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  1. Rutting Buck

    Ozonics anyone?

    I love my ozonics and have killed big does directly down wind from me multiple times
  2. Rutting Buck

    Traeger grills ?

    My brother owns 2 of them and loves them. Set it and forget it, the food taste great and is as pretty close to a real wood grill /smoker
  3. Rutting Buck

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    Momma’s kitchen in Montvale
  4. Rutting Buck

    Good hunting rain gear

    I bought some from LL Bean and it has last several seasons. I hope to be using it in another 10 years
  5. Rutting Buck

    New Hunter - No experience!

    Bobby welcome and good luck with your first season. You will likely make some mistakes but you also learn so much from those mistakes. Ask questions if you have them and most of the people will give you great feedback. There is a large wealth of knowledge on this site
  6. Rutting Buck

    Life Takes A Change.

    It’s actually a law that once a person is treated for a seizure the doctor must notify the DMV or the doctor will be at risk for losing their medical license. Your sone needs to see a neurologist as soon as possible because the 6 month time starts once the patient starts being under the care and is monitored by the doctor. SOrry to hear about this, I know what the rules are because I have a seizure disorder and had an accident just like his while living in Virginia.
  7. Rutting Buck

    Man dies holding breath!

    What a donkey
  8. Rutting Buck


    Does anyone know why F&G wait so long to release the digest? I have hunted in several other states and theirs is out 4 months before the hunting season begins.
  9. Rutting Buck

    Break free CLP for cleaning guns

    I had a gunsmith work on a few on my guns and he cleaned them with break free CLP. I found some puddles of CLP inside the action and it turned into a brown sticky mess. Is this normal or just due to over application?
  10. Rutting Buck

    Diy Gc, my biggest project

    I want to be Tom’s illegitimate son that he finds out about now and decides to make up for lost time which he decides to take hunting all the time.....
  11. I’m interested as well once a date get finalized please post. I may be able to get 1 other guy to join us
  12. Rutting Buck

    2016 Ohio Archery Buck - Finally Home Pics

    Sweet buck and even sweeter man cave! Can I be your older brother?
  13. Rutting Buck

    Break free CLP for cleaning guns

    Hey all has anyone ever had any issues with using breakfree to clean their guns? Thanks
  14. Rutting Buck

    Personal best fluke today - thanks hammer

    Nice fluke Jack
  15. Rutting Buck

    Need Help Removing Remington 760 forearm.....

    I have a 760 slide action carbine and I love this gun