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  1. TheGreek

    Just an awesome year! Another great buck.

    Congrats Paul! Your having a really good yr!
  2. Need some meat my freezer was empty for specialty stuff so I took a 6pter. Funny thing was I get a call and now a few bigger bucks showed up this morning
  3. Thanks... my wife’s a bit of a pinko so she was worried I would scare the boy but he watched and was ok the whole time
  4. Decided today was a good opportunity to expose my 3 yr old to butchering. Threw some tunes on in the garage and to work I went with my supervisor watching. He was able to stomach it and is looking forward to some hot dogs that we will get made
  5. TheGreek

    12/29 Check In

    Congrats Yoda and Nomad as well.
  6. TheGreek

    12/29 Check In

    Well... I’ve been waiting for an 8 or better to show but mine are nocturnal on my property and my other spots dead except does. I’m looking to get a few specialty items made and needed some meat so I was waiting for big momma. Last light was going to take a yearling had 2 under me but decided to pass and then a 6pt that reeked came in. I decided to take him. Went 80yrds and piled up!
  7. My 99 frontier has 115k miles on it and runs solid. I’m looking at unloading it soon and getting something bigger like a titan. Since I don’t put a lot of miles on it.. I’m going used. For me I need a bigger bed and rear seat for my kids. If you can find a full size your better off than a frontier or Tacoma or ridgeline.
  8. TheGreek

    Whatever Shows Up Tonight

    I’ve got 2 small does under me
  9. I have an entry from an anonymous source... lol
  10. TheGreek

    Good Guy Alert – BoneCollector85

    Mike sorry for your loss! Stay strong and may her memory be eternal
  11. Good time last night seeing some old faces and meeting some new! Lou, Tim, Rusty, Jack... since Matt couldn’t be there I think we should forward him some of those messages I get from SG. He sent a new one this morning
  12. I’m leaving the wife and kids home...: I’m looking to relax not chase a 3yrd all night
  13. Make sure he wipes it clean lol
  14. Lou I have a camo hat with led lights in it for the door prizes. Jack... those videos were for desert lol