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  1. Maybe he’s gay?🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. David I got the 23 quart pressure canner by Presto. The nice thing about them is you can use them as a water bath canner if pressure canning is not required. We canned fresh green beans, made our own hot sauces and canned them, tomato salsa, salsa verde, and French onion soup. We canned all this during quarantine. After doing my own fresh salsa I’ll never buy store bought salsa again
  3. Leupold RX full draw is what I use
  4. Rutting Buck

    R.I.P. Elli

    Sorry to hear the sad news.
  5. Looking great, I wish I had the time to tackle a project like that
  6. Looks great and its always nice when the ladies come up with a great contribution! That ivy had to be a really awful job to remove. Nice job
  7. I’ll be using my PSE compound and Ravin R29X
  8. This is so ass backwards! The entire city police force needs to roll up in there like the own the place and start mowing people down with bullets. These people claiming this area as “Chop” are not people I want in society. They are all criminals and will never conform to a lawful community
  9. Finally went out and got it sighted in. The 29X is a smoking machine. I took shots at 20 yards, 50 yards, and 70 yards and as close to dead on as can be with a little human error. I did not have it on a bench
  10. Tom no pics yet, but I’ll be there in a few weeks and be sure to get some then
  11. Jay we plant power plant at our place every year as a summer plot. It always does phenomenal and normally grows about 6-8 feet tall. The deer will love it and its able to survive the heavy browsing
  12. Well this morning I saw my first dead deer walking, it was a fawn with a broken rear leg. It was in my neighbors front yard standing there, I stopped to watch it. It got nervous and went to walk away and the leg started swinging side to side at the knee joint. I wonder what happened to the little thing
  13. Those are some sweet guns, I have a 1924 20 gauge light full chock in excellent condition. I love busting squirrels with it
  14. Happy Birthday Lou
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