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  1. You've been quite the Turkey Terminator this year. Congrats.
  2. The entire video gives you great context on what he thinks of the investigation now, and since the beginning but the last 2 minutes are especially damning. He references that meeting you speak of in the first few minutes, and his take on it is very different than the one you are attributing to him. Do yourself a favor and just watch it, before you post something else silly like "Gowdy thinks the investigation is legit".
  3. Did you watch the entire video I posted? If so, how can you say he thinks it's legit? If you didn't watch it, you probably should before you post anything else. The video makes reference to the meeting you are talking about. So does this news article, which is what led me to that clip. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/trey-gowdy-comey-brennan-emails-key-to-fisa-abuse-investigation All I did was Google Gowdy on FBI investigation and tons of stuff comes up that directly refutes your claim that he thinks it's legit.
  4. I don't think Trey Gowdy thinks the investigation is, or was "legit". In fact, if you want to know what he thinks, watch the entire video. It's extremely damning of the investigation you seem to think is legit. The lens through which you see things continues to amaze me, if you think, he thinks, it was "legit".
  5. It was over 450, maybe near 500, but not 800, and there are probably twice that many that disagree. I even see some of them on TV daily...but you will not see them on any of the main stream, media outlets or networks because that's not what they want you to know. As for what they said...in a criminal case, they might be able to bring a charge of obstruction, doesn't mean they would be successful because they are missing a few key elements...like there has to be an actual crime they are investigating, and there wasn't, and the subject of the investigation who is being charged with obstruction has to be taking intentional steps to hinder the investigation into a crime for which he is being investigated. Trump didn't commit a crime to obstruct the investigation of, and this wasn't even a criminal investigation...it was a counter-intelligence investigation. So, while 450+ prosecutors say they could have brought a charge, doesn't mean they would have, or it would have survived the first motion to dismiss. I mean, let's be real. Hillary Clinton destroyed 30,000+ emails that were under subpoena, wiped a server and smashed communication devices that contained information that could have led to her being charged with actual federal crimes, in an actual criminal probe (not a counter-intelligence one) and no one at the DOJ or FBI thought that was obstruction of justice, so how could wanting to fire someone who was never actually fired, for investigating something that never really happened, be obstruction of justice? For some perspective, my "bubble" or circle of friends is all LE...State, Local and Federal. I can count the number of people on one hand (and have a few fingers left) who think what some in the DOJ and FBI did was on the level, or that Mueller's "investigation" was even a little bit legitimate. I am 100 percent sure that Mueller knew exactly who Peter Strozk and Lisa Page were, and how they felt towards Trump, and that is why they were picked for his team. The only reason he let them go was because the IG uncovered those emails and texts between them, and they were going to become public. The gig was up for those two. So, to give some appearance of neutrality for the investigation, he let them go. Mueller's entire team was staffed with people who hated Trump, and they were solely focused on getting him out of office, not investigating what influence Russia had on the election. If they were actually interested in what Russia did, they would have gone straight at Christopher Steele, and the former KGB, FSB and GRU agents he used to feed a Soviet style disinformation campaign to our Government to cause chaos in our election, and Government. This is a classic old school disinformation campaign, working better than they probably hoped for because the Media and Democrats are so willing to play along. If you don't believe me, look up the definition of a Soviet disinformation campaign. This is text book, right down to having elements in the targeted Country to play along to feed and fuel the disinformation with the public to cause distrust and unrest. Seriously ask yourself...who has been playing along and helping Putin destabilize our Government and Country? Who has been alleging things (none of which have been true) that have caused the internal strife and turmoil in our Government, and fostered a lack of trust in our own leaders? I can understand if you believed, at first, that Trump was the bad guy but if you can't see this now for what it really was, and still is, you just have your head in the sand.
  6. I've hunted up there several times, not far from Upper woods pond at all. Private land between there and Callicoon. I see a ton more deer there than I do anywhere I hunt in NJ. I hunt with a friend on his land, so usually just up for a weekend and a visit but we hunt a little too. There are usually a few bucks killed on his 85 acres each year. See plenty of does. Seen a few in the 130's killed by the neighbors too. Nice area.
  7. I've never smoked white perch, but they are not an oily fish, and oily fish, like salmon, trout and mackerel usually are better for smoking. I did find a perfect use for those white perch filet's, which on on the small side: fish tacos. And Cinco De Mayo is coming up, just saying.
  8. I find nothing is actually "season long". I've tried everything on my stone parking area. The best results come from Ortho Ground Clear, which is supposed to kill, and prevent weeds for a year, but I have to do it at least twice between May to August. Weeds always come back.
  9. You've done a nice job, place looks great. I used Scott's for years and was not happy with my results, plus it was expensive. I need 3 of those 15K sq foot bags for each step, at $64.00 each, it cost more for me to do 4 steps a year than it did to hire a lawn care service for 10 applications, and my sprinkler blow-out in November. I don't know what he uses but it works, only 2 granular apps a year, the rest are done by sprayer. Do they have a "system" you follow, like the 4 step thing from Scott's, or do you just randomly apply what you think you need?
  10. Looks like a great trip, that water is beautiful. You're living the dream. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I didn't insult anyone's intelligence, even intelligent people can be, and routinely are, lied to and misled. I don't remember "teaching" anyone anything, and in fact, have stated he says things that make me cringe, stretches the truth, embellishes things, and yes, tells some tall tales (have used all those words to describe him) and also stated I didn't even vote for him because I didn't trust he was a real conservative, like he was running on being, because he had been a Democrat all his life. Maybe you have me confused with someone else. Happy Easter to you too.
  12. Seen plenty do it, as well as give them notice about FTA warrants that they need to take care of instead of locking them up on the spot. Did that myself as well, which, we all could have gotten jammed up for because the Warrant says "shall" arrest, not "may" arrest. If you had a problem, might have been the cop, or might have been your attitude, but I know where I'm leaning.
  13. I know it was our policy not to transport unless of a medical emergency or someone is in custody. Something about the liability risk if you were to get in an accident with someone in the car for a taxi ride. There is also the idea that, since they can't ride in the front seat, placing them in the rear gives the impression they are in custody, and there are other reasons. Pretty sure that mirrored the AG's policy as well.
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