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  1. Venison Home Delivery

    I get my venison delivered next day air .

    Looks like an amazing hunt.
  3. back after a long absent.


    Chow had a jersey stockie for dinner. That venison looks great nice!
  5. Can't wait till Saturday morning

    Good luck to everyone going out.
  6. Happy Birthday to FrankieD / Nutleysigns !!!!

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Hey, what's up.

    Chow likes skit.
  8. Antique Piano f/s

    Maybe try Miedema family auction in slate hill NY. They also have auctions in Greenville NY 5 minutes from high point . If you want call them 845-697-5059 guys name is joe . Even if you don't use them they may be able to point you to a buyer or someone interested never know.
  9. Antique Piano f/s

    If it was a 338001. I would be all over this.
  10. Last Saturday's Nice Warm Hike

    They are really cool pictures.
  11. slabs

    I'm filleting that crappie with my eyes right know.
  12. slabs

    That's a good one!
  13. Anyone Fishing today????

    Lol good luck greybeard hope you catch a bunch.
  14. Anyone Fishing today????

    Going to go after work..I saw one tiny stream that feeds the Delaware in NY is running great and clear so it could be decent. If I get a good one I will post a picture later. This creek a 9 inch wild brown under normal flow is a big one.But right know there could be some bigger fish in it. So hopefully get out early enough to fish and maybe catch a couple.