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  1. Do you really not understand that the argument did not start until you and archer started it? The OP likes Trump, and posted something positive about him in regards to a COVID treatment, which is something everyone might be interested in, and you two were so triggered, you could not let him have a moment without raining on it. Did it contain a political preference, yes, but why is it that a few of you, consistently you and archer, are so triggered by anything not negative about Trump, that you can't stand to see it, and have to complain about it?
  2. To point out the obvious, there would be no discord if you and deadonshot hadn't come to this topic and created it. If you didn't have anything positive to contribute, you should have just skipped it, but no, you had to start crap. It amazes me how fragile you are. You and he came here and posted argumentative content to rain on the OP's parade, period. If you had just read the link about the treatment, and moved on, there would be no discord, and to be honest, the thread probably would have died by now.
  3. No, you misunderstand. I'm not crying and complaining, or threatening to leave over the decision Matt made, and have said a few times now I support it, it's his site to do with as he pleases. This is just a discussion, not throwing a fit, crying or complaining. I'm just saying call it what it is, and don't try to say it's something other than what is so obvious to everyone: some people who didn't either like political opinions, or agree with the prevailing ones, complained and wanted them hidden from view, so that is what happened. Grown men and women browsing the site can actually
  4. That's a good point and when I was typing that, I was thinking more of using it in a general sense of the culture war happening now, not a specific example of actions taken and an apples to apples comparison of those actions, but I can see where that could easily be interpreted that way.
  5. No one was forcing you to be political, you didn't have to be political, you chose to be. If you weren't enjoying it, you should have ignored the posts and stuck to the "forums roots" all along. That's not what you did because that's not what you wanted to do, and that applies to everyone who complained. Plain and simple, you could have bypassed anything you wanted to. Many of us do that here every day. This was different. This was not about what "certain people" didn't want to see, because all of you can control that individually. This was about making sure things "certain people" didn't
  6. Well, if the result of your actions are making the Liberal, Trump-haters like hawkeye and archer36 happy, and the Conservative and President supporting members upset, it's easy to see what you have accomplished, regardless of what you thought, or said, you wanted to accomplish. To me, it no different than the NFL reversing course and now embracing kneeling for the anthem, and placing social justice messages on their helmets, or college campuses doing all they can to hide, or keep from view anything that may upset anyone who is not Liberal. All that is fine, it's your site, and if that is
  7. Except for the first sentence of the second paragraph(that was in reply to your quote), I used it in the generic sense. Thanks for asking for clarification instead of just attacking first.
  8. I highly doubt that Murphy would have opened gyms if he hasn't even opened indoor dining, regardless of what these guys did. A lot of huffing and puffing accompany working out, spreading airborne droplets much further than indoor dining would, and yet he doesn't allow that, so I think you are wrong on this one. But assuming you are correct... you believe these guys, who are the victims of Government oppression (and it is Government oppression and violation of the Bill of Rights, the only question is; do you think it's warranted for the Coronavirus?), are the bad guys here and not the au
  9. LOL. Good luck with that. The 'discussions' on the great outdoors, specifically hunting issues, ie; baiting, deer drives, gun vs bow, crossbows, EAB, APR, shooting fawns, etc., were way worse than anything in the NMP section. It's Matt's site and he can do what he thinks is best for it, and that's cool but lets be honest about it. Someone who likes to talk politics, didn't like that his opinion was not the majority opinion, yet he still couldn't resist opening the political threads and had a fit because while he likes to talk politics, he only likes it when people agree with him. If they
  10. I didn't see what you posted but jest and jokes are going the way of the dodo bird in society. I think the site is just trying to keep up with the times. This country is rapidly moving towards a place where diversity of thought, and expression of that diversity are being discouraged, hidden and outright banned and criminalized. The site is just keeping up with the times. Hiding certain sections here is in line with other places in society where certain thoughts, and expression of them, that may offend people, or that they just don't care to see, are being suppressed. It's not much
  11. I bought that book right after it came out to help me with hunting the hilly SE Ohio region and how the wind moves through the hills. It was a great help, but you have to read it, hunt the area for a year or two, then read it again. You get a much better understanding of it on the second reading, at least I did because I had never hunted hilly country before.
  12. I do all of this but immediately after gun season. You can see the terrain better, old rubs and scrapes, trails, and just get the lay of the land much better when it's bare. You can go back in August to see if what you found in the winter is going to work for the season or not. This is also the best time to scout for other hunters. You can find their stands, entrance trails, and even climber trees if you look closely enough, which should be the goal: slow down and look. Many people rush through the woods when scouting and miss a ton of useful information. One of the best things I do
  13. DV1

    Rules ??

    Yeah, that's just not true. There have been plenty of posts here calling Trump all kinds of names, and making outrageous, false accusations, repeating lies that have been shown to be absolutely false, etc, and those people aren't banned, threads are not locked. You need to stop viewing the world through the Obama glasses you wear so often. You seem upset that most people here don't agree with your political positions, and that's cool, you should be allowed to voice whatever it is you believe, but you should also be prepared to hear the other side, especially when you are voicing your opi
  14. DV1

    Rules ??

    Since Democrats and Liberals are a race of idiots and evil-doers, is saying bad things about them racist? Asking for a friend...
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