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  1. Dogface

    merganser part deux

    I'm looking forward to your second try. I hope you survive! A few weeks ago my son shot a buffie out of boredom. He cooked it up and it was pretty good. I was surprised. I haven't shot them in many years but I might not pass on them after tasting that one.
  2. Dogface

    Favorite winter time Venison meal

    Venison, onions and peppers over rice.
  3. Dogface

    Couple of ducks I shot this week

    It is addicting!!
  4. Dogface

    Nick Foles?

    Batsto I remember that game.
  5. Dogface

    Police mourn loss of doughnut truck

    I feel their pain!
  6. Dogface

    Nick Foles?

    What if Foles takes them back to the Super Bowl and wins? I'd hate to be the guy to make hat decision.
  7. Dogface

    Is this abnormally bad?

    Nothing much on the lower Delaware yet. Some mallards up the small creeks. Some Buffies and some Ruddys on the river.
  8. Dogface

    Savage 220 Ejection Issue--Update

    Get some bubble wrap and a big tube. They sell carboard shipping tubes. You could even use a PVC tube. It should be about 6 inches in diameter. Take the gun apart and wrap the barreled action and the stock. Put them in the tube an tape it up good. BTW they might not need the stock. You then could get away with a 4" tube.
  9. Dogface

    Ever get that feeling should have stayed in bed

    That is embarrassing!
  10. Dogface

    Parker Bows Going Under

    I have a Tornado and the reason I brought it besides the reputation for accuracy was because they stood by their products. Sad they are gone.
  11. FYI: http://theconversation.com/you-can-thaw-and-refreeze-meat-five-food-safety-myths-busted-51125
  12. Dogface

    Light Modified Choke Tube

    I use Skeet II which is the same as light mod for almost all my waterfowl hunting. I may go to skeet or IC if hunting small water.
  13. Dogface

    Chest Wader Advice

    I have not purchased them yet but I am going to buy my next pair from LL Bean. They sell various sizes including husky. The seizing and their quality and warranty seems to be the best combination out there.
  14. Dogface

    Something to make you go Hmmmmm

    Maybe it is time to begin the impeachment process because he protected a sexual predator and ignored a victim of the predator.