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  1. You the man! Congrats on a great tom!
  2. B B

    A sad day....

    My dumbass probably would if there were any available.
  3. B B

    A sad day....

    RIP until next spring my friends. Anyone need a caller this week? I miss it already.
  4. Good stuff Jay and congrats to everyone. Logan's getting big bro and he does his own calling! You may as well turn over your spots to him now.
  5. Some good advise on here AND SOME HORRIBLE ADVISE. Call 911 take video/photos if possible get best description as possible. Don't confront them don't chase them don't detain them, basically don't do anything you feel you would want to do. Don't take it any further than yelling at them from a safe location in hopes they take off. Sad, but true this is NJ.
  6. Been wanting to do the H&M trails since I bought my wheeler... IN 2004!!! Still haven't made it there. How much was the wheeler rental?
  7. Tactacam is great, simple to use and they have great customer service. I just have to remember to turn it on and when I do remember to turn it on I gotta remember to stay on target after the shot. I have lots of video of the sky after taking shots and even an audio of me getting my ass kicked by a turkey. Never used a go pro.
  8. Just curious what decoys did you have out, jake/hen/tom/feeder/breeder? Took a buddy out today. Set up hen/Jake. It was quiet for two hours then all of a sudden we were surrounded by gobbles. They weren't coming near the calling or decoys. I ended up moving sixty yards away from him and calling trying to get one to think a hen was leaving. We had constant responses then finally I see one making his way towards the decoys on the edge of field. I also saw my buddy standing up looking around like he lost his wallet He couldn't see the bird from where he was. I wanted to scream, but instead sent him a nasty gram via text. We ended up moving away from decoys and both called mimicking two hens going at it. Got one in range and he misses. I'm done guiding I don't have the patience for it.
  9. There's one male left It's a male, Fox Red English Lab. His father's coat is, as the name says, red as a fox. Still working on a name. The name I picked was Leland, after Master Gunnery Sgt. Leland Diamond (a known badass). Wife's not liking it, but we'll see.
  10. I had to put my little girl down several months ago and it killed me. She was the true meaning of mans best friend and she left a giant hole in my heart. I swore I would never get another dog again. Well, I guess I lied, with a little nudging from my wife. I bring a turkey to the taxidermist and come home with a dog... explain that one!
  11. Always play the, "RATHER BE LUCKY THAN GOOD" card!
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