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  1. Good luck guys! I'll be out sometime in October. Too much work and we're getting my mom's farm up for sale soon.
  2. Last year, my wife mails a homemade quilt to my son and daughter in law in Hawaii and they told her that it will take a week to get there. After almost 6 months, it finally arrived. I guess they used a row boat to take it across the Pacific Ocean.
  3. Have her give me a call. I'll come out and spray it.
  4. Precision Garage Doors Pompton Plains. They are an awesome company.
  5. Tarhunt

    hunting aids

    To get my wife to drop off corn and drag my deer to truck.
  6. Are you going to enter it in the hunting contest?
  7. Parents pushed him into playing football. I've coached wrestling and baseball and saw it alot.
  8. Could be Marijuana. What's the address?
  9. Could be Marijuana. What's the address?
  10. It's the same thing as drug addicts using Norcan as a crutch.
  11. Beautiful buck! Congrats!!
  12. No Reese's peanut butter cups?
  13. That's awesome Jamie! Please tell Kenny congrats for me! David is building a 300 Blackout to shoot Mouflon sheep off of cliffs in Hawaii 5000 feet up. Must be nice.
  14. Ugh! I hunt near there. I haven't checked my cameras for a few weeks due to work. I'm hoping that I can check them later this week to see if there are any deer on them.
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