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  1. I bought Federal Premium 00 3 inch for $16 a box.
  2. Even tennis balls are in short supply.
  3. archer36

    Ravin R10

    I bought a Ravin take off scope from Wyvern for $90. I put it on my b/u to my b/u bow. I don't have a problem with it. Shot two deer early season with it. I have a TenPoint Evo X scope that cost 4x that and it's not 4 times better. It's takes getting used to because the 20 yd reticle is not in center of scope like most other scopes.
  4. Was there two weeks ago and the shelves were full
  5. I picked up 10 boxes of Remington Copper Solids for $7.70 a box at Bud's Gun Shop online two years ago. I don't care about shooting out past 75 yds so they fit my needs perfectly. Best buy I made on a long time in hindsight.
  6. At least it isn't a total waste.
  7. I suspected that you used a fixed head. Falls in line with my beliefs about large mechanicals. The smaller diameter fixed heads zip through deer's ribs almost unnoticed. I have had the same experience with fixed heads in the past. The deer shrugs off the shot, walks a short distance and tips over. A large cut causes a lot of "trauma" to bones in addition to hemorrhaging. This gets the deer moving fast and they can cover a lot of ground if there is no obstacles. This year I have killed two deer with Ramcat fixed heads. Recovery was about 40 yds. I have shot deer with large mechanicals and they covered up to 150 yds in no time. Still am undecided if bigger is better or if it just appeals to our senses. Well a little off subject. Don't want to take away from your success. Congrats again.
  8. Terrific. What broadhead?
  9. You don't try you don't get. I like the fact that you post non productive trips too. Helps others decide if they should go.
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