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  1. Thanks for giving up my honey hole, Lou! (Don’t mind the GPS coordinates on his phone screen shot)
  2. It’s no-shave November. This is what it looks like when you have massive amounts of testosterone.
  3. Good to see the ignore feature is working as designed.
  4. And you wonder why I wanted out of that group text. It’s too much like high school. Thanks for confirming that.
  5. Well, you’ve tried desperately to troll seven of my posts. Are you still mad because they demoted you from being a mod because you’re mentally unstable? That was the reason why, wasn’t it?
  6. She made a pretty good shank! Good prison skill! I approve.
  7. Trump is a douchbag, and I didn't vote for him. Won't vote for him this election either. I vote Libertarian. Gary Johnson got my vote. It was a choice between the nut on the left, the nut on the right, so I voted for the Johnson in the middle. I will give credit where credit it due. Trump is a manager. He knows how to manage and hire managers. I was hopeful that he'd pick managers of value and not to repay political points. I was disappointed when he started doing the latter. He's an excellent marketer. He knows that he has to own the narrative and drive it. However, the left h
  8. This is what it looks like when the whole country is on welfare. Like you, I prefer working people.
  9. When the site goes down for days and he can't figure it out, that'll be mean.
  10. What do you do if you don't have a board or rope?
  11. Your numbers may be correct, but with all statistics, greater analysis is required. Click on this image for a ginormous one. This is a current (4-27-2020 - 18:43:00 ET) map of coronovirus infection by counties in the US. Assuming your numbers are correct, look at where the density of infections are occurring: Blue states or blue-leaning states. All of them fly-over states seem to be doing pretty good. The distributions of infections is not uniform. States were largely left to their own devices to formulate a plan to address the virus and its spread. Why, again, in the middle of
  12. Congrats on being cured! Now what about everything else on the list?
  13. I can only drink one cup of coffee a day. If I don't, I go into Cornholio-Turbo-Obnoxious mode. Yes, I too can go to 11.
  14. Haskell_Hunter


    Go redneck or go home. You had to be doing something right... Just never utter the magical phrase of death...."Hold my beer..."
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