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  1. The cemetary told my my kids girl scout troop they weren't aloud in to to do it this year and do not come. My wife and daughter go every year with the troop.
  2. It looks like it does I'll go check in a little while I transported it upright and complete strapped to the wall of my trailer.
  3. I see 2 choices training or a new wife. When I met my wife I told her the dog comes first. She was was in my life way before she was. Lol That was 23 years ago wife stuck around. We also had a cc together that does last year he was a big teddy bear at 140. Also had a rotty Shepard that was 225. Friendliest dog ever and calm as could be. Only problem I ever had was accidentally knocking people down lol If I didn't have my 2 dogs I would love to take her in.
  4. Is that from the same area where I said I shot that funky one years ago. Cause it looks like same genetics lol
  5. Nice set up. I shoulda showed you all the crap ive accumulated. Between being a deck hand on a trawler and storage clean outs I've come across some neat stuff.
  6. Nice blob top. I've accumulated quite a few the past two winters from the raritain bay and up by the statue of liberty. From 1880s to 1920s. Even caught a prostatic leg in the harbor lol
  7. Yes I bought some fishing stuff at your yard sale. 1 mile west of you
  8. Yes 10 min around the corner 7.5 miles off 195. 2 miles as the crow flies Lol.
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