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  1. Isn't Obama the guy who said our economy would never grow faster than 1 or 2 percent and we should be happy with that.
  2. They hired actors to fill the room.
  3. Phil needs to charm the dictator.
  4. How about scent from the person setting the snare.
  5. I'll know in a week or two. They said it would not ship until after the first of the year because of the holidays. As for the safety I thought about that but I tried another thumbhole and you can hold the pistol grip like a regular stock until your ready to fire and that would put the safety under your thumb.
  6. I just ordered a Boyd's thumbhole for mine. I always thought a thumbhole would be perfect for the 220. I'm not expecting accuracy to improve over the factory stock but I am worried about accuracy degrading. Mine shoots incredibly tight groups with 2.75 Accutips.
  7. That could be the issue. Make sure your nocks are not damaged. The Raven uses a special nock that activates the anti dry fire device.
  8. Go to this site and ask. There are some knowledgeable Raven users over there who will help you. https://www.crossbownation.com/community/
  9. I have a lot of pricey rifles. They last if they shoot accurately. If not they get sold. I have a 220 that is incredibly accurate. It will be around longer than a lot of my other guns. I did lap the bolt and rails to make the action smoother. It was a 20 minute job. No big deal. I do forcibly work the bolt eject spent hulls. No big thing. The stock is flimsy but it has never affected the accuracy or presented any other issues. This is a hunting rifle. Accuracy is paramount and my 220 is accurate. If you take advantage of the accuracy you only need one shot so all the other complaints are none starters for me. I think it is the best value out there in a slug gun.
  10. It followed the book "You Paint Houses". It was more about the actual story than a story hyped up for the audience. I liked it but I had read the book and knew what to expect.
  11. Phil is wanted now. http://www.breakingburgh.com/punxsutawney-phil-indicted-felony-fraud-charges/?fbclid=IwAR0h7HnV4xgJDpjpn_zEkywcUkPQFMPYw7pJ2YF28m4CLo8w0pD6xVmAn94
  12. She is third in line for the Presidency if anything happened to Trump. Scared yet?
  13. You the Orkin guy or are you into diapers?
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