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  1. B B

    Climber Recommendation

    My Summit stand is TOO comfortable if that's at all possible. For long sits it's the way to go. For shorter sits and quicker quieter set-ups I use my LoneWolf.
  2. B B

    Some bucks done growing

    Must be the drought my grass stopped growing too.
  3. B B

    No Pictures?!?!

    At least you put a card in it. I checked a cam the other day and it had no card at all.
  4. Nice!!! Please tell me you're not "One of them" and it's only in the basement cause you're not sure where to hang it in your living room?
  5. B B

    Humming Birds

    Very territorial I watch them run each other off the feeder all day long. Usually there's one that becomes king of the hill and as soon as another shows up he/she comes outta nowhere to run them off. I out a trail cam up on the feeder last year. They are cool to watch.
  6. B B

    Wts Rem 760 30.06

    Why would you ever?! Great gun got one in 30.06 and .308.
  7. B B

    Not a good day for this guy

    Oh so true. We offered to a help a struggling couple from PA put in and my buddy asked were their ropes were. The guy answered with,"What ropes?"
  8. B B

    The Palmanator 2018 Round 2.

    I'm putting my money on the Jarhead.
  9. B B

    Rumor Has It.

    That's gonna be a nice "Welcome back to civilian life" trophy for your son!!!!
  10. B B

    Skills USA update 🇺🇸

    congrats Logan!!! Awesome!!!
  11. B B

    Turkey Chicks?

    What a coincidence, I've been seeing two hens around my house and no chicks at all. Today they walked between my back deck and truck with no cares in the world, again no chicks. Got me wondering cause I've been seeing a black cat hanging around in the woods.
  12. B B

    It took four years

    Don't get your hopes up they'll be back.
  13. Always the coolest pics! Thanks for sharing.
  14. B B

    Aaron Lewis concert tonight

    Anyone catching any flounder?