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  1. Haskell_Hunter

    Sorry for my dog

    This is why I train my dog with other dogs (back when I had dogs). We used to do obedience training with other dogs and owners. The lesson for the dogs is that they need to listen to you and only you regardless of what's going on. You're the alpha, and at times corrections were necessary to remind the dog of that. If you can go with a couple of other folks who have well-trained dogs, your dog may learn from them that he needs to listen to his alpha. Best of luck!
  2. Haskell_Hunter

    Question on sighting in

    Are you going to Cherry Ridge to sight it in? I was going to head up to make sure my .30-06 was sighted in this weekend and could meet you up there.
  3. Haskell_Hunter

    Local Tax Dollars Not At Work

    He didn't just get hit with the ugly stick. He ran through the ugly stick forest and bumped into every tree!
  4. Haskell_Hunter

    Winter gloves?

    https://www.campmor.com/SearchDisplay?storeId=226&catalogId=40000000226&langId=-1&beginIndex=0&searchSource=Q&sType=SimpleSearch&resultCatEntryType=2&searchTerm=THERMAWOOL Search for the term "thermawool". That's the warmest they have. The company that makes it is Terramar. https://www.terramarsports.com They have a ton of stuff, but the Thermawool is the warmest. I have used some of the lighter stuff too as an extra layer for fall bow hunts. I also just noticed that they have their own scent-free stuff, but I've never used it.
  5. Haskell_Hunter

    Winter gloves?

    Yes, I do. I use most of this stuff as my bottom layer. I hunt in northern NH with a buddy every year. I texted him yesterday to ask him if I needed to pick him up some of this stuff for this year's trip. I got him the shirt and pants one year as a gift, and he's hooked on it.
  6. Haskell_Hunter

    Local Tax Dollars Not At Work

    I'm a nerd. You don't know how incredibly appealing that sounds!
  7. Haskell_Hunter

    Local Tax Dollars Not At Work

    I teach my kids never to volunteer for government work until we are allowed to voluntarily pay taxes. I know, I'm a jerk.
  8. Haskell_Hunter

    Local Tax Dollars Not At Work

    It's called Socialism. Now you know why it's such a bad idea.
  9. Haskell_Hunter

    Site migration coming

    Normally, in a highly professional environment with highly skilled staff who know what they're doing, there shouldn't be production downtime during migrations. For a nominal price, I can provide project management and migration planning for this event to minimize any downtime. Just set up a GoFundMe campaign to keep the site running during the migration, and if we hit the right numbers, I'll see what I can do. Otherwise, enjoy the twitching!
  10. Haskell_Hunter

    Site migration coming

    It better be friggin' short! If you need help, let me know.
  11. Haskell_Hunter

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    Crucifixion. Nothing like a good 'ole biblical public execution. Hang a sign over him saying: "NO TRESSPASSING!!! Or you get a spot next to this guy!" Bet that would keep the riff-raff out.
  12. Haskell_Hunter

    SnowFall Today

    Snow started in Haskell. Well, if you want to call it snow. It's white frozen crap. Tomorrow AM there will be a 0.5" thick sheet of ice on the roads. Work from home, kids, work from home!
  13. Haskell_Hunter

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    I do. You are the exception to that rule.
  14. Haskell_Hunter

    SnowFall Today

    4"-8" forecast for Haskell. But it's going to change over to rain, and the next few days will be warm.
  15. Haskell_Hunter

    Jury Duty

    I usually got out of jury duty because I too am self-employed and the only source of income for my family. This year they rejected the excuse and wanted financial proof of hardship. It wasn't worth the effort to pull all of that data together and send it to the court. More than likely they'd reject it anyway. So I showed up for jury duty. They assign you a juror number and you need to call the jury line the night before. But like the idiot that I am, I never called. Well, if I had actually called, I would have learned that I didn't need to serve and got a pass for the next three years. I found this out when I was checking into jury duty at the courthouse. So you might be able to get out of it, but they are cracking down on excuses now more than ever in the past.