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  1. Why is the prep by prescription only? Who the hell would take that stuff for fun? These are the disturbing question I want answered
  2. The farts afterwards are the best part of the ordeal. My wife drove me home, I let a huge one rip. She says “your a savage” I responded you said you wanted a real man when you had that POS boyfriend , now you have one and all you do is complain....
  3. When I did mine I crapped like I had 2 assholes for 5.5 hours straight!
  4. Axiom just bought 2 of them so he could walk around with them on his feet. He is hoping the dominant bucks will follow him to his stand
  5. Smart move Lou. Glad to see you check them before just jumping in and hunting
  6. Those are sweet rifles I already have a 7600 in 30-06. I’d love to buy them but wife would kill me. I already bought a new shotgun 1 month ago she doesn’t know about
  7. Where is the salmon river?
  8. Magic is a great charter service I have used. I think they leave out of the honolulu marina, but I also like the charters that leave out of Hawaii'kai
  9. I’ll be out with my chocolate lab, hopefully she will behave it’s her first season.
  10. I'm happy to hunt it for free, Please PM me
  11. Liberty safe in Mt. Laurel will move any safe. I had them move my safe into my basement and I think it was $400, that included them driving from Mt. Laurel to River Vale
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