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  1. Haskell_Hunter

    Favorite Candy

    I sense some bias here! Your vote doesn't count! I, for one, do NOT discriminate against any candy manufacturer. They are all welcome to send me their delicious treats, and I will enjoy everyone one of them!
  2. Haskell_Hunter

    Favorite Candy

    Free candy. Any kind in mass quantities. I don't like jelly or gummy stuff, that's like eating plastic (and what the hell are wax lips all about? That's not candy and you cannot convince me otherwise). Chocolate anything, except for chocolate and mint. That is a combination berthed from hell. Our favorite family trip in the summer is to Hershey. The park is amazing and the factory store is my favorite place to part with a month's earnings. Oh, and I have no cavities...
  3. Haskell_Hunter

    Maybe Russia does have the goods on Trump afterall

    One of my best friends from grammar school is one of them. Poor bastard. I do this dance daily, so my skillz are sharp!
  4. Haskell_Hunter

    Maybe Russia does have the goods on Trump afterall

    I wish I could get as high as you. Really, I do...
  5. Haskell_Hunter

    Maybe Russia does have the goods on Trump afterall

    Why are you dwelling on the decisions of people in two completely different decades separated by two (almost three) decades? Why does it even matter? It matters to you, but who frickin' cares? Maybe your a closet sociologist (nothing wrong with that) and are compelled to understand it, but part of that is accepting that it DID happen and is a matter of FACT. You can ponder the "why" to your heart's content. I am not justifying Trump's scumbagginess or the decision to start enforcing the law. He did it, that was his job. And, yes, the laws that he enforced were written by Congress. So if you don't like the law that congress authorized that separates children from their families, then, yes, your beef is with them. I'm not diverting anything, but I do derive pleasure (however insidious it is) in pointing out logical and factual flaws. I'm a nerd, it's how I'm built.
  6. Haskell_Hunter

    Maybe Russia does have the goods on Trump afterall

    Um, not my reality, it IS the reality. You're trying to say that everything must remain static and all change should be labeled hypocritical. That is a very extremist position that only furthers your own agenda, which is hardly based in reality. I will wholeheartedly criticize your admonishment of change; reality reflects a different story. So expect me to as I don't really have a dog in this fight other than to point and mock logical and factual fallacies. The law said he had to separate kids. Or didn't you know this? I assume (probably erroneously) that you were familiar with immigration laws. Again, thank Congress for this. The fact that Trump used an executive order to overturn laws created by Congress was a perversion of our political system and even more reason to strip that power from the executive branch (you can thank Democrats for empowering the executive branch). It is incumbent on Congress to fix this, and Trump was correct very early on in his term to call congress out on this (remember when he did this?). The left and the media (I know, redundant) want the presidency to become a kingly or dictatorially head of state. The portray the presidency in the wrong light. The president cannot and should not have the power to change laws, that's not his job. However, it is his job to execute those laws as defined by Congress. Your beef is with Congress, not the presidency.
  7. Haskell_Hunter

    Maybe Russia does have the goods on Trump afterall

    A point to clarify: The executive branch enforces legislation created by the legislative branch. The "fix" is in congress, not the presidency. Everyone gets this wrong. It's incumbent on the legislative branch to fix these horrible laws, including the one they created to separate families at the border. The power to sign executive orders should be stripped from the presidency permanently; it gave the executive branch lawmaking powers, which it should not have.
  8. Haskell_Hunter

    The NRA spy Marie Butina

    Ya' know, if I caught THIS, I may forgot for a moment what to do, but would quickly remember. Anna Chapman, the first redheaded spy we caught.
  9. Haskell_Hunter

    The NRA spy Marie Butina

    What? I 100% support the import of hot Russian redheads into the US. You could call me an advocate, and I would relish the label! When I was ordering Russian brides back in the 1990s (back when it was cool to do), there was nothing in the catalog like this! So I do not support tariffs on or trade barriers against the import of hot Russian redheads into the US. I am unwavering on this position.
  10. Haskell_Hunter

    Now is the time for fast growth....

    Does this mean that the spike bedded down underneath my walnut tree will be more than a spike in October? I hope so!
  11. Haskell_Hunter

    Maybe Russia does have the goods on Trump afterall

    Compromising material? Laughable. Trump is a scumbag, everyone knows that. His lawyer paid off a hooker for $130K and no one blinked an eye. If they have Trump on video doing a whole host of hot Russian redheads, well, that just fits into already existing headlines. This is sounding more like Russian Investigation v2! Everyone is an armchair conspiracy theorist, and you can thank the media for giving you that Kool-Aid to drink. Look at Trump's and Putin's eyes from photos that day. It looks like Trump hadn't slept in days, which may be accurate. Putin looks well-rested. I would say that Trump's lackluster press opportunity was plagued with fatigue and nothing more.
  12. Haskell_Hunter

    Maybe Russia does have the goods on Trump afterall

    These are business deals. Happens every day for millions of reasons. So I'm not sure how you extrapolated from these articles that there is something illicit, illegal, or otherwise. Shady, more than likely, but probably nothing more beyond that. And regarding Napolitano saying HRC was going to jail: I 100% agree with his assessment. Every single one of her staff members including the IT guy and the other IT guy who intentionally destroyed evidence while under a Congressional subpoena was given immunity. My entire career has been spent in IT, and I've seen people go to jail for lessor offenses than what that crew pulled off. The fact that HRC was NOT convicted of anything proves beyond any doubt that there are different legal standards for different kinds of people. When no one was charged for anything during that investigation, I became someone enraged by that perversion of justice. It was done in plain sight of the American people, and no one did anything. If a kid taking selfies on a submarine is sent to prison while Hillary and her ilk walked away (laughing the whole time), then we all need to realize that "We the People" are not in charge of our government. I, for one, am not happy with this and will never vote for neither a Democrat nor Republican ever again in my life. THEY are the swamp, and we need to get rid of all of them.
  13. Haskell_Hunter

    Maybe Russia does have the goods on Trump afterall

    http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/07/19/judge-andrew-napolitano-trump-knows-more-about-dealing-with-bad-guys-than-congress-hysterical-media-combined.html Good read. It'll help you understand what's really going on.
  14. Haskell_Hunter

    Maybe Russia does have the goods on Trump afterall

    Trump needs Russia as an ally if he wants to win a trade war with China. He also needs Russia as an ally if he wants to stabilize the Middle East. There are countless reasons why we need Russia to cooperate with us; and that's why the left is trying to paint Russia as an enemy and push the treason fiction. If they can stop Trump from working with Russia, they stop his entire International relations plan. That's why this is being done. Mark myt words, what the left is doing right now to intentionally obstruct any positive progress within the Trump administration is far more treasonous than anything that will ever come out of the Mueller Fantasy Show. It's perverse and disgusting, not to mention anti-American (un-American was too mild of a word).