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  1. I have a Browning A-bolt in 270 that can take the nuts off a fly at 100 yards. I love that rifle
  2. I wonder what firearms will require this. Do you know?
  3. It kinda sucks but the birds will still be around if you wanna try and get some outside of buck week. A private club may be the way to go
  4. When you call press the button for sales and you will get a live person. I spoke with Brock about my small issue and he got it resolved that day. When I called the service department I kept getting a voicemail for Caleb and never heard anything.
  5. Hands down I get an apple then buy the parallel programs and you can run both operating systems simultaneously (Os & Windows).
  6. Damn dude you are lucky that you didn’t inadvertently shoot yourself.
  7. I own the 29X and believe I read the same thing. I just uncock it while at lunch
  8. I do it on the phone while in the woods. I refuse to call those people, I have to deal with mongoloids everyday at work I refuse to do it on my time off!
  9. Millennium is the most comfortable and has a great flip up seat in my opinion
  10. Jack this is where all those zone 5 deer have gone!
  11. Here’s my question why would F&G propose this change? Is it the governor pressing them for change or is it truly needed? From what I see in zone 5 (bear zone 2 I think) we have far to many bears. I have sat 4 times thus far and seen bears within shooting range every time
  12. I see a lot of guys using heavier or lighter bolts than recommended by the manufacturer or bolts that are not made by the manufacturer in these machines. People are sometimes their own worst enemy.
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