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  1. Ok, fair enough. And I agree with the trespassing point he is making. However, that is not quite the entire context in which he said it, and why I interpreted it differently. He also called killing the deer a theft from him. He actually compared a deer...free-ranging wildlife... walking across his property to a television set in his house, that he owns. Go back and read my post, and his response. Maybe you'll see why I got the impression I did. My point was that idea...that any of us own or have exclusive rights to kill a certain animal... leads to many of our problems in the woods. He actually said the poacher would be stealing from him. If someone steals a tree stand, or camera on your land, they would be charged with theft because that is something you own. A deer is not, so they are charged with trespassing, hunting out of seasons, etc, not theft. I get that anyone who owns property has exclusive access rights to that land, and own the land. However, no one has exclusive rights to free-ranging wildlife just because it crosses their land. You may think it's a distinction without a difference but it's not. The mindset that places inappropriate emphasis and importance, even ownership of, or "exclusive rights" to a big buck, leads to, in my opinion, many of the problems we see in the woods. The idea someone 'owns' a deer, like they do a television set they purchased, was just an example I used to illustrate that mindset. There is no way for me to make that point any more clear than this post, so it's my last attempt. Good luck Saturday everyone.
  2. You don't have an exclusive right to kill any free ranging, wild animal. You may have sole ownership of a piece of land, but unless it's fenced, and you have a permit to keep wild animals animals on it they are not yours. You certainly don't have exclusive rights to free range wildlife. The fact you feel you do is exactly the problem I am trying to point out. This is my point, and you keep making it for me. The fact you even think that is a problem. It's a mindset that leads to all the bad things we see hunters do to each other in this state. This presumed rights to, or worship of, deer, is what has led normally reasonable people to poach deer, steal stands and cameras, ruin others' hunts, and on this thread, equate poaching a deer with rape and murder, and to think this guy should have his entire life and family destroyed because he poached a deer. And none of you were even hunting this animal. Remember, it's "just a deer"... "you can't eat the horns", etc. etc.. People are going overboard on this. The mindset you continue to display illustrates why.
  3. I agree, totally. My point with that unlikely scenario was that this idea of ownership of, or exclusive rights to, a deer very often leads to exactly what happened here. Sorry if that went over everyone's head.
  4. Maybe you're right. It's idea that someone feels they have exclusive rights to, or ownership of a deer that I disagree with, and I feel causes many problems in such a crowded state. Maybe the poacher shot the deer on property he had access to, feeling it was his exclusive right because the deer was using that property too, and he wanted to exercise his right before the next guy did. Then the deer ran off the property and died in front of the OP's spot. The lots on Blackfoot trail are pretty small, and we only know where the deer died, not where it was shot.
  5. I agree with much of what you said, but this part I quoted is ridiculous, and a big part of the reason hunting sucks so bad in NJ. Too many people think they own a deer, or a spot. It's what leads to things like stand and camera theft (trying to keep others from killing their deer), and yes, poaching. No one owns a deer in this state unless it's in their pen, period. Just because the deer walked across a lot an acre or less in size once or twice in it's daily routine, doesn't mean that person has exclusive rights to kill that buck. That's asinine. Have you even looked at the area where this deer lived? Do you have any idea how many people's property it crossed daily, that according to you, could claim ownership? In fact, it may even be the case that this buck was also living or spending time on property this poacher had, so, according to you, he had exclusive rights to kill it. Oh, I think he should be fined and shamed accordingly, don't get me wrong, but this right here is just another example of how some people are going overboard with this situation. Remember, it's just a deer.
  6. For the OP, sorry that happened to you but, as unique as this buck would have been to kill, I'm sure it is even more rare to catch the guy in the manner you did, so, that's a pretty big win, and trophy in it's own right. You're a slayer, you'll find, and kill another big buck, probably many more. This "catch" was pretty wild. Congrats.
  7. Umm, this might not go over well but...I think many of you are getting very carried away. I don't know the guy, don't want to know the guy, and think what he did sucks, and he should be fined appropriately. Yes, sucks for the guy who was working on killing the buck legally, but the calls by many here for some really horrible, life-destroying things to happen to the guy for what many of the same members often refer to as "just a deer" or "just a set of horns", is amazing. I have to wonder, with all the posts, all the time here about how people put too much emphasis on antlers, and they are "just a set of antlers", or it's "just a deer", sentiments expressed by many members here, for as long as I've been here, people are pretty much wishing all but death...maybe even death...on a guy who poached "just a deer" with "just a set of antlers". Even comparing what he did to rape and murder...but it's "just a deer", right? It's funny too because right in this very thread, there are many posts lamenting what lengths people will go to for "just a deer" or "a set of antlers", yet the same people are calling for this guys life and business to be destroyed over "just a deer" or "a set of antlers". If we really thought that too much emphasis is being put on antlers and trophy hunting, and it's just a deer, or just a set of antlers, would we really be so mad... blood boiling as some put it...and calling for such drastic, life-altering penalties over "just a deer"? Makes me wonder how many people who post about how antlers don't mean much, or wish for simpler times when people didn't put so much emphasis on trophy hunting or antlers, really feel that way, or are they just posting what they think is popular at the moment. Because it sure seems everyone here is pretty fired up over "just a deer" and "a set of antlers". Think about it, every year, there are many reports about guy's killing a buck illegally, or sharing a doe for EAB, or not killing one but saying they did so, to hunt an early season buck (I dare say some member's here have either done as much, or know people they call "friends" who have, and they just let it go), yet I don't see calls for life-destroying measures, or comparing it to rape and murder. It's the same act, the only differences is the set of antlers on this one. Not defending what the guy did, not even close, just trying to reduce the blood-boiling because some of you have completely lost your mind over "just a deer", and a deer you weren't even hunting.
