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  1. I do like Sigs. Shot a bunch but don’t own one. My hands like them, and my shot placement is excellent with them. Might be a good excuse to get one.
  2. I might go to the range in Totowa and rent a few there. My carry would be (if this state actually followed the US Constitution) my Glock 23 in .40 S&W. On the ankle would be my Glock 42 in .380 Auto (or in a jacket pocket). The .45 would be too big for me to use as a carry weapon. Not worried about the budget, I’ve taken a look at the price range. Would like to keep it as far under $2K as possible.
  3. Range gun. I don’t have the 1911 platform or a .45 pistol, so this will be an ice breaker. If you want to set up a range day, I’ll come out!
  4. Not interested in revolvers, not a fan. Was looking to pick up a .45 ACP or similar pistol. I was given a recommendation to look at 1911s, specifically the Colts. Many models to choose from. Would love to hear opinions on Colts or anything else. I own two Glocks. Wouldn’t be opposed to getting another, but see this as an opportunity to branch out into different brands.
  5. I would be terrified that they might roll over on me and smother me to death. Might get trapped in a fat roll and never see the light of day ever again. South Jersey Honey's Friend: "Hey, are those feet sticking out of your back?" South Jersey Honey: "Oh, yeah, might be that scrawny drunk guy from last night. I was wondering what happened to him." The sad, sad death of Haskell.
  6. ... Hey, I have standards! They may be very low, but DEAR GOD, not this low!
  7. Oh, no, that pork has rolls. Definitely a south jersey honey.
  8. That's somebody's sister-mom from pork roll country.
  9. Ask @Live to Hunt, he seems to enjoy it. He's our resident nut-stomped cat lover.
  10. Just got this knife from the White River Knife company. The top knife is a Buck 119 for size comparison. The FC7 below comes with a flint to start a fire. Awesome knife. It's thick steel and could easily chop 1"-2" branches. Got it for my NH trips in the event I need to hunker down in the winter woods and survive. https://www.whiteriverknives.com/products/firecraft-fc7
  11. Yeah, if you like being tied up, whipped, and having the family jewels stomped on.
  12. Did you use one of your local cop tools to hack my phone again? Two can play that game...
  13. This is why I tell college students they made a bad career choice by going to college. Job like these--infrastructure jobs--are in HUGE demand. It's why it takes weeks to months to get a plumber, electrician, or most other guys who work with their hands. You can't find an electrician because of supply and demand. There are few electricians today but there are more houses and buildings. They will always take the highest paying job, and they can pick and choose those jobs. Mike Rowe says it best here, and I agree with him. It's a long interview, but at least listen to the first five minutes.
  14. Don't ask for legal advice on a hunting forum. Call a lawyer. If you are a member of any of the hunting or shooting organizations, most have a lawyer on retainer. Also, most lawyers will give you 30 minutes of their time for free. Call all of them and get hours of free legal advice. As someone who is getting dragged through the legal system right now, it's not how it seems at all. There is no justice, and the laws are set up to make you go form being a victim to a perp in one bad decision. Then the criminal basically owns you. Call a lawyer.
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