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  1. megavites

    Thank you

    Great news! Here's to a speedy recovery.
  2. Good luck! Heading to 3C as well.
  3. Awesome! congrats to your son!
  4. 4 Heliums on an XOP Vanish. Rope mod on two sticks to see if I like'em. Small shoulder pouch to carry license, knife etc and belt pouch to carry saftey strap and linemans.
  5. although my best buck was via rifle...my favorite where with a bow. Nothing beats getting withing 20-30yds of one of the smartest animals of the woods.
  6. man they grow big up there!
  7. Illinois has some good deer! Congrats!
  8. sorry for the loss of your friend..but you had a great hunt in his memory. Congrats.
  9. ha..we know who the real hunter of the family is! Congrats!
  10. like I said...leaving Fri. for my mental health treatment...may take a few days.
  11. nice buck and good shot! Congrats!
  12. checking my process for yote I have in freezer from Oct..... debone, flesh, salt hide, rehydrate and degrease, re-salt after tacking, then tan. sound about right?
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