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  1. IthacaDS3


    There’s a nice plot of DOT land in my town that I always see deer on. I asked a friend whose a retired town cop about it and apparently it’s cop-land, with it being hunted by local cops and their relatives.
  2. IthacaDS3

    Broken to my core

    Very sorry to read this Erik. Nothing worse than when your kids get sick. As others have suggested, get a second opinion. Maximus's doc sounds like a great place to start. Please reach out if you need anything.
  3. IthacaDS3

    New Hunting License Protocol from the DF&W

    If someone didn't pass the rifle test, then wouldn't the system prevent the agent from printing a license? I haven't taken Trapper Ed and therefore can't order any Trapping Licenses.
  4. IthacaDS3

    was I an a-hole?

    Crazy story which you seem to have handled better than most. Looks like the waters got muddied when your brother had him go through your parents and not you. Slightly off topic, but I gotta share… The mention of your brother has given me some laughs. You see, I was friends with him WAY back in first grade. We had a couple of play dates over your parent’s house and mine. I remember you hanging with us when we were raising hell in your basement. And when he came over my house, I remember we got covered head to toe in mud and my mother having a galactic fit. We lost touch after first grade as I believe he went to another school. I briefly reconnected with him years later one summer at Don Bosco summer camp. He was new to the camp, and through a friend of mine, he ended up joining the crew of kids I’d go fishing with. We got along perfectly fine, but it wasn’t until the last week of camp that we finally connected the dots that we were friends back in first grade. If you talk to him, tell him Eric says hello! And don’t worry, I won’t ask him to hunt your parents property ;-)
  5. IthacaDS3

    Just got back from Alaska fishing trip

    Like the pics from your last Alaska trip, these pics are UNREAL Erik!
  6. IthacaDS3

    Indian Food, How Is It?

    Love it! Very robust and stick-to-your ribs kinda fare. There was no way I couldn’t have gotten into it ...I’m surrounded by Indians at work and my town is so densely populated with Indians, we have three different Indian restaurants. Lamb and shrimp sagwala is the best. Dopiazza and Vindulu are my favorites too. I always order my stuff extra hot.
  7. IthacaDS3

    Smoking some meat

    I have a Webber gas grill and charcoal kettle, so at first, I was looking at the Webber smokers. Then I saw a Pit Boss Kamodo at Costco for $600 which made me think. I haven’t really looked at offset smokers yet, which model do you have?
  8. IthacaDS3

    Smoking some meat

    You’re making me hungry Erik! I’ve actually been looking at smokers myself.. SlugsnArrows on here has done some great stuff with his Pit Barrel.
  9. IthacaDS3

    Illinois school shooting

    I was thinking the same thing.... Also, the shooter is under 18, and stole the firearms from his father, so unlike Parkland, it doesn’t support their agenda for raising purchase age. This case DOES support posting armed resource officers in schools - which likely prevented this case from being worse - as well as requiring all folks who enter the school to go through metal detectors via a single point of entry.
  10. IthacaDS3

    Thomasville two-piece lighted china cabinet

    Bump for weekend crowd!-
  11. I’m offering a two-piece Thomasville China Cabinet for free. Must pick up in Plainsboro NJ. We remodeled our kitchen and knocked down the wall this cabinet was standing against. I’m sick thinking I might have to take it to the town dump so I’d love it if it found a home.
  12. IthacaDS3

    Spotting Scope Recommendation?

    I have the EXACT same set up, including tripod. Works great for my purposes, which mostly includes zeroing my rifles at Range 14, spotting game from my truck, occasional star gazing, and also to see how my kid is doing in outdoor JOAD shoots. A few years ago, I attended the rifle clinic at CNJRPC and had no issues seeing not only my, but everyone else's, .223 and .30 caliber holes in targets 200 yards away. Unless I was doing a Steve Rinella type hunt, where I needed to scan vast amounts of landscape of hours on end, I'd rather spend the extra cash on higher quality rifle optics (or another rifle).
  13. IthacaDS3

    Hunting Organizations

    NRA, NRA certified pistol instructor, UBNJ, ARPCNJ, NJSFSC, NWTF
  14. IthacaDS3

    I can't wait for the next season

    Those pics are unreal Erik! (and yes, I owe you a PM)
  15. IthacaDS3

    Sat. PM hunt, zone 15 = BBD!

    Outstanding buck! Congratulations!