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  1. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/registered-democrat-caught-storming-us-capitol-attacking-police-pleads-court-light-sentence-not-trump-supporter/?utm_source=Gab&utm_medium=PostSideSharingButtons&utm_campaign=websitesharingbuttons
  2. And fred i appolagize for my part in derailing your thread
  3. Now why dont you clean this up and restore it to a thread thats not bashing a hunter.
  4. Isnt that a shot jack promoted he said leg shots are not ethical.
  5. Anyway this isnt the place for this fred posted a topic because a good person gave him a call thay paid off now its a bash nick thread isnt this whay all you mods complain about yet here you are doing just that derailing a topic smh
  6. Wasnt this a through the leg shot ? Im not saying dont take it i have on a couple occasions not always good results but if it hit right the shot could have been deflected by bone had that happen.
  7. Isnt it funny how we complained for years about the left trying to silence what we believe we evenleft a hunting forum for just that now some of the same people are doing it now because they do t like someones opinion or was it they were made to look like fools. But i guess when yiu cant win the game the only option left is to take the ball and go home or in this case ban the guy . Im still trying to figure out if im dealing with children or closet liberals.SMH
  8. I have one of his calls fred they work well i havent been able do a lot of turkey hunting last few years but i use it around the yard and when im out getting fresh air walking in the spring and they get the attention and reaction from toms and hens. Im waiting now for his new and improved model god willing and all the work on my house is done i plan on turkey hunting in the spring ,If you ask nick , he has a good heart he will make sure you get one of his calls he gives them to locals he runs into like me those that have them love how all turkeys react ..
  9. A week or so ago a local capemay county hospital said in july theu had 9-10 cases as of the article it was 19 and 11 had been vacinated ..
  10. according to sources white house would not allow dogs and handlers on planes. First article from earlier today then video from tonight. https://www.foxnews.com/us/decorated-veteran-dog-handler-afghanistan-outraged-k9-reports http://video.foxnews.com/v/6270393820001
  11. Animal rights groups says its true and biden administration and pentagon deny it. Hmmm who should we believe
  12. Well we cant do anything about it at this time , but we can sleep good knowing we didn't vote for him…
  13. You remember all that money hunter got well looks like joe is working over time to give them a return on the investment and making sure what ever is on those laptops of hunters never sees the light if day. The only question is was this for the cash or the laptop because no one is really this stupid.
  14. I know two people that recently got vaccinated because of work , they both had covid twice and both were sick for days after the shot both said the vaccine was worse than covid ….one is a health care worker who said they are seeing that those infected are not testing positive till they are deathly sick…
  15. Shoot her between the eyes lights out and no damage to the meat.
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