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  1. This guy scares Bernie a bit.
  2. Glad you brought this topic up.All mine leak too and I just want a pair that lasts a few seasons. The neostretch look nice that reeltight posted. Thinking those or the frog tog bull frog canvas hip boots.
  3. Thanks .I didn't measure him . I just released him after a few pictures quick with the phone.
  4. Thanks. He hit a 1/4 ounce green and orange jig head and a 4" black power worm.
  5. The past few days I got out and enjoyed the weather. Did some scouting and found a shed . Then went walleye fishing but the eyes didn't cooperate. I had a musky follow me up 6 times very cool. But he finally had enough. And then I moved upriver a bit and landed a nice brown. Nice getting out in this great weather.
  6. Very cool great hunt you had!
  7. hemlock

    Sounds of Spring

    Had one female red wing black bird here yesterday. No grackles or robins yet. Still seeing mostly juncos on HP mountain.
  8. I tossed some out. No turkeys yet but chow liked it.
  9. That is a great career you had both in the Navy and TWA. That is way up there with as cool as it gets.
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