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  1. I believe pudelpointers were used in the development of the dd. They also have strict breeding restrictions ,these German breeds require diligent training but in the end you wind up with a tough excellent hunting companion!
  2. The best hunting dog is the one you own and love! My Henry the pudelpointer now three ,has hundreds of birds shot over him! A true versatile dog!
  3. This was my friends pool winner
  4. We’ve averaged six to nine consistently,my biggest is 9.9 but my friend fishing next to me has a number over 10,he won the pool with an 11.8 one year. The pool winners are usually from 11 to 14 lbs. you need stout equipment as your using 12 to 16 oz sinkers l
  5. I go up to Hyannis on the Helen H Nantucket trip always catch a ton of large fluke!
  6. All fish from Raritan Bay,the big one,middle picture Ambrose channel 36 inches,14.2 lbs. the bottom picture 29.5 in 10.1 lbs back bay triangle!
  7. It took me over 50 years to break the ten pound mark,then twice since!
  8. Buck154, this was first one we caught,nice fat fish,the rest we caught were all about 12 in! You did well!
  9. I haven’t had that aluminum boat for many years,this 23 footer I bought new in 2002
  10. First hit of fluke season,24 in
  11. Took my boat out for a shakedown cruise,everything worked plus put ten fish in the boat!
  12. First put dog on revolution as per vet recommendation, after a week hunting in pa,and taking twenty to thirty ticks off him every day,switched to bravecto no ticks in two years! Nothing is totally safe as they are all poisons,but I live with a bugaphobic,so I have no choice! A couple of my friends have had good luck with the seresto collar!
  13. Had that happen many years ago,hunting with my dad,went to lunch to come out to dead pheasant flying around in car crapping over everything! Lol
  14. I am also afflicted with this malady always shot with left eye closed,worked for a lot of years ,then I started to miss birds I shouldn’t have,guess I was involuntary opening left eye! Solved the problem by placing small patch on left lens on glasses blocking bead for that eye,easy to get used to works like a charm! Didn’t have problem with the bow just the shotgun!
  15. Snow,birds,cz supreme field 28 gauge,great pudelpointer,and a good friend! What could be better!
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