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  1. I used to be "all in" on that theory but not so much any more. Of course, you are the one with an actual education, and experience in wildlife biology, so everyone should pay more attention to your opinion than mine, but...I run a lot of cams each year, all in APR zones. I can count the number of spikes and 4 pointers I've gotten on camera that were more than 1.5 yrs old, on both hands, using just my thumbs. Seriously. I just don't see them. I don't see a lot of really big bucks either but I believe that's because in this crazy state, you can kill 6 bucks, so APR's don't really have as much of an impact as say, a one buck limit would. What I usually see are a lot of spikes, and some decent 2.5, even a 3.5 yr old 8, 9 or 10 point each year, a big 6 point thrown in here and there, but that's it. The bucks that are legal get killed at about a 90 percent rate, and the spikes and forkies turn into bucks that can be, and are killed the following year, because we have such long seasons and liberal bag limits. Not to mention, the genes of the buck are only 1/2 of the equation. The genetics of the doe play just as big a role in the genes of the offspring. So, you could have a bunch of 110 inch, 1.5 yr old bucks breeding does with runt genes and produce inferior bucks, or a big bodied, 3 yr old 4 point breed a doe with Melania genes and get a big ole buck. High-grading is an interesting theory, and in an environment where you could also control the genes of the females you are killing, as well as the males, I think it would be more believable than in wild deer populations.
  2. Nice write-up Jack, thanks for sharing. Very meaningful buck, and a pretty good set of antlers too.
  3. It's not really early here, it's about the same timing. What I am seeing though is more activity: more movement by more deer. That's probably a combination of things, like there just seem to be more deer around this year, and the weather has been pretty darn good for deer movement and hunting. Also, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but the amount of hunting pressure seems down a good bit where I hunt this year. Pressure is about half of what it has been in recent years on the WMA's I hunt. Even on weekends, when there used to be 10-12 trucks parked at the piece I hunt the most, it's been like 5 or 6 this year. Less people in the woods makes for better deer movement too. I think the drop off in pressure is because the last several years, the hunting has been pretty crappy, and people just gave up on it. It will get driven hard in shotgun season, people will see more sign than last year, and probably be back next year.
  4. More from the 3rd, all different bucks. Also have a lot of cruising and chasing up to today, plus me and my brothers have been seeing a good bit of that activity. I would say the first 11 days of November have been as good as I've seen it in a long while.
  5. Yeah, Nov 3 was good day for movement. I only have 4 cams left out, pulled 3 cards including that date and got a lot of cruising/chasing. This isn't all of it, just the best pics.
  6. Monmouth is the best county in NJ for big bucks, without a doubt, but you still have to be in the right piece of woods in any county to find a mature deer. Look for sanctuaries, meaning any place that doesn't get hunted, or hunted hard, and hunt as close to it as you legally can, where there are does, and you may find a big buck roaming out during November. That is the best way to hunt them in NJ, other than controlling fairly large acreage, and being selective, and there aren't many people that can do that. Oh, and then you have to do all that other stuff you mentioned correctly too. I would suggest trying to be happy with taking a deer that represents one of the best in the area you hunt, and forgetting about what exists in areas you can't hunt. I think you'll get more enjoyment from hunting with that approach, but that's just from my experience. Good luck.
  7. Great buck, congrats. That is about as good as it gets in NJ.
  8. Great meeting you too, thanks.
  9. That is how buck to doe ratios are normally expressed/figured, fawns are not counted, only adults (1.5 yr old+).
  10. I took a deer to Joes once and that was enough. What I got back was unfrozen sausage, coiled up in plastic bags, swimming in blood. You have to package it yourself, after you pull it out of a bag full of blood. The taste wasn't bad but you pay about as much as most other places, but other places package it for you. Lots of people rave about Serra in Vineland. The flavor isn't bad there either, but he uses a casing that is tough as nails, and I took 12 pounds of trimmed, boned meat there for garlic and cheese and hot Italian, and got back 24 pounds (50/50 mix) and the bill was like $128.00. I thought it was a joke when they told me the cost and laughed a bit, the guy was not amused and repeated it. It was also in a bag full of blood and I needed to package it myself. I took a 192 lb buck to Cassady in Monroeville, got the deer cut, caped, and plenty of roasts, chip steak, back straps whole, and 90 lbs of Italian sausage (also a 50/50 mix) for about $225.00. He isn't cheap, but is reasonable for what you get, which is all vacuum sealed and frozen when you pick it up.
  11. If I remember correctly, it's biologically impossible to be greater than 3 does to 1 buck, but I didn't really want to get into it much because people don't like it when you challenge what they think they see. Rusty can do that, since he started it. On the wma's I hunt, realistically probably 1.5 does to 1 buck, maybe 1 to 1, certainly no worse than 2 to 1. People often see a group of does and fawns, say they saw a bunch of "does" forgetting that a good number are button bucks, which is one reason why when experts figure doe to buck ratios, they exclude fawns, that, and they are born at approximately a 1:1 ratio, so counting them is pointless.
  12. Not nearly as skewed as everyone thinks.
  13. While there were some nice bucks killed in October, seems the first 5 days of November have been on fire for even nicer, more mature bucks, at least according to the hunting pages on FB. Some real slammers have been put down in the last few days.
  14. Saw one just outside Mullica Hill as well. Running with another yote.
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