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  1. DV1

    Pellet Grills

    I prefer lumberjack pellets too, and you can find them cheaper at Dicks Sporting Goods than Amazon. And if you spend more than $49.00, shipping is free, so just get a few bags and you beat Amazon's price. For those who hate Dicks because of their political stance, just remember, Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos, also owner of the Washington Post, and a rabid anti-gun, anti-hunting Liberal. So, pick your poison.
  2. DV1

    Pellet Grills

    I definitely fall into the category of people who spend too much on grills...all kinds of them. I have a gas grill, a charcoal/wood smoker, a Weber charcoal grill, a pellet smoker, and a MES smoker, plus two propane cookers; one single burner turkey fryer and a double burner turkey fryer/fish fryer, plus an outdoor 2 burner gas stove and a firepit/large cooker that you can sit around and drink beer or do smores, hot dogs and steaks if you wish. It's a hobby, like hunting or fishing. Some people put tons of money into fishing and boats, or dirt bikes, or tons of guns, or ATV's, whatever. I like to cook and eat, so that's what I do.
  3. After having a roasted pork loin with a salad made from the lettuce I picked today, I finished it off on the patio with a strawberry Mojito, with fresh picked strawberries and mint from today as well, of course.
  4. I'm the same with sauce. I like my ribs dry rubbed only, no mop sauce for me, but I do make a sauce to dip in if needed. Pulled pork, if I use anything, I use only a finishing sauce that is a simple vinegar sauce. For brisket, I make a homemade sauce that is 50% juice from the brisket and really does take it up a notch. It's great by itself, but with the sauce, next level.
  5. DV1

    Pellet Grills

    I have a Rec Tec RT 700. Have only done one cook on it but everything came out great. Had a Traeger, and I know some guys love them but I got a lemon. Tried 3 cooks and it had wild temp swings, from like 280 to 160 when set on 225, and it did that several times every hour. I took it back.
  6. Have been picking 1 or 2 quarts of strawberries a day for several days now. Have 9 quarts so far this year and the family is going through them as fast as I can pick them. Might not be able to freeze many this year but I should get a few burst of multi quart days so I might sneak a few in the freezer. Also cut some butter crunch lettuce, curly kale and premier kale today.
  7. CDC's latest estimate is the mortality rate for COVID 19 is .3 percent. The flu is .1 percent. It's time to be almost normal again. We know the virus doesn't live more than a minute in the heat and sunlight outdoors, so the masks outside are mostly ridiculous. Every one of the experts even admitted as much a few months ago, when this was going on, but all of the sudden, that changed overnight. These requirements of wearing masks or having your temperature taken, and social distancing should be strictly enforced in closed settings with vulnerable people, like nursing homes, vets homes, any long term care facility, hospitals, etc.. When visiting, you should need an appointment, the facility needs to have "clean rooms" where people visit, and then they are cleaned for the next appointment. If you visit an elderly family member at home in the vulnerable category, it's your job to do what's necessary to keep them safe. For the rest of us, bring back sports events with attendance, let restaurants operate at full capacity (the only way they will recover), open other small businesses, and most things in life can, and should return to normal. If some people are still afraid, don't go where you are afraid, that simple. No one is making anyone attend a baseball game or go into a full diner. Somewhere between 35 and 50 percent of those infected have no symptoms, 99.7% of the rest do not die, so let it go, let herd immunity build, and protect those who are extremely vulnerable with the restrictions being placed foolishly on everyone else. It's time to do it now and let the businesses recover somewhat, and get more tax revenue into the State coffers because it's likely it will get more severe in the fall, like all seasonal viruses do, and at that time, it may be wise to impose a few more restrictions, once again impeding revenue to governments and businesses, but nor more lock-downs even then. Remember, much of what they have told us to scare us about this has proven false (kind of like that Russian collusion thing) so keep that in mind next time some new horrifying prediction is plastered all over the news.
  8. Looks good. I recently got a Rec Tec RT 700. Only have done one cook on it but the ribs, chicken and pork butt came out great. It's the stuff I posted a few pages back. The ribs were the best I've done and the pulled pork was my family's favorite one, and I've done 20+ shoulders/butts in the last 4 years.
  9. Some good looking stuff here from the last few days.
  10. How about any type of resurfacing product to revive the surface? I'm having a new pad poured next to a 20 year old pad, and am sure they are going to look quite different. Any suggestions?
  11. I have 2 varieties: Earliglow and Surecrop.
  12. Blue berries look good too, well, half of them do. Like the strawberries, I lost a lot of the early variety to the late frost. I have another row outside of the garden that is the early variety and they have almost no berries on them this year. These are the later variety.
  13. The row is 50+ feet, about 3+ feet wide. Just checked it again, once the berries start going red, they go quick, and I might be a little more than 12 quarts.
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