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  1. Very nice john and very cool trout and bucks got his first!
  2. About 10 years ago a club i was in got a great deal on tiger trout. We bought 400 if i remember correctly 10-18" with a couple big ones that were reasonable price. We stocked them on thursday and couldn't fish until saturday. When saturday came only 7 tigers were caught in the club section of the stream. But one member was fishing 3 miles downstream on the public section and said guys had limits all our fish split on us lol. Since they went back to browns and mostly kamloop bows they stay longer on that stream lol
  3. A nice walleye! Was cool catching him in a trout stream. I didn't catch any trout today missed 4 or 5 so he made up for that.
  4. Congrats on your first tiger !
  5. That singing ling looks pretty darn nice.
  6. I hiked in 1.5 miles to the stream downhill than fished a mile stretch and back out uphill again so figure 4-5 miles give or take including the section i fished. Very rugged remote area in comparison to where i fish in jersey.
  7. Been really hiking some creeks and with water temps around 39-46 degrees the bite has been tough. I fished a long hike today and missed many short light hits and finally was rewarded with one nice brown that made my day. I had one fish on for a split second i clearly saw was 24 plus inch a blast just love being out there.
  8. If i'm clogging my reels key componets with power bait paste you can bet i'm paying at least 300 minimum lol
  9. Penn spinning reels they are only making the 704z and 706z here in the USA. So your battles etc are not made here. Unless that has changed but pretty certain those old work horses are it for spinning.
  10. Whenever my my family would come up from north carolina we all went there for lunch. Was one of those things where i would see them maybe once or twice a year and being everyone is from jersey originally it gave us all something to look forward to and got used too.
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