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  1. I’m interested in joining a semi wild club in northern jersey if anyone knows of any with openings please let me know Thanks, RB
  2. Damn 444 you have half a million dollars in mounts and equipment. Whatever your doing, you are doing it right!
  3. Her husband Mark was at every council meeting in River Vale arguing against the hunt. They are both bat shit crazy
  4. https://thepressgroup.net/river-vale-council-presses-on-with-deer-bow-hunt-plan/ Well ladies and gentlemen the hunt is coming and I for one will be happy to help my town out.
  5. 79 Chevy Luv it was the biggest piece of crap and all the rust is what was holding it together
  6. I've been looking at that unit for some time
  7. Anybody know where I can get pigeons from? Thanks
  8. So I had my dog scheduled to go to the breeder for upland and waterfowl training, but as usual something get screwed up. Unfortunately the breeder has a one way phone and won’t return my call or call when they say they will. So I don’t have the warm and fuzzy so I will not be taking my dog to them for training. Does anyone have any recommendations of anyone within a 2 or 3 hour drive that does a great job training dogs for hunting? I have a retriever by the way
  9. Right next to the brown eye not the one that winks, I'm talking about the one that stinks!
  10. Jay's bucks go crazy for that irish spring!
  11. Thats what I love about this place, good people who are awesome! Nice offer man
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