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  1. Opening Day Tomorrow

    Good luck. Shoot straight.
  2. Antique items, clean them or not

    Buyers want to see that items, like your brass candle holders, can still shine like new and the discoloration isn’t permanent.
  3. Turkeys on roost

    I call with my hat and the leaves. I rarely set up very close to their roosting area.
  4. 2017 Fall bow buck is home

    Awesome Tom!!!!! Hey send me a text when you get a chance. New phone and lost a lot of numbers.
  5. Skills USA Awards Ceremony

    That is beyond awesome!!!! Congrats Logan!!!!!!
  6. Avian x turkey decoys

    Those two decoys is all you need.
  7. What Was Your Best Buy

    4.2 auto, frame is solid and floors are still there. Should be running tomorrow for the first time in a long time. 400 bucks.
  8. To shoot or not to shoot

    Only if it had a twenty inch beard and 3" spurs.
  9. Turkey Hunting Partner Needs Permit?

    neither needs a license just be sure to hand the shotgun to your buddy when the man comes
  10. Quote Or Saying You Live By

    Eye for an eye......