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  1. Haskell_Hunter

    $15 Minimum Wage

    These words come from people who have never run a business or managed a profitable project. I refer to these people as....morons.
  2. Haskell_Hunter


    Don't get me started. They all weaponize the government in order to crush their competition. Apple isn't advocating for privacy regulations from the government because they care about it, it's because their business model will accommodate the regulations perfectly while Facebook and Google will not. They will need to change entire aspects about their business to conform. In the end, Apple laughs on its way to the bank.
  3. Haskell_Hunter

    $15 Minimum Wage

    Oh, no, I know why. I study and teach business and economics. It's as clear as the nose on my face. The market sets prices based on supply and demand. When you artificially inflate wages, that cost gets passed on to consumers. When you create regulations that increase the cost of doing business, those costs get passed on to consumers. Companies must remain profitable or else they cease to exist. If your costs increase, you increase your prices. Economics 101.
  4. Haskell_Hunter

    $15 Minimum Wage

    We screw workers every time by pouring more money into things thinking that we're doing the right thing. Things become more expensive when people can afford to buy more of it. So when you subsidize anything, you are artificially increasing the price. It's a lose-lose solution.
  5. Haskell_Hunter

    Go Pats!

    My prediction is that the Pats win the Super Bowl, and Brady retires. Goodell will make this happen just to get rid of Brady.
  6. Haskell_Hunter

    Go Pats!

    Heading to the Super Bowl!
  7. Haskell_Hunter

    Caught this guy trespassing anyone know him

    At least I picked up my empties.
  8. Haskell_Hunter

    $15 Minimum Wage

    Anyone who thinks that fixing the price of anything--not matter how little--makes something else good or better in a market doesn't know shit about economics and refuses to live in reality. You fix the price of anything while everything else in the market is fluctuating and bad shit is going to happen. It always does. Every. Single. Time. Learn from your mistakes people, learn!
  9. Haskell_Hunter

    Not just AI, he is for real ...

    Food is great! chili for the first round. Ragu for the second, and tenderloin venison beefsteak to finish. Starting a new contract in Washington DC on Wednesday. Gotta’ look the part.
  10. Haskell_Hunter

    Does anyone here play the ukulele?

    My daughter has three and she plays out with them. Lots of fun.
  11. Haskell_Hunter

    Not just AI, he is for real ...

    It’s kind of sad that the resident nerd is also the poster child for “in real life” social activity.
  12. Haskell_Hunter

    Not just AI, he is for real ...

    I got lucky this year and got a ticket. I got even luckier that these cuties from NJW&W spotted me. We’re having a great time with Wanaque’s finest!
  13. Haskell_Hunter

    Missing Pension Time

    Can't wait for the "missing pension money" thread in a few years....
  14. Haskell_Hunter

    Site theme update for mobile devices

    No wonder the Chinese are taking over...
  15. Haskell_Hunter

    Christmas trees as cover?

    Just don't light it on fire. Nothing burns faster than a dried Christmas tree! Yes, use them for natural cover! Fantastic free idea!