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  1. megavites

    Short Hunt On A Cold Day

    Nice, congrats!
  2. megavites

    My Dog Passes On

    sorry for your loss.
  3. megavites


    scout more and don't be afraid to be aggressive!
  4. megavites

    Can someone explain ?????????

    Lukoil is bullshit....never by there.
  5. megavites


    Nice! lots of good eats there!
  6. megavites

    Check-In 1-18-19

    went to a new set...snuck in on the wet grass/leaves...saw squata.......seriously loosing it. Bucks have disappeared.
  7. megavites

    Check-In 1-18-19

    hoping snow stays around till later to sneak into a spot this afternoon
  8. megavites

    1/15 pm check in

    strange year for me. Sat again tonight w/o a sighting. Very little buck activity on camera as well at two places.
  9. megavites

    I got the Big A$$ Buck!!

    Nice one, congrats!
  10. megavites

    It's Big Block Time!

    that cam sounds nice. Buddy runs one in his gremlin.
  11. megavites

    2019 Lone Wolf's NEW Treestands and Accessories

    MZ, what is it that you like about the muddy sticks vs others? I'm looking into going mobile and the XOP std is on my radar along with the LW alpha. For sticks I was looking at Hawk helium with the double steps so I'm curious what your take on the muddys are. They seem to have a shorter length.
  12. megavites

    Doe down. Long cold sit!!!

    Nice doe John! Tough one with the cold today...you earned the badass badge!
  13. megavites

    First EVER harvest(s)!!!!

    Excellent! always a good day when its a two'fer
  14. megavites

    It's Big Block Time!

    what cam you planning to run?
  15. megavites

    Shots fired at Newport Mall

    did you see what Oregon just did...20 rounds ammo/ every 30 days