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  1. I saw @kanigie buck in person at Jay's today - very impressive buck, congrats! Excellent work Jay
  2. The level of detail is amazing. A great job by Jay! Exactly the look I was hoping for. Put him under my other JJ mount - appropriately.
  3. original - Jay had it freeze dried, and painted in the spots it was missing with red...
  4. Joe I apply these basic rules and since I started following them - never had a a single camera problem. When I used to have issues it was mixing cards across diff camera brands... 1) I generally have SD cards dedicated to each brand and do not mix. Will write "BU" for Bushnell on them, or "BR" for Browning, etc. 2) when done reviewing a card - I do quick format (2-5 seconds), knowing it will go right back into one of my Bushnell's for example. It's easier to do a quick format than it is to delete pics from the card. 3) If for whatever reason, I am going to put a card that was being used by one brand into another brand, I will do the full, long 10 minute format. Can almost guaranteed follow these rules and your cam problems will go away.
  5. He was short on genetics but the biggest bully I ever seen - even at age 3.5 in 2016 he was destroying other bucks with bigger bodies and bigger racks. Awesome job Jay - that buck was one of the coolest and most elusive I have ever known - totally eluding me from seeing him "live" in 2017 and 2018 before meeting his end 9/17/2020. Great job accentuating his torn up right ear - his calling card to ID him every spring and post-shed in winter. See you tomorrow.
  6. Been studying sharks my whole life, caught my fare share or was part of it. No way a shark under 10' could do what that shark did which was inhale a big tuna and sever it in just one bite at the head. Incredible. Just experiencing that is possibly better than the loss of a quality fish. Keep in mind - tigers in general are not running down healthy 200# plus tuna, but big Mako sharks can easily out-swim them as well as all the other speedy billfish and wahoo. So the reason those big tigers are up here is probably more for following sea turtles which their teeth are perfectly design to cut through, but no way one that size could pass up a compromised tuna that would fit in their mouth. You guys will NEVER forget that as long as you live and again - that memory will far outweigh the loss of tuna steaks and sushi.
  7. Come on Bob - check you math on that one! either side of the equation is wrong lol. 7' weighs about 210-240 lbs.
  8. I can only surmise, based on the bite radius and size of that tuna, that Tiger shark was probably at least 11 feet long (minimum) and possibly bigger. That must have been something to see. I would say water temp had to be at least 76 for a tiger to be there - otherwise it was a GWS or Mako. Also - larger tigers don't have the stripes the lose them around 9'... What was the tiger determination? The head is usually a dead give-away. Back in 1991 my buddies and I fought what we thought was a giant tiger all day long out by the triple wrecks only to get it up to leader and realize it was indeed a GWS - 11-13' because it was wider than the 11' beam of the boat! Coolest thing was acres of bottlenose dolphin exploding all around us just minutes before the shark hit.. I am betting that shark was hunting young dolphin.
  9. Or Hammer, he had his two person limit before his engines got warm!
  10. but i think those were boston / atlantic mackerel (the cold water kind). These are warm water species.. More related to Cero and King mackerel.
  11. RIP you long haired country boy... WORDS TO LIVE BY People say I'm no good and crazy as a loon 'Cause I get stoned in the morning And get drunk in the afternoon Kinda like my old blue tick hound I like to lay around in the shade And I ain't got no money but I damn sure got it made 'Cause I ain't asking nobody for nothin' If I cant get it on my own If you don't like the way I'm livin' You just leave this long-haired country boy alone Preacher man talking on T.V. Puttin' down the rock and roll Wants me to send a donation 'Cause he's worried about my soul He said Jesus walked on the water And I know that it's true But sometimes I think that preacherman Would like to do a little walking too But I ain't asking nobody for nothin' If I cant get it on my own If you don't like the way I'm livin' You just leave this long-haired country boy alone A poor girl wants to marry And a rich girl wants to flirt A rich man goes to college And a poor man goes to work A drunkard wants another drink of wine And a politician wants a vote I don't want much of nothin' at all But I will take another toke But I ain't asking nobody for nothin' If I can't get it on my own If you don't like the way I'm livin' You just leave this long-haired country boy alone
  12. I saw them - don't know anything about them at all.
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