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  1. TheGreek

    TAKEN: FREE Used Anderson Windows

    If you throw them out. pull the window lock and send them my way. ill pay the shipping
  2. TheGreek

    Sighting In Slug Guns/Muzzleloader

    Joe I might take you up on that... need to sight the muzzy in still.
  3. TheGreek

    300+ mile ride leaves Wednesday morning

    Congrats Lou and all the riders! ... on another note please dont wear the bike outfit to the next Pub199 gathering lol
  4. Nice... I’m looking at getting a pedestal for one of my mounts
  5. TheGreek

    300+ mile ride leaves Wednesday morning

    Lou I give it to you... I wouldn’t be able to walk for a week sitting on that seat! Have a safe trip and don’t forget the gabagool
  6. TheGreek

    Free firewood-ash

  7. TheGreek

    Where's the capicola??

    Lol ... I figured! I was cracking up when I saw it
  8. TheGreek

    Where's the capicola??

  9. TheGreek

    2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    Jerky and cannolis .... no gabagool
  10. TheGreek

    HONDA RECON 2007 $1600

    I’ve got a 98 recon and that thing is a beast and a 03 rancher.... Honda arcs are the best
  11. TheGreek

    Gotta love Stormy!

    Hanitty is the culprit
  12. nothing like a ladder some chains and a 9000lb winch couldn't handle and few stihl saws. We paid the price. That looks good.
  13. TheGreek

    Free firewood-ash

    Pm me it’s the best way to reach me... I don’t get notifications for some reason
  14. TheGreek

    Free firewood-ash

    Sorry didn’t see these. I’m in Warren twp. Between exit 36& 40. I have 4-5 ashes down
  15. Wish I could have made it for the cobbler and to lend a hand. Instead I had my own man day dropping some dead trees. 2 guys and 10 trees down... I’m done. I’ll buck some tomorrow