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  1. DV1

    2018 Vegetable Gardens

    Same thing happened to my tomatoes, cages didn't help, they were lying on the ground.
  2. DV1

    2018 Vegetable Gardens

    Been picking stuff like crazy this week. zucchini and yellow squash are dying off so I'm picking them clean. Still getting lots of cuc's and pickles but those plants are starting to die off. Egg plant are starting to come on strong, same with peppers. I'm picking bells, cubanelles and jalapeno's. Tomatoes are still behind but I picked a few. The groundhog killed off all my green and yellow wax beans. Going to have to find him. Thursday the wife and I went up and hiked the Ken Lockwood Gorge, then had dinner at the Sergeantsville Inn. Then yesterday it was down to Ocean City, beach a bit, walked the boards, hit some pizza, tacos, gelato, some baked goods and Johnsons popcorn. So this weekend, we're eating out of the back yard. Picked a bunch of yellow squash, peppers, eggplant, peppers and cucumbers before the rain hit this morning. Had some eggplant appetizers that were just eggplant sliced 1/4 inch thick lengthwise, egg and breaded with panko, fried to GBD on both sides, then hit with my own tomato basil sauce, a bit of fresh basil, and some mozzarella cheese, and in the oven just to melt the cheese. Then made a yellow squash casserole with cubanelle's and onion. Pulled some fresh sage and oregano from the patio, made a sage brown butter to saute the squash, peppers and onions, then placed it all in a dish with cheddar, parmesan cheese and crushed up butter crackers for a crust. A fresh tomato and cucumber salad, with basil from out back and fresh mozzarella topped it off. That's the best part of all the hard work. Casserole.
  3. You didn't score too well in that post, want to try again?
  4. DV1


    I make all refrigerator pickles, don't mess with canning. This is most of what I've done. We have eaten a few jars and about 1/2 dozen have been given away.
  5. If your opinion, or position, is completely out of touch with reality, irrational and delusional (and yours IS), yes.
  6. I don't have a medical degree, but actually do have extensive education and training in recognizing different types of mental illness manifestations in people, and how to deal with them. Actually taught other police officers how to handle them on the street. It's obviously tougher to do over the internet but I stand by my statement: anyone who really believes what he did is treason and is losing it over this, is suffering from a break (temporary or worse) from reality and rational thought. That is likely due to an internalized hate for the subject they are unable to see rationally. So, ask yourself...do you really believe it, or is this just political BS, like most of the Dems and Media are doing? You don't really believe they believe it, do you? Again, John Brennan, an admitted Communist Party sympathizer and someone who voted or the Communist Party candidate in one of our previous Presidential elections, is calling Trump Treasonous for...what? They say he can't admit Russia meddled all over the news on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, yet I watch 5 minutes of Fox news in the morning and they play 5 or 6 clips previous to this press conference where he says Russia meddled, as well as others. So, someone is either lying to the American people for political purposes, or has lost touch with rational thought and reality. You figure out which. I think they are all just liars and know it's not true but if you really believe it, you've got a problem.
  7. Just think it through for a minute. If Trump says yeah, Putin is guilty of meddling and admonishes him, while sitting next to him, like they wanted him to do, how does that help US-Russia relations? First, if Trump has any success with US-Russian relations, they will have a stroke, another win for Trump would devastate them. The question and desired confrontation are meant to damage US-Russian relations, not improve them. Secondly, if Trump does what they want, the next question is to Putin, and it's along the lines of, "President Putin, you've denied meddling and now Trump has called you out, what do you have to say"? They wanted a confrontation in front of the entire world, on camera. They also wanted Trump to say there was Russian interference so the headlines would read "Trump admits Russia interfered with the election, calling into question his own victory". Again, these provocations are designed to hamper US-Russian relations and destabilize our own Government/Country. Finally, Democrats would be calling for a hold on the SCOTUS nominee until this Russian meddling and Mueller investigation are completed, which will be who knows when. They would ramp up efforts to hinder the successful administration of the US President's agenda, and constantly bash him in the media to fuel chaos leading into the midterms. The US in turmoil because the of Media weakens our Country, and allows our adversaries to become stronger. All three of these things are clearly meant to undermine/hinder the President (it's what archer 36 and deadonshot want, admit it) and Government of the United States...yet they call Trump treasonous. EDIT...what a surprise. After posting this initially, I check the news and see a new Gallup poll reporting how low Kavanaugh's approval numbers are. They are comparing him to Reagan's "controversial" nominee Robert Bork. This entire insane, over-reaction is about SCOTUS, believe it.
  8. I'll just say this and leave it alone. This is clearly an irrational, over the top reaction to something that would not have caused a blip on the radar had Obama said the same thing. The Media and Democrats would not have given a a second thought to it. In my opinion, as an informed, political observer, this is being mostly done to try and derail Trumps second SCOTUS nominee and continue a constant drone of negativity leading into the midterms. Trumps poll numbers were rising, there are a lot of good things happening in this Country (that are not being reported on) and the Democrats had no hope of stopping the SCOTUS pick. Now, you will start to hear calls for the SCOTUS pick to be withdrawn or postponed because Trump is not fit, he's committed treason, he shouldn't be allowed to make the pick until his treason allegation is resolved, etc. This is all they have to derail the nomination. They are going to try whatever they can to stop it until after the midterms, when they hope to take the Senate, and stop it all together. They normally meltdown over everything he does but this meltdown is so irrational it's borderline insanity. If they really believe what they are saying, and not just trying to derail him politically, there's some mental illness at play here. I don't believe most of them (Dems and Media types) really believe what they are saying. Some of the others (maybe on this site) might, and if that's the case, I would say your hatred has lead to a bit of mental illness and you should seek counseling, seriously. Worked with the mentally ill for a while, so I know of what I speak. I'm sure it's just a temporary break from being able to think rationally so a few sessions can help you, most likely, no meds needed. But I promise you, if you really believe that press conference was treason by President Trump, you DO need counseling.
  9. I never said what you are attributing to me. I put you and those who are acting irrational to everything Trump does ( most Democrats and media people) in the same category as those Alex Jones types who did the same thing during Obama years. The only difference being that Obama actually did some things (as did those others I named) that were actually damaging to the US. Trump has only said, or not said some things he shouldn't or should have, respectively. You are clearly not capable of rational discussion at the moment, so I'm out.
  10. If you read through my comments on it, you'll see I called this Trumps "Obama" moment. So I feel the same way about it no matter who did it, but it's not treason.
  11. Positions of 'high regard'? I agree, some positions come with a high degree of respect or regard but not every person who serves in them deserves it. John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, are all perfect examples. So what they say doesn't mean much to me. Brennan is a total radical, left-wing, Communist sympathizer nut. Comey a proven leaker and liar, and has committed clear cut felonies, yet is not being pursued, so he can hug a nut too. Clapper...well, he has been proven a liar many times over and McCabe, we all know he is headed for some type of federal charge. I'll say it again...anyone saying this is treasonous is a nut, period. You have to be so consumed with hate for the President of the US that you cannot see things straight, have lost touch with reality and are completely irrational. It really is that simple, no matter who is saying it. You sometimes have very valid points and good arguments, but when you go off the deep end, like this, it soils everything else you have to say and reasonable, thoughtful people just tune you out.
  12. You are officially a member of the looniest club in America. Treasonous, really? He's been harder on Russia than Obama ever was, and did say in that press conference that he had full faith in his intelligence agencies. He definitely could have had a better answer for that one question but did you really think he was going to get into a scrum with Putin on International Television? You'd have to be an idiot to think that. I saw John Brennan calling Trump treasonous on TV the other day. John Brennan...the guy who admitted he voted for a member of the Communist Party in one of our Presidential elections, and Obama put in charge of the CIA. Both of those thing go way beyond anything Trump has said. When I see John Brennan getting upset about something, I know it must be something good for our Country and bad for the Communist Party. So now, I put you and John Brennan in the same club: people who are trying to undermine the US Government. That is more treasonous than anything Trump has done.
  13. DV1

