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  1. hemlock

    Youth Day Buck Down

    Very nice buck Congrats!
  2. hemlock

    Good luck to all NY rifle hunters!

    Congrats guys nice!!
  3. hemlock

    11/17 live bow hunt

    Best of luck john Sent from my NY opener tree stand.
  4. hemlock

    First Blood: Update - BBD

    Always nice when they end up bigger than we thought. Nice buck Congrats!
  5. hemlock

    Big Buck Down - Whitetail

    Great buck and amazing pictures. Big Congrats!.
  6. I tried zooming in different ways but can't figure out what's in his hand.. Definitely looks like he is holding something.
  7. Hopefully you can both distance yourself from the bait and split the cost of the bait after a good talk and hunt well together in the future.
  8. hemlock

    2017 Archery Buck back from Jersey Jays

    Great buck and Great mount nice!
  9. hemlock

    Buck fight

    Definitely looks like play time is over in that last picture.
  10. hemlock

    Monster Brown Trout

    Awesome fish Congrats!
  11. hemlock

    Birthday Boys Buck154 and Maximus66

    You're both doing what you love. Hunting and fishing and that keeps us all young. Happy Birthday!!!
  12. hemlock

    My Son Ben's Muzzy Buck

    Congrats Ben! Sounds like a great hunt.
  13. hemlock

    Need Opinions Help!

    Best of luck in the morning.