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  1. Todd and his cat eating together...
  2. Rutting Buck

    Venison 8 Layer Dip

    Looks awesome
  3. Rutting Buck

    Gun safe info

    I bought a Liberty Timer Ridge 64 gun safe from Gander Mountain when they were going out of business. It is the Liberty Fat Boy with a single handle on it not the big wheel. It has the electronic keypad on it as well. I had it delivered by courier and then Liberty came up from South Jersey and never it into the basement. I am happy as heck with this safe and will never need to purchase another safe hopefully
  4. Rutting Buck

    Job Opening: Pheasant Forever and Quail Forever

    Cool position but the money sucks
  5. Rutting Buck

    Amazon Cancels NYC Project Because Of Ultra-Liberals

    I can't blame them, who would really want to invest all that money to be surround by a bunch of far left liberal douches?
  6. Rutting Buck


    Thanks for the education X7 I didn't know there was 2 Cresent Lakes in Alaska
  7. Rutting Buck


    X7 I’m positive I fished crescent lake and caught sockeyes and giant lake trout. Alaska air west fly us out there with a guide for the day to fish. We were in the Kenai peninsula
  8. Rutting Buck


    X7 on my first trip we fished Cresent Lake and it is a beautiful place to sockeye fish
  9. Rutting Buck


    My sockeye like beer
  10. Rutting Buck


    Do it! Been twice and heading back next summer again. We do it every other year.
  11. Rutting Buck

    Mineral sites???

    I will refresh mine about a week prior to the green up.
  12. Rutting Buck

    Going to Tennessee

    When we went we stayed in the Marriot in downtown. Everything is in walking distance, you have to see Dominique Hutchinson perform while you are there, she will blow you away. She normally performs at the Benchmark, Whiskey Bent Saloon, and the Tin Roof on Broadway. There is a lot of good restaurants within walking distance as well. My wife and I had a blast out there as had an opportunity to remember why we picked each other. Life is do difficult to have time for each other with 3 your kids, work, home stresses, and normal bullshit. I would advise everyone if your married to atleast take a few days or week vacation with just your wife to let them know you haven't forgot about them and your life together....
  13. Rutting Buck

    E collars

    So here is the situation, at home my puppy is in love with eating deer poop. I have done a lot of things to try to discourage the dog from eating deer poop but it still goes for it. I’m going to need a collar for training anyways and was unsure if needed a collar for just at home and one for hunting. Thanks for your input and advice
  14. Rutting Buck

    E collars

    So I have a question about e collars. I’m getting ready to purchase a sportdog uplandhunter 1875 for my dog to use in the field and for training. My question is do you use this collar all year long or do you use a separate e collar while at home to correct your dog? Sounds like a dumb question but I figure someone else has had the same question as me. Thanks
  15. Rutting Buck

    January 2019 NJW&W Giveaway! WINNER Selected!

    Congrats and thank you Lou for heading this one up