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  1. Had that happen many years ago,hunting with my dad,went to lunch to come out to dead pheasant flying around in car crapping over everything! Lol
  2. I am also afflicted with this malady always shot with left eye closed,worked for a lot of years ,then I started to miss birds I shouldn’t have,guess I was involuntary opening left eye! Solved the problem by placing small patch on left lens on glasses blocking bead for that eye,easy to get used to works like a charm! Didn’t have problem with the bow just the shotgun!
  3. Snow,birds,cz supreme field 28 gauge,great pudelpointer,and a good friend! What could be better!
  4. If you want him to be a bird dog expose him to birds then more birds,don’t worry about the rabbits let him be a puppy,work on obedience so you can call him off something you don’t want him to chase. When you shoot those fist birds over him you’ll see him change into the hunting partner you want! Their demeanor changes all they want to do is hunt,it’s up to you to direct the inherent genetic capabilities into the dog you want!
  5. My pudelpointer Henry and his friends Cactus and stormy were hunting up a storm today,when these three hunt together the birds have little chance,we’ll most of the time!
  6. The 28 was speaking also! Due to great dog work!
  7. Cz supreme field 28 gauge,love it!
  8. Use mine as a cool bath for pup in summer training!
  9. Nice way to end the year,with a good friend,a great dog,and a 28 gauge o/u !
  10. Darling Clementine, wyatt Earp “were you ever in love” no I’ve been a bartender all my life!
  11. My Henry has been on it for a year and a half,no problems,no ticks!
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