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  1. Have the 4.0. I like it especially when I remember to turn it on.
  2. Moral of the story... always call at least once after "moving closer" and taking a shot
  3. In turkey hunting something is learned every time I go. You're definitely headed in the right direction just to be able to call in that many birds. Congrats on a great day. As for shooting XR's, I will take a 50 yard shot all day long with them provided the bird is cooperating, but that's my gun and I know it can do it. My max to date is 60 (+/- a couple yards). Only after some range time and a successful hunt or two will you know if your gun can do it. Good call on holding off if you're not sure.
  4. Awesome. Congrats!
  5. Gotta love it when a plan comes together... congrats!
  6. What a great game of chess... nice win!
  7. Good stuff right there. Congrats!
  8. B B


    Had a YJ and sold it... later regretted it. Got a 2000 TJ and yet again sold it and regretted it. Great for doing what I do. Removed back seat and had plenty of room for whatever season it was. Starting to look for #3. I'll never learn.
  9. B B


    Way to get it done! Give ya 20 bucks for the scope
  10. Set up where they come out. No decoys. Ambush style. If he's still outta range call the hens he will follow. If know hens call him. Lite calling till ya get one gobble then no more calling.
  11. B B


    I got 25 bucks for ya. Will you deliver to my house or do I have to guess where it's at? PM me for my address. Thank you.
  12. wish you were closer would make for a fun bunny or tree rat gun
  13. One tom per tag purchased for me or one jake per tag purchased if that's what you want. I don't shoot jakes, but don't have an issue with those that do. The only answer to your question is, if you shoot one bird and don't have a tag then you shot one too many.
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