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  1. As stated go in early hunt all day and bring food. 8-9am you get the guys that are scared of the dark. 11am you get the guys that can't sit still and start to walk around or head back to cabin for lunch. Around noon to 1pm guys are either heading back out or too antsy and start to walk round. For these reason 10am-2pm is the magic times, at least for me. Hunt where it's thick, when the shooting starts deer aren't running for the open areas. Too many guys want to set up in spots were they can see 200 yards and if they see deer they're usually hauling ass and gone before they get their gun up. In PA the more hunters the better. As the first week goes on things slow down drastically. Then it all starts all over the second week. If you see does let them walk and more times than not there's going to be a buck in trail. He might be the last in line or ten minutes behind. The patient hunters get the bucks! IMHO, I don't like the change back to being able to shoot does the first week, but then again if that's what people want to shoot then good for them, I'll sit and wait for some bone. There is something special about hunting PA it's just a great place.
  2. Just bought the pants. Was pissed when they discontinued, but got the jacket cheap as hell when they did. Now I can hunt better because jacket and pants match
  3. Can't be said enough, but you are a great man with a giant heart. If we gave awards for people going above and beyond, you sir would have my vote. You saved Cash from a lot of suffering. Thank you and my Cash rest in peice.
  4. Great people do great things. Hoping for a speedy recover for "your" new pup. Let's start working on a name. I'm going with LUCKY.
  5. Awesome mount and that wood is a great addition. If I were that hunter I'd retire.
  6. B B

    Best Xbow target.

    I've had the broadhead pro for prob 8 years and I'll have it for another 8 most likely, maybe longer. Very durable and easy to move. I never leave my targets out in the sun or weather. Use for bow and x-bow. http://www.bowhuntinginfo.com/Equipment/BowhuntingandArcheryTargets/FieldTargets/BigGreenFieldTargets/tabid/314/Default.aspx
  7. Freakin awesome!!!! Congrats to you both. Can't wait to see the mount when it's done!
  8. Went up for about 8 years straight, we rented a cabin. Always a great time even when there was no fish to be caught. Took a few hats off and got yelled at a few times, but that's how you learn..... "FISH ON!!!"
  9. Labor Day bump... make an offer, You do know flounder season opens again next year!
  10. we're a long ways off, but if you're still interested, I'll see if I can find them. 08318
  11. Where ya at? Might have a few if I do it's not many
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