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  1. Mossberg 500 12gauge home defense w add-ons

    Price dropped to $340 firm Added 20 rounds of buckshot and Quick release Blackhawk sling
  2. Best Bass in Years

  3. Who's not whatching the Super bowl today?

  4. I baught this a few years ago from a member of the other site in North Jersey I only used it at the range once right after I baught it. It been sitting since. No issues at all excellent condition. Up for sale is a really nice home security Mossberg 500, which has some nice extras that where added to the gun by previous owner. Cylinder bore, 5+1 mag tube, heat shield. He added a tacstar side saddle (4 shot), a Speedfeed stock which holds an additional 4 rounds-spring loaded, and Blackwater forend. The shotgun will also come with a pistol grip stock, if you like to use those. Previous owner had about 20 rounds through this gun and I also put about 20 rounds through it. face to face transaction-Matching FID and drivers license required. I will also fill out a COE. Pick up in Jackson NJ 08527 Price dropped to $340 FIRM Update added Blackhawk quick release sling and 20 rounds of buck shot
  5. Black Mouth Curs

  6. Black Mouth Curs

    Is yours overly hyper at all? I've seen them like yours and stockier with more of a block head like my cane Corso I had.
  7. Black Mouth Curs

    Any opinions on these dogs or where to find one. I've been looking into this breed but can't seem to find any Around. They seem real popular from Texas to Georgia. I'm looking for a smaller pup then what where used to. (Less than 100 pounds). One that I can take with me easier like on the boat or shed Hunting and scouting. I'm not into bird hunting.
  8. Did I get gypped on my firewood?

    It's not the guy from browns Mills is it? I just saw him post yesterday so I tagged my neighbor because he Was looking for some.
  9. The last Stevo update

    Rest in peace Stevo
  10. I'm ashamed to ask, but I need some help.

    I applied there a little less than two years ago as yard worker\rigger. Never heard back lol. I was probably asking too much for their liking. Lol
  11. Never again! Venison sausage pizza

    Too many toppings will not let the dough rise and cook correctly. Let the dough sit out for couple hours. Room temp if you can. I worked maintenance for Papa John's distribution center in cranbury for a year. Got all my ingredients for free and made pizzas nearly every week For the family. Best pie I made was was venison cheese burger. Thousand island dressing for sauce. Ground venison and cheader cheese
  12. Atlantic Ocean Temperature

    Figures I finally get job I like on the water. Fishing and crabbing And the water freezes over in the Raritan.
  13. Boot Review

    Wish they offered a little bigger.
  14. 11/8 am check-in

    I'm in Good action last night. But he didn't show up
  15. Election day - check in

    Just had a nice 8 get my blood pumping. Not the one I'm after. Didn't take a shot Biggest deer I've ever let go to grow. Winded me soon after I put my bow down.