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  1. I NEED to buy one of these for the new HOG. Do you have a link for this? I was looking at sheds and couldn't find one I liked. This one looks pretty sharp!
  2. I don't have one of those, but when I smoke it's either a brisket or a pork butt. I prefer a dry rub and letting it sit in the fridge for 24-48 hours before smoking. Other than that I wing it.
  3. It’s a far more complicated discussion than that. If wages are artificially inflated outside of market demand, those costs will be transferred ultimately to the consumer. If the US keep pushing wages up, the little manufacturing that is still here will disappear. And it’s not solely due to wage increases: A side effect of moving labor to different markets is the movement of support infrastructure. A significant amount of manufacturing is done in SE Asia because they have the raw materials extraction, refinement, and then manufacturing all close together. That results in considerable
  4. I would call you a freak and have you arrested!
  5. Why does @nmc02 always look so miserable in photos. Oh, yeah, he's married too...
  6. I resigned myself to creating a YouTube account and uploaded it there to post here. It was actually easier to do it that way. I too have had challenges trying to post video and getting errors; and rather than trying to fix it, I just found a workaround.
  7. You just bought your wife a new car! Now you CAN'T retire!
  8. Haskell_Hunter

    Bike Porn?

    I usually go up to Cairo and cut across to find the Delaware and ride along that back to Port Jervis and then home. A little over 300 miles, but a pretty peaceful ride.
  9. Looks fantastic, Lou! Great job on the rebuild!
  10. I still haven't convinced BHC to stay on and annoy Lou. There's still time....
  11. Haskell_Hunter

    Bike Porn?

    I'm up north and usually ride into the Catskills. Never been south because of...tolls and pineys.
  12. Haskell_Hunter

    Bike Porn?

    Your wife's sister is getting changed right now. Give her a moment....
  13. Haskell_Hunter

    Bike Porn?

    Yeah, I am none of those things either. But I did save for a while to get it. It will need some miles on it this summer. @Lunatic was going to set a ride up, and I'm looking forward to that.
  14. Haskell_Hunter

    Bike Porn?

    It has arrived. 2021 Harley-Davidson Road King with Screamin' Eagle Stage IV engine upgrade
  15. There are no rights at my workplace. I work for myself and my boss is an asshole.
  16. I just want you to stay on because it'll annoy the shit out of @LPJR! Totally worth the price, and you're getting paid to do it!
  17. Yeah, there is a good chance it's around the corner. I am reading a lot about it, and while there is no consensus that it will happen, certain things that this administration does or want to do could trigger inflation. And there is really nothing left the Fed can do to prevent it.
  18. Oh, that is something to seriously consider. I hope we don't see any undue inflation in the near future, but there are signs that we will.
  19. I call BS on this one. I know for a fact that the only thing holding @hammer4reel together right now is industrial seed oil and sugar.
  20. Are the pension systems inflation protected? I advocated for him to stay on because I believe we are entering a period of inflation, and possibly public salaries may be more resilient against that than pensions. That would give him a safety buffer (slightly) from the affect of inflation on his future pension earning. However, if it is inflation protected, that is less of an issue.
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