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  1. 3 were gobbling up a storm at 5am but flew down into woodlot. 1 tom and 3 jakes or hens came in to 120yds and left.
  2. so my plan is to get out for the 1st time tomorrow with what looks like light rain in the forecast. Never hunted them in the rain and not sure what to expect. From what I've read they may stay on the roost longer or alter their routine. Any insight?
  3. Sawyers. 1st time in years i've had to pull some off me.
  4. Be careful, was out yesterday spraying trails in my treated clothes...even treated them again when I got there and pulled 5 ticks off my pants, one on my tricep and one in my waistband. It was like they were drinking the Permithrin and giving me a middle finger. Hate the bastards.
  5. needed something to warm me up...
  6. went scouting today and walked thru prime tick areas but sprayed down with Sawyers before hand. Noticed one on my jeans driving home clinging to life. He got evicted out the window.
  7. Other Half ..More Strata than All Strata..10.5% DIPA.
  8. tonight is Woodford Reserve on ice
  9. Congrats! My son is mulling his decision as well.
  10. i'm late on getting mine started this year. Usually have it going by now.
  11. smoothest 10.5% TIPA you'll ever drink by Icarus Brewing.
  12. Wow! That's alot of taps.
  13. what's the boil to final ratio?
  14. Glad to see tragedy averted. Buy your friend a beer..he's a hero!
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