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  1. I'm interested if he's not.
  2. Shanks are the best. I can't believe I made burger out of them for years. What a waste!
  3. Definitely a trophy spike Congrats
  4. Great job Troop. Always special with that Stick and string.
  5. Congratulations! Beautiful fish
  6. Took advantage of a flat ocean yesterday afternoon for a quick magic hour trip . Found the Fluke in 53 feet of water. Biggest fish 25 inches. All fish caught were over 18. Limit out. Life is good.
  7. Congratulations on a beautiful buck.
  8. Definitely in transition. Tons of peanut bunker in river.
  9. Took my long time buddy John out crabbing today. Stopped at a bushel. Also as many bluefish as you wanted fun to catch . Bonus catch, the biggest Oyster cracker I ever saw. Let him go.
  10. Confirmation Dead deer. It's bad in Monmouth County.
  11. Zipper

    Tree id

    Trailing Arbutus.
  12. Overall a great trip. Great eats with the Mahi . Time spent with your son is priceless
  13. Posting for a friend. Great working condition. Biro brand. 220 outlet required heavy duty. Great deal. 2 extra blades included. Asking 800 bucks. Located in Toms River.
  14. Nice job guys! Congratulations Booner!
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