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  1. My brother has the matched set of sheds from the current state record non-typical the year before it was killed. It has a few of the non typical tines broken, but even giving them generous tine lengths, with an 18 inch spread, the antlers only score in the mid 130's. The buck netted 203+ the following year when it was killed. That buck was aged at 3.5 years old.
  2. 3+ feet at my brothers place too. Great for snow mobiles, bad for deer. Hunting is normally tough in Maine, going to be a lot tougher for the next few seasons. Coyotes are having a field day with the deer. Locals say is a total slaughter.
  3. Definitely interested in this too. Trying to lose my holiday/winter weight, so the recipe forum needs to be blocked.
  4. I just typed in the model from the ebay post and got this. Scroll through this page (anyone), numerous models under $100.00 to choose from. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=power+precision+cooker+sous+vide&crid=J95UFCVV7ULW&sprefix=power+precision%2Caps%2C157&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_15
  5. Nah, they have many models under $100.00. I've been looking since Christmas, just haven't been convinced to pull the trigger. They have one actually cheaper than the ebay one, and several in the $60-$90 range. The top of the line, blue tooth equipped models are the ones costing $100.00 plus. Scroll through this page, numerous models under $100.00, and they've been that way a while. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=power+precision+cooker+sous+vide&crid=J95UFCVV7ULW&sprefix=power+precision%2Caps%2C157&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_15
  6. Welcome to the site. What kind of container are you using with the cooker?
  7. That must be a different model. That same model from ebay is selling on Amazon now for $40.99. https://www.amazon.com/Power-Precision-Cooker-7-52356-82040-4-s/dp/B07BFLSZM9/ref=sr_1_3?crid=5W6HNYJQ89LD&keywords=power+precision+cooker+sous+vide&qid=1551961379&s=gateway&sprefix=power+precision+cooker+%2Caps%2C184&sr=8-3 There are many models that range in price from $40.00 to $200.00
  8. I always run mine with the vent open, but have an elbow on it to prevent the wind from getting into the unit. Protecting it from the wind can help, smoking in warmer temps can help, but it's going to swing some even under the best conditions. Otherwise, the temp swings you described are not that bad, or uncommon with the MES 30. And yes, the built in gauge will not be perfect, it's not an expensive gauge. I find mine to be about 20 degrees off most of the time. So, If I want to smoke something at 225, I set it to 250, and always keep an eye on it with a remote. Mine works like that much of the time and stuff comes out great. Don't sweat a temp swing of 30 degrees or so, it's not a $3000.00 unit.
  9. You are so wrong it's hard to fathom. I was the one who said that about my son and the bonuses, and I have chimed in, so you're wrong about that. My son's job did not get cut(wrong again), he got promoted a few months ago and is now making a decent living, and has the opportunity to make a ton more money within the next year. The bonuses ARE back (wrong again), and I posted that earlier, among with the fact they are raising the minimum wage, increasing parental leave benefits, as well as adding 2500 (1700 assistant store managers and 800 ecommerce managers) at higher volume stores. They cut the 3500 higher paying manager positions at low volume stores, but are not firing those employees. Did you get that...they cut positions at stores where they are not needed, not the employees. They are moving them into other positions. By the way, that "low volume" is likely due to competition resulting from an expanding economy, not due to a downturn in the economy...because there isn't one. Do you read and comprehend anything? Just for sheets and giggles, here it is again. Tip for the lazy and uninitiated...you have to read past the headline. https://www.businessinsider.com/walmart-is-firing-more-store-managers-after-raising-wages-2018-2
  10. Did you read the article, or just get caught by the headline? Here's a tip for you...Trust nothing from ABC news, especially the headline. Trump can tell some yarns but he has nothing on ABC news. They spew more lies and misleading information than maybe even CNN. Only MSNBC beats them. This is not an article about people "turning on him everyday", as you have stated. Since you obviously didn't read the article you linked, I'll give you the cliff notes. Ty Cobb, a former White House Counsel thinks Mueller is a hero due to what he did in Vietnam, not because of the Russia investigation. He also said he has known Mueller for 30 years, considers him a friend, and thinks he is trying to be fair, not just do a witch hunt. Oh, and he also said we've already probably seen all the stuff Mueller has, and there is nothing linking Trump, or the campaign, to any Russian collusion. He said the Mueller report will likely not result in any political harm for PRESIDENT Trump. He added that it was Trumps decision to totally cooperate with the Mueller team and turn over everything, and he only changed his tact to be more aggressive towards the investigation because he felt it was being done to harm his Presidency (which is true), and because others on his legal team took that approach. And by the way, that is why Cobb left...due to differences with others on the legal team. He also blames many of the problems within, on the "Human Resources team" and the people they put in place around PRESIDENT Trump. The article is hardly as the headline appears, or as you have said...that they are turning on him. You're in for a yuge disappointment my friend, yuge!
  11. Well, there are no Republicans out there championing the comeback of the KKK and trying to turn the country into one big KKK rally. Yet seems most, if not every Democrat running for President is proudly espousing the virtues of turning America into a Socialist country, and the biggest voices in the Democratic Party are proudly saying they are going to make us Socialists, not just "a few". So your comparison doesn't work.
  12. Look, I'll give Obama credit for being honest about a few things. He said that the 2% GDP growth was the new norm and that manufacturing jobs were gone and never coming back, and I believe he turly believed that...but only because he thought his policies of higher corp taxes and regulations were going to stay in place. When Trump came in and took the foot off the throat of the US economy, he made Obama wrong.
  13. Reported unemployment did go down, and even Democrat leaning economists were telling you it was partly because more people were dropping out of the workforce and not applying for benefits, not because more people were entering the workforce. Other metrics for the economy, like those on goverment assistance (food stamps, etc) were rising during Obama's "recovery" and labor force participation rate was falling. The true measure of the employment/unemployment rate is the labor force participation rate. That has been rising again under PRESIDENT Trump, instead of falling, as it was under Obama. Part of the reason the UE numbers were falling under Obama was because people just quit looking for work and stopping applying for benefits, so the number of people counted as "unemployed" fell. Under Trump, the labor force participation rate has been rising, which means people are not apply for benefits because they are actually working. Also, the number of people on assistance is falling, a direct reversal of what was happening under Obama.
  14. Tax cuts and deregulation. There's 2. Let's see how the re-working of trade deals with Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Korea, among others, turns out.
  15. What speaks for itself is that you can't name any Obama policies that caused this great economic activity. However, there are policies from president Trump directly linked to it.
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