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  1. which is why gathering up a bunch of hunters that do not know each other - might be a risky endeavor. It's NJ - you just don't know what you are going to get.
  2. No different than driving with Slug guns. Safety first - if standers are NOT elevated, shooting toward drivers is dangerous with either weapon and I have seen drivers get shot with buckshot too during a deer drive. In fact - I think buckshot would be the most dangerous weapon on deer drives but yet it's most commonly used. I have seen drivers shoot drivers and standers shoot standers all because basic safety of "know your target and beyond" was not followed. It's an effective means to get deer for sure - but needs to be executed safely and you really need to know and trust your p
  3. @Lunatic - let me know when you are bringing it to JJ's -will try to meet you.
  4. I was on stand 500 yards away - saw two yotes running deer at first light, never figured they went the direction of where my cam was but probably the same two.
  5. Pic from my pre- Thanksgiving Ohio bow hunt. Set up a cam on a heavy trail. Do you see it?
  6. really nice buck - seems like you really went the extra mile to close the deal! Congratulations - great season for you so far.
  7. good pass - I do NOT like quartering too shots at all - just too much can go wrong Good job
  8. nice trip - amazing how the blues have vanished every summer which used to be a staple, only to show up late November.
  9. its as much as the shots I never take or could not take or the hunts that do not go well, or are slow, or are action-packed but do not end up in a harvest as it is about the ones that end in a punch tagged. All I know is that the knowledge base never stops growing, from my first deer hunt at age 10, to my last one last night where I guided a friend onto a doe from my blind - just never stop learning something and seems more often than not - see something in nature I never saw before. It could be a bug, a bird, a rodent, a predator, a deer, a bear and here in NJ - might even see something
  10. JHbowhunter


    I would say more "turkey foot" than bullwinkle. He is young but will be very interested to see what he could grow into in a few more years. He is probably still 5 years from peak growth
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