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  1. 1957Buck

    beginning to hate hunting nj

    Narcissistic 7,796 posts and I am the AH I get more PMs giving you that label but I will be a better person that you were from day one.
  2. 1957Buck

    beginning to hate hunting nj

    The same posters over and over Can not handle how others see them. It is to easy to push a button on people who have no social skills but for their Phones. The Pms I get far out way the same BS from the same bunch. yes, I am Opinionated Negative get over it the posts I add to are for the most part Bitching, crying about other hunters with no background or supporting facts just suspicions. Wake up grow up. Ever notice the gang of 8 have so much hate in them. and name calling. Sad.
  3. Will be out with Grandsons Monday Catch and release. Hoping the Trout stocked in the local lake is not the misfits of last year. Photos to come.
  4. 1957Buck

    Muzzleloader problems

    Too many variables for a single fast fix. Takes time to get everything to come together. IMO the powders are equal as a propellant. The amount used has more effect on accuracy along with the bullet. - not to leave out the sights are they tight? There is a Black powder shooter guide by Dutch Shultz that will get you where you want to be.
  5. 1957Buck

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    My last words on this- Can't wait till you post the honest outcome on all this. Good luck.
  6. 1957Buck

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    That says a lot about your Mindset of being a responsible adult. and Moderator. you just proved one of my points I had a hard time making.
  7. 1957Buck

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    Guess I have a hard time getting a point across. Yes, he is trespassing that is very clear. for whatever reason. The point I was making why not get all the facts and once he is identified his intentions would be known. you may be sarcastic but I was not. Yes, trespassing becomes personal but there are ways to handle it other than the emotional posts of Violence and Guilty on someone's words. Why not wait to see the outcome on this. should be very interesting. And yes I have had Trespassers on lands we posted and at my home even an attempted break-in to my home that did not turn out good for those persons involved. All were handled without the Drama these posts bring. Yes, Old but all the BS been there done it seen it heard it.
  8. 1957Buck

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    This before the AH Gallery piled on. I am wrong? Must be too much for others to look and take a common sense approach. Sad.
  9. 1957Buck

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    Maybe you should reread this post of accusations. when the poster also said he is not accusing him of stealing. My first post was IMO sound advise without all the Pile on of posts going bad by the same ones when the facts get over exaggerated. Why would you make the statement ( otherwise why is he there and Stealing Cams? ) Yes, I make opinions they are just that but rather than any sensible debate the same ones want to Call names and putdowns. The last posts on this subject show how most of these post turn to Crap. Maybe point out what was wrong with my first post. And remember it was before any facts were posted. So anyone wearing a sweatshirt that says "Hunt " is actively Hunting for SURE. Don't want to leave out the PMs I get with What The F is their problem. Boys will be Boys
  10. 1957Buck

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    Are you freaking kidding me this guy walks on the posted property is this a felony. The AH mentions the police told him he can not accuse him of stealing the Cam. That is not Accusing him of the theft. Everyone piles on when there is no evidence this guy did anything other than simple Trespassing for whatever reason. what is with all these complaints made before there are any Facts or resolutions. No wonder hunting in Nj has gone in the shitter with attitudes like these. And they all start with 'need'Help whos tie their shoes for them. What the F is so hard to go to the Tax office for the landowner ( Public record filed the day of Sale ) And go from there have a talk with the owner. NO that is too hard when you can shake the tree and only BS falls from it. Spin it any way you want even when and if this guy trespassed you now have to file a Complaint appear in Court $$$ he is found guilty the judge spanks his hand 1st offense. WOW, you got Justice. Till the next guy trespass. welcome to the real world. Handle it and get over it. And as far as the pile on Gang My post was my opinion as yours yet you rather attack. Real sportsmanlike. Grow TFU
  11. 1957Buck

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    Dig no further might be your new neighbor. Go to Your Town Hall Tax office look up Lot & Block # That gets updated Day of sale. And why do you suspect him of theft? Why even post this till you have more information all these posts turn to BS Comments. I hope he is your new Neighbor and hunting Buddy.
  12. 1957Buck

    I've been stewing myself over this

    Most importantly are you comfortable there. why add drama to a day that is put aside for a day outdoors being one with your surroundings. There is as I have said many times 1000s of Acres to Enjoy a Hunt that many others ignored for whatever reasons. I only wish I was able to Guide you.