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  1. well u don't have much time left today but good luck!
  2. It was shot in an Andover address but in the general vicinity of Byram Cove.
  3. Great story and huge congrats to you sir! Best of health to you going forward and many many more archery deer!
  4. I think I understand your position, but this act was so egregious, I can't find a soft landing for Poacher Joe at any turn. It was simply a blatant disregard for the most basic and elemental rules we sportsman must all adhere to. Blatant poaching has forever been a blight - when the most elemental rule of being "in season" is knowingly violated "on purpose" for the sole purpose of it being a trophy and needing it so badly before someone else who would play by the rules has a chance at it. I am sorry but to me, shooting deer at night, out of season, and other blatant fish and game violations done "on purpose" should be automatic forfeiture of your "right" to ever have license to partake in such activities again, and the fact that states offer reciprocation to me is a very good thing. Why would Iowa or Illinois or Kansas or Ohio want this dirtbag roaming their state with a weapon ???
  5. I hope you are right, but I doubt you are right....
  6. congrats on a good season thus far. Lets all hope the best is yet to come!
  7. he got some balls... "Not guilty" based on what logic? LMAO
  8. https://www.njherald.com/news/20190926/trail-cam-captures-out-of-season-hunter
  9. Also please study this thread. There is a green blob above the heart on a diagram... You want to INTERSECT that dot, but in order to do so you have to "shoot through the deer" and visualize your exit. Understand angles. AVOID any shot that is head on or "quartering to you". Broadside and up to 45 degrees quartering away is optimal. No exception - especially not until you get 20 deer under your belt.
  10. agree to the stand/sticks Jay recommended for public. Do NOT leave it in the woods, as they most certainly will disappear. Practice setting them up in a non-hunting situation (your yard preferably). Also practice shooting from the stand with your hunting gear on. Simulate real hunting shots. Bend at the waist like a pendulum for close shots where you have to aim "down". Do NOT let setting up your new stand and climbing sticks for the very first time - be on a hunt. I would not even think about baiting any time soon if I was starting out. You experienced hunting with one of the top master-baiters in the state, so that is not necessarily the norm :). On public ground, most likely so much of it is already heavily baited. You want to find transition areas between other folks bait sites and get far off beaten path. Hard to beat natural food sources and acorns rule this time of year. With the rut nearly upon us and already a lot of chasing and other pre-rut activities going on, you are better served to find a major run far off the beaten path, preferably terrain that lends itself to be a natural funnel, and just sit and be ready because it can change in a moment. But you need to have the mindset that you could sit all day and see nothing but squirrels and birds, or you could also be suprised by a deer, a buck, a doe, or a giant buck at any time! That's the joy of it. Keep it simple for now and just know your gear and setup and how to safely use it and shoot from it. SAFETY HARNESS - MUST HAVE! That just goes without saying. good luck
  11. I suppose that could have something to do with it and the reason he showed nearly an hour before dark.... Again- a buck that frequented the area, routinely showed on camera but mostly at night, is at least 5.5 years old and I had not seen from stand since 2016. It takes a lot to get a buck like that to show in shooting light. I had perfect wind, I had a pair of 8 pointers sparring (the dominance factor), and perhaps or more definitely - the moon underfoot already had him up and roaming around feeling his oats.
  12. What was the moon 6pm on 9/17 when my velvet 10 pt stepped out much to my surprise? Never in a million years did I think that old buck would do that.
  13. Did not get that big by being stupid. Wow
  14. Definitely very mature. Unbalanced rack - left side will score a lot more than right side. Probably gross high 120’s.
  15. Awesome! Congratulations! Good follow up
  16. that's a dream week about anywhere in the world. I would have opted for your buck over any bear though! Congrats to you and the crew.
  17. awesome awesome bull!!!! Don't know much about scoring elk, I said a 400" would be incredible but 300" would sure be sweet... What did it score? 300+ ? What's with the rodent autopsy? lol Ok I will never make fun of you working OT again - you definitely put it to good use! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !
  18. nice - and the sparring at the end to complete it.
  19. congrats - meat should be fine. Was there any warmth at all inside the body cavity or was he full rigor?
  20. Congrats on a nice buck.
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