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  1. So I guess we be havin' a good ole' truck pull in Hackettstown this March. Rug's wife gets to be a pin cushion, and Jack's truck gets to look like a 6-year-old who fell off of water skis. I am going to be real busy that day.
  2. I see that I am late in their season already. Maybe I should wait until next year so I can start earlier and get premium stock.
  3. Yet another thing I won't be a able to unsee. This is why I am fat. I couldn't lift my legs that high, and my gut will hit the airbag first and give it some serious competition.
  4. Knew this was going to go quickly.
  5. Nice! I will definitely put time into this. I have been growing hazelnuts for the past 15-20 years. My black walnuts just started producing a few years ago, and the raspberries were put in a few years ago so my daughter had something to tend to over the summer. Do you know anything more about the Lowe's trees such as a specific kind of peach, or they're just peach trees?
  6. Gotta' be in it to win it. I am never laughed harder while hunting hares! As soon as you see one or the dogs get on one, all hell breaks loose and it's a friggin' comedy. Glad you two had a good time and got a few shots off. It's all about the smiles.
  7. I have some free space in the front of my house that is begging for a couple of smaller trees. I was thinking about planing peach trees because they are just about the right size and of course I can fatten myself up with peaches over the years (to add to the walnuts, hazelnuts, and raspberries). Can anyone recommend a good, knowledgeable and reputable seller of fruit trees a reasonable distance from Taylor Ham country? Thx in advance!
  8. If you bet on me I could double your money and solve a long-term problem.
  9. I will bring my own knives and go full Thunderdome on them. I will share, but if they want the whole box we will be having Gladiator fights at this get together.
  10. I know what I am bringing to this shindig (if I don't eat them all before then). Who wants to be my friend?
  11. I ordered some. If there are any left, I'll bring them to the shindig. I'll only have enough for my best friends.
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