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  1. About 5 years ago I saw a guy catching a lot at dusk in the pool I was fishing in the flat brook he was targeting them. Chicken liver he was slopping that nastiness onto his hook and when he would cast it would fly every direction. I left when the crap landed on my dang shoulder and the juice ran down my arm that was great lol
  2. Here's one from last year my buddy caught was the largest I ever saw and he released it . My best is like 8 pounds never got any over 10 yet..
  3. You didn't miss anything out of the ordinary. Just a few catfish so nothing major happened at all.
  4. That's cool seeing the different fish cruising.
  5. Awesome Nice fish.They are a blast when you can get into them like that.
  6. Thank you. I made it my laptop screen saver for awhile..
  7. The fight was insane that fish was just screaming drag non stop. And I thought of you right before I caught it. As I was pulling off the road to fish an eagle flew off with a big water snake. I could see that pattern on the snakes belly as it flew off it was really cool. I couldn't get my phone out in time. I would have loved to got that picture he was real close it was insane.
  8. That's great john. Nice you get your uncle out there for the bite. A lot of fish will be on that boat this year.
  9. Great outing you guys had and some nice fish.
  10. Main stem tributary brown. Awesome looking long fish.
  11. hemlock

    RIP Grumpy Cat

    A sad day in the cat world indeed.
  12. Awesome night action and nice walleyes.
  13. Ahh yes it's about time.
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