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  1. bwd172

    10/16/18 Check in Time for the Afternoon Hunt.

    Back in Montague. Buck came in last night, but stayed behind trees the whole time and didn't offer a shot.
  2. bwd172


    My dad's friend lost his cabin due to Tocks. Last name was Frickie, he was the owner if Frickie's Old Hook Inn in Westwood, Beegen County. His cabin was along the Flatbrook, just upstream of Buttermilk Falls. He told my dad to hunt anywhere up on the hillside. Well, one 6 day, a mountain man who lived on the hill came upon my dad and shived his shotgun in my dads dad's face. "You're on my land." My father explained that Frickie said it was ok, the mountain man said its not. Afterward, my dad told Frickie this, and Frickie said "Yeah, that guy's crazy, dont hunt there." My dad was a little pissed on him not telling about the crazy guy. If any of you are on Facebook, search for the Walpack Historical Society. They do open houses, presentations, and preserve as much of the town as possible.
  3. bwd172

    10/15/18 Check In Whose Out

    Just settled in, in zone 1 Montague. Gusty, but not too bad. Had a good 6 on cam last night at 1800. Hoping he comes back.
  4. bwd172

    Bear Meat

    As the saying goes, "You are what you eat". I've shot 1 bear, a 2 year old male in Walpack. Raised on nuts and berries. I will take that over deer meat any day. Now, if you shoot a dumpster diver, the meat may taste different. A former coworker went to Canada and shot a bear over a bait pile it was feeding on for months, and said the meat was terrible.. If you bait, choose wisely.
  5. bwd172

    What stabilizer does everyone use?

    A springy, rubber one that is 20 years old. Took it off of my first bow, and put it on my Matthews Q2XL. That's 18 years old. Aside from new arrows, strings, and cables, I've been using the same setup since I bought it.
  6. bwd172

    Muzzy goes to work

  7. bwd172

    Doe Down!! Now its Buck season!!

    Nice doe, congrats.
  8. I've been wanting to attend one since NJH days. Finally one is scheduled in the middle of my 3 days off! I just might make this one!
  9. From what I've heard, and everybody hears something different, the larger the breed the longer you should wait. We currently have a Newfoundland, and we are waiting another year until she is 2 1/2. The reasoning is so her growth plates can fully develop, and that her hormones don't get messed up. We did fix our Weimaramer before she came into heat, and it did screw with her hormones. She wasn't able to control her peeing, and would leak, or full blown empty her bladder every now and then. Vet told us there was a slim chance, and we got the winner.
  10. bwd172

    Big news for December!

    Congrats! My daughter is the 7th. Totally screws up shotgun week.
  11. bwd172

    You May Remember Me...

    Another name I remember from that other site. Welcome!
  12. The food was great late at night after the bar. Didn't taste as good during the day....
  13. bwd172

    Bear In Teaneck

    I'm a Teaneck Firefighter, grew up there too. It probably followed the train tracks or the Hackensack River down, and wandered up to Cedar Lane. It was seen this morning maybe a mile away along Route 4. I may take a ride and see if I can find it. Not much wooded area, but plenty of trees. I doubt anyone is looking up for it.
  14. bwd172

    Siamese Fawns

    NJ would make you buy 2 permits for it.
  15. bwd172

    Walpack area turkey hunters

    Struble is closed at the Walpack cemetery, and should be closed somewhere near the 4H camp. Mountain Road to Buttermilk Falls is completely open all the way to Haneys Mill (tons of trout still left), but I'll be there just before the horse farm, so stay away.