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  1. LaCrosse is a damn good boot, I've been wearing them for 9 years
  2. I have purchased the alpha 100 and it does exactly what it says it does. I haven't had the time to figure out even 1/2 of the options it can do
  3. Here’s a picture I got yesterday in my neighbors yard. This is one that you see in a magazine
  4. I the EH is mistaken the British lab is the block head with the the big barrel chest, besides they are known to be the less intelligent and lazier of the 2 types. I bought an American Field Lab from Gator Pointe Kennels from Mississippi last January and she is a sweet dog
  5. What do you mean stiff bristled brush? A platstic brush with nylon bristles?
  6. So I went out today with my dog and she put up 3 birds. When she went to retrieve the 2 I shot she had them pinned down and started to eat a small section of the breast. She was trying to eat the bird and finally quit once I started pulling on the check cord. I have the check cord on her while hunting all the time. What do I do to fix this problem? If I see her trying to eat the bird instead of retrieving it should I tick her with the electric shock ? If you have any ideas or suggestions I’m all ears. Thanks Rutting Buck
  7. I was out today with my puppy she managed to flush 3 up
  8. Congratulations Jack that is a boss of a deer!
  9. Beautiful buck and its hard to believe he survived that nasty would on his neck
  10. Yes but if they ever go to a vet they will figure out who the true owner is
  11. If someone did pick him up is there anyway to search for him if he is chipped?
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