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  1. If you're going to put a man in drag, the least you could do is make him look beautiful. It's common decency. See, this is how you do it!
  2. I think this guys says it best. I wonder if the younger generation will ever listen to the wisdom of the older generation.
  3. Bucks avoid me. Trying to change that.
  4. "But the student who was piloting it was new to the controls, and we did our best to get it under control...." I can make up an excuse for most anything.
  5. All government benefits should go through the same standard delay. If that were the case, you'd see heads roll.
  6. This is why I joined Anti-Social Media. I don't have to talk to anyone, and I have no friends. I am a lot happier as a result.
  7. I remember taking my daughter on her first ride! Looks like you guys had a blast, and I LOVE the dark humor pics! Epic!
  8. I didn’t notice the deer in the background until you mentioned it. That’s funny as hell!
  9. I still have the stock Firestone Transforce AT LT285/60R20’s on my Ram 2500, and they suck. They look great, but blow in snow. I’m glad I have tire chains for them. I could barely stay in the ruts on packed logging roads in NH last winter. I put chains on to avoid getting stuck. I shouldn’t have had to. They work great in chains! i have about 26K miles on them and may consider changing them out this fall. They cost about $310/tire.
  10. Have the school buy a drone. The harass the shit out of them by buzzing the buzzards. Get one with a camera to share the video. You can justify the purchase of the drone for “outdoor wildlife remote observation and study”. It enables you to bring inaccessible wildlife to the students to study them in a safe and controlled environment. It expands the classroom and educational experience. Additionally, sports teams can use it for their practices when the drone is not being used in the classroom. I can justify any government spend. You can quote me for your grant approval.
  11. .22lr and a 12-pack. .22 is for the tree rats, the 12-pack is for you.
  12. Whatever you do, please, please, please invite a few people to video it from multiple angles. Whatever you do is going to be epic!
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