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  1. 1957Buck

    Be American Buy American

    That's all you got AW. But I was talking to you. and could care less about calling anyone you sink your own Pride. Go Union
  2. 1957Buck

    Be American Buy American

    Awards are Paid for from JD Powers -Motor Trend -Consumers Reports. They Lobby for them. The Air Bag Recalls were Kept Under Wraps for a Year as all the Legal issues and Responsibilities are worked out. Every GM plant and others, there is a QIR (Quality inspection Report ) Done Daily Weekly Monthly each Plant is Graded against each other for future Contracts Yes Contracts they Bid on them not just given a Car to Build a Lot of the same BS goes on with that like the Awards. If you are told Toyota is best Over and Over sooner or later you start to Beleive it Which brings to Mind Budweiser one of the Worst Beers around bar none they are in your face every Day so it is presumed The Best. You mentioned Media Fake News
  3. 1957Buck

    Be American Buy American

    I would say That FORD PLANT was down RT 1 from Linden. Long gone for the same Reasons The GM Assembly Plant has Closed in LINDEN and Terry Town NY. and Baltimore MD. Plants. And other Auto Suppliers on The EAST COAST. High Taxes Local and State. along with their Ages to constantly Rebuild. The Linden Plant was one of the oldest with Building The Tom Cat Fighter Plane for WW 2 Rosie the Riveter became the name for the Woman who worked there. I know you are Against Unions That Made America workers benefits from their gains Even the Forgine Makers Pay just under the rate and Threaten its workers if they Vote union. The UAW ( UNION ) did not Close these plants FLASH The Southern Plants all Pay the Prevailing Rates throughout every Auto Plant. The Idiotic set you showed is not knowing GM from FORD. And the 36 Years of working at GM LINDEN surly gave me a Fine Retirement with a Pension- Full Benefits- Medical -Dental - Prescription -Life Insurance. GM Invoice Purchasing on all GM Cars Trucks That I can Pass Along to Family and Vendor discount to Friends that 2 members on here Got. Sorry if you feel this is rubbing it in but that is True. So now you know where that Ford Plant is NOW ?
  4. 1957Buck

    What is this and how do I get rid of it?

    Like you I like a Beautiful Lawn A lot of time and Money goes into it, To me, it is a Point ofProperty Pride. Unfortunately, my Neighbors don't share that pride The property line on the right photo is a new neighbor from hell to be polite. It has been a constant battle of killing the invading weds from his yard into mine. You Name it Poison Ivy - Oak and some 20 others unnamed. his wife is too embarrassed to come out in their yard. About that Maple Seedling either leave it and the constant mowing will kill it or just go as far down and Pull it out. Good luck
  5. 1957Buck

    Be American Buy American

    You are right about the Tundra being built in Texas and also with the most Made in The USA Content. GM especially Chevy has made big strides in the past 10 years with the new leadership and failures in the marketplace. They took control of the Dealers big time on How and where they did business Many Dealers Closed as many went from independently owned to Consortium. BUT the last car I would ever own is a Hyundai. The worst as for Employees and Their business models. Totaly Korean Government Owned.
  6. 1957Buck

    Be American Buy American

    Yes big time as a GM Millwright Erecting the Conveyors and Building Structures There was Steel ( Iron ) from the US. Poland- China- to name a few Poland was the worse from hard spots to Delamination Cracking It was rare to see USS embossed on the smaller dimensioned Steel the Larger Structural Beams would be USS. The 4 and 6 in. Channel iron used in the conveyors where the Conveyor wheels would ride was required to be USS. Plus there are many Grades of Steel ( Iron ) like any other Metals. The amount of Iron content in the vehicles today is almost cut in Half as Alum Plastic Fiber Not to leave out built on a chassis or Unibody. There are no Dumb Questions only Unanswered ones.
  7. That was the Motto GM drummed into its workers. First came the Content Laws Global Parts. Than Plant Closings Layoffs Shipping out Out Sourcing The Auto manufacturing segments. My First Import was a Chevy Equinox Imported from Canada. And now GM is Reviving the Chevy Blazer to be Made in Mexico. So much for Loyalty.
  8. 1957Buck

    Iron Butt Ride

    Thank you for your Services. Mine Started in DC Honor guard than was aboard a ship from Brooklyn To The Med. the Persian Gulf- Bombay - back to Key West To Brooklyn to Iceland. Many other Ports in between 1958 -1962 Navy Thank You, Uncle Sam. THat was The Atlantic- both Mid and North - Caribbean - Mediterranean - Indian - Golf - Suez - Hell that was some trip Enjoyed it all
  9. Want Wasted Tax dollars to look no further than this so-called National Park in NJ Been watching on Earth Cam Live this has been going on for more than a Year The Moving around of DIRT has to be costings Millions but they did plant a tree. From what I hear about this place you have to have your own Bodyguard. Think about The Planning Engineering Contracts it cost. Our Tax Dollars at Work.
  10. They make the Laws they give them selfs pay raise Perks -Bonuses and most work only Part Time always on Recess - Campaigning - Or Hiding. I say Privatize many things state workers do and watch how that workforce is cut with do-nothings and Redundancy. It brings to Mind when a Small Paint manufacturer union went on strike that lasted a few Months where management did the Work even at a slower rate of production when The Strike was Settled with a 30 % cut in the workforce and any raises that will never be recouped and more profitability for the Company it was a Lesson Learned. Try that with any State workers Teachers. How many politicians do we need from Local - County - State - Federal. The biggest waste is Schools by Districts, A Town has, say 5 Grammer 2 middle 1 High Each with its own administration top to Bottom Than add Local board Of Education County Board State board Federal board Ever wonder why Your school taxes are Higher than your Property taxes. And again teachers are Part-time. many go on Unemployment and do Side Jobs for Summer Break - Teachers Convention - Workshops - Paid ( PEL ) I don't Blame them one Bit since it is for the children.
  11. 1957Buck

    Clams Rule The World

    30 ft 30 Tooth How about 2 ft Rake 5 Tooth I am too old to even think of using anything else. The Navesink and Shrewsbury Open Certified Areas are mostly done Low tide Exposed Bars the lower the tide the better. there are a few who use the 8 ft Clam rake in deeper water Wadding but most hold a commercial Lic. Mine is a Lifetime Senior Lic. On the exposed bars you only need to go no more than a foot and follow the Vein of mixed sized Clams. I go when all the conditions are right Xtra Low Tide Low Winds and with the Buddy System to keep it fun and make sure we all get the limit. And not one more since They Check this area out and constantly and get someone every day. Either No Lic. over Limit Undersized. Plus Parking is Limited. Buckhound will Share info in PM
  12. Funny how that works You get a raise and Your taxes take it away. Loved when they Say you will get a Tax Break on your Property Taxes and The School Taxes go up to suck that away. Oh, Its for The children BS.
  13. Let NJ shut down but don't pay the lost Paychecks as is the norm. Let the state workers Learn what every other private sector worker does when they are laid off. This BS threat about shutting down is Old. The argument of what taxes can be cut and What Items will never happen. Like I Have said it is the government for the government, not the People. And Why the delay is it the Sales Taxes we are about to have to pay on what The US Supreme Court Just Passed. No more tax-free on Online or out of State Shipped to you for the states that have the Sales tax, Delaware Exempt. Not to leave out the Billions on the Wet Backs that Higher taxes will have to be to pay for them.
  14. 1957Buck

    Iron Butt Ride

    Want a Butt burner I met2 Riders that started in KeyWest and ended at Fairbanks but they cheated they took the Blue Nose for a section I met them in Homer at The Lands end. On Harleys