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  1. Delete this thread and PM me your address.
  2. B B

    A Swing and a Miss!

    I feel ya. I remember screwing up at least a couple shots by pulling the trigger and throwing my head up to look over the scope to see impact. Them bolts are fast but adrenaline is faster.
  3. B B

    A Swing and a Miss!

    It happens. I use to have one of the earlier model Excalibur's and although fast they're loud, so loud I believe the deer jump up not drop down
  4. Doesn't seem to be a random act, but a planned attack by a six legged deer. All Pork Roll eaters be on the look out!
  5. The old lady filled her tag! No better sight.... And the pup did great (6 months first time) and I have a lot to learn myself.
  6. Thought about starting this thread earlier today and then I saw Greybeards spectacular gear list and figured I had to now. I'm a big list guy also, mostly for PA or any out of state hunt however, I'm notorious for forgetting at least one thing in the beginning of bow season. Obviously, this can't be answered until after tomorrow, except for that guy that likes cutting heads off.... SO WHAT DID YOU FORGET?
  7. Yep, me too. I swear they're becoming permethrin resistant and I don't foresee a frost anytime soon.
  8. Also zero concern. I'm lucky I made it this far. No sense in living in fear now.
  9. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that got chewed up by chiggers.
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