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  1. B B

    Reminder for next weekend decoy show

    Thanks, think I'll go this year.
  2. B B

    Salmon Time

    Good looking fish! Use to go up every year for 10 years straight. Haven't been in a while. If you've never done it you gotta try it, it's a blast.
  3. B B

    Hunter Safety Systems

    I ordered a new HSS harness a few months ago and my wife's came in the mail today. Neither of them came with a carabiner. Do they no longer come with them?
  4. B B

    Still getting it done!

  5. B B

    What should I do? Corn baiting question.

    All good answers. I had a buddy in the same boat and he baited 8 o'clock at night and killed deer the next morning. Put as much out as you possibly can and spread it as far as you can. I bring an iced tea pitcher out and throw it as far as possible. This helps from other hunters seeing a pile and keeps the deer in a more natural mode of feeding/browsing. And pray the turkeys don't find it. You could also put something out that will last a while like a berry block just in case the corn runs thin. Try to bait at the same time every time. They will pattern you, but that's okay cause you won't be hunting them at that time. If you put a camera out you'll be surprised how quick they come into that bait when you leave.
  6. B B

    Out in Zone 8

    Congrats to you both!!!!
  7. B B

    Savage 110 Trophy Hunter Review

    Good write-up. You better buy a back-up mag bro.
  8. Agreed. I have quite a few private land spots some of which are very short walks and most of the time when we use a ground blind the chairs stay in the blind. When I'm movin-n-scootin I would bring two sticks tied at the end that seconds as a walking stick. 90% of my hunting is done out of a stand, but I wanted my wife to feel comfortable on her first hunt so I set up a blind for us, not to mention we're still waiting for her harness to come in the mail
  9. You gotta problem with this set up?
  10. Caldwell Deadshot Origional. The wife used it in the blind the other day and I used it on the ground, not in a blind, when I shot my buck this year. Your crossbow is ready to go and it minimizes movement big time when the time comes to shoot, especially when things happen quick. It also frees up a hand when ya gotta use a range finder. $77 on Amazon
  11. My EAB doe last season had the same injury. I watched her for three years and she managed just fine most of the time. In late winter she was usually the first deer on the bait and the first deer to get pushed off the bait. I guess that's why they say only the strong survive, but she was smart enough to know she had to get there early before the others showed up. She produced one fawn the three years I watched her, but for whatever reason, I'm guessing her injury, she never grew in body size. They're one tough animal to say the least.
  12. B B

    First blood....

    Live to Hunt I ain't tellin, but between that and the wine she had at the butchers.....
  13. B B

    First blood....

    The old lady scored on her first deer hunt and she did it like a pro. I'm pretty sure I was more excited than she was. Her reaction when the first deer, a spike, showed up was priceless. Shortly after a doe comes walking in at 20 yards right were I told her they would giving her a perfect broadside shot. She did pretty well with me whispering in her ear, "Shoot her, shoot her, shoot her!" Well, she laid it on her with a perfect shot to the boiler room. I knew the shot was spot on, but she was very nervous and kept asking, "Did I hit her?" I told her it's a dead deer, but she refused to get over excited until we found her. Forty yards later the celebrating began. Very proud of her to say the least.
  14. B B

    WTB pedestal stand

    If I have one it's yours, but I ain't sure what a pedestal stand is.