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  1. so a while back I asked how I might get a gun safe open that I let the battery go too long and mis-placed the key. Someone suggested the round style lock pic. So after determining I was turning it the wrong way..BAM! Hello 1911! Fresh set of batteries and safe is good to go again.
  2. nice job and love the history! great character on that rack, congrats!
  3. Nice recovery and nice buck! Congrats!
  4. Damn Tom, your gonna need to add an addition on to that mansion for all your trophies! Congrats on an excellent buck!
  5. well..miss judged yardage and gave a nice buck a haircut. On the way home, spotted a doe that had been hit by car. Doubled back and called Twp police. State police called me and where dispatched but she expired before they got there so I pulled her well off the road.
  6. congrats Jack! I'm betting the pain of the plant attack is past history! Beautiful buck!
  7. Wow! Awesome buck! Congrats Rossy!
  8. I'm in same boat. Feet usually do me in....although, I've cut way back on the beers and find its helped. I'm still considering heated insoles but I'm not sure if they are worth the $$
  9. Ha..I know the deal. I drive past Turkey swamp everyday on the way home and there's one house that the guy feeds them in his backyard. These birds are HUGE! Had one challenging the front of my VW that had a larger chrome piece on front. He's got pet deer to.
  10. that's some good scouting! Good luck!
  11. John...you are one of the best at holding out for a mature buck. I love the history and this is one to be proud of. Congrat man!
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