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  1. " Today, Governor Phil Murphy announced that the New Jersey Fish and Game Council has proposed changes to the state’s Game Code that would end bear hunting in New Jersey after 2020." If he is talking about what we discussed awhile back - from what I understand and when I actually read it - this was nothing special. The current bear management plan was already due to expire, so removing it from the game code was a formality - and I think the governor doesn't understand what he's talking about , or he's just saying that to try to make political points with the bear-huggers. In fact, t
  2. Remember, FID has nothing to do with handgun ownership (except for the case in buying ammo for it - then you have to show it). Just because you have an FID doesn't mean anything when it comes to handgun ownership or possession. I don't know the answer to the OP's question, but I do know the law regarding FID is for long guns, not handguns.
  3. Can someone explain the need for ethanol-free gas for boat motors?
  4. https://www.njfishandwildlife.org/news/2021/menhaden_update.htm === April 16, 2021 The NJ Department of Environmental Protection continues to investigate large menhaden die-offs impacting the Navesink and Shrewsbury rivers of Monmouth County. These mortality events appear to be only affecting Atlantic menhaden, an extremely abundant member of the herring family primarily harvested for bait and non-food commercial purposes. Similar largescale die-offs have been reported since the fall in coastal areas from Rhode Island to New Jersey. Tests by the DEP's Division of Fish and W
  5. The wife was in Ocean City today and texted me this pic - check out what she saw just taking a stroll down the neighborhood.... You have to wonder what mama is killing to feed her *six* kits (SIX!!!)
  6. You have expressed in one sentence what theologians and philosophers (atheist and theist alike) have been wrestling with for literally centuries. Today we called it "The Problem of Suffering and Evil". Believe it or not, there are very good answers to your question. If you are truly interested in how a Christian believer would answer the Problem of Evil, I recommend reading this and watching these short animated videos here and here. I believe after you read and watch, you will say, "Hmmm... that does make sense." You may not fully agree with it, but I think you'll come away thinking about it
  7. Crazy thing is - this year we saw a lot of migrators... I thought it was much more than what we saw the last 2 years. After all the birds I saw this year, I was hoping they would increase the limit back to 3! It never occurred to me they would reduce it even more.
  8. An almost-new-used-only-about-2-times Cabela's Northern Flight Ultimate Layout Blind might be going on sale in the next few months, too
  9. The thing that confuses me is the rule for "octopus circle hooks" - the ones where the eye is bent (to make it easy to tie a snell knot) but otherwise are inline circles. I assume they are OK but all the pictures I've seen where the state has image of legal circle hooks never have the bent eye. So I don't know what the rule is for those.
  10. Crap: https://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/artmigratory21.htm
  11. Can you provide a link? I found this: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/02/22/2021-02964/migratory-bird-hunting-proposed-2021-22-frameworks-and-special-procedures-for-issuance-of-annual and I'm not seeing that.
  12. And September season does nothing for our resident population - down here at least, almost all of our fields still have crops on them. I'd love to know the numbers of the Sept. harvest --- it can't be a lot.
  13. Thanks, @archer36 - got the broadheads today! Perfect fit in my arrows!
  14. You got me - I almost tried to go to that link... and then I thought for a second... "Hey... waaaaiit a miiiiiinute....." I'm a dope.
  15. I won't need Accutips until next December - let's hope the prices go down juuuuust a little bit - at least back down into the range of sanity.
  16. The Big Green is back!
  17. I heard so many bad things about those Masterbuilts with the Bluetooth. When I researched getting a smoker a few years ago, alot of people complained about that one. When the time comes, you might want to consider getting one "less technologically advanced" - I got the smaller 30" Masterbuilt - no bluetooth and has the solid (non-glass) door. Has been working fine for me. I don't use it a ton, but its a few years old now and still works like it did when I bought it. I do keep it stored in my sunroom that is attached to the house - it is not in the climate controlled house, but not out in the w
  18. When I make my spray, if I have any left over, I'll spritz the seats in my truck. Just need enough time for it to dry - should take an hour or two - just leave the car outside. But realize that sunlight degrades the permethrin, so if you do not garage your vehicle, it might not be very effective after a while - but it can't hurt.
  19. To get shot in the face by my 870 and 3.5" #6s - that's why!
  20. When on edge of a field or an open area, I like having 2 decoys - a jake/hen pair. I had a gobbler come in and beat up my Avian-X jake last year Wasn't the first time I had a Tom come in and pick a fight with my jake decoy. I will also say, though, I'm a bit upset with my Avian-X in that after the first year I had it, it started leaking at the place where you put the stake. I tried everything to stop it, and can't. For the price I paid, it should last more than a year without leaking air. It isn't horrible - once the pressure equalizes, it stops deflating and it doesn't deflate all the w
  21. My buddy swears by his pants-style. He doesn't like the full-chest waders - he gets too hot. I personally never used the pants style, but just recently started considering it for the spring when the water temps are still too cold to get in the water to launch a boat in shorts.
  22. I wasn't sure if the inserts were the same across compounds and crossbows (I don't own a crossbow - I know nothing about them - I always thought crossbow bolts were thicker and have bigger-diameter inserts with different size threads needed on the heads.). If that isn't true and the thread size will fit normal compound inserts - I'll take the Slick Tricks
  23. Oh, shoot - I just noticed - these are crossbow heads? If so, I can't use them. Can you confirm? These are for crossbows? I can't tell - I thought you said you don't use these for your crossbows anymore, but then you say good for compounds. I use the SlickTricks Magnums for my compound - was interested in trying these - I wasn't sure if these Slick Tricks you have are for crossbows only or not.
  24. I'll take the Slick Tricks! Shall I PM you?
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