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  1. fair price? Wasn't sure where to start, consulted with some experts and given the mint condition , seemed fair
  2. Mint condition. Cables and strings are due but not urgent. Loaded package. HHA single pin slider sight. QAD ultra rest. Matthews integrated quiver. Far from being shot out. At most 100 arrows a year since 2010. Would still be using it but aging out of 65# so moved down to a 60# Triax. Good Karma! Killer of many large bucks and countless doe. Smooth quiet and dead in the hand as one would expect from a Matthews. This bow is no different now than the day I bought it from Simon Peter Sport Shop. I would be happy to let them give it a full inspection for the buyer. Currently tuned to shoot heavier spine and weight arrows 340 spine 9.3 GPI and 125gr VPA bh’s but can be easily tuned to lighter spine weight and heads. NOTE - the stock grip was immediately replaced with a FOCUS grip.
  3. even though, the lawsuit that triggered this was an Ohio elector switching Hillary Clinton to a Republican John Kasich - it still stinks to high heaven. Regardless of what party you favor, this should scare the hell out of you. We all know big money corrupts politicians. How would one stop big money from influencing an "elector"?
  4. "It hasn't been much of an issue in American political history because when an elector refuses to follow the results of a state's popular vote, the state simply throws the ballot away. But Tuesday's ruling says states cannot do that. The decision, from a three-judge panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, is a victory for Micheal Baca, a Colorado Democratic elector in 2016. Under state law, he was required to cast his ballot for Hillary Clinton, who won the state's popular vote. Instead, he crossed out her name and wrote in John Kasich, a Republican and then the governor of Ohio. The secretary of state removed Baca as an elector, discarded his vote and brought in another elector who voted for Clinton. In a 2-1 decision, the appeals court said the nullification of Baca's vote was unconstitutional." NOW THE RULING REMOVES ANY AFFINITY TO A POLITICAL PARTY. Say Trump wins Ohio, but someone pays off the elector to write in Biden, Harris, Booker, Sanders, Warren (whoever the nominee is). Say Ohio was the one swing state that keeps Trump in office. Trump loses, Dems win - and not a damn thing we can do about it... ARE YOU OUTRAGED NOW? - GOD I HOPE I AM WRONG, but if not I PRAY THE SCOTUS WILL SHOOT THIS DOWN
  5. Hopefully the SCOTUS shoots it down. Maybe even old Ruthie will put politics aside and do the right thing?
  6. Hmm - how much Soros money would it take to "flip" an elector? http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/faithless-elector-a-court-ruling-just-changed-how-we-pick-our-president/ar-AAG8tdZ?ocid=ientp Dems wanted to eliminate the Electoral College so popular vote wins so that fly over states have no say in elections and democrat controlled urban areas control the future of our country in perpetuity. Well they didn't quite get that, but this might work even better for them!!!!! Buy off the "elector" in the red states, and win in a landslide... Bye Bye Trump!!!!!!! Only in our liberal court systems could something like this ever happen. If you don't smell a thousand rats behind this - you have not been paying attention. BE OUTRAGED - BE VERY VERY OUTRAGED.
  7. The suprep certainly does generate a blast... or three... Good luck... Post up your "trail" cam pics
  8. I have a 2010 mint condition Matthews Z7 fully loaded - 28” / 65#. I could part with her for the right offer. HHA single pin slider site. . Matthews quiver. QAD drop away rest. Deer killing machine. Probably should have sold it last season when I moved over to a 60# Triax. Hard to let her go. This is the only pic I have of it from 9/29/2017. Her last season of use.
  9. He and his brother are whitetail rock stars. At least that is what my taxi tells me! I can’t say which one I am told is the better hunter though - don’t want to start a family feud
  10. My target buck would have done very well under old system. Not so much on new. But it’s a step in right direction. Hopefully we can build up to the total SCI score. Measure all aspects every point and no netting
  11. Los Suenos is 3x the cost of East Cape. All the Central American spots are easily 10 grand plus for two people and that's just for 3 days. Trust me I just researched them all that is why I am taking my son to Grenada fishing in March.
  12. Zipper this girl doesn’t know how to fish but is willing to learn.
  13. looks like points plus spread (to the half inch) plus longest tine from each beam is most popular now....
  14. 50 years ago, if you told any American this would happen someday, you would be laughed at. It would have been thought "impossible".
  15. That Hotel Palmas de Cortez in East Cape is quite luxurious. You also may want to consider Chica Lodge or Hawk’s Cay resort in the Key’s. Plenty of charters out of either and very luxurious. If $$$ is no object take her to St Barth’s. There is less fishing pressure there but like any of those island has great fishing. Same can be said for Turks and Caicos. In fact - I think TCI would be a great option, there is no shortage of luxury resorts and the beach is amazing. Good mix of fishing from offshore, to reef/bottom fish, to bonefishing the flats. This outfitter covers all the fishing possibilities in TCI. http://www.panoply.tc/fishing-charters/
  16. damn i can't stop looking at that pic. I bet those fluke were ice cold too... I can only imagine....
  17. the fluke look a bit short.. Unfortunately - not short enough!
  18. JHbowhunter

    Come on really

    I think she may have had a real purdy mouth... where are the rest of the pics?
  19. That's a good trip and good table fare! enjoy what is left!
  20. Larry don’t worry if what was your target buck last year made it to this year - this method you will win! Oh and you can use a calculator.
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