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  1. Jay - I know of beautiful super crew 6’ bed in Antimatter Blue very well appointed. Will text u
  2. Now I know why @Zipper has a big X painted on the bottom of his 17' Whaler!!!! It all makes sense now.
  3. this truck will tow your "truck" while in full gear 4wd backwards for 100 miles and burn 4 gallons of gas...
  4. I remember taking 2 particular W&W members on my skiff last July... Bite started slow then was sizzling hot - then the wind and current just stopped... These two members just bitched moaned and complained about the heat... I should have tossed them over... The highlight was watching the big polish member sweet talk a beautiful young gal at the boat ramp as we were taking out - he was talking about his good polish kielbasa of all things!!!!
  5. Decided to go with a black F150, 3.5L ecoboost twin turbo, with the 18" wheels, 275/65 R18. Very well appointed XLT but has the integrated tailgate workbench, drop-down step to get into bed, power outlet, LED bed lighting, locking rear diff, and many other features. There really was nothing wrong with my 2018 2.7L ecoboost, but trade-in values are insane right now I am getting 5K less than I paid for this truck, almost like "free money".
  6. My significant other's 21 yr old son is autistic and "overly verbal" although she was told at age 2 he would never talk ... I have been very in tune with the full "spectrum" as result and feel your pain. I am not aware of any such programs - but will certainly explore this. God bless - this is a very tough area to explore and as much as I think the outdoors should be "perfect" unfortunately nobody realizes just how difficult this truly is.
  7. I call it "zone 5" - NJ. 2,900 sq feet. Built 2002. 2.5 baths, electricity and plumbing. Having grown up with deer camps at the base of Kittatinny mountains for that deer gang experience, I would much rather go solo with the bow. To me it's about being one with the deer and nature, and not a gang sport. I can hang with my buddies by my firepit or theirs for drinks and cigars and ball-busting any time I want. But that's just me - a loner. Not for everyone.
  8. not what I was witnessing during C&R last year on Paulinskill & Flatbrook. Guys were catching 50 plus on salmon eggs, many gut hooked, many tossed up on bank for minutes trying to extract the hook... covered in dirt, leaves, and then tossed back in...
  9. more than half those C&R fish will be dead before the opener.
  10. because the average jack-wagon power-baiting trout fisherman has no clue how to properly release a fish... At least open it when the gut hooked fish can be kept. It's a huge waste.
  11. 2 trout over 21", per season. Catch them any way you prefer....
  12. They should not do the C&R phase, just leave it alone until the normal opener
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