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  1. Awesome buck and video. Congrats!
  2. Big Congrats! Very nice and very cool buck!
  3. I hope all goes well for Mako and he has a fast recovery.
  4. Both are beauties but that 8 is my favorite of the two.
  5. Little Debbie's cosmic brownies and mountain dew.
  6. Incredible you survived that wreck. .All the best with your new outlook on life and hunting.
  7. Like a bad dream .I hope the rest of your season goes better than it has before it even started. Glad you were able to get to him before he split with the head leaving the rest to rot the piece of shit!.
  8. Awesome variety of bucks. Best of luck to you and your son.
  9. Never trust anyone with five first names that start with Abdul.
  10. Holy crap! What a great buck congrats!
  11. hemlock


    Nice bucks very cool.
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