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  1. Take your time there are some nice Honda rancher 350 barely used in 2-3k range
  2. I’ve bought 2 used Honda’s and both I took on as projects. They are the best atvs out there. You can find good used ones with very little use and save a bunch rather than going to a dealership.
  3. When there was no tax now on internet sales you might save a couple bucks... but amazon and Bozo are pinkos.... for me the Union county and somerset county will have a void... luckily tractor supply will help fill the void
  4. Years ago after something happened Sports authority pulled their gun section... once that went with the hunting stuff... they flopped. Dicks is going to repeat history and go under . Hopefully we can get some local stores like effengers and rays that went away years ago to come back and fill the void
  5. Yea... I agree but I’m going on a different direction... I want another 10pt turbo.
  6. What happened to Lou... did rusty push him off his bike
  7. I agree... if I didn’t have a. Tenpoint turbo I’d keep this one
  8. cant believe this hasnt sold yet... ttt
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