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  1. I've bought a couple guns from an FFL that operates out of his house.
  2. @Swamp_Yankeeglad your daughter is ok. Hope Smurphy doesn't see this thread or we'll have Air rifle Icicle permits to buy now.
  3. Wow! I remember when that happened. What a brutal way to go. RIP.
  4. I'm far from a kid. The label art is fun. There's quite a few that put some serious work into their labels. This one is a delicious Citrusy and dank DIPA called Juice Project by Treehouse brewing.
  5. I hear ya man....I got one I'm going to investigate his bedding area and make a plan for next year. Same thing...I could smell him when I was down wind. Funny how your nose gets fine tuned during season.
  6. Bill, how was that one? Look me up on Untapped.
  7. so I'll preface...i've never run snow tires. I mean I ran my 87 mustang up to Killington, Mt. snow, NH, etc multiple times on Goodyears. Currently my Sonata and Optima both run the Cooper Adventure Tour tires that are great in Rain/Snow.
  8. this scares the crap out of me because my Parents in their 80's just got there 1st Moderna shot on Mon. so March 8th will be the second.
  9. i have a pair and was going to grind off the pad in the middle of the sole.
  10. Well...I can help you with that. My freezer is full. LOL..
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