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  1. TheGreek

    Big Illinois Buck Down

    Ball Sack Jack hahahhaha
  2. TheGreek

    Big Illinois Buck Down

    Congrats and Come on your killing us post a pic!
  3. TheGreek

    11/17 live bow hunt

    Doe just came in
  4. TheGreek

    Miss the Guy,Stevo

    He was one of a kind... offered to let anyone hunt his farm when he had it and was always good for advice when it came to guns and gunsmithing. I still remember when he met my first born as an infant at the orchard. Rip buddy you are missed
  5. TheGreek

    Slow rut

    Well i have my own observations.... This yr I have seems little bucks cruising with does by me. I had a big 10 that was ghost and showed up yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks. I also had a 9pt come in just before first light. Last yr at this time i had 3 shooters showing up nocturnal by end of Oct. by mid to late November while i was tagged out they were up and walking mid day. This yr ive have a tag but... All my oaks did not have any acorns and the does that would show up sporadically during the day are all nocturnal. They are still grouped up as well. Im hoping they now run out and hit the bait because it will pull one of the big boys out. Everywhere i hunt i see smalls. Im hoping snow and temps start to push the big ones out so i can tag out and not have my wife complain about me hunting.
  6. TheGreek

    11/14 Check in

    Happy Birthday birdshotnj
  7. TheGreek

    Season for the books

    Congrats again Brian... well deserved
  8. TheGreek

    What kind of Doe estrus do you use?

    Website gone now... I was wondering the same
  9. I use to get estrus from Predatorch but sites gone and now I’m looking to pick up some. I generally stay away from commercial stuff. What do you guys use?
  10. Every buck has meaning to a Hunter. I try to mount ones that mean something to me. The rest.... you can’t eat the rack and skull mounts don’t interest me
  11. [emoji120] for a speedy retirement
  12. TheGreek

    Rut action success?

    I had a young wide 6 with a doe. I’ve been seeing young bucks during the day but the big boys aren’t moving yet
  13. Hell no! On question 1
  14. TheGreek

    Annoying Robo-Calls

    I’ve had recording from gropacus, Hussein Obama, Bob the child molester, Tom the kurwa... pinko parade was in full effect. Even the live ones I tell I’m not voting for pinkos
  15. With the election tomorrow these robo-calls were out of control the past few days. They start at 9am, 12pm 4-5, 6-7 and even up to 9pm