    Making Pickles

    Looks good. I put up about 24 quart jars of spears and slices, and 18 pint jars of slices and whole, baby pickles, all with Mrs Wages packet. Yesterday I tried something new. I put up a few quart jars and pint jars or spicy pickles. I just put the slices in the jars with a homemade brine, added mustard seed, garlic, dill and jalapeno pepper rings. So I will have pickled jalapeno peppers and spicy pickle slices, hopefully. I made a bunch of the brine so I also put up a few jars of garlic and ginger pickled carrot and zucchini sticks. The jars have several slices of ginger in them so I get some pickled ginger out of it too. The family eats a lot of pickles.
  14. DV1

    Some Words for Thought

    Funny, I don't remember all this outrage when Obama was going around bowing to foreign leaders, bashing America's intelligence agencies for the lying about WMD's, apologizing for America's actions and condemning America as arrogant and ignorant, and causing problems in the world with our foreign policy, among many other America-bashing incidents. This was not Trumps strongest moment for sure...mostly because it was his first "Obama" moment. In reality, Trump has been harder on Russia (more sanctions, moving missiles back into eastern Europe after Obama removed them, opening eastern Europe to America's oil imports, striking at the heart of Russia economy, striking at Assad after he gassed his people and crossed Obama's line, with Putin's help) than Obama/Clinton/Kerry every were. Obama knew of meddling and did nothing, he let Putin run in and all over Ukraine, he allowed Putin to take over in Syria, drew a red line, and never responded when Assad crossed it with Russia's help, Clinton's reset button was just plain silly, and oh yeah, Obama did tell Putin to "knock it off" or was it "cut it out". That's a real strong condemnation. People are so easily manipulated by the media it's sad.
  15. DV1

    Summer Get Together Pictures

    Looks like a great time. I guess I have to check in here a bit more often. I was up there all day yesterday hiking and could have stopped in had I known. Left the house at like 4:15 am, got home at 7 pm. Probably would have needed a shower to be tolerable, but definitely not going in that pool...