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  1. It would be easy to prove that point, but you can pretty much determine it for yourself, if you answer this question honestly: Since we're playing "What If"... what if Omar and Pressley were out there praising America as a great country, and the Freedoms we have, and the current booming economy. Yet someone like Biden and Sanders...old, white males...were trashing America, the economy and Trump. Who do you think Trump would be attacking? He likely would be shouting out to Omar and Pressley and pointing them out to Biden as how Democrats should be acting. He loves anyone who backs his positions, regardless of color. For Trump, it's all about your actions, not the color of your skin. The Democrats and Media know that, but admitting it will not win them any elections.
  2. Yeah, mine too. It's been a great growing season. I started picking stuff a few weeks earlier than usual and that continues. Been picking tomatoes for about 10 days, which is early for me. My zucchini and yellow squash plants are starting to die back, but still producing some. Peppers, tomatoes and egg plant are just starting to come on strong. Still plenty of cucumbers. Kale is constantly producing, blue berries are about done, would have had more but the birds killed my late variety. It's bee a great growing season.
  3. Looks good, backstrap is done perfectly but what were you thinking with that bag of frozen, mixed veggies? It's summer...in NJ...fresh garden vegetables are everywhere. Gardeners everywhere are offended.
  4. Picked up a 14.75 lb packer yesterday on a whim and decided to do a brisket for a few family members today. Came out pretty good, probably in the top 5 of briskets I've done. Just salt and pepper, smoked at 225 on the Weber with whiskey barrel chunks and cherry wood. Went on at 10 pm last night, pulled it off at IT of 160 about 5am, wrapped and put in the MES at 250 until IT hit 196 at about 10 am. Then I separated the point from the flat, let the flat rest until 12:30 for slicing, put some more rub on the exposed part of the point and put it back on the smoke until about 12:30, when the IT hit 201. Pulled the flat off and sliced it for burnt ends, hit it with some of my brisket sauce and then in the oven for a bit to let the sauce heat with the meat. Had a few slices of the flat with some onion straws, homemade pickles and a tomato cucumber salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and basil picked while the meat was resting.
  5. You couldn't hunt much of the rut around here until like 1987. I think that was the first year we had a "permit" bow season. Before that, bow season ended the day before small game season (rabbit and pheasant) began, which was the first Saturday in November, if I remember correctly. We didn't have as many bow hunters then it seemed, mostly gun hunters and small game was huge back then.
  6. Serious garden ^^, nice work.
  7. ^^ Great tips^^ HH. For those using an MES, I would add that you don't really need water. I have used that unit many times over the years and there is always a ton of moisture inside when I open it, without a water pan. Every other smoker needs water but the MES is sealed so tight, it's not necessary. Some people add stuff like beer or apple juice to the water pan, but I don't know if that really adds to the flavor. Another wood that many people use is mesquite. I have used it for chicken and venison but it is a very strong, bitter smoke, to me, moreso than hickory. I also like oak, especially for beef. Oak and brisket just seem to go together perfectly. No matter what type of wood or smoker you use, get it up to temp, and get the smoke rolling before you put the meat in because as mentioned, it will only take smoke for the first several hours of cooking. You want the smoke to be 'thin blue smoke', not billowing white smoke. You should barely be able to see the smoke coming form the vent. And remember..."if you're lookin', you ain't cooking" so don't keep opening the lid. Use a remote like the ThermoPro, Ivation, Maverick, etc to keep an eye on your temps. Forget about cooking times, go by temp. It's done when it's done. You really should let the meat rest for at least an hour, more if you can, it does make a big difference. You can get you an O fficial device like this one. I know it looks like a cooler, but it's clearly, as labeled, a Meat Resting Device. One of the best web sites on smoking tips, including the science of it if you're a nerdy smoker, is Amazing Ribs.com. Lots of great advice there.
  8. Cats and dogs are friends... the lion lay with the lamb... See what a single smoking thread can do. As for keeping an eye on temps, I use an Ivation remote, and Thermopop instant read thermometers. https://www.toptenreviews.com/digital-grill-thermometers-ivation-review
  9. My idea was for a smoked meat thread, so everything is in one place. So, when anyone does something, they just add to the thread, like this: This was a venison pastrami I did. Just a basic corned beef brine, a 50-50 coriander and coarse ground black pepper rub, then smoked to 135 IT and steamed to like 160. To keep from losing heat, I pre-heat the oven, load a roasting pan with a rack and when the meat is getting close to the 135 temp, I start a pot of water boiling, so when the meat hits the temp, I pull it, add the boiling water to the pan, put the meat on the rack, tent with foil and goes right in the oven with very little time off the heat. Starts steaming very quickly due to the boiling water. The pastrami is great for Reuben's but I also like a pastrami sandwich with swiss, mustard and home made pickles, like these. So, then the next time you make some great stuff on that Rec Tec Ken, you just add a post here, and everyone else does too, instead of having a new thread for each post. People also post suggestions for, or reviews of, equipment and other ideas, as well as recipes. I got the idea from Archery Talk, works great over there, figured it could work great here too. I probably learned more from that thread on Archery Talk...due to the variety of input from many different posters...than any book or YouTube video out there
  10. The chicken was smoked at 250, until done. I didn't really put a time on it, it was done when the IT of the piece furthest from the heat read 165. Probably took about 2 hours. The rub was Cabelas Beer Can Chicken, which is really good too.
  11. Some wings smoked on hickory for about 90 minutes, then tossed in a homemade buffalo sauce, then crisped up on a hot gas grill, then back in the sauce and topped with blue cheese crumbles and fresh parsley. A brisket and some burnt ends with cheddar and fresh parsley. I make a sauce specific for brisket. The burnt ends get cut and drenched in the sauce, then caramelized for a while in it. Great stuff. Chicken leg quarters...seems like I do chicken once a week any more. And some venison pastrami...love this stuff.
  12. I'll start it off. Here is an apricot glazed salmon smoked with pecan wood. I like pecan for fish, it's a lighter smoke. Some beef ribs. I use oak most of the time for beef. Rub is just salt and pepper. Some pulled pork, injected with ACV and apple butter, with a little rub mixed in. On a bun with a Carolina slaw and a bit of finishing sauce.
  13. Seems there is a lot of interest here in the smoking hobby. Maybe we could do a single thread where guys just post up their latest endeavor, recipes and such, like they do on Archery talk. Works pretty well over there, and all these Pitmasters could show off their latest product in one place, as we work up to the NJW&W smoke-off. Also a good one-stop-shop for tips and new smoking ideas. Could make it a sticky in this section, that way for those of us who don't get here every day, or even every few days, instead of scrolling through the entire section for what wee missed, it's in one place. What do you think?
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