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  1. they seem to hit the radish before turnips. I add both, with this year adding Austrian winter peas
  2. threw buckwheat last week...going to overseed one spot with clover, but this spot will be a throw and mow brassica in 45 days.
  3. I started martial arts in my 40's (54 now)...consisting of Goshin Ryu karate with some Krav Maga and BJJ mixed in. Self defense was mixed in as well, Knife disarm, gun disarm. But...you always were taught, de-escalate and walk away safe but if it's brought to you...end it as quickly as possible. These days I practice Tai Chi and Qigong, much easier on my body than my days of sparring with cracked ribs. In the end, knowing some usable Martial techniques along with self defense moves are time well spent.
  4. I'm going today to plug 1 or 2 -12" 'ish holes in a fence I know the does are using.
  5. no problems at all, but I'll also spray some scent control.
  6. always use Permithrin....never have a tick on me...and I've gone thru some thick stuff.
  7. there's plenty of ways to look at topo and edge habitat. I'll start with google earth and may use Caltopo which had lots of different layers. Anything that might have infrared layers will show heavy and lighter cover. Also, anytime you can find creeks and swamp edges...get boots on the ground there and check it out.
  8. Foggy...I agree and I would break it down to early season scouting and in season scouting. Early season is Feb-Apr to me. I'm looking for buck bedding and rubs to get me closer the following year. In season is a delicate approach. I'm looking for trails intersecting doe trails. New scrapes or rublines..whatever the hot sign is. In season puts you closer if you can observe which food they are switching to.
  9. I'd second the wax ring if the toilet has been there awhile. Mighta got shifted by an extra heavy "load"
  10. I've heard there's channel cats in Assunpink. Also heard there's large ones in manasquan reservoir
  11. I had good Italian venison sausage from Eli's...but then again...I make better!
  12. megavites

    R.I.P. Elli

    sorry for your loss.
  13. that looks sooo good!
  14. of course...but in one spot I can't avoid crossing deer trail and the spot remains good all year. On another, wind swirl can end the day but this has helped bring them in..even if on slight alert. You can't beat their nose 100% of the time...I've just found this helps.
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