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  1. I have a 336 chambered in 35 Remington and its a shooter for sure
  2. If you guys want I could smoke a brisket and pulled pork? What says I’m a man more than chopping wood and eating smoked brisket....
  3. I had the Cabela’s black card for years and cancelled my account after the merger because they upped the APR. I called them to try to lower it and they said there was nothing they could do about it, I told them well I can and cancelled the account
  4. Your wife is going to kill you!
  5. Rutting Buck

    New hunting rig

    The swagger wagon is the shit!
  6. No sour cream? Looks good but sour cream makes everything better
  7. Sorry for the delay but the place I use is tailgate hoodie. They are quality hoodies and always a conversation piece at get togethers. https://tailgatehoodie.com
  8. I have a place with a website that makes my hoodies that has a front pocket for your hands with an insulated beer koozie and beer holder and a beer opener. Let me know if you want the website address
  9. I emailed F&G and there’s response was they were going to be looking into the issue.
  10. I was at Whittingham and there were over 40 dead birds in the water training area. Totally sucked wanted to get my dog on some birds she was able to flush one but was unable to make the shot. I’m no expert but there were birds that were chewed up, missing heads, and some that looks fine. They were not all together they were in different spots like they were stocked that way....
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