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  1. certainly condolences to the family...but this is now a high stakes game. One side will dramatically win and one side will dramatically lose.
  2. happens to the best of us! My whiffs could make up a hightlight reel.
  3. https://www.amazon.com/Team-Realtree-Arm-Guard-Camo/dp/B000H0SEWY#ace-g6796040015
  4. i keep getting random notifications that I didn't subscribe to. No 520 error though.
  5. congrats! I hunt with an ASAT leafy suit and use an expandable pullon arm guard.
  6. wishing the best for your wife. Speedy recovery!
  7. can you legally use .223 out of this for predator hunting?
  8. from what I've read/heard...it's an NJ compliant AR platform. 12.5" barrel. Adj. brace and vert. front grip. https://techopsinternational.com/product/a4-other-firearm-5-56/ Anyone familiar with these?
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