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  1. My advice - stop talking about it, get over it, and go have fun this spring and post your hunts up here.. Real simple - like that
  2. had a lot of deer on that last year - started it in march and stopped in august because I do think it's a waste of time once antlers stop growing.
  3. I don't think you have any idea the turkey knowledge and experience on here...
  4. well this wasn't really your post so there's that. If you want to talk Turkey - we have a turkey forum. If you want to share turkey experience or offer advice- we welcome it! If you seek advice - I can promise you, we have without question the BEST turkey hunter on here in the world, and several that are in the top 5 and many others that would make top ten in the state. I don't even turkey hunt and can say that.
  5. I find any mineral based product is wasted money from october through end of January. If the weather permits, start supplementing minerals Feb through Aug...
  6. you need to have a big sense of humor on here and semi-thick skin. The written word is so easily misinterpreted as compared to speaking to someone face to face. I always prefer when things get "personal" that they take it offline, private message, exchange phone numbers, meet in person, etc. Never thought in a million years that Mazz's deer carcass post would surpass a "vagina scented candle".... What the heck is going on?
  7. I was about to just lock this gem up - then saw this post and nearly spit my drink... Thanks brother!!! Carry on - if anyone gets too butt hurt let me know and I will try to be a mod again....
  8. 222 posts about garbage? Isn”t it still hunting season? Time to lock it up?
  9. I need to try that... Thanks for sharing
  10. no issue with my cabela's card... plenty of choices after the merger.
  11. It has ability to tow off to side. It is called a field and brush mower. Great tough machine if I can drive over or with quad it will cut it and mulch. DR makes good stuff. Maybe I should figure out how to tow it offset
  12. I have have a 17hp DR since 2007. Its great at cutting brush and briars and autumn olive. Honestly sucks on grass and have to make several passes. Quad wheels flatten grass and mower misses it. The width you cut is really between the quad wheels and it’s frustrating because deck is so much wider. I mow several big fields with it but again not great on grass. Swisher with multi-blades is better for grass. TCook gave u better advice.
  13. +2 point upgrade for a January 19th Doe - this time I got the weapon in the picture and not just the arrow. (doe goes from 14 to 16 points)
  14. FAKE NEWS ALERT!!!!!! Everyone knows - the max HP rating for those is 5hp and the short shaft is recommended
  15. congrats RyanM... way to go
  16. Dan I can't afford that head!
  17. 55 - cannot believe I went 52 years without one!!! Deer - for sure.I Just easily loaded a 100+ # doe in the F-150 with it. Ice fishing - I was hauling my gas auger and crap out on ice with toboggans and kiddie sleds for years - which is probably what the Jet Sled was originally designed for. Firewood, when there was snow on ground - always a pain in the arse. Will never be without one again.
  18. about 460-465 total arrow weight (heads 125gr). 60# 2018 Matthews Triax - the bow is not the issue nor is the arrow weight I know they are perfectly spined because my fixed blades hit and fly just like field points. Set-up is awesome, these BH's expend a bit of energy to open and cut the band and start to penetrate, then it's literally 2 1/4 " of width that can get hung up on anything. Without a second hole - impossible to get that "paint can" trail. Nice to have the drain plug removed
  19. Mostly agree - just feel like that second hole is important.. Probably a 2" cut would make it through more consistently.
  20. 45 degree quartering away shot, just what I wanted (not looking at me). These are the best-worst penetrating BH's ever, the 2.25" shwacker was protuding just past opposite front shoulder but could not make that second hole. One blade bent. My fixed blade COC VPA's would have zipped right through and stuck in ground without question. Still - 4 for 4 with them including 2 big bucks... Dead is dead. She ran 40-50 yards and did the nose-dive slide on the snow. Not sure I would buy them again At least they don't deflect they are well designed to avoid that. Was happy to field dress her using my father's buck folding hunter.
  21. Hoping to make the snow turn red zone five might be my last hunt this winter any mature doe will do. Good luck
  22. looks good - no shame in using that (Healty back = more time in the woods) TFS
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