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  1. Good luck with your quest sir and welcome back to the sport!
  2. I got this from Costco on a Memorial Day sale for $499 last year and love it: https://www.costco.com/louisiana-grills-kamado-charcoal-grill-.product.100540119.html It comes with everything you need to get started, whereas with the Green egg, I think you still need to buy a heat shield, stand etc. on top of the base grill for over $1k. What I got is built like a tank with an easy open and close lid. I ran it for around 8 hour @250 on a Boar ham and could have kept going if I’d added more Lump charcoal when I started. So are the Green Egg and Komodo Joe grills better smokers? I think they probably are... they’ve got to be... But as far as I’m concerned, there’s probably not enough value added with those high end Komodo’s to justify nearly $1k in price differential. I’d rather buy more guns and ammo with that !
  3. I have a 2013 Tacoma w/ 160k miles and it’s the best vehicle I’ve ever owned. My only regret is I didn’t get a Tundra. I have a family of 6 and would like to get the Tundra with front bench seats to fit the whole family. Supposedly the Tundra will be redesigned in 2021/22 into a hybrid and I’m not too sure I’d want to buy it.
  4. I have a buddy whose been here a couple times: https://www.droptineoutfitters.com/deer-hunts
  5. My brother in law owned this appliance repair business until his passing. https://georgesappliancenj.com Now his son runs the shop and my other brother in law is one of the techs there as well.
  6. This is good but gun ranges are still closed, despite Trump's guidance to the contrary.
  7. IthacaDS3

    Trout Fishing

    I hate it when folks say “read the digest”. I’m relatively nearby in Plainsboro. My son and I generally fish the DR canal bridges with good results. I think they stock Lake Manalapan or Manalapan lake in Jamesburg, but we really haven’t fished there except for once without luck on the train bridge. Cool deer zoo there though. Good luck!
  8. My wife helped me get my 300# & 400# safes down the stairs into the basement workroom. Yeap, I got mushed fingers and she twisted her knee. And I had plenty of drywall work after each move. But for someone who started out being pretty marginal about me being a gun owner and hunter, she sure was a trooper.
  9. Congrats John! I got him on my camera too:
  10. I’ve been on the Montgomery Deer Management Program for years and can tell you certain properties are open to Hunting with firearms as per the program rules. I doubt there is a no-discharge ordinance in Montgomery/Belle Meade/Blauenburg, but as pointed out in prior posts, and like I do when in doubt/question for stuff like this, call the local cops and/or NJF&G.
  11. I've been going to a hog outfitter in Ga the last couple years and one of the plantations where the outfitter has permission to bring clients is home to a hunting club to a few wealthy individuals. We go there off Ga deer and turkey season to cull some hogs. Supposedly, one of the wealthy club members got badly mauled by a hog that he'd shot and thought was dead. It turned on him as he approached the hog and it took another member shoot the hog a second time to get it off his friend.
  12. I DID weigh them for you and mine come out to 13 grains for the nock and light... but I just realized I forgot to weigh the insert the nock inserts into. I’m in stand now and will re-weigh all components when I think of it, but I wanna say it all comes to around 22grains. FYI, I shoot the X-nocks. Update: just got back from the stand (no luck) and weighed all components...it all comes to just under 20 grains.
  13. I’ve tried many types of lighted nocks and have settled on Igniter nocks by Nufletch Archery: https://www.facebook.com/nufletch/ The lights are very easy to turn off compared to some of the other designs. With one of the other brands I tried, I had a big problem with the glare of the nock obscuring where the switch was on the nock to turn it off. With another brand, I could seemingly turn the nock off successfully, only to discover that the stupid nock turned back on after I put my bow away and days later, I’d be left with a dimly lit nock when I ready to go shooting or hunting.
  14. Friggin unreal, but the real trophy in this case is that you caught this jerk red handed, which hopefully will deter folks of similar ilk from pulling this crap. Not that this justifies his actions in anyway, but did you post pictures of this buck on social media? Just wondering if he saw this buck online and decided to ambush him before you had the chance.
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