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  1. Probably a lead slug that it stuck in the deer fur. That's one badass deer with steel skin. Could be a meatball that @BHC flug at it.
  2. Compounded interest is pretty easy. I have a fairly simple example. You have $1 that you invest. It earns 10% interest every year. So the following is the interest it earns every year: Year 1: $1 + 10% = $1.10 Year 2: $1.10 + 10% = $1.21 Year 3: $1.21 + 10% = $1.32 Year 4: $1.32 + 10% = $1.45 Year 5: $1.45 + 10% = $1.59 That is compounded interest. But what is compounded interest? If we add up all of the interest over the last five years it's: Year 1: $0.10 Year 2: $0.11 Year 3: $0.12 Year 4: $0.13 Year 5: $0.14 Total Interest: $0.60 I
  3. If I didn't see the metal posts in the first photo I was going to call "Photoshop Fraud"! Excellent work as usual!
  4. Wut? You're giving investment advice now. It truly is the end of times....
  5. They sell bones if you're into making your own Demi. Takes about a day to boil them down, but you can't beat it. I might have to call them to see what I can get. Nothing better than spending a day boiling bones into a Demi and drinking beer...and cooking meats....and playing horseshoes.....
  6. Good for him! There will be a lot of winners and losers. I hope most of you are winners. Things like this only make me a loser. Been burned in the past so I am weary of it now.
  7. I just got back from The Meeting Place. I am going to @LPJR's tomorrow. No pictures until then, but I promise you we will be eating like GAVONES!!!
  8. I tried to eat one whole NY Strip of it and couldn't finish it. It's delicious and rich, but it's also a ton of fat and grease. I can say that I did it, but I won't be doing it again. Maybe to impress some folks, but I would cut it up in strips and serve it as an appetizer. Eating a whole steak is just too rich for me.
  9. Mmmmm...Wagyu...pic also from The Meeting Place!
  10. That bowling ball, it's my wife!
  11. Free Pizza was the name of my band in college.
  12. This isn't in your area, but you will never get a better steak from anywhere: The Meating Place in Haskell. (973) 616-0003. Call Dylan and order your steaks a day or so before. I prefer to get my cut 1.25"-1.5" thick. I have a porterhouse habit. It's worth the drive. I guarantee you'll never get a better steak. It won't be cheap.
  13. I think I'm going to buy some more gold. Maybe dip into palladium and see what that's doing....
  14. I read that as: "Heaviest is the head because @Bucksnbows is a clown." I think I need to clean my glasses...
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