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  1. I took mt Twins hunting and had another soon afterwards. It's rewarding work! Can't wait to see pics!
  2. Nothing wrong with putting it up ASAP. I have put it up one day and killed a deer out of it in the afternoon.
  3. Terrific! My Dad used to make Venison Sausage. That's the last phase of my Venison Cooking career.
  4. I was viewing on my phone and pics do not display. I had to click on them. Anyway, hard to tell if it's consequential. I would return them.
  5. The " superficial damage" everyone is commenting on but hasn't seen.
  6. It's a deer you waste a lot of time, lose sleep over, and very rarely kill. Mine is the one I put the crosshairs on.
  7. "Bad Luck" is in the mind. It's a self fulfilled prophecy.
  8. Because OPEC and other Oil Producing Nations control a large part of the supply. When they want prices to go up, the spicket gets turned off. When there is a glut (like you saw last year when the Pandemic hit) prices collapse. We are theoretically not dependent on foreign oil but it's a commodity that goes to the highest bidder. Canada produces enough oil for the country and look at their gas prices (about $5 a gallon). Many factors affect the price of gas over time (including inflation) but you will see drastic ups and downs based on supply and demand. Why would Saudi Arabia sell cheap oil if they can sell less and make more money?
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