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  1. Rutting Buck

    Closing pheasant farm just sad.

    This years stocking has been a joke. I’ve been out 10 times or so and only pulled the trigger once. I’ve already decided I’m joining a private club in Pa. I refuse to give this state anymore money for pheasant hunting on state land.
  2. Rutting Buck

    Permit bow buck.

    Nice buck Nick. Glad to see you finally got to release an arrow
  3. Rutting Buck

    Baby Inbound! **Madison Rose has arrived!!

  4. Rutting Buck

    12/7/18 6 Day Check-in

    Saw a coyote at 7am, at 8am I had 3 does trotting away that we’re about 150 yards away from me. About 5 minutes later had a coyote sneaking through, I gave him some lewd from the 50 cal. I guess he was chasing them, at first I was wondering if they winded me
  5. Rutting Buck

    12/7/18 6 Day Check-in

    Im in zone 5 waiting on deer. Saw a coyote at 7:00 but couldn’t get a shot
  6. Rutting Buck

    12/05/18 6-day Firearm Check In

    Good luck guys I’m at home today with the kids and folding laundry. In case you were wondering folding laundry is like watching porn to women!😂
  7. Rutting Buck

    Wireless Cams?

    The new Covert Blackhawks are nice
  8. Rutting Buck

    Big Buck down

    Nice Buck Tom
  9. Rutting Buck

    Jet Sled?

    I have a jet sled and love it, but I also purchased a tilt n go made by Viking solutions. The jet sled is best on ice, snow, and ok on wet leaves. If theres no snow on the ground the best thing is by far the tilt n go. There are a few videos on you tube so if your interested take a look and you will be impressed
  10. Rutting Buck

    H&R Ultra Slug for sale or trade

    Koz what type of gun are you looking for a trade?
  11. I wont shop at Dicks so it doesn’t bother me at all.
  12. Greek sorry to hear the bad news. You & your family will be in our prayers