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  1. Just One Lure?

    Yellow 1/4 oz Twister Tail.
  2. Wood? I thought they were cheap plastic.
  3. Cub Cadet Snow Blower 325 obo SOLD

    Check your pm's. I'll take it.
  4. Citigroup getting involved in gun debate

    Yea! Pot is illegal but no one has a problem using it. Guns are legal but we can't talk about them. I wish I had a CitiGroup card I could send them back.
  5. Then maybe the tax payers will force the school boards will hire some intelligent administrators. They need to pay the price BIG TIME for threatening our constitutional rights.
  6. Yea! Then if the communists democrats take control they will have ICE deporting Republicans to make room for new illegals.
  7. Russians penetrated Obama!

    I think the current indictments are a smokescreen to distract us from Uranium One and the "collusion" of Obama and his crony's to plant accusations against Trump and the illegal use of the CIA, NSA and the FBI for political purposes. Muller and Rosenstein have a lot to lose if the truth comes out. The House needs to keep digging and we need a special prosecutor to look into the Dossier and all related to it.
  8. Potentially stupid shotgun question

    I would strip it down, clean it and lube it. I would not be hesitant to shoot a relatively new gun unless there was something obviously wrong. You can probably find directions to break it down on YouTube. BTW what happened to your 37? Them things are indestructible.
  9. FREE GEAR - used/new gear Purge!!! Stockton, NJ

    Tater Thanks for your generosity. That was very nice of you.
  10. I like Cheyenne's. My archery buddies have been going there to get their bows serviced and they have been happy with the service.
  11. You have to wonder how someone could take a thriving business like that and destroy it in 5 or 6 years.
  12. WTB Browning bss 20 gauge w 28 inch barrels

    Call Ready Aim Fire in Bristol, PA. I think he has one.
  13. .17 HMR strong enough for coyote?

    Like Spike said.......use the 20 grain bullet. It holds together much better than the 17 grain bullet.
  14. Super Bowl 52 Facts

    I think they should give him Disneyland!
  15. Want To Buy. .22 Long Ammo

    BTW nice rifle!