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  1. looks like if you cut that thing open, that Kitner boy gonna come spilling outta there!
  2. Curly did NOT need another year! Awesome Tom... Get everyone pumped for the upcoming season.. Note to y'all here in NJ, stop shootin' them dinks and you will see bucks like this on every hunt!
  3. email Ralph Leyrer on the Last Lady II. He may have a limited open Fluke trip that date, and if you book now you should have no issue getting 5 or 6 on it (limited to 10 I think). It's a mini party boat style walk around / fish around. 42'...
  4. man o man, what @3Blade could do with that picture...
  5. once the cats are post spawn and deep into the summer, it's basically night time feed only. i would start in the deeper channels before dark and work your way up into shallower flats after dark. free map - showing tons of great looking spots that fit that bill... https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/pdf/lakes/hopatcong.pdf Problem is - hard to catfish in the WEEDS which unfortunately I bet the entire lake wherevery sunlight can hit bottom is covered in weeds, I would load up with live herring (bigger the better) and ask for all their fresh dead ones too (at Dowd's). fish edge of channels where they meet the weed lines / weed beds and definitely try to get shallower the darker it gets and if fishing morning too work deeper as it gets lighter. Good luck
  6. I have to hand to it Japanese engineering, historically I have never had issue with anything Shimano or Daiwa... Then again I still have a Mitchel 408 in use from 1974, and several old penn products... I do think the Japanese raised the bar for US made reels though. Clearly Penn has historically put all their top quality into the International series of offshore reels, but they have been producing better spinning reels of late and other conventional lines. Abu Garcia stepped it up with their REVO series of reels. The drags, the gears on the conventionals/baitcasters is off the charts and from what i have seen of their spinning reels - top quality.
  7. Just show the deer, not worth scaring young children over...
  8. Matt and I were discussing today and answer is YES. WILL POST SOON. RIGHT @BowhunterNJ ?
  9. Should be the mother of all lawsuits, taken all the way to the SCOTUS.
  10. we need a new face up there!!!
  12. it's not just the foxes that plague me... One day bear takes a dump, another day he bent my mounting braket straight down so camera aims at ground...
  13. "concurrent with fall bow season" for bow and arrow only- case closed... Move on.
  14. Those natives definitely paved the way - amazing how much it looks like today's modern designs...
  15. yes I think we went over this a few times and it's never crystal clear . You can always shoot fox and coyote while in act of deer hunting. However I think it "may" not start until fall bow opener and not the early season?
  16. all good advice - you can't go wrong with a magnus or anything VPA makes... A simple, 2 blade magnus stinger (no bleeders) would probably be about your best option overall.
  17. basically they are dogs - and most dogs especially males are "markers". They love to leave their mark in high traffic areas. Probably nothing more to it than that. Letting the deer know - hey I am here, I may not eat you now, but have some more fawns next year and I may get a few... I too have seen pics of them peeing or dropping the deuce on my minerals as well.
  18. Nothing wrong with that. I lived on fresh yellowfin all during the 90’s summer and fall. And mako - which I actually gave a slight edge over tuna. But then when u start getting into the deep water fish. Yeah hard to see much separation from monkfish, tilefish, and then of course seabass has to be in that conversation. Then the southern snappers and groupers are right up there at the very top as well. Mahi - I leave it a notch below all the others I listed but still excellent about where I put fluke.
  19. do not net blues - I have seen 10lb choppers chew through nets in seconds... use heavy enough leader where you can lift them... In RI recently, i played a big blue to boatside and just grabbed tail with one hand and leader in other and gently lifted aboard for pic and release. I regret killing hundreds if not thousands of blues back in the day on party boats, when it was nothing to chum up 20-30 ten to eighteen pound fish and gaffing was the only option on high rails... Every fish caught was a fish killed... And now look at the state of that fishery off NJ....
  20. JHbowhunter


    mmmm mmmm good!
  21. My starting “4”. 125gr Swhacker’s with 2 1/4” cut. 125gr VPA non-vented in 1 1/8” cut. The VPA’s have put 17 bucks on the wall. The Swhacker’s put two more on the wall last year (both 6.5 yr old mature ten points) and two doe in the freezer. The VPA’s blow through deer like hot knife through butter and bury deep in ground on every deer. The Swhacker’s take every bit of my arrows energy to penetrate and even reach the other side. 3 of the four made an exit hole but did not stick in ground, and only the largest ten point did not get exit but he only ran 40 yards and dropped anyway. Got some replacement blades all were un- damaged.
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