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  1. 1957Buck

    More New Jersey Big Bucks --F-B

    A few reminders and a few more Slammers and again by A Young hunter with a first. from all the reports how many are left out the for Firearm Season when the old complaint of the bow hunters shoot all the Bucks. But somehow many are Harvested Leaving another complaint there are no deer left in my Zone and state.
  2. Where did this conspiracy theory come from? Is it the end is near send in all your money and we will save you. There are few other states that are in any position to stop Hunting want proof The fight for gun controls is lost in the states where hunting & Shooting is popular. NJ gets away with it because of how our lands - hunting and fishing Are Managed and the overpopulation of Liberal Antis Hunting is last on the list of priorities for the mass amount of residents who have been successful in Closing Local Lands to Discharging a firearm NO HUNTING. That is the ramifications of a passive interested group of Hunters. For now, all these so-called Federations and Clubs to get involved when the barn door has been open for too long allowing things like the Closed lands when they should have been involved more in promoting and lobbying for Hunting & shooting. When Monmouth County Closed Parks to Deer hunting after some Passive Users protested they were reopened when Local Hunters went in numbers to get it overturned and got Limited Days to Hunt for a limited number of hunters. And it did not cost a DIME just TIME of involvement. Can you Name any States in danger of banning any hunting?
  3. Might not be as simple but all the Chatter about $1000000000000 of dollars and joining forces where every group has their own agenda methods of funding. And yes I once was a Federated Member in the 60s & Attended meetings at the Oxford fire House Rt 31. meetings were interesting and had projects for conservation we worked on. legislation & politics was not Part of any agenda, But for talk about acquiring a farm in Warenhaven for NJDFAG. Membership went down and I & my father also left. when the agenda went south One part was when they recommend Doubling the Hunting Lic. to NJ. Against the general hunting Population. After that Pc of background. I just Called Republican Senator Declan O'Scallon JR. office at 732-444-1836 Dist.13, And talked to his aid about what can be done about Murphy closing all public lands to Bear hunting. he was not familiar with the issue but would look into it and get back to me. Where on past issues they always got back to me solving any problems. His take on it it is would have to go to Committee to overturn or amend any Order done by the Governor. We all know how long that can take unless the Governor changes it under pressure from both Partys. IMO for any so-called Groups going to Court is fruitless when we have legislators in place to make changes. Want to get involved call your Senator in your district. To sit and wait for a Bunch of $00000000000000 Lawyers from splintered groups is only throwing money away. You can bet the Antis have made 100s of calls. Also, ask why the NJDFAG has been silent on this remember who is appointed by the Governor. Make the Calls and report back on the results or save your money on buying a bear permit for Public Hunting Grounds for this year and most likely till Murphy is Voted out or a Bear gets Him.
  4. 1957Buck

    More New Jersey Big Bucks --F-B

    They continue to be successful and one by the young Girl with her first and Youth day Buck. Congratulations.
  5. In the meantime, what has the Federation done so far in 2018 to benefit Hunters and Shooters?
  6. 1957Buck

    Early goose

    Have had it from the field to the Pot still warm can't get any fresher. Also As I Cut and Breast out and washed them it goes directly on Ice never frozen. As I said had it many ways by every ethnic group at GM. To Dry and Stringy, Not my Choice, Domestic is Just Oldfashioned Roasted no coverup Rubs and Sauces. But Thanks for the interest.
  7. JMO Based on Past Politics. As mentioned there are several Groups involved Volunteer- National - State - federations. All are splintered Groups with their own agendas, not Just Bear Hunting. The Murphy organization I will call it also has an Agenda The Bear Hunt-Gun Control -Taxes The Antis and all their well-funded organizations that are not Splintered have his attention. NJ is a Liberal Snow Storm that has no problem with his Governing. Or his attempts at Gun Controls. and Anti Hunting as the many Township has already closedown hunting areas. or with NO Discharge of Fire Arms Zones. Example the elimination of Leg Hold Traps and the Failed fight attempt to overturn it with the biggest argument Rabbies will become Rampant. Now the Argument Bears will take over the State which I think is a better point. I would never give a dime to any organization with No Accountability - Open Forums- Published minutes and a failed track record or a not Registered Non-profit. So Murphy makes an executive decision ( Order ) over an agency he has control over NJDFAW and a Legal Team to back him up with your Tax Dollars. We have Elected Officials to represent us to overturn or veto his decisions. Care to Name the ones who are on our side. So Enter the Lawyers $$$$$$$$$$$$ to fight for Hunters Gun Owners. Usually, one side comes to the table with an offer and the 2 exchange Offers ( Deals ) What does the Pro-Gun - Hunting side have to offer. Been my experience the ones who profit the most support the side that they profit from. Like I said I don't give a dime to anyone just because they say I will fight for you. Even The NRA has screwed up recently with Funds. I was a Supporter of The Wounded Warrior Project until they were exposed. Add United Way. Loose Money gets abused. Want to fight than Call your State - County Representative he is already being paid with your taxes. Or send me $500. Not tax deductible and I will Fight for you and send you a Decal and a Patch- Membership Card and a By Yearly report. No meetings to attend.
  8. 1957Buck

    Soups on

    Semperfi Thanks.
  9. 1957Buck

    anyone else experience inconstistent winds?

    The oldest Reliable method first used by the Fagawe Indians. Which is another story?
  10. 1957Buck

    anyone else experience inconstistent winds?

    Watch it I posted how bad their predictions are and the amounts of wasted money. Past week for my area, they are 100% wrong again. Swirls and back drafts have more to do with the terrain your hunting. Mornings- Evenings- Leaves - No Leaves.
  11. 1957Buck

    9/22 Youth Day Hunt - BUCK DOWN

    Nice That is a slammer to him everything else is a Reward.
  12. 1957Buck

    Soups on

    Sorry must of missed the before photo can you post it
  13. 1957Buck

    Soups on

  14. 1957Buck


    I all Fairness I think there some Modifications and Engravings on these guns. Bells and Whistles Raise the Prices. Peter, I had one Citori Customed for Skeet in the $1,000s so I appreciate your asking Price. Boys will be Boys. a good post can turn to Crap some think its Cute. Would like to hear some background on the Guns and posting the photos is a learning thing. If it is a file photo look for the Drag Files here or Choose Files at bottom of the post. Again Welcome.