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  1. I sway to the dark side...titanium tv...no vpn.
  2. here's a recent article I saved about cutting the cord and using streaming services.. https://www.groundedreason.com/best-live-tv-streaming-services/
  3. for those that quarter and age in the fridge...do you do it in an open tote or with cover on?
  4. Ha Ha....watch out for the Browns! Chelsea Mannin.....I mean Eli is a lame duck. Beckham is a phenomenal talent...and a head case. This FA season is pretty exciting already. Go Birds!
  5. Yea...I figure if I make it to 73 with my craft beer hobby...I done good.
  6. Congrats man! Bet your itchin for next season.
  7. they are pretty amazing. I was in the backyard and my son spots one on neighbors shed. I take a look and an opossum died behind shed. Couldn't have been more that a few hours old. Fricken thing found it. Other neighbor plays hawk screeches to keep them off his high roof and a tall pine tree that the roost in every year.
  8. Awesome! I can search for breast GIFS!.....i meant turkey breast GIF's, yea...that's it.
  9. use the snow to look for beds tomorrow.
  10. any chance on second lottery? I missed the 1st one
  11. Love my H&R! Took a buck this yr at 125yds w/3" Accutips.
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