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  1. Fiocchi #5s reached out and touched these guys found by my pudelpointer Henry!
  2. Had Henry the pudelpointer out yesterday,he was on fire!
  3. Tallman

    28 gauge speaks

    I was using a skeet choke in bottom barrel improved modified in top barrel.
  4. CZ supreme field,28 gauge,federal premium sixes,a great pudelpointer,equals a bunch of pheasant dinners!
  5. Had me going there also,train there with Del-Val navhda! Beautiful pup! Enjoy the ride!
  6. Good luck,congratulations! There’s nothing like training a pup and watching the lightbulb go on!
  7. NO NO Bad idea! Listen to what not on the rug said,sound advise!
  8. Tallman

    Extended Choke Tubes

    I have tru lock extended chokes in both my 12 gauge and 28 gauge,gives me great patterns with hunting loads! open chokes for shooting over dog,go to tighter chokes if backing up other shooters.
  9. Tallman

    Pheasant Hunting Permit, Pa.

    Thanks, he had a exceptional season last year,I didn’t train as much as I wanted too but he’s mostly steady to wing and shot! Wanted to work on force fetching but just didn’t happen,he’ll retrieve every bird shot from anywhere,but will prance around you before he’ll drop it,he’s definitely a clown,but a hunting fool ! Lol
  10. Tallman

    Pheasant Hunting Permit, Pa.

    Henry ,braving the heat this past weekend doing a bit of steady training on chucker ,steady to wing and shot!
  11. Tallman

    Pheasant Hunting Permit, Pa.

    YES! My pup and new 28 gauge are ready!
  12. Glad to hear Sawyer is doing well,hate when a good hunting buddy is under the weather! Good luck with new pup !
  13. Also had my pup out on birds,doing well,steady on point,can’t wait for cooler weather!
  14. Tallman


    My favorite dogs are the ones living with me at any given time,right now it pudelpointer Henry,great two year old hunting companion!
  15. Tallman

    Trophy Fluke 2018