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  1. To make ground meat jerky it's essentially the same. The difference is that muscle jerky needs at least 24 hours to marinate for the flavors to penetrate. Ground meat is instant because it's mixed into the meat. I quickly looked at the video and it was for muscle jerky so she used large pieces of spices. This would not work with ground meat. You would have to use ground spices (garlic, onion, etc). My suggestion would be to do a search specifically for "ground venison jerky recipe". Like this: https://honest-food.net/ground-venison-jerky-recipe/
  2. Yeah. For out of state hunting it's crazy. Out of country also crazy. The average guy can afford to hunt in his home state fairly reasonably. There is archery equipment and guns that could be had very reasonably. Beyond that it's a "rich" person's sport to enjoy if you want to do a lot of it. Maybe the average "Joe" can muster up a few deer hunts or an elk hunt. Once you get into Moose, Sheep, etc in Alaska and Canada, it gets real tough.
  3. It was a once in a lifetime event for us. You earned your money that day. LOL
  4. Ha Ha. We caught more fish out of the " bathtub" than ANY other I ever fished out of. LOL
  5. It's very generous of you to do this write up. A lot of people hold tips and advice close to the vest. I joined a Fishing Group on Facebook one time and all the guys did was brag and post about their fishing. Offered no advice or direction. Once I asked where the Bass were hitting and a guy posted a map of the whole NJ coastline. What a J.O. I dropped out of the group.
  6. Funny you mentioned this. I was at Whole Foods and Wegman's yesterday browsing around. I was also at a very expensive Steakhouse this past weekend where a 45 Day Aged Steak was as high as $60. Honestly, I enjoy a good Venison Loin more!
  7. Ha Ha, I have a Son that does the same thing. He works in DC and his co workers had a taste of my Jerky and are always looking for it. I make at least 20 lbs a year for him.
  8. I'm unsure whether I like the Ground Meat Jerky better than whole muscle. It's more tender.
  9. Illegal for a Hunter to sell wild harvested deer. Yeah, who's going to open up shop and sell OTC.
  10. My Father and Uncle bought their first shotguns in Bamberger's (now Macy's) in Newark after coming to America from Italy. That was about 60 years ago. They bought Beretta O/U and S/S. They didn't sell guns after the riots in 1967. LOL
  11. Never knew Beretta made a pump gun.
  12. Believe it or not, Corned Beef and Cabbage is an American Invention.
  13. That Wine is more fitting for a nice Backstrap. LOL
  14. Yeah. I use those counties interchangeably. LOL
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