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  1. I see 2 choices training or a new wife. When I met my wife I told her the dog comes first. She was was in my life way before she was. Lol That was 23 years ago wife stuck around. We also had a cc together that does last year he was a big teddy bear at 140. Also had a rotty Shepard that was 225. Friendliest dog ever and calm as could be. Only problem I ever had was accidentally knocking people down lol If I didn't have my 2 dogs I would love to take her in.
  2. Is that from the same area where I said I shot that funky one years ago. Cause it looks like same genetics lol
  3. Nice set up. I shoulda showed you all the crap ive accumulated. Between being a deck hand on a trawler and storage clean outs I've come across some neat stuff.
  4. Nice blob top. I've accumulated quite a few the past two winters from the raritain bay and up by the statue of liberty. From 1880s to 1920s. Even caught a prostatic leg in the harbor lol
  5. Yes I bought some fishing stuff at your yard sale. 1 mile west of you
  6. sale pending to ringtail
  7. Yes 10 min around the corner 7.5 miles off 195. 2 miles as the crow flies Lol.
  8. SOLD thanks Mod can delta if they like Thank you
  9. This is freak show. My target buck from a couple years ago. 3 main beams. Some bum harvested him and showed me pictures a year later. Lol I think he's on this sight ran into him in the woods one night.
  10. Around 4:30 pm yesterday we steamed through the Raritan bay to belford. Staten island looked like it was under a waterfall from far away lol
  11. Your pics are Better then in person. Very nice
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