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  1. It followed the book "You Paint Houses". It was more about the actual story than a story hyped up for the audience. I liked it but I had read the book and knew what to expect.
  2. Phil is wanted now. http://www.breakingburgh.com/punxsutawney-phil-indicted-felony-fraud-charges/?fbclid=IwAR0h7HnV4xgJDpjpn_zEkywcUkPQFMPYw7pJ2YF28m4CLo8w0pD6xVmAn94
  3. She is third in line for the Presidency if anything happened to Trump. Scared yet?
  4. You the Orkin guy or are you into diapers?
  5. This is a good reason to overturn Roe vs Wade.
  6. A fire of that magnitude on a night like this...how terrible. I'll pray for all involved.
  7. Dogface

    Rams or Pats

    Just a thought but the Eagles are still the Super Bowl champs. At least until Sunday.
  8. Dogface

    Rams or Pats

    Agreed!! It should be the Saints and the Chiefs.
  9. I'm looking forward to your second try. I hope you survive! A few weeks ago my son shot a buffie out of boredom. He cooked it up and it was pretty good. I was surprised. I haven't shot them in many years but I might not pass on them after tasting that one.
  10. Venison, onions and peppers over rice.
  11. Dogface

    Nick Foles?

    Batsto I remember that game.
  12. Dogface

    Nick Foles?

    What if Foles takes them back to the Super Bowl and wins? I'd hate to be the guy to make hat decision.
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