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  1. Smith and Wesson Stock up 400% from March and it is not after a big dip.
  2. My Dad only owned 1 gun. A Beretta Silver Hawk 12 ga., 30" barrels, Mod and Full chokes. He shot everything from Quail to Deer with great efficiency with that gun. Yes, the "Indian" is what matters. The guns are just decorations.
  3. Nothing wrong with a B80. It is a Beretta with Browning name on it.
  4. Probably bought mine around 1978. Made in Japan.
  5. My personal favorite is my Browning BSS 20 ga, 26" barrels, I/C and Mod fixed chokes, Oil finish, straight grip. I bought it new for $300 bucks and now they are selling for 3-4 times that much.
  6. It looks like you have a good variety already. But as we all know, you can't have too many guns, crossbows, or fishing equipment right. Buying a gun for the hell of it is OK. If you are looking to add something that will make a difference, I don't see it. People will buy a 28 ga even if they own a 20 ga. People will buy a 6.5 even if they already own a .308. There is nothing magical about certain gauges and calibers. If you look closely, the differences don't amount to much except numbers on paper. So the only advice I have is think about the reason you want the gun. If it's just to add to your collection than adding a new one is OK. If it's to gain some advantage then I think you won't beat what you have.
  7. Yeah, think about it. Grown men running around trying to knock each other senseless. It's a business. If it didn't exist to make money it wouldn't be there. Owners will do what they think is good for the business. Right now they are banking on their strategy. I always felt that Organized Sports was corrupt. From Boxing to Basketball. Anything that involves big money will be corrupted in some way. I can do without any of it and it's not because of kneeling. Hell, you can just tune in 10 later when the game starts.
  8. That was attempted once before. Didn't last long.
  9. That's the difference between Politics and "Polidicks". I hope I didn't violate any rules with this post or offended our new Mod. Sorry if I did and take it down.
  10. D2, why punish yourself. Just put him on your ignore list like I did. Your time on here will be much better.
  11. I vote for Tarhunt next time!
  12. Excellent price. Three lighted nocks alone are about $30. You have to need moon nocks though.
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