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  1. So sorry for your loss. I hope what I just felt after reading your last post somehow takes some of your pain away. May he rest in peace.
  2. B B

    Who forgot?!

    Not me! PA doe tag mailed today!
  3. Pay with PayPal, will ship... best offer
  4. I coulda sworn when I bought this it was rated for 300 pounds, but it says 350 on line. I put 6 bags of 50 in it with room to spare. As you can see it was squirrel proofed cause they did start to chew the funnels. $150... Located in Salem County 08318. PM if interested.
  5. Good stuff! Best of luck to your uncle.
  6. Morning can be just as productive.
  7. That's just great. May he have the long healthy retirement he deserves.
  8. Well look who showed up! Sorry Tom I needed more bacon.
  9. Yeah it's a PITA with some crops. Beans grow slow and give ya plenty of time to get at em. Also, got lucky and some of my other fields are alfalfa and they were just cut. When that shits high they can hide like a bitch and when they run out they're in their hole before ya can even think about setting up for a shot. At least with alfalfa, I know every 28 days or so its's getting cut and it's game on for a week or two.
  10. Left a field littered with hogs this evening. Love the baby beans. Up to 56 with 425 +/- being my longest so far. Seems to be more than usual this year, but I think it's more so the fact that everyone planted beans. Only down side is I can't do much ballistics observations or even get pics cause I can't walk in the fields. The pics I do have probably wouldn't go over to well with some if the internet police. Worse than that, when the pup hears the gun go off he's expecting me to cut him loose to go get em. He gave me the cold shoulder the whole drive home. Think I'm gonna get one of them Tactacam scope mounts that shows what you're seeing through the scope. Anyone ever try one of them? Anyone else out whacking them? Weathers been perfect for it.
  11. Nope. Taking them with me.
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