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  1. Tallman

    The .410 was poppin today!

    The 28 was speaking also! Due to great dog work!
  2. Tallman

    CZ Over and Under 20 Gauge

    Cz supreme field 28 gauge,love it!
  3. Tallman

    Jet Sled?

    Use mine as a cool bath for pup in summer training!
  4. Nice way to end the year,with a good friend,a great dog,and a 28 gauge o/u !
  5. Tallman

    Favorite Movie Line

    Darling Clementine, wyatt Earp “were you ever in love” no I’ve been a bartender all my life!
  6. My Henry has been on it for a year and a half,no problems,no ticks!
  7. This is my pudelpointer Henry,two and a half years old,he’s a real hunting machine ,well over three hundred pheasants shot over him,plus a real sweetheart in the house!
  8. Tallman

    Pudelpointer day

    Henry is kept inside,but crated when I’m not home,great family dog a real sweetheart! That said as a puppy he was a bit rambunctious didn’t realize his size and strength! He’s much better now,not a mean bone in his body!
  9. Tallman

    Pudelpointer day

    My pudelpointer is Henry,my friend’s dog is Cactus! Here they are training together,Henry is the lighter brown color!
  10. Tallman

    Pudelpointer day

    Double G, there are a few of us in NJ now,we get together to train our pups and have fun! Got my pup from Iwan kennels in PA. Dog is incredible two and a half yrs old over three hundred pheasants shot over him!
  11. My Henry and his buddy Cactus had a fantastic day at Bent creek yesterday! The little 28 had a good day also! Heavy cover and no breeze didn’t deter these two year old hunting machines!