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  1. Amazon Prime ????????????????????

    That would be 88 orders at the $5. Add Free Shipping on $35. 3-5 days That is a Lot of Orders but not out of the question I figure I order somewhere around 30 some orders. the non-member way. So far not for me but I also do not take full advantage of what Amazon offers from Household to Dry goods and many other items one would not think to order from them. Let alone The rewards on my Citi card might even pay That $90.
  2. Amazon Prime ????????????????????

    So far one of the best excuses to have prime the 2-day Shipping and no minimum for Free shipping. Merkel put it that Members spend more than Non-Members That would hold true for any Memberships. a lot is spur of the moment buying I experienced that just with the 30 trial. Guess I will have to do some math on past buying. wish they had a year by year accounting like a credit card. Made an order last night 2 Parts 10 pm it will be here by 9 pm tonight and Thursday by 9 pm Reason one is fulfilled by Amazon the other not.
  3. Amazon Prime ????????????????????

    Do you have Amazon Prime and for what reasons. They gave it to for 30 Days The Movies Suck Scratch that part. Free Shiping 2 Day on most orders Instead of 3-5 free on $40 dollar purchases. Don't read books or any interests in the other options. So why is it worth $90. a year. If it is just for the 2 Day free shipping?
  4. Asian Ticks Hunterdon County

    From what I hear the sooner you have treated the better chance you won't get the disease. With from Squirrels to Deer and every other critter capable of carrying Ticks IMO prevention is the only treatment available unfortunately it is chemicals.
  5. Asian Ticks Hunterdon County

    I too have resorted to Insect Controls to Control Ticks I have Deer that Visit and My wife is a tick magnet if there is one in the yard it will find her. I too have had them on me but been lucky finding them. I use Granular on the Lawn and liquid Controls in Landscaping and Foundation, unfortunately, it kills every Creepy Crawler when originally it was for Grubs Ticks is one it also Kills. Used to put it down in June but now April 1st is the first application and every 3 months after till Oct. then my outside yard exposure is over. Might mention I no longer have a vegetable garden The liquid I buy the Refill Concentrate that makes it by the gallon Both has 3 Month Controls and kills on contact
  6. Asian Ticks Hunterdon County

    That Sucks I had a Bacteria Ear infections that took 10 days of antibiotic infusions once a day in Hospital to Cure it. It was because of a punctured eardrum. So I feel for you. with the frustrations. As I mentioned there are ( Alternatives methods ) Explore them online there are some that have helped.
  7. Dirt bike track

    Reality ----No one wishes any hame to any Kid
  8. Asian Ticks Hunterdon County

    Bowhunter2004 Sorry to hear your Suffering you most likely have tried all the Antibiotic treatments But have you explored some of the Alternative methods as they say when all else Fails. Good luck to you and Wife.
  9. Saw on The news the Asian Tick is worse this year than last in Hunterdon County And has reached epidemic Status they can Causes Death they had a woman how was covered with them. what is with these and have you encountered them. And is this different than The deer and Brown tic? Have not encountered any Ticks this year in My yard but just started yard work. I spray every year but that is an overall Kills all. Found some more of them also called longhorn ticks seem to be infecting Sheep Dubbed Exotic they have no idea on how they got here
  10. Basement waterproofing

    Ask the Company doing the foundation might also add all that work into a Contract and less hassle of DIY and same costs. You also may have to deal with Local Building codes. Some things are better off having professionals do the work.
  11. Boycott Yeti

    Don't read the APP People standing up for Change and beliefs Can make a difference but in today's world people are divided on issues we now have Red and Blue States along with N & S The vast Majority could give a Crap about boycotting a cooler Comp. They are doing their own thing. There are Talkers and doers. I don't expect the few involved in opinionated Boycotts to agree with me. There are successful boycotts and losers. The Original Post was about the Cooler and my point was it won't work. You can get on your high horse and It is our rights we the people Stand United and fight. But I again point to the Failures of The NFL Boycott The Gun Rights March on Trenton Boycott Dicks Cabelas That will have some effects but soon forgotten. The Reality is there have been very few successful Boycotts From be Ameican buy American to Travel bans Such as Aruba - Mexico - France - The other Reality is the Majority Don't give a rats ass about someones else they live in their own world and do as they please. This is America that Forgets and forgives even faster we Won Wars and lost at the same time The same people who Bitch about Illegals Have them do their Laws Babysitting Serve and cook their Food in Resturants pick the Crops. Give them More Benefits than Americans. How is That boycotting doing from the People who believe in change? The Reality you speak of is someday you will understand there is a bigger world outside of yous and it is Changing fast.
  12. Boycott Yeti

    Guess their Loyal Customers did not hear about the boycott
  13. Boycott Yeti

    What is the attitude of people in this country? You do the math on The Causes Fought for many died for. That is Completly Ignored and forgotten. I am not going to the constitution to prove any points that were over 200 years ago. And The Migratory have no knowledge or Care about it. Go to Arlington and ask what was worth fighting for. One has to choose what battles to fight and which ones will have a lasting outcome. Or Effects not seen on the surface. How about Be American buy American Buy Union Made I know you have issues with that. Every War we fought we LOST with Lives and Aid to Build them up Bigger and better than us. Boycotts are no Different Lives are affected and Companys Continue to Thrive.
  14. Boycott Yeti

    How many here went to Trenton- Washington DC Town Halls Council meetingsContacted your representatives and Voiced your opinions on Gun Controls Anti Hunting Fishing Regulations or even Called or sent a letter. How many Campaigned against Murphy or Sent $ to KIM to support her. OR Just do the Easiest thing Complaint to a Divide Audience where there are 1000s of members and only a few engaged in disagreeing or at least have varied Views. Sad.
  15. Boycott Yeti

    That is so true in all walks of life no matter the issue or cause there are the people who Talk BS but don't Walk the Talk and either say they do or soon forget. Buy American soon lost its way and again The NFL BS - How many on here ignored it since they had a different opinion.. Get over it the liberals and even Conservatives Middle road Generations up and coming have no interest in Hunting Shooting. They are being indoctrinated by the school's Collages against it all. I will just call it Citified Liberals.