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  1. I do that stuff sometimes too, and a donut, or muffin, but make it the exception, not the rule.
  2. I always thought the theory behind "needing" to eat breakfast was to kick start your metabolism, a brisk walk or light workout in the morning can do that. That doesn't mean I never do it, usually only a few days a week, and even then, it's a few hard boiled egg whites with black coffee, or steel cut oats with dates, nuts, flax seed and honey, with black coffee, but usually just black coffee. Years ago I started an IF every other day thing where I would eat and drink nothing for 18 hours (except for water, plain green tea and black coffee), and eat from about noon to 6 pm on the fast day. The alternate day was that breakfast described above, and usually something after 6pm. Once you get used to it, it's not bad, it's now pretty close to my normal eating habits. I break from it sometimes, usually for holidays, parties, vacation, hunting in Maine (need some early carbs for that), etc, but it's my normal eating habit for about 75 to 80 percent the time. It's not that hard. When I want to maximize the fast benefits, I'll go 20 hours, so no food or insulin spiking drinks until 2 pm. Read some studies a while back that 16/8 is good, 18/6 is better, but for older folks like me, a 20 hour fast is better yet, as the longer you can go (20, 21 hours) your body releases HGH and may actually help slow down some aging processes, so they say. Always break the fast with something lean and clean, because your body is ready for maximum absorption of the first thing it gets after a fasting period. And for older folks again, make that a lean protein, because maintaining muscle mass becomes an issue for those over 50. Lots of studies show that a decent workout during that fasting period can really help you burn fat, since your body is already going to fat reserves because there is no food being provided. Exercising during that period only kicks that up a notch. Now, if you are trying to stack on a lot of muscle mass, instead of just burning off some fat, then maybe you should plan some strategic eating around your morning workout, but if you just want to trim some fat, skip breakfast, workout in the morning, eat lunch and dinner (12 to 6 pm), and repeat.
  3. Maybe he should have just taken me up on my offer to bring it here so I could help him, and show him how to do it next time. Said I have the space and all the tools, including a tractor with the capability to dig a hole deep enough to bury the carcass...
  4. Just reading this now. I hope you have it in a cooler somewhere, and if so, I can show you how to do it if you bring it here Saturday afternoon. Can't do it before then, but I have the space, and tools to do it here, and show you how for the next time.
  5. WOW! Must be nice. The place you live must be crawling with deer. The only other place in the State I've heard of like that is zone 5, a real dream for deer hunters.
  6. I do that a lot, not poaching either. I always carry a change of clothes, water jug, and towels to clean up too. Sometimes I go back to the truck and change from heavy hunting clothes into a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt for trailing/dragging. Other times I just don't want to foul up my hunting gear with sweat and blood in mild or warm weather. Or, if my clothes do get wrecked, I'll change into clean clothes to keep the interior of the car/truck, and not look like an idiot if I go into a store for a snack or sandwich. Changing clothes means nothing, I know plenty of others who do it too.
  7. Awesome. Looking at relocating there myself, however, I would miss my property/garden here. Have to find a pretty good spot there.
  8. Does the site give you a history of booking at the property you are looking at? Like, how many days during the season it was booked, or maybe a harvest history. Would be helpful to know just how often/heavily a place was hunted before booking.
  9. I am making pastrami in the smoker now that I will finish in the steam (like corned venison). Did a roast beef style venison roast last week, with a horseradish cream sauce, was pretty good. Love this stuff, my second favorite part of the hunt.
  10. Not all rubs and scrapes are created equal, so it would depend on where the rub or scrape is, and whats nearby, to determine if it's worth hunting. But generally, they show where a buck has been. Food, like others have said, tell you where he will be, which is where you should be.
  11. I think this is pretty accurate. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually negotiated between Pompeo, Iraq and someone close to the Ayatollah in Iran. We got what we wanted, and they have to save face, so they have been "allowed" to fire an inconsequential missile launch, killing no one as to not provoke a devastating response. Don't misunderstand, if it was discussed, it wasn't a friendly discussion, but that doesn't mean the Iraqi PM didn't get in the middle of this. Has he come out and blasted Iran like he did US about conducting a strike in Iraq, violating their sovereignty? I mean, it seems like everyone knew what was coming, and what the outcome would be before, doesn't it? Even the site owner got advanced notice.
  12. DV1

    Buck down

    That is a nice one, congrats.
  13. If there ever was a time for those who have been misled to wake up and see what is happening, now should be that time. The Media and Democrats siding with a terrorist, who has killed and maimed thousands, yes thousands of Americans, and others, and contributed to significant unrest in the Middle East, over our own Country because they hate Trump, and can't admit he has done anything right. Intel says he was planing several other, major attacks, and some were imminent. Even if you don't believe that intel, there is no disputing what he has done in the past. Yet here the Democrats are saying this is a war crime, wanting to open new impeachment hearings, and with help of the Media, portraying this guy who has been designated a terrorist since 2005, as some kind of respectable hero. Those few here who continue to believe the lies told to you by the media, and ignore the truth's you see here, but they fail to report, please tell me that fog is drifting from your eyes, finally.
  14. DV1

    Teamwork buck

    Nice buck, congrats on sticking with it.
  15. You think any of them are on your side??? They aren't. They don't pick sides, they look out for themselves. You have to pick a side, and I pick the side that is not for the ever-expanding, big Government that tries to control every aspect of your life. In case you hadn't noticed, that is not the Democratic Party today, and hasn't been for a few decades..
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