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  1. Damn that sounds good! I love Jerk seasoning and need to do more of it but alas...I'm the only one in the household who likes it.
  2. megavites

    need prayers

    100% prayers sent!
  3. what's the guess on him....190?
  4. That.....is badass!
  5. Lou...I expected some better facepaint....but I'll take a doe down. Congrats!
  6. Awesome! congrats!
  7. I dropped a buck last yr using 20g 3" Accutips at 125yds in my H&R and for me 150yds on sticks is the farthest I would reach out. Hell, my problem is those 15yd shots!
  8. you could quarter it and bag it and put in a cooler as well.
  9. I'd love 1 Cap in Realtree Hardwoods green...but if I'm the only one... 2nd choice Realtree edge
  10. Praying for our troops. Possible Oval office address tonight.
  11. megavites

    Buck down

    Nice buck! Love the brows on him!
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