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  1. Contact them and tell them no habla English y no viva in la casa para tres anos
  2. Jay I’ve had the best success when the site is in close proximity to a water source
  3. A lot depends on the outdoor temperature if your smoker is built out of the thin sheet metal instead of plate steel. I have a wood burning reverse flow flow (Lang) and sometimes forget about it have some fluctuations in temperatures. I really wouldn’t worry about it to much until it starts to get near 40 degrees off one way or the other. If it’s windy and the metal is thin you will always have a tough time try to keep the temps up.
  4. Damn idiots. How do people actually voted these fools into office??? Clearly I see by his actions that he supports criminal activities and doesn’t respect the law. Just think about that
  5. Still in bed! What are you retiring?
  6. So I don't know if many people here know Saddle River and the ongoing deer problem. Saddle River is a small town and I live in the next town. There are a high number of deer there, but a deer count has never been done there. Everyone owns a big lot of land for a suburban town (3 acres plus & some as much as 15). The folks that live there have money and are either banks, lawyers, or hedge fund owners. They know very little about deer and deer hunting, they are only educated by the APL (animal protection league). My town is considering a hunt this year as well and I have been going to all the town meetings and had the privilege to hear both F&G and the APL presentations. The APL is a bunch of radical idiots that simply make false statements and can't provide any documentation to support them. In Saddle River there is no public hunting and the deer numbers are high. Combined with the fact that the residents regularly have about $20K worth of landscape plantings installed yearly on average per household, they have made a great area for them to live. There is lots of food, great cover, and plenty of land. With that comes predators, I almost hit 2 coyotes around 10am last October on Chestnut Ridge Road this season. I think that the fact they took 135 deer out of that town is great. I understand the hunt is going to continue and over time people will see a big difference. I'm sure this year a noticable difference will be seen
  7. That wasn’t a derogatory comment, I’m from Virginia and proud to called a hillbilly or redneck
  8. I prefer a climber but own several setups for hang on and sticks. If your going that route buy a millennium! I have several M50’s that have never been in the woods and have been hanging in my basement. Let me know and we can talk price....
  9. Clearly it appears that it’s a handy man or contractor that is dumping this garbage. Are people really so cheap or need a job that badly that they can’t add in $300-600 extra onto the job for a dumpster...... Savages
  10. I bought a Liberty Timer Ridge 64 gun safe from Gander Mountain when they were going out of business. It is the Liberty Fat Boy with a single handle on it not the big wheel. It has the electronic keypad on it as well. I had it delivered by courier and then Liberty came up from South Jersey and never it into the basement. I am happy as heck with this safe and will never need to purchase another safe hopefully
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