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  1. Not advocating. As I said, if you are a "fan", this is a great buy.
  2. A lot of people like them. They have good and bad characteristics. The best is they are very accurate. The worst is durability. Don't expect to use it more than once.
  3. Kayak Ken This is a Chines Knockoff of Ramcats: www.amazon.com/DarkForest-DB-5-Arrow-Broadhead-Broadheads/dp/B07J5MGQP1/ref=sr_1_226?crid=O9CU0KOODXVJ&dchild=1&keywords=broadheads+100+grain&qid=1620841342&sprefix=broadheads%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-226 DarkForest DB-5 Arrow Broadhead - Rotation Steel Broadheads 100 Grain, 3 Sharpened Blades Cut Diameter 1.38 Inch Arrowheads (6 Pack)
  4. Most Broadheads from American Co's are made in China. All NAP's are made in China. Truglo BH's are made in China as many others. Ramcats are made in China but are based in GA, USA. Yes, they do sell knockoffs. These are not:
  5. Be careful. Price may increase as buys increase.
  6. Three pack of heads plus fletchings as a bonus. $16. Crazy cheap. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B086RL81N2/
  7. What "position". Do you think I give a sh_t? What's with this "bias" toward Trump? I'm unique in that sense? Lots of Republicans have the same "bias" and they are being punished. There is no loyalty to a person, but to "ideas". I said I was through with the Thread but feel you are a reasonable guy and deserve a response. When are you guys going to get it? This is a HUNTING and FISHING FORUM but everyday post political threads calling people "scumbags". Are all Democrats "liberal"? Then all Republicans must be White Supremacists. That's the logic here. Don't name call. Pitiful. This star
  8. Divorce is very common. It's worse when Kids are involved. Don't dwell on the past or look for some magic answers. Move forward. Learn from your mistakes if there was any. Take your time and choose a more compatible one next time. Don't be like my Brother. Jumped from one marriage to another. Was married 4 times. Pitiful.
  9. WOW, you must be a "liberal", just like Liz Cheney. LOL
  10. Religion has justified many horrendous actions in history.
  11. Sorry Guys, I'm not going to post here ad nauseam. Believe what you want. Also, Ive said it over and over. If you are on my Ignore List, please add me to yours and STOP trolling me. It's cowardly and childish. Old Men Rule and Yoda 4X4. Please add me to your list and stop the grandstanding. Thank you.
  12. No one has proof of anything. It's all in your mind. I'm sure there was a small amount of that kind of stuff going on but a very small amount in any protest. So we are both right and both wrong. A few doesn't make the full case.
  13. Sort of like the Bakery Owner that said they wouldn't make a cake for a same sex marriage? It was found to be their Constitutional Right to hate Homosexuals?
  14. Yeah, and all BLM protests are infused with White Supremacists, Q Anon, and Proud Boys too if your reasoning is correct. Of all the some 500 arrests stemming from the Capital Riot tell me if your contention is found to be true. It HAS NOT. Maybe on some obscure site you use, but not by all levels of Federal Law Enforcement.
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