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  1. At the height and range you stated, it's not a severe angle so aiming for the heart is still OK. At shorter distances or higher stands, a "center mass" shot would be better in my opinion. The entry will be much higher than the exit.
  2. If you like hunting with an emphasis on cooking, Farming the Wild is a great show.
  3. A lot of hypocrisy in our sport. It's OK to shoot a flying pheasant but not a sitting one. It's not ok to shoot at a running deer only one standing still. It's not ok to shoot a turkey standing in a tree but it's ok standing on the ground. I can go on and on. Someone decided what was ethical and everyone else buys into it. Bottom line is you do what's OK with you as long as it's legal.
  4. Agree. It is a well rounded show. The non-emphasis on hunting only "trophy" animals and emphasis on the meat/cooking is what makes it more acceptable to me. A lot of shows only show trophy deer and nothing else. Gets very boring. I am proud to have a guy like him represent Sportsmen.
  5. Terrific on the Doe, sorry about your Bud.
  6. I wouldn't "mess" around with the gun's operation. Go out and shoot it. If it performs properly, that's all that matters.
  7. A lot of "suburban" deer are surrounded by different types of barriers. Housing developments are a form of barriers. They restrict deer movement and in some instances, provide food and shelter to them. It's not much different than a large tract of high fenced land. The question that can never be answered is: How big is big enough for it to be considered "fair chase". Would 500 acres be enough? Who decides. If an animal has the ability to avoid a hunter, it's fair chase. If you go into a 100X100 yard enclosure with minimal cover and pursue the animal, that's a "canned" hunt. I have hunted hig
  8. To get back to "have we lost our way"? People hunted in the past to EAT. I guess once we didn't need to hunt to eat anymore, we lost our original way/reason to hunt. Times and circumstances change.
  9. It is no more noble to hunt a deer for it's antlers than for it's meat. I don't judge anyone's reason for hunting. I was raised a "meat" hunter. I never "trophy" hunted deer in NJ and have done a few out of state deer hunts and quickly realized that killing a "trophy" deer anywhere is a big task. It's not worth the effort to me. I have "trophy" hunted in South Africa because you can't bring home the meat. I killed a Cow Moose on my next to last day of a hunt in Newfoundland because I didn't want to miss out on delicious Moose meat. I am not satisfied with one or no deer a year in a quest to ki
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