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  1. Considering you get 8 batteries and SD card also it's a great deal!
  2. I got an e-mail from the Division saying they are behind schedule on a few projects. Everyone should get on their e-mail list.
  3. Everyone is a little screwed up. Fed Ex, UPS, and the Post Office. Even Amazon backed off a little on their next day delivery guarantees. Funny story. I had a USPS delivery a week late. I ordered a Microwave from Amazon and the next day the Post Office delivered it. You figure it out. Weather has a lot to do with it last month or so.
  4. Scouting is the key. If you are hunting large woods, it's hard to "scout" as they will see you before you see them. If there are fields and big open areas, you can glass from distances. The only way to tell if there are turkey around in big woods is to get out well before daylight and try to locate their roosts. Use shock calls like Crow and Owl as well as soft hen calls. It may vary several hundred yards from day to day but will give you an idea if they are around. You can have the best gun, ammo, calls, and decoys. If there are NO turkeys, you won't get one. Find them first.
  5. WOW. More than an icicle. That thing could have done some serious damage. She's a lucky Girl. Best of luck to her.
  6. What a shame. Hope the little Gal mends quickly. This one was off the back of my house. About 4 ft long.
  7. What a shame. Hope the little Gal mends quickly.
  8. Look under Hornady Sabot Closeout section.
  9. They are just bullets. Special closeout deal.
  10. Closeout (harvestermuzzleloading.com) Not exactly what you are looking for but a great deal.
  11. I bought my H+R Ultra Slug Gun there the first year it came out.
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