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  1. Dogface

    Bill proposed by Sen. Booker

    Your wealth….not theirs.
  2. Dogface

    Leica LRF 800 Rangefinder

    I have a Leica LRF 800 rangefinder I'm selling. The original case is included. It is in excellent condition and very accurate. I can send photos if requested. I'm in SE PA. $200 shipped.
  3. Dogface

    where do you trappers buy your .22 short ammo?

    If you can't find shorts you may be able to find Long CB caps.
  4. Dogface

    Unappreciative Little Brat

    Because of the current poison being puked forth by the left wing media these leftists believe they are "entitled" to harass the rest of us. I'm surprised the person with the hat wasn't blamed for the incident.....after all it happened in California.
  5. Dogface

    A new LOW for Gov. Cuomo

    He read Obama's book. They both hate America.
  6. Dogface

    Thousand Islands Fishing

    I use to fish around Clayton many years ago. We stayed at a motel near there. The last 10 to 15 years we stayed on the American side at Kring Point. We fish west of there towards Clayton. Prior to that we stayed on the Canadian side. I think the best LM bas fishing is on the Canadian side between Gananoque and Rockport.
  7. Dogface

    Thousand Islands Fishing

    I fish there often. I always thought the Canadian side was better. Maybe it was because it was in Canada. Where did you stay and where did you fish? I'm hoping to get up to Kring Point in the fall. BTW as others have said those smallies are impressive.
  8. Dogface

    Can’t open locked car

    Is the battery dead? Can you hear the solenoid activating?
  9. Dogface

    Spotting Scope Recommendation?

    I'd go to Cabela's and look at them in person. It seems that most of the better scopes run between $1,000 and 3,000. You can go cheaper if it is just for range use and won't get beat up. I intend to buy a better spotting scope for myself. I'm leaning towards Vortex. Vortex has scopes in about 3 price ranges. I'm going to compare the Vortex scopes in the 3 price ranges. My gut feeling is that I won't see much difference between the three. Good luck!
  10. Dogface

    Need Some Prayers For My Mom

    Prayers sent!
  11. What did your lawyer say?
  12. Dogface

    Just One Lure?

    Yellow 1/4 oz Twister Tail.
  13. Wood? I thought they were cheap plastic.
  14. Dogface

    Cub Cadet Snow Blower 325 obo SOLD

    Check your pm's. I'll take it.
  15. Dogface

    Citigroup getting involved in gun debate

    Yea! Pot is illegal but no one has a problem using it. Guns are legal but we can't talk about them. I wish I had a CitiGroup card I could send them back.