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  1. We have been getting some real good storms lately it really helped a lot. I like watching the storms on my porch but two nights ago I made a mad dash into the house the storm was that scary lol.
  2. I have to check on my others but the yard is doing good with clover.
  3. Have a safe trip. Looking forward to some pictures.
  4. Very cool. Big bluegills and that white perch is big too. All good fish nice!
  5. The west branch above the tailwater at cannonsville gets stocked but below in the tailrace does not. And you can see the numbers on the DEC website it's a lot of fish. I was making a point that there are both stocked and wild fish in it. Maybe one day I will learn how to catch those browns in the Delaware that would be fun.
  6. The west branch has both stocked and wild fish it gets a very generous amount of browns every year.
  7. hemlock

    No fawns

    Seeing singles by me so far each doe has one. But that will change there's a good number of deer by the house. I will be watching and checking cams.
  8. I think it definitely lacks spawning habitat. Seems the fish besides trout he stocked lasted years. He stocked walleye with a great hold rate several years. Which was really cool until my father ate most of them lol.
  9. My cousin has a pond he stocked three channels around 5 pounds from the Delaware one night because he didn't feel like cleaning them. They lived along time and grew huge but never reproduced and he didn't anticipate they would. They grew huge because they ate the diving ducks in the pond one by one lol. Nah the pond was loaded with shiners and yellow perch and in the months of april -june more trout than a cat could want.
  10. Very nice. Looks delicious!
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