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  1. B B

    Miss the Guy,Stevo

    I always consider myself one of the lucky ones to have met Stevo and his wife. That's all it took to know he was one of the good ones. RIP Stevo.
  2. B B

    Best winter gear ??

    I just bought the Sitka Incinerator bibs and jacket and was skeptical of the form fitting fit. First let me say that I do look damn sexy in it but aside from that it is comfortable and warm. Unfortunately, it is a little noisy. On a calm day with no wind (or in NJ no traffic) you ain't drawing on a deer that's close without being heard. I also have the IWOM that's great once ya get used to it.
  3. B B

    First Blood: Update - BBD

    Congrats! Let's hear some tracking details, how much blood, how far did he go?
  4. Even though I hate waking up early, I like to be in the woods to watch and listen to it wake up. I also use red or green light if a light is needed.
  5. B B

    This Just Out From F+G

    What about baiting? If CWD is transmitted through saliva, by the time it is discovered in the state it will be way too late for New Jersey's deer herd. It will have already spread like wild fire. And here's a scenario. I go to the butcher and get scraps/bones to use as bait for trapping. One or more of those bones comes from a state that's infected with CWD... need I say more?
  6. Woe woe woe, are you kidding me?!!! Challenging his mindset as a moderator!!!! Waaaay below the belt.
  7. B B

    SnowFall Today

    Where's down here? I'm in Salem County and we're in blizzard conditions. Still says rain is coming though. My bait is already under 3" of water in one spot. LOL
  8. B B

    Snow and Sleet birds

    Nice job Bones and Batsto.
  9. B B

    First Blood: Update - BBD

    Dead deer go get em.
  10. B B

    Rut buck down

    Nice one!!!
  11. B B

    You go boy!

    I think he lost his wallet.
  12. B B

    Rookie Mistake

    All day sits I bring 10-12 PB crackers in a ziplock. They're usually gone by 9 and I cuss myself the rest of the day.
  13. B B

    First year hunting

    Good for her and great job by you.
  14. B B

    Does this make sense

    Thursday I climbed up in my stand at noon and ran out a buck. Not sure if he was bedded or cruising through. I almost got a shot off standing on the tree branch I stand on to scan the area before getting into my stand. Friday I walked in zero dark thirty and had a deer walk up to me and wind me as I was standing at the base of my tree. Then I shot my buck, a different one from the day before, at 1115. Get in there whatever time you can!