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  1. hemlock

    Rough day on the Raritan Bay

    Nice fish!
  2. hemlock

    2018 Velvet bucks/Trail cam pics

    Growing nicely very cool.
  3. hemlock

    Your BEST wildlife pictures, POST HERE!

    I think this years PA golden rainbows are amazing looking!
  4. hemlock

    Some VA Camera Photos

    Thought you and LTH might find this bee sexy. Cool pictures!
  5. hemlock

    Mmmm Walleye Cheeks! Late Night Snacking!

    Looks great!
  6. hemlock

    Your BEST wildlife pictures, POST HERE!

    Beautiful colored big older brown.
  7. hemlock

    One more Age this Buck

    3.5 years old
  8. hemlock

    Guess this Bucks age?

    It is cool watching them go from year to year. They are deceiving. The deer we think are old are younger than we thought at times and vice versa. 7.5 years old is an awesome accomplishment.
  9. hemlock

    2 BIRTHDAYS 🎂 1957BUCK and RPK0620

    Happy Birthday!!
  10. hemlock

    What reminds YOU?

    Pong was a fast paced game in it's day lol
  11. hemlock


    Happy Birthday
  12. hemlock

    Happy Birthday 3 Blade

    I would have got the floating power cat to you sooner 3 blade. But my trout paste supplier was in Singapore at an important meeting.
  13. hemlock

    My grandson's first pickerel !!

    That's the best!
  14. hemlock

    Father’s Day Fishing With Dad

    Awesome pictures and looks like a great time with your dad.