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  1. That is a cool and unique euro.
  2. I have 7 dwarfs that produce a fair amount of apples and want to plant more different trees. Thanks for posting it's helpful knowing what to get. The dwarfs i have i bet are 15 years old and full size and still produce a decent amount. But not like they did a few years ago. Seems less and less each year. So it's time I get on the ball and get planting soon. Thank you for posting because deciding what to buy is difficult and this really helps a lot.
  3. I didn't think you sounded like you were being a dick. I know it's tough to word stuff in text without things being taken the wrong way. I appreciate you telling me that wasn't your intention. But my goal is to just put it out there and see what others think like yourself. And if they are in line of what i know with my history with the deer etc.
  4. I have watched him since he showed up on my property for 6 years ago and he had antlers then. Included two pictures from 2019 in velvet i will post more pictures.
  5. I will post more pictures today sometime of him in the past.
  6. Didn't kill him. I could have over the years . I have history with him. My point just wanted to hear others thoughts on his age.
  7. The picture i took myself on October 12,2020.
  8. Congrats that's a nice buck!
  9. Nice buck Congrats!
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