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  1. Ha, Ha. You can't shoot two at the same time. But it really means you can't REPORT two at the same time. Ridiculous. When I shot two antlerless deer the system allowed me to do both at the same time without having to start all over again. The rule applied to bucks during 6 day can easily be circumvented.
  2. Every gun/ammo has it's limitations. It's knowing them that is important. Can a 20 ga with buckshot kill a deer? Yes, at the proper range with the proper pattern. Hell, native Alaskan's motor up to swimming Caribou and shoot them in the head with a .22.
  3. It's "season" specific. Not deer specific. If you have a buck tag and the season states bucks are legal then you can use it.
  4. Remember, a M/L rifle is legal (if you have a rifle permit) to use 6 day firearm season but not during the Permit Shotgun season. Only "shotguns" are legal. A M/L Shotgun would be legal.
  5. With the ammo situation right now I'm afraid you have very little options. With a 20 ga, your options are even less. Go out and see what's available. Good luck.
  6. You are asking what's right or wrong. In this situation it's what's right for you. You will have some guys who tout their adherence to only hunting "mature" deer. You will have guys who shoot any deer because it's all that present themselves. Everyone's situation is different. If you hunt a poor deer area and you hold out for a "mature" buck, well you may have an empty freezer every year. If you are OK with that then it's OK. I hunt every season. I spend lots of money on equipment and weapons. I want to USE my equipment. I like to harvest deer in ALL seasons. I like (as well as my family) veni
  7. I made the switch this year. Always used the dirty ass Pyrodex pellets because of convenience. Once I ran out, I looked for an alternative. I bought the BH209 breech plug for my CVA Accura V2. On the advice of guys on here, I purchased the CCI magnum primers. Last spring I did some initial testing and everything was fine. I accidentally used regular 209 shotshell primers this fall before the season opened and was getting delayed ignition. Then I realized I was using the wrong primer. Definitely need the "magnum" primers. I like the "clean" shooting compared to Pyrodex. I like the convenience o
  8. Right now your choices of slugs will be very limited. If it's a rifled barrel, you best use a sabot slug.
  9. I'm speaking more about the ammo getting lost in transit. You keep ammo and gun separate. Also, you are limited to how many rounds you can import. It doesn't matter if you take 20 or a 100. Replacing it is the issue.
  10. The arrows are selling for around $50 if you can find them. The nocks cost me $30. I'll take $60 TYD and deduct $10 for pickup.
  11. Comparing cartridges is like comparing Twiddledee to Twiddledum. Not much if you really dissect the numbers. I would choose the caliber that has the best availability wherever you plan on hunting. When I went to South Africa, I took a .308. There are probably more .308 in South Africa than any other caliber. Just about everyone owns one. Thus, the availability of ammo was plentiful. Try that with some exotic calibers.
  12. Use the permission slip in the digest. Keeps everything on the up and up.
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