked for Coca Cola when I came out of school. Had an account up in Hackensack that was a buffet in Main Street. I got one wiff of that place and barfed outside. I called them from then on
  5. TheGreek

    Wts Rem 760 30.06

    You talked me off the ledge.... both 760’s are in incredible shape too but that is as good as it gets. The 35 Rem in my fav and I don’t see too many of those
  6. TheGreek

    Wts Rem 760 30.06

    I am going to put it back in the safe and just hold on to it a bit longer. So its NFS anymore
  7. TheGreek

    Wts Rem 760 30.06

    I’ve got one in .35 Rem as well... I like my bolt 7mm.
  8. TheGreek

    Wts Rem 760 30.06

    I know I’ll regret it but it’s just sitting in the safe. This gun is absolutely beautiful and in mint condition. Very low round count. $600 firm located Warren twp 07059
  9. TheGreek

    Indian Food, How Is It?

    No way would I touch that stuff... smell makes me nauseous. Joe hows that. Vinda-poo sitting with you today
  10. TheGreek

    Good Deal @ Riverdale BJ’s

    Tractor Supply was clearing out the 64 gun safe $599. I scored one that was a display for $499
  11. TheGreek

    Free firewood-ash

    Ttt... bunch gone but still got plenty
  12. TheGreek

    Happy Birthday 3 Blade

    Happy Birthday Mike
  13. TheGreek

    Happy Birthday LPJR

    Happy birthday Lou
  14. Haskell Hunter..... is ready