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  1. IthacaDS3


    Buxk154 gets my vote. I’ve gotten to know him a bit on the doe management hunt we’re on and in addition to spending an incredible amount of time in the woods, waiting for that perfect buck, he’s a stand up guy who helps others track deer and waits for the last hunter to come out of the woods.
  2. IthacaDS3

    Favorite winter time Venison meal

    Here’s the venison stu my wife makes. The aroma fills the whole house:
  3. IthacaDS3

    Christmas Eve buck down

    Congrats Wayne! Good luck with your surgery... and Merry Christmas!
  4. IthacaDS3

    RIP Dad 1935-2018

    Sorry for your loss. Even when its expected, its still really hard.
  5. IthacaDS3

    How often do you gamble on marginal winds?

    I use the scent crusher bag(s), car and woods ozone generators for exactly the same reasons. I still won’t hunt a known “bad” wind with these measures, but I’ve indeed been thoroughly sorted, stopped and otherwise busted in “marginal” winds, regardless of these contraptions, through not all the time.
  6. IthacaDS3

    Big Dogs does it again

    Not sure how old you are but back in the early/mid 80’s Pepsi had an ad campaign where they’d have people sample Pepsi and Coke without knowing which was which. Of course, since this was put on by Pepsi, people favored Pepsi over Coke something like 2 out of 3 times. So the “Pepsi Challenge” became a way to describe comparing two products toe to toe.
  7. IthacaDS3

    Big Dogs does it again

    I just dropped off two deer at Big Dogs for my first time. I like the Hunterdon Deer Butcher, but it’s a little far and out of the way from some of my spots. I got 10 lbs of Kilbasa and can’t wait to do the Pepsi challenge with Jimmy’s Kilbasa to see which I like better.
  8. IthacaDS3

    13 Dead Bar In California

    <<CA just elected a new gov who is incredibly anti-gun. You should expect that nearly all guns, ammo, and mags in CA will be outlawed within the first six months he's in office.>> And our governor is just as anti-gun and will be sure to not be outdone!
  9. IthacaDS3

    Z19 First Deer in 2 Yrs

    Congrats on the double down after a drought!
  10. IthacaDS3

    10-21 pm sit

    Lol! I forgot my boots one time during early fall bow several years ago and had to hunt in what I was wearing, which was sandals! Needless to say, I ended up shooting something that evening, and I ended up having to track through pricker bushes, swamps and poison ivy... I haven’t forgotten my boots since!
  11. IthacaDS3


    There’s a nice plot of DOT land in my town that I always see deer on. I asked a friend whose a retired town cop about it and apparently it’s cop-land, with it being hunted by local cops and their relatives.
  12. IthacaDS3

    Broken to my core

    Very sorry to read this Erik. Nothing worse than when your kids get sick. As others have suggested, get a second opinion. Maximus's doc sounds like a great place to start. Please reach out if you need anything.
  13. IthacaDS3

    New Hunting License Protocol from the DF&W

    If someone didn't pass the rifle test, then wouldn't the system prevent the agent from printing a license? I haven't taken Trapper Ed and therefore can't order any Trapping Licenses.
  14. IthacaDS3

    was I an a-hole?

    Crazy story which you seem to have handled better than most. Looks like the waters got muddied when your brother had him go through your parents and not you. Slightly off topic, but I gotta share… The mention of your brother has given me some laughs. You see, I was friends with him WAY back in first grade. We had a couple of play dates over your parent’s house and mine. I remember you hanging with us when we were raising hell in your basement. And when he came over my house, I remember we got covered head to toe in mud and my mother having a galactic fit. We lost touch after first grade as I believe he went to another school. I briefly reconnected with him years later one summer at Don Bosco summer camp. He was new to the camp, and through a friend of mine, he ended up joining the crew of kids I’d go fishing with. We got along perfectly fine, but it wasn’t until the last week of camp that we finally connected the dots that we were friends back in first grade. If you talk to him, tell him Eric says hello! And don’t worry, I won’t ask him to hunt your parents property ;-)
  15. IthacaDS3

    Just got back from Alaska fishing trip

    Like the pics from your last Alaska trip, these pics are UNREAL Erik!