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  1. The smile says it all. Your first buck is a trophy no matter what the size. I have been deer hunting around 45 years. I still get excited at ANY deer. A big rack is nice but it is no more noble to kill a deer for it's rack then for it's meat. Only pure trophy hunters would scoff at the taking of "any" buck because they see it as infringing on their future ability to shoot a trophy. That's their problem, not yours. Congrats and lots of success in the future.
  2. Yes, He is a GOOD ONE! Congrats!
  3. Just lung hit the meat should be fine. Any part of intestinal area pierced and the meat will be tainted. Congrats!
  4. I hunted the Newark Watershed years ago. It's a huge area. You have to know your stuff to be successful in getting a Big Buck there. You obviously did it by the book. You earned that deer big time. Congrats!!!!!
  5. It's the best, accidental shot you can make. The blood trail from a femoral artery is unbelievable.
  6. I like the idea of putting COOKED bacon into the burger. You can still cook it to rare and not worry about uncooked bacon in your meat. Great post!
  7. The Obama years were mostly recovering from a Financial Crisis. People did not have "disposable" income. I can see where they would put up with a few pests if they were struggling financially. LOL
  8. You can only do so much about things like Dr. appointments and obligations to the family. You can manage your busy work schedule better. It's "your" business. I had a small business for 18 years. I always managed to get out in the AM's or PM's even if it was only for an hour or so. You put in a lot of effort to set up for the season. It may not be the best setup right now this year. Deer are heavily feeding on acorns and past setups may not be working yet this year. Example is in one of my spots, I always had deer coming into the Orchard in the evenings. This year it is barren. You may have to change your setup to get on the deer now. Things will change in a few weeks.
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