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  1. JHbowhunter

    Big Illinois Buck Down

    Just picture a really big mainframe 10. Really big. Visualize it.
  2. JHbowhunter

    beginning to hate hunting nj

    Yes - THIS!!!! It only makes sense!!!
  3. JHbowhunter

    beginning to hate hunting nj

    Now that actually makes perfect sense. He bashes every single post that is anti-trespassing. Absolutely the mindeset if a poacher with no regard whatsoever for private property. Not even joking anymore - I think you nailed it l.
  4. JHbowhunter

    Ugly buck Down

    Lol. Congrats. I actually had something similar pass under me this morning. Zoom in. Ugly little rack.
  5. JHbowhunter

    Big Illinois Buck Down

    congrats Tom (and Jason for his 8)… Pics were awesome. That is one awesome buck you got there. You hit the weather and the rut just right.
  6. JHbowhunter

    Youth Day Buck Down

    Awesome. Congrats to you and son!
  7. JHbowhunter

    Zone 8 Father and Son Live Hunt

    Good luck!
  8. JHbowhunter

    11/17 - Bills Quest for his Buck. Get her done Bill

    did the dog give up?
  9. JHbowhunter

    11/17 check in

    Slooooow morning. Just this guy.
  10. JHbowhunter

    Sometimes an arrow needs to fly

    Congratulations. U had a great hunt. That’s what it’s all about.
  11. JHbowhunter

    11/17 live bow hunt

    Get ‘em john. You are due. How much snow?
  12. JHbowhunter

    11/17 check in

    Good luck everyone especially the youths. Awful noisy walking in my woods in deep crusty snow then through a foot of water muck and slush then turkeys busting out of the trees all around me. May as well have been banging cymbals. Made a big pot of venison chili last night. The labor pains are starting might not make it long.
  13. JHbowhunter

    Youth Day....game on in the am!

    good luck have fun and be safe!
  14. JHbowhunter

    Manly man stuff

    hell yeah
  15. JHbowhunter

    Today is the day

    I shot my best NJ buck to date fall bow then missed my best NJ buck to date in permit bow. It's good to be humbled.