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  1. Out with my nephew he is about 300 yards away and had a small 8 come bye at 10 yards and a button. I haven't seen a squirrel.
  2. I used that in pa fished some really nice places. A few i hiked miles in to some good fishing and saw timber rattlers hiking most all of the streams so that was really cool too i like seeing them but figure i will put it out there if you hike in. I know some guys are creeped out. So i would fish the early spring if that's the case. Thanks for posting.
  3. That's a nice one Congrats!
  4. That's a great buck and awesome hunt Congrats!
  5. That was funny. I think the guy rattling is peter fidducia the deer doctor lol
  6. That 7 point has nice heavy antlers he's nice too. Good luck with that target buck
  7. hemlock

    Would You?

    For 4 acres in Westchester county NY i will let her poodle mittens watch. Just guessing that's the dogs name.
  8. The largest i ever saw and largest i ever harvested
  9. Congrats on your best buck. Big body he's a beauty.
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