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  1. You and Dan must be really bored at work!
  2. Your the reason our bluefish stocks are in a down cycle ! Damn you Mark!
  3. The recent “discussion” on spot burning Nantucket Shoals fluking got me thinking …. So many blogs websites and groups on FB, Instagram etc. on one hand social media has introduced me to some great folks and friends I never would have met. It’s often a good source of entertainment and great vehicle for some major ball-busting. But - as for conserving our resources, maybe not so good? Recruitment of new hunters and fishermen/women into the ranks - certainly the best tool ever. But does it come with a price? 15 years ago - I did not even fluke fish. Loved saltwater fishing but nothing about fluke appealed to me. Now it’s a passion even though I suck at it. I equate getting a double-digit fluke like getting a buck over 150”. But why? So many social media groups dedicated to the sport. The tackle the boats the lures the baits all have gotten so technical. The “big secret” up off Nantucket is now getting over-exploited just like all NJ spots have been over- bucktailed ad-nauseum. When I first started fluking, it was fun to drag the bottom with a spearing and strip of squid and see what I could catch. Relaxing. Now you need $500 reels and specialized jigging rods that seem to put the eyelets upside down as they near the tip. Better be up on all the latest knots too lest u lose “the big one”. Same could be said for bow hunting. Just an absolute explosion on social media - another passion of mine and so many on here. Surely social media is a double-edged sword though. What say you?
  4. I don’t care who it is just thankful it’s not me
  5. That shirt WILL be featured on the REEL MUSIC someday along with this hat.
  6. Nice. What did you rig on your chicken rigs ? Small bucktails wirh gulp ? Plain hooks? Teasers ? Bait. ?
  7. Nice catch George. Been a while since I jigged one.
  8. I have a pic of a fawn frolicking. There was this strange looking dog without a collar in the two previous frames though. They were probably playing…….dog looks friendly.
  9. One of the best fish to catch for sure. Congrats
  10. Congrats. Need to get back out there myself
  11. A fluke limit? Would not know what that even is.
  12. PM me Whatever info u seek I will text him for you.
  13. They make great Paella. Chicken Rosita is amazing. Can’t go wrong. Saw a bear driving home last night.
  14. My son tends bar there on weekends. Ask for Jake! Ate there last night. The chef is amazing there lots of choices.
  15. Welcome. Now that u are up here in God’s country - make sure you call a popular pork based breakfast meat “Taylor Ham”.
  16. would be a great achievement for you Joe - that is an exceptional buck that will top 140" possibly 150"... Careful, we learned how easy it is on here, to just locate Fluke hot spots off Nantucket...
  17. Way to go Todd! Will try and get there next year
  18. Congrats Mark and very well deserved. Most do not realize or appreciate what UBNJ has done for us and also your voluntary service as a P&Y scorer have been countless hours dedicated to the sport.
  19. Remember when he shot it. He did post it here. I guess he lost interest in the site?
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