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  1. probably no for me - August would be better... Get everyone tuned up for archery season.
  2. Seems the already rising fuel costs will be skyrocketing, due to the cyber-attack on Colonial. This could impact charters, party boats and private. Maybe that long run for Tuna, will become an inshore trip for something else instead.
  3. awesome day on the rivers and streams, real nice fish.
  4. Holy shnikies this thread went off the rails fast - however the pic of Phil is priceless !
  5. Very impressed with his .300 RUM. 180 gr bullet at 3,250 FPS with 4,502 ft lbs of energy. If same bullet shot from 30-06, 2,750 FPS and 3,022 ft-lbs energy would have killed bear perhaps but well after Todd was mauled to death.
  6. 1st Moderna just sore arm by injection. 2nd was met with flu like symptoms 16 hours after shot lasting for 36 hours. Achy and tired had to lay down.
  7. I was noticing that Sunday it only turned brown as entering the first bridge and very brown under parkway. Was too windy to see much though in bay even spotting bunker was hard. Went into the AK to get out of wind and very clear water in there
  8. To quote Lebron - “ you’re next”!
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