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  1. archer36

    Secret Family Recipe

    Why not. It's delicious. I make it more like homemade by sautéing some onions, celery, and peppers and adding it in.
  2. archer36

    Muzzy Opener on Monday

    Monday is "antlerless only". Following week is antlered if you have a buck tag. At least in my zones.
  3. archer36

    "Dry Aging" Your Venison

    It takes it to another level. If you only get backstraps from one or two deer, it may not be worth buying the rice.
  4. I've been using this technique for a few years now. I first found it in "Bon Appetite" Magazine. It really does give the Venison the flavor of a 45 day dry aged steak. I served a bunch of Koji Rice Aged Backstraps a few weeks ago to a group of guys and they went nuts. Said it was the best they ever ate. No marinating needed. https://www.fieldandstream.com/how-to-cook-wild-game-steaks-dry-aged-using-koji-rice?CMPID=ene111618
  5. The deer was going senile it was so old. LOL
  6. There is a different school of thought on this. I prefer to "still hunt" my way to my stand. If you have the right situation, this is better than walking in at dark and blowing the deer out before the sun rises. I have killed many deer doing this. It must be just that right time before daylight but not so dark you can't see about 100 yds in front of you. I also like to sleep in. LOL
  7. archer36

    Pheasant soup

    Of course. Just like Chicken Soup but more flavor!
  8. archer36

    This Just Out From F+G

    I don't know how bringing in a head from out of state can infect our herd if it never comes in contact with other deer. If you read between the lines it's saying you should not do it. If you want a deer mounted from a CWD area, I guess it has to be done there. Appears voluntary to me.
  9. https://content.govdelivery.com/attachments/NJDEP/2018/11/13/file_attachments/1106658/CWD Letter to NJ Deer Hunters 2018.pdf
  10. archer36

    Shoulder Injury?

    Happy Ending?
  11. archer36

    Shoulder Injury?

    It can go away. I had severe pain in my arm/shoulder about 4 years ago. I thought my ability to work was going to be severely limited. I took a long vacation and did not abuse it and it went away never to come back. I do everything as normal with no problems. My business partner was having issues with his neck. It eventually went away. You may not be as lucky. As the joke goes: "Doc, it hurts when I do this". The Doctor said "don't do it". Give it a rest and it may take care of itself.
  12. archer36

    First Blood: Update - BBD

    Too bad slitting the throat. I'm sure the Taxidermist can do something about that if you want to mount it. Good recovery.
  13. archer36

    Suicide Bomber In The Woods.

    Just when you thought you seen it all.