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  1. Pro tip - put a dryer sheet on end of your bow rope, and wag it up and down like a doe tail - them big old bucks will come 'a charging right in!
  2. Team 10 plus individual - 64 points: 11 Pt buck shot 11/30/2021. Inside spread 21 6/8" rounds up to 22". Left G2 7", right G2 8". So adds up as pic credit plus buck = 16, plus 11pts, plus 22", plus 7", plus 8" = 64 To give you an idea on his "mass" Left H1 was 5 2/8" and Right H1 was 5 4/8". His total mass was 34" IMG_6292.MOV
  3. way to go John! Beautiful 8 and it's been a rough season for you but you always find a silver lining in woods & field. RIP Mom. Congrats
  4. Awesome buck John! Congratulations! One for mom
  5. I half congratulate you on half a great buck Vito!! LOL . Don't sweat it, just imagine the left side looks like the right side! Seriously though - don't overthink it, mature buck and congratulations
  6. Will start another post. What mass. Big 11. Held out all season him or bust.
  7. Out with bow. Snow on trees but not ground. Should be just about prime time. Good luck.
  8. Did that cat take a quick squat and pee? Makes it a female I suppose? Do males raise leg?
  9. Last night's hunt, for the very first time I heard an alarmed doe SNORT twice, and look up and she is running TOWARD me which never happens! Anyway culprit was a very large bobcat walking through the briars she and her fawn came out of. 15 minutes later, she is back in that same thicket and snorts twice again, this time going directly underneath me. She just had to go back and look for that cat. Checked a scrape cam today - got a good video of a big bob, has to be same one. STC_0013 - Copy.mp4
  10. looks like a dink to me... 1.5. Eating well for sure, very healthy but I seen nothing to suggest he is any older
  11. does your deer driving gang seriously factor in wind direction into your plans? If you did not use wind to your advantage, could be a main reason nobody saw anything
  12. i tried ordering one but they said "Sorry Mr Harris, but that buck is over-exposed and we cannot perpetuate it any longer...."
  13. wow - hope it was a better ending for the buck than for the yote!
  14. Sorry @Buckeyes11 - Michigan finally got it done. Saw part of it but been in tree since 3. Just checked score. Lot of NFL talent was on display.
  15. if no entrails are exposed - "it's just a flesh wound". His muscles and tendons seem to be working. Shame that those yotes kills them from the ass forward and eat them alive. Big cats and Bears at least go for the throat and kill before eating.
  16. Saw buck in person. Just a perfect specimen of a magnificent NJ 8pt. Looked like a 4.5 yr old buck Great buck John!
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