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  1. Buy an "A" week permit then do all the above.
  2. Great advise, but too late for me! If not for my woods Jeep, four wheeler, jet sled and good friends and land owners that are always willing to help, I'd probably still be dragging the deer I killed in September. Fortunately in my head I can still walk through brick walls Just keep on keeping on and don't let the old man in.
  3. I just ordered a pizza that I now want nothing to do with. Thanks.
  4. I put some miles on in the last couple days and found zilch. That curly older one is awesome. Nice finds and congrats.
  5. One thing you're all forgetting. It doesn't matter how long they last or how good they work. It all comes down to one thing...... how cool you look in them
  6. Yeah it's different and fits a cabin or man cave setting, but I'd hang that mount right in my living room. That thing is awesome! Hell ya got me thinkin. Could you mount a deer in my jet sled? That would make a badass coffee table.
  7. Anything polarized. $15 to $150, both will protect your eyes.
  8. Holy hell.... just watched youtube video on the Deer Antler Magic. No I never used it and never will. As stated, wood stain works fine (Dark Walnut or Gunstock). Do a little at a time. If ya do too much hit it with steel wool. Or if you really wanna have some fun get some Potassium permanganate and experiment with that.
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