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  1. Balls deep bow bird

    You think it's time you switched to a shotgun. LOL Congrats.
  2. Balls deep bow bird

    Brining the bird so soon?
  3. Mounted my new 6.5

    If I go back to Africa on another Plains Game hunt I will buy a 6.5.
  4. Boycott Yeti

    There's a new cooler out. It's called the Viagra cooler. Guaranteed to keep it rock hard. LOL Just trying to lighten up the conversation.
  5. Youth day 2018

    One of the best hunting days of my life was when my 12 year old Son killed a Gobbler. It will be one of yours too!
  6. Where's the capicola??

    I watched the entire series three times. A good one was Tony told Christopher that he should "appreciate the importance of fresh produce". LOL
  7. Base layer of clothes for hunting

    I don't like bulk either but when it really gets cold, nothing is better than my down underwear over a light base layer.
  8. Boycott Yeti

    Does everyone here check the list of NRA supporters before they buy anything? If you do, you won't have many choices. So wanting to boycott a company that DROPS support for the NRA is different than never having supported them at all?
  9. Venison Home Delivery

    I saw two road kills this past week near my house. They must be resettling into their spring locations.
  10. Salvage or Not

    You don't get much. A lot of people do it just to recycle rather than trash.
  11. Set scope back to zero

    I guess it has to be off the gun to do it. Great tip though. Surprised no one mentioned it before. The only other way I know of is to count the clicks from one extreme to the other and divide by half.
  12. Base layer of clothes for hunting

    I bought some Under Armor because I returned some Xmas presents to Macy's and had to spend the money. I don't see any great benefit to this stuff. You can get identical material in other makes and pay half the price. Don't get sucked in to the name "Under Armor".
  13. Base layer of clothes for hunting

    Anything except cotton.
  14. Super Hero James Comey

    He can't win. He gets criticized by both sides. Poor Comey. He'll make some money with the book and go to work for a prestigious law firm.
  15. Last Saturday's Nice Warm Hike

    I was drinking Margaritas at 2 in the afternoon and freezing my butt off at night.