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  1. It was the first mature male we saw all week. Tons of females and babies around the blind all week. Everyone was complaining about the lack of mature males. It made a tough hunt more enjoyable. A real trophy.
  2. I have lots more but didn't want to go overboard. Thanks.
  3. I have twice as much as I need to hunt deer in NJ already.
  4. YES! But if you look at that spot on the Eland, it appears to be a massive muscle/bone. I was scared as hell to shoot through that even though the PH said to do it. I hit the crease right behind it. I obviously hit the rear lungs, a dead animal but much longer death as it ended up. My mind is made up now. If a PH says to hit that spot on a near 2,000 pound animal, I have nothing to fear on a NJ deer, even if I hit bone. My arrow completely passed thru and rested 50 yds away. The power of these crossbows is amazing. Using the right BH also matters. I could NOT have done that with a mechanical BH.
  5. I pulled my card from the trail cam last night for the first time in two weeks. Saw as many or more deer than in previous years in zone 50.
  6. So far, my one spot in zone 50 shows no signs of EHD effects. Seeing as many or more than previous years when I checked my trail cam for the first time last night. I still have not looked at my spot in 14.
  7. 8,000 miles. I always had reservations about mechanical draws for many reasons. I refuse to buy a bow that cannot be drawn manually if needed. If I didn't have a B/U bow, I could have cocked my bow manually. I had the luxury of bringing a second bow because it was checked in by my Son. So, yes, I had all bases covered. As i have said in the past, you don't want to be in the "Bush" with only your pecker in your hand. I had all the equipment needs covered. I didn't have them properly set up for close range shooting at animals that are 3-4 times the size of a NJ deer.
  8. A face only a Mother can love. But the uglier (warts) they are, the more desirable they are. LOL
  9. That's the way the PH sent it to me. He uses it to study the shots.
  10. Correct. I said he was quartering away in the thread.
  11. I've been hunting for about 50 years. My advice to anyone hunting South African animals is forget about everything you know about deer hunting because it doesn't apply to these critters. Recommendations: 1. Listen to your PH. He stressed to me to follow the leg to the center of the body and shoot at the "shoulder". They do not care about pass thru's. I was scared to death about hitting large bones and subconsciously aimed further back. The lungs in African Animals are way forward. I shot my Eland in the "crease" behind the shoulder, not on the shoulder as he said. 2. Forget about your "speed compensating" scope. Use the 2x or a Red Dot scope. All your shots will be close and you need a good field of view for the big critters. 3. The PH and Trackers are EXPERTS in their field. They hunt 9 months a year and kill hundreds of animals of all types a year. Believe what they tell you even if it goes against your intuition. 4. My PH had a few words of wisdom. He said "the American Indians lost the war because they had bows and arrows and the Cavalry had guns". I got the message. LOL 5. If you want to shoot a bunch of animals with little drama, take a Rifle. LOL. 6. Consider your equipment. How susceptible is it to malfunction. My Stealth had an Accudraw on it. The last morning of the hunt, the cord slipped out of the sled after full draw. The bow could be shot but not cocked again. I had two B/U plans for that. I could convert to a rope cocker or use my other bow. You don't want to be on a remote hunt with a broken bow. The area is dry and dusty. My Accudraw stopped retracting on the third day. Luckily a little oil fixed that. If anyone has any questions please fell free to ask. Now for some other pics:
  12. We did continue to hunt the Waterbuck because it was not found until our day of departure. The PH put out a strategy to cover two areas instead of one. My Son would hunt a Brush Blind about 70 yds from a water hole with the PH's rifle and I would hunt the ground blind I shot it from. Well needless to say, it didn't appear because it was already dead. My Son didn't really hunt but I wanted him to take a Warthog just for fun. Well a "beautiful" Male Warthog made an appearance about a half hour before dark and he made a great 70 yd shot. He also joined the "half moon club". LOL
  13. Again, sorry for the threads being broken up. Once I post a pic, I can't continue it. I previously posted the video of the shot but here it is again. The PH was confident about the shot. It was sent and reviewed by other PH's and they all agreed, DEAD ELAND. The shot was only 15 yds. Had I not reduced the magnification on the scope to 2X, the animal would have appeared as a big brown blob with no view of the entire body. The arrow passed through that huge animal and came to a stop about 50 yds behind the Eland. Amazing penetration and the Slick Trick was unscathed. We waited about an hour, called for the Tracker and picked up the trail. About 60 yds into the bush, the PH sees it in his Binos, laying down but with it's head up. We back out, go to lunch and pick up a recovery trailer. Long story short, we tracked till dark, following blood all the way but it never stopped moving. The next morning we pick up the track and the Tracker finds it dead. Here is a picture of how we found him and the recovery effort. VID-20210918-WA0047_01.mp4
  14. I'm having trouble putting everything into one thread so I have to break it up. I laid in bed that night wondering how in the hell I muffed up a shot on such a big animal at 20 yds. I kept remembering my Son and the PH saying that it had huge horns.....but I never saw them because the scope magnification was too high. Since I would be shooting only out to 30 yds, I reduced it to 2X. Next day in the blind I practiced aiming on some random animals and realized that was the issue. We hunted the same blind a few more times hoping the Waterbuck would make an appearance again but never did. On our way to the Airport a PH sent a picture of my Waterbuck. They found him while on a spot and stalk rifle hunt. It appeared to have been dead around three days. It will be a nice European Mount. I intended to do that anyway. The PH was right. I was doubtful. Not the way I would have liked it to happen but it was recovered.
