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  1. Awesome job! Great buck and perseverance! I hate hearing about these scumbag poachers. Glad you got him!
  2. you know what, I updated two cell links a month ago and I see this one is V1.04.02-20 whereas the one thats working is V1.05.02-5. Good call vdep217. Going to grab it tomorrow and update it. Thks!
  3. i've been having a hell of a time getting one I bought this yr to continuously work. I'll get pics for a few days and then it stops. Have to go thru the whole long formatted card..etc. thing again.
  4. 1 fawn, 1 doe seen. Normally see 1 to 2 dozen heading to bedding. Will walk soon to investigate smell.
  5. anyone buy a pack recently for their compond? Purchased off Amazon a 3-pack of 125g Killzone and package says Crossbow?? Looking at them, they have the smaller shank. The website shows Crossbow Killzone only in 100g and the larger shank. I'm thinking these are the right ones? Below on the left is the compound 100g.
  6. Warning! be sure to "burp" the jar each day before wife finds it spilling onto mail.
  7. I'll be out in the cool am air. This particular field has alot of does crossing back to bedding so it will be interesting to see how many I see vs past years.
  8. i fell last yr grabbing a 6" dia. branch "I thought" was good. Don't risk it. Like others have said, you never know if carpenter ants have invaded. We have all probably cut trees and found hollow cavities you never knew where there.
  9. I was out of work, upstairs working on the computer when my wife said you better come down here quick. The 1st plane had hit and I was glued to the TV for the next few days in dis-belief. Everyone was affected one way or another. Attending spontaneous Patriotic gatherings and memorials was healing but the scars of that day will never be forgotten.
  10. so I had a bunch of Serrano's and decided to try making a fermented hot pepper sauce. Now Serrano's are not that hot, neither are the few Jalapenos I added, but the 1/4 piece of Ghost pepper I had will defiantly kick it up a notch. It ferments in salted water for 1 to 2 weeks. Then you pour the peppers and brine into a pot and add garlic, white vinegar, some Respado Tequila and boil. Finish in food processor with some Lime. Can't wait to see how it comes out!
  11. I don't want this to be a fixed vs Mech. thread, because I shoot both. Just looking to see out of the multiple choices in Mechanicals out there, what have you tried/had success/or wanting to try. I've had success with NAP Spitfire 1 3/8" but been wanting to try a bigger cut. Interested in Grim Reaper and SEVR SIK 2. Thoughts?
  12. it's looking like I'm going to have to hit Monmouth County far and wide. Very few pics on two farms. All the work on foodplots and new stand placement and creating pinch points may not produce for a few years. What a gut punch.
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