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  1. Fishing on my boat,training the pudelpointer,shooting that sweet little sxs 28 gauge to get used to it for the fall! Oh yeah there’s that work thing too!
  2. Tallman

    French Brittany

    Picture is from early 90 s hair is no longer that color! Lol
  3. Tallman

    French Brittany

    I’ve had and hunted French britts since 1980,the ones I’ve had were great gun dogs,the one I have now is 14 and not hunting anymore.soft personalities can’t get too rough with them but very smart ,great family dogs
  4. Tallman

    Butts and Bows

    All the people you mentioned I know very well,I taught with Pete in Newark he and I hunted deer in PA until he passed,he was the woodchuck king!Bob MEYLER and I were best of friends,his son Jimmy and I are still very close hunt and fish all the time together I needed the deer as the max,let the deer pass me before I saw the forth point,made lucky shot! Len
  5. What loads do you use in the28 for pheasants?

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    2. 51smd


      Nice what brand SXS?

    3. Tallman


      Cz sharptail,seems like nice gun for the money,couldn’t afford the ones I really wanted! Lol

    4. 51smd


      Nice they make nice stuff. I had a CZ Ringneck in 20 ga. It was a little long in the length of pull for me though.  

  6. Tallman

    44 mag

    I have an old Ruger red hawk 44 ! Harvested quite a few PA deer with it. Very accurate gun!
  7. Tallman


    How many of you are hunting with a 28 gauge?
  8. Tallman

    Butts and Bows

    Spent many an hour in that place,was the first one to win the triple quest contest! Was in hunting clubs with Len for many years!
  9. Had a great day hunting with my pudelpointer Henry and my friends one year old pup! The pups share the sire!this is probably the last hunt of the season for me.
  10. Tallman

    Birthday Boy

    He’s ready all right,he’s a hunting fool!
  11. Tallman

    Birthday Boy

  12. Two years old,been a great ride!
  13. Tallman

    Any trout pix yet?

    Wow ,nice fish!
  14. Tallman

    New to the family

    Now the work/fun begins! Congratulations,good luck with the good looking pup!
  15. Sorry guys no Easter eggs today,Henry caught the infamous bunny! Caught him mid hippity-hop on the bunny trail! Happy Easter everyone!