  15. This was my second trip to RSA. My first was in 2014. A rifle hunt. I took all 6 animals in my package in 5 days. That was very enjoyable but I did not experience all that a hunt like this can offer. Whether good or bad. You will understand as I go on. I scheduled this trip to take place in 2020 but South Africa closed the border to Americans from April to October so I had to reschedule to this year. I booked a 7 day Bowhunt with Limcroma Safaris. In my package was three animals. A Red Hartebeest, Waterbuck, and Eland. The Red Hartebeest was absent the whole hunt. I saw a group while riding in the Safari Vehicle but none came to the blinds. My Son accompanied me as did another in 2014. Needless to say, this whole situation was full of drama. A week before the departure date, my Son's house got flooded due to a faulty dishwasher. He was able to get all issues mitigated so off he went. We both took required Covid tests. Mine came back in a day, his never came until a day into the hunt. It took 5 days. He lives in VA. So we panicked. We find out that there is a 30 minute testing facility in Newark Airport. We scheduled it the day of departure and paid the $275 out of pocket. That's the drama so far. Our plane leaves and hour late. We get picked up at 8 pm and drive about 4 hours to Camp. About 30 mile's was rough unpaved roads. The next morning I sight in my two Crossbows. I removed and reinstalled the scopes so I wanted to make sure they were on. A few minor adjustments and I was hitting quarters out to 30 yds. The PH told me all shots will be less than that. He would not allow Bowhunter's to shoot further. Our first sit was amazing. A parade of Kudu and other species. None of the one's I was looking for. On the third day, after seeing all kinds of animals, a Trophy Waterbuck walked right into position. The PH told me that this was an amazing trophy standing 20 yds in front of me, quartering away. I never saw it until he told me to get into position to shoot. I stood up and pointed the bow out towards the 8x10 opening. I place the vertical line on the opposite leg and follow it up into the chest. This was my first problem. My TenPoint Stealth NXT has a speed compensating scope. It was set to 4x or 390 fps. I was shooting 500 gr. arrow tipped with Slick Trick Crossbow heads. I never got a good field of view. The animal was too big and too close for 4x. In the excitement, I thought I went up about 1/3 and released. Here is the video. VID-20210918-WA0046.mp4 Well, the PH reviewed the shot many times at slow motion and sent the video to other PH's to review. They determined the shot was too low. I felt it was a heart shot based on shots on Whitetails. We could not find the arrow but it was a definite pass thru. The blood trail was very sparse. The PH called the Landowner to bring his tracking dogs. After about an hour he shows up in a T shirt, shorts, and flip flops with a suppressed rifle. He asked my permission to shoot the Waterbuck should it attack his dogs and I said of course Here is a pic of one. Long story short, we tracked till dark and did not recover. Came back next morning to pick it up. Next morning the tracker picked up without the dogs and the blood was nearly non existent. The PH was determined that we will kill or find this Waterbuck by the end of the week. To be continued in part 2.
  16. Believe it or not, the hooves make a clicking noise on a large heavy bull as they are walking. We heard two of them coming from the back of the blind way before we saw them. Real cool!
  17. Yes. Full shoulder mount. My Cousin is a Taxidermist.
  18. Took four guys to haul it out
  19. Here is a video of the Eland shot. I'll post more pics and videos when I have time. VID-20210918-WA0047.mp4
  20. The Outfitter sells it to Meat Markets. Wild Game is legal to sell to the public. The locals who work for the Outfitter get some lesser pieces. It's prohibited to bring any back. We did eat a tenderloin.
  21. Only if it is judged by weight. I don't know if Boone and Crockett measurements apply. It was about 1,900 lbs. I think I may win.
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