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  1. Haskell_Hunter

    Fat Albert goes to Jail

    Isn’t that how the show was going to end anyway? Fat Albert dies in prison. That was the only future the kids on that show had...
  2. Haskell_Hunter

    Do we have any lawsuits regarding the upcoming bear hunt?

    I got the press release in my inbox a few minutes ago. Let the fight begin!
  3. Haskell_Hunter

    Wood heat and this time of year

    Oh, dear, wither your poor coats!
  4. Haskell_Hunter

    Do we have any lawsuits regarding the upcoming bear hunt?

    Executive orders have their place, but the executive branch of government's (governor's office) job is enforcing the law and the overall operation of the state government. That branch of government isn't supposed to create laws, that's saved for the legislative branch. All of those congress/senators create the laws that the executive branch "executes". And the judges keep the peace between the two. There are a lot of legal arguments for/against EO's and their legality. However, the executive branch cannot create laws under the current constitution. However, one must wade through all of the legal arguments and present a pretty solid case that the governor cannot create laws, like he's just done. There is no smoking gun legal precedent that addresses whether or not the executive branch can issue EO's as laws. This risk is this: In NJ we have liberal courts and the Dems are in power. Usually the party in power wants EO's because it can undermine the minority party at every turn. Obama used EO's as a way to go around the lawmaking powers of congress. He got slapped numerous times for doing it, but there wasn't any of those rulings with the power to prevent the executive branch from issuing EO's. If liberals want to give more power to the executive branch (which is what they want to do, it's a consolidation of power that is flagrantly unconstitutional and just one step closer to authoritarian and/or dictatorial rule; see Venezuela, socialism's poster child), then our courts could rule in favor of giving the executive branch more power. Lower courts will rule with the governor's office because most lower courts in NJ have nothing to do with law and everything to do with the party in power. Appellate courts also side more with the government than the people too, so that's a slippery slope. Think about thinks like the public handgun ban (NJ CCP process as it should be called). We've been fighting that unconstitutional law for years. Every single time we think we've got a good argument, the courts rule against us. The deck is stacked intentionally against us, so always assume it's an uphill battle. Other groups stop EO's because they are better funded and nationally-backed organizations. The groups we are discussing on this thread are local, volunteer groups. They are not massively-funded liberal crony organizations with entire buildings in Trenton dedicated to their lobbying efforts. Ours is a grass-roots fight. The antis will fight anywhere, anytime, for any reason. They are extremely united in their desire to stop all hunting...period. We lack the energy, organization, money, and dedication to fight them. They beat us every single time because we turn into bickering, whiny shits complaining that no one is doing anything for us. This is a fight. You're either in it or a spectator watching it happen. The majority of hunters are spectators, and that's why we don't have the ability to properly fight this. We've already given up.
  5. Haskell_Hunter

    Wood heat and this time of year

    The law in NJ states that renters don't have the heat turned on until October. I treat my family like renters. No heat until October (or Deer Season). Ironic how both occur at the same time.
  6. Haskell_Hunter

    Do we have any lawsuits regarding the upcoming bear hunt?

    In order for an injunction to be filed, you demonstrate the injury to one party of the law is left standing, and also show that the injury due to the law is greater than letting the law stand as is. The rabbit hole is the legality and constitutionality of the executive order. You need to craft a pretty good, well-researched legal argument demonstrating multiple points in an injunction. There has to be a valid and reasonable legal justification to hold the EO. That takes time and resources. And if you F it up, it can affect future arguments. I understand why there isn't a rush, and it's to get all the duck in a row. This is something you don't want to run the risk of F-ing up or we all lose permanently.
  7. Haskell_Hunter

    Do we have any lawsuits regarding the upcoming bear hunt?

    One additional thing about lawsuits for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of being in one: When you're going to sue, you need to have all of your ducks in a row and be very organized. You can bet that the Murphy administration has already considered how they are going to fight any challenges. Our team has to do the same. I think there are up to 5-6 organizations in this state that represent us, and all of them need to be on the same page with a lawsuit. It avoids the pitfalls of multiple organizations with limited funding starting a protracted legal challenge. They'll go broke before the state does (although that is debatable). We are trying to avoid "divide and conquer" by coming together as a community to fight this. We've always said this would be the best way to fight the antis, and now we're doing it. But it takes time to build a legal case. There's a lot of research that has to be done and it requires time and people. As BB mentioned above, the people fighting for your rights are volunteers. They get to it when they get to it. Family and work are probably more important, and no one here is going to hold that against them. You can sit back and watch someone else fight this battle for you, or you can get involved. Spread some coin around or start writing letters. You can watch our sport come to an end, or fight for its survival.
  8. Haskell_Hunter

    Yankees or Boston???

    Final score: 11-6. Boston wins!
  9. Haskell_Hunter

    Yankees or Boston???

    Go Boston!
  10. Haskell_Hunter

    Do we have any lawsuits regarding the upcoming bear hunt?

    I sent some coin to the NJOA. It's time they start spending it.
  11. Haskell_Hunter

    Place to sight in a rifle?

  12. Pictures would go a long way. Maybe having them handy when you create the initial post? Pro tip!
  13. Haskell_Hunter


    Photos would be very helpful.
  14. Haskell_Hunter

    Generator is cranking

    My whole house and AC was sized to 16K. I should be able to run everything, not that I want to. There is a calculator you can find online that will tell you how to do the sizing. http://www.generac.com/for-homeowners/home-backup-power/build-your-generator
  15. Haskell_Hunter

    Coyotes are back

    Let's fix that problem this year.