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  1. DV1

    Missing Pension Time

    It's not the same as you bring home when working, and while the normal check paid the bills, OT and my wife's job paid for the extra's. Without those, and with reduced income, and with property taxes, gas, electric and health care all going up (plus homes and vehicles need maintenance), there is nothing for the "extra's". Like I said, it can work if you are happy with just paying the bills and riding the month out until the next check comes. However, if you like to do things, you need something extra. And when you have plenty of free time, you will find you spend more money on entertainment than when you worked every day and didn't have the time.
  2. DV1

    Just an awesome year! Another great buck.

    Great buck, congrats.
  3. DV1

    Missing Pension Time

    Yep, I did that for a few years but found I had to go back to work. Tough to actually 'retire' in NJ, even on most Police and Fire pensions. For many, if not most, "retirement" is just moving from that career to another job, or career. My property taxes alone are almost 25% of my net pension check, and my house isn't huge. If you have a good amount in deferred comp, and can sell your house and downsize to a 2 bedroom condo or something like that, you can do it, but I'm not a condo guy and we like to actually go do things, not just sit around the house trying to ride out the month on what's left of a pension check after you pay all the bills. Best bet if you want to actually retire and enjoy your life on just a pension, is sell and leave NJ. We can't do that yet, so back to work 5 and sometimes 6 days a week.
  4. DV1

    Trump at 9 pm

    I agree the migrant caravans are not doing most, or even much, of the drug smuggling, however, they are bringing criminals, some potential terrorists, disease, a drain on our healthcare and education system, and maybe most importantly, a significant amount of human traffickers, and victims of the same. Maybe the most under reported aspect of the illegal immigration crisis is that of human trafficking. As for 90 percent coming through legal ports of entry, I suspect that is a biased article, and you can see that in the first paragraph. They say right there Trump falsely claims the wall would reduce the flow of drugs into the country. How can anyone believe that is a false claim. It's obviously not, the only debate is just how much it would reduce it, yet the writer claims it's false to say drugs coming across the border would be reduced. But even if it is 90%, closing off the sections of open border that currently consume a tremendous amount of the border patrol agents' time and resources, would allow them to divert more agents and resources to the legal ports, and cut down on what comes though there. That is a no-brainer. You have to realize by now, especially considering all the past support for a barrier by the same Democrats who now oppose it, that the only reason they are opposing it is to deny Trump another victory of any sort, period. It's purely political. There are substantial benefits for our country that erecting a barrier in certain spots would provide, that is almost not even debatable. The ONLY reason it's being opposed is to "stop Trump". You could also say he is pushing for it to keep his promise, which is also political, but, at least his political position provides some benefit to America, their political position does not, and they know it because they previously held the same position as Trump does now.
  5. DV1

    Trump at 9 pm

    I love a good debate but honestly, you don't provide that. Mostly because you are not honest about your position. You talk about how you're not a Liberal/Democrat/Progressive, whatever and sometimes it's almost believable, but then, your slip-ups give you away. There are certain phrases, or language indicators that are solid links to what people believe in their heart. Like when someone says..."guns don't kill people, people kill people"...you know they are a Second Amendment advocate, or when people view tax cuts as only benefiting "corporate greed", you know they are a Liberal. Like this...
  6. DV1

    Trump at 9 pm

    LOL. You didn't research that one either, did you. Yes, Fentanyl does come in from China, usually mailed in small quantities. The much bigger problem is the stuff China ships directly to Mexico in bulk, and then comes in over our southern border. In fact, some of the raw material to make Fentanyl is mailed to the US directly, or comes in through Canada, from China, then goes across our Southern border to be processed into Fentanyl, then comes back across the southern border in the drug form to be distributed. So you have given more reason to support a barrier on the southern border with your comment, not less. Thanks.
  7. DV1

    Trump at 9 pm

    http://www.defense-aerospace.com/article-view/verbatim/29672/cia-defends-assessment-of-iraqi-wmds-(dec.-2).html Your problem is that you hate Trump, and it comes through in all your posts. You do not articulate valid policy differences, you just lob insults at him (mostly lies you get from anti-Trump media and politicians), and that's all you have. This gets so heated because it's clear to people who actually look at policy, and what's good and bad for America, that you, and most of his critics, have nothing but insults to stand on for criticism. You cannot possibly believe that we are worse off economically, or internationally, than we were under Obama. You must want open borders (and the crime and expense to taxpayers that comes with it) to not want the barrier, you must want higher taxes to hate the tax cut. Your view, and the few others like you, is vastly different than most here so I would like to actually see some policy discussion from you, defend your positions, not just Trump is a con man, a racist, he colluded with Russia, he's a fraud, blah, blah, blah. That is all just campaign mud slinging and lies they are still throwing around. The Media and Democrats are still running the 2016 campaign, Trump is trying to run the country. Tell us why you would rather have Hillary and her policies...your policies...don't just lob insults.
  8. My favorites are probably stew, but I use rutabaga instead of potatoes, a little red wine and a pumpkin beer. Also a good chili, venison curry and goulash.
  9. Would love to know how you do that. I've tried it a few different ways and it has not been good at all.
  10. DV1

    Tree Rats=Chickens of the tree

    I said after about 6 hours of smoke, to wrap it and finish in the oven right in the post. Usually 12 to 14 hours to finish. I take it to an IT of 195 to 200. The last one a few months ago came out like this. Some slices, and some burnt ends with cheddar and fresh parsley.
  11. DV1

    Tree Rats=Chickens of the tree

    You can great great brisket without having it on the smoker over night. Meat only takes about 6 or so hours of smoke anyhow, after that, it's not making much difference. Most people wrap brisket after about 6 hours too, so, smoke it until it hits about 160 IT, which will take somewhere near 6 hours for a packer, then wrap it and put it in the oven to finish, and go to sleep.
  12. DV1

    Tree Rats=Chickens of the tree

    shred that stuff, put on a tortilla with a red cabbage slaw, cotija cheese and some avocado. Smoked squirrel tacos are a real thing.
  13. DV1

    Smoking a Turkey

    Lots of ways to go with this, some good ideas already here. I don't do whole turkeys any longer, usually breast them out and truss them, and I no longer brine turkeys, I inject them now. Tony C's Cajun butter injected into the breasts always seemed to make a better bird than brining for me. You can get a bottle of that, with an injector taped to the side, in most grocery stores. If you want, you can also make your own. Just melt some butter, add cajun seasonings, maybe some apple cider vinegar and/or hot sauce, I use Franks Red Hot or Texas Pete. For a rub, you can get fancy, or keep it simple. I use equal parts salt and pepper, then add some cayenne for a little heat, and after the first hour, paint the breast with honey or maple syrup. Paint it again about the last 30 minutes of the cook. 225 to 230 for a few hours usually does it. Just make sure you get to an IT of 165. Also, the quality of the bird can make a huge difference. I don't know what Butter Ball does to their birds, but they are much better than any other turkey I've tried, when roasting. If you are injecting, might not matter as much so you can buy a cheaper one. Hickory is a good wood choice for just about everything but sometimes imparts a strong smoke flavor. I use cherry or apple with poultry a lot and it comes out great, they are a lighter smoke. Lots of ways to go with it, have fun.
  14. Looks great...and I have a bottle of The Banished open right now. The Uprising is good too. Great choice!
  15. Wow, some of you guys are crazy! I personally would get nothing out of hunting over bait, or for that matter, someone else's stand. For me, "hunting" for an animal involves finding him, and figuring everything out to put yourself in the position for a shot. Scouting is part of the hunt, shooting it from a stand or spot on the ground is the final part of the hunt, not the only part.