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  1. archer36

    1 less fawn killer

    A few fawns will make it through now.
  2. archer36


    Same to you POPs.
  3. archer36

    Trump cures cancer

    He can find the cure to every disease and disarm every country and it's still not going to save him.
  4. archer36

    Spinning Reel ?

    Okuma reels are like any other. They have low cost reels and expensive reels. Expect the quality to be relative to the price. A 50% off deal sounds good. I always "google" the exact reel they are selling to see if Ebay or Amazon is selling it cheaper. If you are an occasional fisherman, a low end Okuma is OK.
  5. archer36

    My December 29th/17 buck

    New Jersey?
  6. archer36

    Tilefishing with Stan Putz

    I ate Tilefish when I was a Kid. We had fish markets all around my neighborhood and they sold all kids of fish. It is a great eating fish. Very mild.
  7. archer36

    Need to vent

    A girl once told me dating is like the weather forecast. "You don't really know how many inches you are getting and how long it will last".
  8. archer36

    Is It Fair?

    If I was worth $75 million I would be living a little better than that. LOL
  9. archer36

    Is It Fair?

    All he gets is nice pasture to graze in and occasional sex. LOL https://www.aol.com/article/news/2018/06/10/report-justify-worth-record-dollar75m-value/23455224/
  10. archer36

    Drop and reel knuckleheads

  11. archer36

    Need to vent

    It seems that weather has been more unstable and unpredictable lately. Overall I think the forecasters do a decent job. After all, they are not Gods.
  12. archer36

    Backstraps with Red Wine Reduction (PIX)

    Cooked perfectly. Give a straight wine reduction a try. About 8 oz of wine, a few teaspoons of sugar, reduce to about 3 oz. You only need a few drops on the meat.
  13. archer36

    Hit the lottery today

    Congrats! Great accomplishment.
  14. archer36


    I only do all day sits during the "rut". That being around last week of October to end of December. I still think all things being equal, your best sits are AM and PM. I have a friend that swears by mid day hunting. He only hunts mid day. So, in my opinion, it's a self fulfilled prophecy.
  15. archer36

    Took Inventory

    If work brings you my way, hit me up.