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  1. The format on this site is garbage you should be fortunate i make special guest appearances.btw I got something nice but savoring the moment let everyone have their moment of sunshine.
  2. Yes i voted in person as it should be and I will never vote again if this is gonna be the norm with mail in votes.theres too much pandering going on for that nonsense.everyone should have gone in persons to vote it was a scandal all along waste of time
  3. Will be out later today trying to fill tag with big 10
  4. It takes alot of patience and discipline but it can be done.this year it took me 37 minutes to get the perfect shot on a doe earlier in the year.everything has to be perfect but yes rain doesn't stop me like I've said any deer bear elk mastadon hit in both lungs or heart shot is not making it far.
  5. Most of my bucks come during the rain.they can't sit still theyre nervous or out harassing doe beds.if you shoot everyday consistently even 1 to 2 shots wait for perfect shot both lungs heart shot there's no need for a gokd blood trail they usually pile up within yards.
  6. When i used to deliver to dover off rt 10 I used to see slammers on that road
  7. Hazardous imo I heard a good tree fall the other day.i would sit on the ground before getting in any tree
  8. Thats awesome man walking up on them congrats again.
  9. its been quite some time since I been on this forum did you guys and gals miss me????life's been good real good hahaha LAVAMAN SMOKESTER IS BACK. Remember nj hunter lost their shit with me with the ultimate post
  10. Liver hit.for future reference watch the deers angle sometimes it seems broadside and they can be slightly quartered to you youll go thru heart lung region and windup in liver and stomach...congrats nice buck
  11. Hes had opportunities to harvest some nice bucks he just has to get over that screamer he got last season.that one is gonna be very difficult for him to top.
  12. You know me and Jack harris are tight.i bought his z7 being a old mathews junkie had a 29 inch cam put on and new strings hes got t-rex arms.i worked on the bow all summer.been shooting daily 20 30 40 60yds.this bow isn't going anywhere i told Jack I'll get a good buck with it.this season 3 does 1 buck now im trying to make it 2 bucks
  13. Eab that's it and maybe maybe late December if I need the meat.too many get wacked by cars plus i don't like buggering up my spots
  14. Last day fall bow 530pm got it done with the mathews z7 purchased off of jack harris.this was jacks old bow i purchased and had a bigger cam and new strings added.we let alot of bucks walk this year some good ones too.the weather wasn't the most favorable too hot too much rain or a hectic work schedule.this early bow still isn't my cup of tea I usually wait for the last week of October if I can help it.well after the storm blew by got out around 130pm seen plenty of activity before this dude came in and was standing 13yards for perfect double lung.never heard or seen em come in i was paying attention to the doe off to my left she had nobody on her tail I just glanced to the right and this dude was standing there wind in his face and all.golden estrous and bazooka bubble gum does it again.
  15. Haven't been on this site for quite some time but every eab season ill run a few setups to capitalize against the heat and bugs YOU BET YOUR ASS IM DUMPING A DOE NO LATER THEN 630am.last year 627am this year 628am 2nd doe 640am...no pix until field dressed
  16. Thanks Jack for posting for me...finally figured out how to log on
  17. So many guys i see being i returned back here are still beating a dead horse talking about what the state implies permits baiting xbows blah blah blah nobody is telling guys to shoot anything or hunt an area.i got places by house 5 minutes away 1hour away and plenty of public land its simple you dont see deer move.but ya its the same thing over and over
  18. 2 cams on 2 properties over 5000 pix in 1 week.see theres still deer in Jersey.pressure is what drives deer out of areas.crop looks good next year we've taken 5 bucks from these 2 areas this year.some good bucks for next year i didnt upload all the young ones plenty of 4 pts 5 pts and spikes
  19. Man bout time the poster reads and follows all this crap itll be time to plant tomatoes 不不不不不nothings changed from this site from the other this is why i went awol for a couple of years
  20. Theres still good numbers out in zone 21 and 23 theres just so much baiting going on the deer become nocturnal and spooked.lots of places esp like zone 37 that borders farms the farmers are hammering everything from what i was told.
  21. Haha 15 pages this might beat puney boys deer drive thread from njhunter不不不 alot of good notes on this thread.i forgot who the original poster was already不不不 dude just get a bunch of places study topos and aerials set up some spots and see what happens.deer change up real quick....
  22. Shame on you how dare you damnit.i got 16 different bucks on my pieces some cull bucks and 4 definite shooters ill keep on going til im satisified JACKO but i do agree with the public lands being reassessed....theyre pounded hard man its like no mans land ummm i guess all that hunting since sept does it
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