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  1. Who will be out there on the opener?

    I'll start the day in 2 Walpack, then depending on how it goes, I may move to 1 Montague.
  2. Don't Buy from Dicks

    I've still got 00 buck in the safe from them. $1.25 for a 5 pack.
  3. Flatbrook just now

    Amazon has a trout magnet kit for sale,9.99 if anyone wants to order them.
  4. Cannot Wait For The Oscars

    Supposed to be on a billboard outside the Oscars.
  5. Fr Sale: New LaCrosse Rubber Boots

    Any insulation?
  6. My wife will fish from time to time, has no interest in hunting, but let's me do my thing and has no problem eating deer, bear, or turkey. My daughter was interested in hunting, and even sat in on a successful turkey hunt. But she is preteen, and seems to be shying away from hunting. She has an aversion to shooting anything bigger than a .22, and I think that's the main problem. My son went pheasant hunting with me last year and worked the bushes like a dog. Still can't get him to decide if he wants to go on his own. Both like fishing, and will catch sunnies left and right, and want to catch some big bass this year.
  7. Extream Shed

    Zombie deer.
  8. NY State tax list

    Thank you!
  9. NY State tax list

    I've been trying to find a link for property owners in NY, Rockland County, but I've been having a hard time finding a correct site. Anybody know of a page similar to the link we have here under "mapping tools" where I can just use the map to search for owners names?
  10. New member from other site

    Welcome. I remember you from the other site. Much nicer here, no B.S.
  11. Post neuter Weimaraner

    Going to need the cone of shame. My Weim was a pain in the ass whenever she had stitches.
  12. The last Stevo update

    RIP Stevo, and my condolences to his family and those that knew him.
  13. L&H Woods and Water Closed down

    Welcome. This site is made up of decent sportsmen and women who love the outdoors. We also have a few "unique" individuals.
  14. New Year’s Eve fun & winter bow buck

    Congrats on a nice buck
  15. Winter Bow Doe Down!