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Finally got it done

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Well after 5 hard long years of bear hunting tonight I sealed the deal and got my first NJ Black Bear. I'm as happy as can be, he isn't the biggest bear nor the smallest bear either, but it is my trophy. I missed a big bear on Monday which really put me in the dumps. BTW the protesters at Whittingham are absolute animals. I can't believe they are allowing them to scream profanities at us. I know if we were in public they surely wouldn't do that because I'd just beat them silly. They are lucky LEO's were there to protectors those scum. Thanks to stickbender for helping me with the drag out.




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"Your short on ears and long on mouth"

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Congrats. Lets hear a little story on the shot. Boar or sow? Bow,crossbow or muzzle loader?

So it was a boar and as I said I missed a big one around 350 or so on Monday. I have been hunting everyday this week and 3 of them were all day sits. I passed a bear on Wednesday and then hadn't seen anything since. This afternoon I kept thinking I was hearing something coming but kept looking for 15 or 20 minutes without seeing anything. The area I was hunting is really thick and you only have a few seconds to make up your mind and shoot. Well I looked in the direction I kept hearing the noise and started messing with my phone. When I looked up the bear was looking my direction 22 yards in front of me. I decided I was going to take him. When he looked down to come closer I grabbed my LHR Redemption Muzzleloader and centered the crosshairs at the base of his neck. He was facing me quartering to me. I pulled the trigger and he ran about 15 feet and let out 3 death moans and it went quiete. I started fist pumping like a rockstar and shaking. It was by far the best hunt of my life

"Your short on ears and long on mouth"

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