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  1. Just got this notice from a bank: "Effective October 1, 2021, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has revised its service standards for certain First-Class Mail items, resulting in a delivery window of up to five days. Please note that this may delay your receipt of mail from us and our receipt of mail from you (including mailed payments). Please take this change into account when mailing items to us via USPS. For more information, visit usps.com.‡" https://about.usps.com/newsroom/statements/080821-usps-moves-forward-with-adjusting-service-standards.htm " After carefully considering the Postal Regulatory Commission’s (PRC) July 20th advisory opinion, the Postal Service plans to move forward with adjusting service standards for First-Class Mail and Periodicals. The PRC concluded that the Postal Service’s proposed changes, in principle, are rational and accord with statutory requirements. The PRC made a number of recommendations for how the Postal Service should implement its changes, which the Postal Service is largely adopting. Additional details will be provided in an upcoming Federal Register notice. A majority of First-Class Mail and Periodicals will keep current service standards, with 70 percent of First-Class Mail volume having a delivery standard of 1-3 days. The service standard changes are part of our balanced and comprehensive Delivering for America Strategic Plan, and will improve service reliability and predictability for customers and enhance the efficiency of the Postal Service network. The service standard changes that we have determined to implement are a necessary step towards achieving our goal of consistently meeting 95 percent service performance." TRANSLATION: We suck so badly that we are dropping our standards so we can say that we are meeting our standards. The USPS is in serious decline. When you hear a progressive talk about how the government needs to run more of our lives, tell them that the check is in the mail.
  2. I carry my AR-10 with me when I am shooing bears off the property. I think the short action semi-automatic is a little better if the bear decides to charge. And I always hunt with cops. It's safer around bears because they smell like donuts.
  3. We used to have a lot of orbital spiders around the house building 6' webs. I'd catch moths and such just to throw them to their deaths and watch the spider do its worst.
  4. Sure! I have this awesome new Russian sniper rifle on order that shoots out to 4km.....
  5. I picked the gun and bought it last year. Already been hunting with it. Here is the post with all of the information about the gun.
  6. Well this thread was brought back from the dead. I did buy a rifle, the full description is somewhere in this thread.
  7. I think it's a caterpillar.
  8. I too have a missing package that mysteriously stopped moving through the postal labyrinth on 8/26. I am grateful that @bushden posted the link in this thread. Just opened an inquiry into the disposition of my package.
  9. My daughter, who is now 20, LOVES the muzzleloader. Most fun gun for her to shoot.
  10. I buy cheap ones at Home Depot because they all eventually break. Throw a set of lithium batteries in it, and you're good to go.
  11. Honda motors and especially Honda generators are build to last. GLWS!
  12. There are tons of lessons on YouTube. The other suggestion I have is to find someone, anyone else to jam with. You'll pick up more chops playing with other people.
  13. We will fill the sand traps with their blood!
  14. A telephone helped slow me down. But it was the impact with the pavement that fractured my elbow and moved my collar bone across my chest.
  15. I had a tire like that on my old bike. I replaced both of them just to make sure. It sucks kissing pavement.
  16. People just like me better than you. Part of it comes from meeting people in person on the site when someone has a get-together or at the annual Christmas party. Folks who have had issues with one another become much more reasonable people when the meet in person. I know a few who have actually buried the hatchet and become reasonable friends. That's why I am hopeful that more people take advantage of some of these opportunities to press skin with some of the screen names here.
  17. I am a MASTER at running a meeting. I am Irish, so I am blessed with the gift of gab.
  18. At least it's driving ad revenue for the site.
  19. I would love to see some of you folks get in front of a classroom. The thing that is missing from education now is teaching students critical thinking. I teach my students to question everything and seek out where people are getting their facts and data from. It's very surprising what you'll find when you follow that trail.
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