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    NRA, NRA certified pistol instructor, UBNJ, ARPCNJ, NJSFSC, NWTF
  2. I can't wait for the next season

    Those pics are unreal Erik! (and yes, I owe you a PM)
  3. Sat. PM hunt, zone 15 = BBD!

    Outstanding buck! Congratulations!
  4. Best two man Lader stand ????

    I just got a Field and Stream 2 man with the blind kit, roof and free shipping for $199. https://m.fieldandstreamshop.com/p/field-stream-outpost-2x-18-ladder-stand/15fnsufstpst2xxxxtsb
  5. Last Jedi Movie

    I went with my wife and four kids to a matenee last Sunday. We all loved it! My boys are the ultimate Stsr Wars freaks. I never got that into it when I was a kid and the Stsr Wars movies firsr started coming out.
  6. Jet Sled Sale

    Thanks! They're running their Double Discount & Free Shipping promotion too, which is their best promotion and only comes around a few times a year. I just ordered the XL sized jet sled. I've had the regular sized sled for years and dollar for dollar, its got to be one of the most useful pieces of equipment I own. The weekend before last, I was at a Boy Scout ranch in Pa for Outdoor leader training. We had the option of tent or cabin camping since the forecast was for snow and temps in the teens. I opted to tent camp, and most of the Dads marveled at my sled as I used it to haul all my gear to the camp site. I told them I've used the sled for everything from hauling camping gear, to firewood, to treestands, to feeders, to corn, to deer and anyrhing else they could imagine, not to mention it's also very a popular snow sled with the kids. Last weekend I used it to haul a deer and when I got I home, the first thing my kids and their friends asked for was to use the sled since it was snowing. They had to wait until I hosed it off!
  7. High School Wrestling Season Is Here.

    My two ten year-old boys just started their 4th wrestling season with the West Windsor Wolverines. This year, their team has coaches from Elite Wrestling running some of the practices. All of the coaches with Elite have really impressive credentials, but one of the coaches is none other than Frankie Edgar - and supposedly he'll run at at least one of their practices! Imagine being coached by a UFC champion???
  8. I've done plenty of things that would make me a contender for the Darwin Award. A recent one was last Janurary, when I drove an hour one-way to my spot in West Jersey during permit Shotgun season. Although I've taken many deer with my bow, I have notoriously bad luck deer hunting with a firearm - a fact my hunting buddies can readily confirm! So I took a half day off of work, had plenty of time to get set up and also had perfect winds for my spot to boot! I was pretty excited to get out for what I think is a good chance to finally pop my firearm cherry. So I get there, get fully dressed in all of my winter gear, and just before I'm ready to head out, I pull my shotgun case out of the truck and realize I had my wife's car keys which DOESN'T have the key to my gun box! Faced with no alternatives, I got changed again and head home. After an hour drive - with me almost getting pulled over and my turrets in warp-mode the whole time - I finally get home...only to discover I put a spare key to my gunbox in the console of my truck!
  9. Need new tires for your truck?

    I have about 40k miles on my G2 Nitto Tera Grapplers. In another 15k miles, I'll be looking to replace. Are there any issues with putting the General Grabber AT2's on a Toyota Tacoma? I've heard there are possible issues putting Light Truck (LT) tires on Tacomas because it might trigger Tire Pressure warnings.. I'll definitely consider the Generals and as I've said previously, would like to throw you some business.
  10. anyone own a ruger LCR?

    Did you try shooting off of a rest to see what groups it prints?
  11. Cops called on me

    I do exactly the same thing for exactly the same reason...
  12. Matt Lauer fired

    I was wondering the same thing, not only in this case, but the recent spate of similar cases. What happened to due process? What if these accusations are false? Although, I recently had a conversation with a staunch liberal about gun control, and in addition to him supporting Aussie-style gun confiscation, he also couldn't believe we don't ban folks who are on the no-fly list from owning firearms. While I agree folks who are known terrorists are too dangerous to fly on a plane also shouldn't own firearms, I also agree there is currently a lack of due process putting folks on the no fly list in the first place. I pointed this out and this gentleman's reply was "I don't care [about due process]". This more or less ended the conversation. I wasn't worth me arguing that he'd likely "care" about due process if some of his other rights were being violated or taken away. Now mind you, this gentleman lives in NH, owns ARs and concealed carries...go figure!
  13. Open Letter to CO's

    The only time I've seen anyone get "checked" was by a Plainsboro police officer by the culvert on Carnegie Lake. My license was attached to my hat, so I didnt get checked per-se. I struck up a conversation with the officer, and asked why F&G officers weren't doing what he was doing. The officer informed me that local police often act as proxy F&G officers, since F&G can't possibly cover all things hunting and fishing.
  14. pulled the trigger and picked up a new AR 15

    Good luck with the rifle! When I was looking at AR-15's last year, I handled a LH Stag and really liked it. But it was more than I was looking to spend - I just wanted to get started with AR's and ended up getting a Ruger AR556, which is a fine rifle for the price point. This year I was in the market for AR-10's for hog hunting. As a lefty, I liked the Ambi controls on the M&P 10 and was really interested in the M&P Performance Center rifle, but it only comes in 6.5 Creedmore, and I really wanted the PC rifle in .308. Then the folks at Cheyenne showed me the Stag-10, which was released on March 8... i.e 3-08 LOL. But it was RH. Then I recalled that Stag is lefty friendly company, and low and behold, when I called I discovered they offered a Stag-10 in LH! Can't wait to hit Range 14 with it!