  8. Lou's place is definitely open, and in my opinion, one of the best around. He does 900-1000 deer a year, and they are all top notch. Chamber vacuum sealed, and when your deer is cut, it goes into meat tubs with your name on it. Not a big batch of customers mixed up. I've personally seen it. His Italian sausage is the best around, even better than the locally famed Serra's, again, in my opinion, but many others as well. You will not be disappointed if you go there. Matt (BowhunterNJ), isn't that where you went years ago when you and Doug stopped by my house?
  9. Well, since you asked... This entire quote seems problematic to me, since there will be no consistency for those who sign up. It's important for customers to know what they are getting into, so as the business owner, YOU need to set the parameters, and sign up landowners who agree to your business model. If every landowner sets different prices and numbers of hunters allowed, you are bound to be crippled with bad reviews from other hunters (even outfitters who do a good job get blasted by hunters who don't have great success). Go back to the drawing board, come up with a plan that is more consistent with pricing, hunters per acre, rules for stand use, etc., and get landowners on board with your business plan because right now, you don't have one. What you have a loose connection between hunters looking for land and landowners who, by your own admission, have varying degrees of what they think is a fair price, and fair number of hunters on the land at the same time, and what is bound to be a wide variety of rules for land use. Sounds like a recipe for bad press to me...since you asked.
  10. Assuming this really happened...you didn't exhibit patience at all, you exhibited road rage in a parking lot, basically. In my opinion, that's not something to be so proud of.
  11. I have Hunt Stand and find it useful for parcel information when I haven't already checked the on-line tax maps, but for daily wind and weather in the field, I use Antler Insanity. It's more user friendly (less functions and less complicated), loads faster and for me, it's just a lot quicker and easier to use if all I need is wind and weather. Also has a range finder function, moon times, scoring app and other neat features. Hey, come to think of it, that scoring app, and a scientific calculator, might be good for the contest.
  12. So, you parked nose to tail behind her car, basically blocking all through traffic in that parking lot area/isle, waited for her to come out, then went in the store, did your shopping, and came back out before moving, all because you were mad she took a spot you thought you had dibs on, and you think she is the problem? I don't know man, but if you really did this, you might want to fear your own words about karma being a bitch. And all this time you had all traffic trying to navigate the parking area blocked with your vehicle parked across the through lane, no one complained to a manager or Security, and no police came? And some random guy who was parked next to her, who just happened to be the same guy this woman had sniped a parking spot from before, some time in the past, and he remembered her and was ok with you doing this? Just having a hard time buying this one, especially since I know they have someone monitoring cameras on the parking area, almost constantly, and this is something that would have been addressed immediately (they will rewind the camera, find you going into the store, find you in the store and tell you to move it NOW), but if you say so...
  13. It's amazing the things people brag about now-a-days. By the way, was this in a south Jersey Shoprite because when I worked at one, we had a very similar situation, but one that ended a bit differently than you described. After the woman clearly took the spot someone else was waiting for, and the guy blocked her in, he started yelling at her and her kid, and was so bad, the manager called me from the Security office to handle it. When he proceeded to get an attitude with me, he was forced to leave the store. By the way, if you shoplift, or do stupid crap like that, you can be banned from the store. An image is captured from one of the many security cameras, saved into the facial recognition software, (yes, Shoprite has that) and when you try to come back, an alert is sent to the Security and mangers. You will either be watched the entire time, or, if they desire, removed from the store. On second thought, I'm calling BS on this entire story. In this post, you say you blocked in two other cars, yet a few posts later, you say you parked length wise behind her, blocking no one but her. Which is it? And what are the odds this lady you parked behind actually did the same thing to a guy, at another time, who just happened to park next to her, at the same time she did this to you, and he remembers her and was ok with you blocking him in too (well, in the first post, in the second you didn't block him, so...). Not to mention the fact that if you did park behind her blocking two other vehicles, you were also blocking the lane to dive through the parking area, and being an ass to everyone else trying to drive through it to park. And how do you actually park lengthwise behind someone in those parking lots??? Do you drive a smart car or a something? Those lots are kind of tight and you barley have enough room to back out without hitting the cars parked behind you in the next parking stalls, especially if you drive a truck. Besides all that, you're probably too nice of a guy to be that much of an ass. You really want to stop people from being rude, ignorant and inconsiderate to others; don't do it yourself, and then brag about it like it was some cool thing to do. Just a thought.
  14. I agree, that is a bit aggravating and it happens everywhere. It is inconsiderate, and may even be worse than being impatient and mouthy about it.
  15. Well, I have all those and a cruncher so...
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