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  1. I have a R29X and love it. Also have an excalibur and that’s a backup only now.
  2. Forgot that, have them pull it and get an implant. I’ve had 3 root canals that all failed after 15 plus years. I’ll never get another root canal again. Ask for the laughing gas and take a trip without even leaving the farm
  3. Put any type of poultry rub on them and cook them at 350 until done
  4. I drank 2 high power beers while putting down mulch at the house
  5. When do you typically start looking for those wild mushrooms?
  6. That dude was country when country wasn’t cool!🤣
  7. Rutting Buck

    Sad Day

    Sorry to hear the sad news, as a dog owner myself I dread the day I have to deal with that situation
  8. I have a stick burner and it makes the best BBQ. The best thing I made recently on mine is meatloaf and a tray of Mac & cheese with pork belly and jalapeños
  9. My tundra has more balls than 7 chinamen. If your frame is in the mud you aren’t going anywhere
  10. I installed them at my house and I never worry about it. They kick ass
  11. I have a Honda 928 TAS and it’s a tank
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