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  1. 3c for me also,not too mobile due to health problems but I’ll be there!
  2. Boy that really stinks,hope all works out! I’ve been sidelined with some health issues couldn’t run pup all summer going crazy,hope to get out in a few weeks! The bond between hunter and dog is immeasurable,a real buddy! good luck!
  3. 28 gauge cz supreme is death on pheasants over a great pudelpointer !
  4. Great cover for this time of year,enough to hold the running birds the pups were trailing!
  5. Our pudelpointer pups had a great day,pointed 17 birds,birds were running but the pups handled them well! Beautiful day!
  6. Beautiful day to be out hunting birds!
  7. Congratulations! The first of many!
  8. We were up on the Helen H beginning of the month,the pool winner day one was 16.4 lbs. we brought home fillets from thirty from 7 to 11 lbs three guys!
  9. Been going up there for five years,this year had the largest average size! We brought home filets from thirty fish from seven to eleven pounds (two days) we gave a bunch away to others on boat! Three of us!
  10. When you are fishing a party boat with a number of anglers on board who know what their doing,nothing is more endearing as someone throwing a light bucktail tangling a bunch of lines! If your on a boat with just a few people it might work!
  11. Here’s an 11 lb from our trip!
  12. Fdsmiles, i don’t know how you used a 4 oz bucktail, we had to use 16 to 20 ozs to stay on bottom,in the many years I’ve been doing this trip,10 to 12 ozs have been the lightest!
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