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  1. archer36

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    A 15 yo 20 yd shot with a dead nuts accurate crossbow is still on the table. A 50 yd shot or closer with a slug gun or ML is also on the table. I wouldn't do anything closer but that's me.
  2. archer36

    Xbow question

    Can't find any "Parker Decocking Bolt" on the internet. Sure it's a "Parker"?
  3. archer36

    Xbow question

    I'll have to look into that. Sounds like the old Horton one I had.
  4. archer36

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    I have taken two frontal shots. One ended very quickly and one ended badly. The first one worked so good that I tried it a second time. The arrow basically skidded off the shoulder and did not penetrate the vitals. Won't try it again.
  5. archer36

    Xbow question

    I discharge my crossbow about 59 times a season. That would be very expensive.
  6. archer36

    Xbow question

    I had an old Horton decocking bolt that I used for 5 years. It was solid fiberglass and indestructible. I shot it into some soft dirt and can't find it any more. Gotta see if I can scrounge up another. All other decocking gadgets did not last. For now am shooting a field point into a bag target. Don't worry about the Omni nock. Just use the moon nock and load it properly. I had a couple of TP's with Omni nock requirements and used moons many times. Omni's are good because you can't load them incorrectly.
  7. archer36

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    Well Slick Willie got Impeached. So what do you say about others accused of worse but not paid the price?
  8. archer36

    Beretta Xtrema A391

    Nice buy.
  9. archer36

    NAP Hellfire 3 vane Quickfletch

    I use the Twister and Quick Spin Vanes. Buy them when I can get deals on E Bay or Amazon or else they are too expensive.
  10. archer36

    What zone is old bridge ?

    Brain fart. But there is a Glass Repair sign outside. LOL
  11. archer36

    What zone is old bridge ?

    209 Texas Road. Look for the Big Auto Glass sign. The Big Dog sign is very small.
  12. archer36

    Early goose

    Bluefish cakes taste better than any other fish.
  13. archer36

    Type of crossbow rest for ground blind?

    Caldwell Field Pod without a doubt. Just balance the crossbow and you are ready. Minimal movement after that. While you are not shooting it you can turn sideways so you have more room in the back of the blind.
  14. archer36

    DDD! (Dad's Doe Down!)

    Congrats! Nice shot!
  15. archer36

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    Where were you? Under a rock?