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  1. Not me I’ll be at work watching these donkey’s at work, then heading up to Saratoga for the outlaw country music festival to see Willie and Sturgill Simpson
  2. I made some last year and it was phenomenal
  3. My brisket was phenomenal and the guest ate 26 out of the 34 pounds
  4. I’m smoking 2 of them today. You should always do a whole packer brisket they should be between 12-21 pounds
  5. So I was one of those guys that did all the obedience training myself, not just commands like sit, stay, and come. I worked my dog for 7 months on place boards, whistles, dummy's, hiding birds and letting her find them, etc. I did not have the time to do the gun dog training with her so I sent her to Indian Creek and Gary did a phenomenal job with her. She can do it all and Gary is top notch. I personally believe the biggest thing is to get the dog on lots of birds especially at a young age. If you can, join a private bird club and that will serve you and your dog well
  6. I really find no need to inject meat if your smoking it. The smoker does something magical to the meat that makes it always juicy
  7. Shitty fuel or maybe a hairline crack in the tank top that is letting moisture in
  8. It looks like I'd never be caught driving one of those
  9. I love Tim’s language sounds like he works in a shipyard too!
  10. I have a R29X and love it. Also have an excalibur and that’s a backup only now.
  11. Forgot that, have them pull it and get an implant. I’ve had 3 root canals that all failed after 15 plus years. I’ll never get another root canal again. Ask for the laughing gas and take a trip without even leaving the farm
  12. Put any type of poultry rub on them and cook them at 350 until done
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