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  1. Yes sir! I got the tour. Can't wait to put those Kayaks in the water.
  2. Damn Tom...your house has come along outstanding!
  3. interesting video on Calif. scientist who's working on antibody solution to the virus...fast forward to min. 13:00
  4. pretty interesting graphic showing the impact of Spring Break alone and potential for spread....
  5. megavites

    Breeding Scrape

    I've only found 1 community scrape, which will be larger than typical scrapes. These scrapes are great places to catch an unwary buck.
  6. just heard that Freehold Centrastate is just about at capacity. The fan is officially hit from surrounding areas.
  7. quick question....anyone bloom their sausage? Going to smoke some fresh Venison Kielbasa tomorrow and been reading about doing a bloom after cooling. So basically, I'm hot smoking to 150 and cooling to 110-120 quickly. Then you bloom to room temp to get color and addt'l flavors.
  8. I work in an Engineering office w/120+ people of different nationalities. Around mid Jan., one of the guys came down w/ a sickness that had many of the current virus symptoms, then over the course of the next month it went thru 8 out of 12 in the immediate area, myself being 5 wks removed. Never seen something rip thru the office that quick, as others where affected in other parts of the bldg. Non where tested as there where no COVID-19 tests being done. Did we have it? Will never know unless the blood test for anti-bodies is done, which I read somewhere may be instituted to see how widespread immunity is. https://www.wired.com/story/researchers-push-for-mass-blood-tests-as-a-covid-19-strategy/
  9. so i wonder if I'd get hassled for shooting groundhogs. Farmer deems them "non-essential"
  10. bought DFS and BAC yesterday. Waiting on another selloff to jump in again.
  11. megavites

    Lay Off?

    wife layed off, i'm working from home. Not sure for how long because there were strong rumors that we were for sale although current climate may have nixed that.
  12. ok, 1st two are past loves. 2001 Yamaha Vstar 1100 Classic...fully customized. 2nd 1987 Honda VFR700. 3rd and 4th ...I bet you can't guess correctly...current rides.
  13. Lakewood police broke up a wedding that apparently had 2500 invitees...don't know how do that at a home but... http://newjersey.news12.com/story/41923639/police-stop-overcrowded-wedding-in-lakewood
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