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  1. I missed this. They are probably doing this because for the injunction, the filing must show irreparable harm. They need potential bear hunters to show they already had plans too hunt those lands, spent money on lodging, bait, tags and licenses, even travel plans for out of state hunters, etc. If by closing state lands those plans, and money have been lost, and the case is likely to win on the merits (which bucksandbows has said F&W and DEP are sure it will), you can be successful. The Constitutionality of the EO, and authority of the issuing agency come later in the legal battle.
  2. A preliminary injunction is not a protracted battle and it doesn't cost even close to 100 grand. You're just deflecting. You prepare for the protracted battle by first filing the injunction. No one is being a Monday morning quarterback...that would imply the game is over, but it's not, it has just begun. We just want you to call the first play. For this to be "done right", that's how you do it. There may be an explanation as to why it hasn't been done, but you haven't given one. I think that's what many are asking, even why this post was started.
  3. DV1

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    This is just the latest delay stunt, and designed to keep Ford from having to testify under oath. Now you have a second, probably a third coming before Thursday. So the calls will be that there needs to be a full FBI investigation before anyone testifies, and Ford will only testify after such an investigation, in light of these new allegations. That way, these made up claims never have to be put under oath. I will be surprised now if she testifies on Thursday. Republicans will likely have to face the choice of putting him to a vote without hearing from the accusers, or having him withdraw his nomination.
  4. Nice mountain bucks, good luck with them.
  5. DV1

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    I still say he is toast, despite that picture, even if it's real. They want the delay to get more women to lie about stuff, or even some guys, who knows. That is the play. Delay so they can find more people to come forward with foggy, impossible to verify or disprove, allegations, and sink him. He's done. They don't have to prove anything, they don't even have to testify under oath, all they have to do is say it. Just Ford, with no details and denials from her own witnesses is weak. I'm sure they are trying to find someone else to lie.
  6. Really??? 100 grand to file an injunction? Did you hire OJ's team of lawyers or something? The injunction is the first reply in the long battle, that will probably take at least $100,000.00. If you win a temporary stay, we still have the season, if you lose it, you are no worse off than you are now, and actually have an idea what the battle is going to be about, and then you have the time to build your war chest, and your case, or "get your ducks in a row". It's pretty standard practice, and it doesn't cost $100,000.00.
  7. I'm sure there is some plan to fight this but what I don't understand is why a preliminary injunction against the EO wasn't filed immediately. There seems to be a fairly easy case to make to file such an injunction, and force the Court to act. The Administration will have to explain why the EO is necessary for the Court to deny the injunction. That gives you some insight into how the case is going to proceed...what the Murphy Administration is going to argue to justify this on the matter of "public safety". I understand the whole "getting your ducks in a row" idea but even if you lose the preliminary injunction, you get a look at what is ahead of you, and know what row to get your ducks into.
  8. DV1

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    Yeah, juvenile stuff maybe not but your allegation is that it was commonplace to be a sexual predator in those times, so, you would think if it was commonplace with him, someone, somewhere, would have given an inclination of it. Not one woman...not one...has come forward and said Kavanaugh was anything like you describe. Not even a womanizer or player ...nothing. Just the opposite has happened and dozens of women he shared his young, and maturing adult life with came forward and have praised him for his treatment of women, calling it respectful, honorable, even given him praise for mentoring women in Law. You would think,, if he was as you believe, and as you describe behavior was "commonplace", there would be women coming forward with stories like..."yeah, Brett led me on and used me, then dumped me", or "he was just a player out to score a bunch of notches on his belt", or (to your sexual predator claim) "Brett got me drunk and took advantage of me", or "Brett slipped something into my drink one night and I woke up the next morning a bit sore and couldn't remember what happened", or "Brett never could take no for an answer, you had to tell him several times", etc, etc. Oh, and no men have related that he did anything like that around them either, and I'm sure they didn't all turn out to be partisan Republicans. So, that behavior may be true for your and your friends, but apparently, like I said before, maybe that was just your crowd, not everyone's, and certainly not his. As for the "you must believe the accuser" crap...after a career in LE that involved an inordinate amount of time with Domestic issues and child custody stuff, I can't tell you how many times women lied to get restraining orders, impact child custody cases, use DYFS as a weapon, etc. I really can't, far to many to tally up. As far as making judgement calls in cases like this, you have to take into account the totality of the evidence, or lack of it. In this case, considering everything in the paragraph above this one, and that all 4 people she claims were there have denied everything about the allegation, any logical, reasonable, decent person would have to agree this probably didn't happen, and it's a terrible personal smear used as a political hit job on a guy who didn't deserve it, just because the Democrats are mad they lost an election and didn't get to put their person on the Court. There is a real thing where people are afraid to admit they support Trump because he seems toxic, and they are embarrassed to admit it. Well, I personally don't know how anyone can admit they are a Democrat with the total slimy, sleazy, dirty, nasty, hate-filled way they conduct themselves today, and destroy people. Talk about "Deplorables"... forget the basket, the Democratic Party is a whole truckload.
  9. DV1

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    You don't have to tell me the difference, it's the first 11 words of my post. As for the Liberal Democrat thing...mostly just a jab with a wink and a smile, which you can see at the end of the sentence. Fact is, the "sexual predator" behavior you allege as being so common has never been attributed to Kavanaugh in all his background checks, no one has come forward and accused him of doing what you say was commonplace. Maybe it wasn't commonplace in his circles, only yours.
  10. DV1

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    You might be right, but then again, you and others also said the wheels were off his campaign, yet that bus rode straight into the white house with those wheels. We'll see.
  11. DV1

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    Well, they weren't in corporate America, they were in high school, and your entire post sounds exactly like projection to me. "we all did it so everyone must have done it", blah, blah, blah. It's typical of what Liberals/Progressive do...they take their bad behavior and justify it by saying everyone else must be must be doing it too. I've seen it over and over again. Maybe you and your friends were sexual predators, but not everyone was, or is, and the fact that this guy has been through six background checks and NOTHING like that has come out, means your and your pals are, or were, much bigger dirtballs than Kavanaugh ever thought about being...but then again, you are a Liberal Democrat, so that fits.
  12. DV1

    First blood....

    That's pretty cool, congrats. You're having a great season already, and it's just begun.
  13. DV1

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    Which party? she hasn't specified one with a date or place. Why do you think she demands he goes first??? Either so that she can use his testimony to create her own story, or as an impossible condition to meet, therefore allowing Democrats to claim Republicans would not hear her story.
  14. DV1

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    That change in tone tells me that he just learned that Republicans are going to let Democrats win on this one. Kavanaugh will not be on the Court before the next session starts, if at all. He was probably being accommodating because he thought everything was still going to plan. When he found out it's not, the gloves came off.