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  1. North Jersey guys- I have 51smd and Greybeard & son - have room for one or 2 more (just have to flip the console up on the f-150 for 3 up front. Would like to get your thoughts on two things: 1) Pool options... Last year we did $20 per man. Is that ok? If good, that means about $600 in prize money for heaviest fish. Last year we did a 2nd place based on 15 guys, but with $600 I am thinking we add a 3rd place? 300 / 200 / 100 ? 350 / 175 / 75 ? 400 / 150 / 50? I will ask for a volunteer to collect and run the pool - I would like to just focus on the financials of the trip only please. 2) If $10 pool is prefered, then we do first 200 second 100? 3) Fishing time is 7am leave, 2pm back at dock. For $ 250 split by all of us equally, we can add an hour. Thoughts? Anyone have a hard stop at 2? I vote "game time decision" but we all need extra cash per person for pool and to extend an hour if we vote YAY to another hour. What say you?
  2. no issue leaving it open, the cost per man does not really change - a few members are still on the fence. If someone really really wants to go -that is fine too
  3. Sounds like a barrel is about to be hit any minute Ken good luck
  4. That sounds better than a tuna trip any day Nick!
  5. Saw this from the Jenny Lee- Catch a giant! We can keep only one 73”+ trophy fish per year and our first trip is Wednesday/Thursday next week. Be a part of the crew that lands and brings home the fish! It will be catch and release for any giant-class fish after the first. Bluefin limits are 3 school and 1 large school per trip plus one giant per year. We will also fish for Mako at night. Our first two trips are: - Wednesday 5/22, 8:00am departure - Friday 5/24, 8:00am departure Cost is $650 per person plus tip; $400 deposit. Call or text 732-995-7879 for details. *Open Boat deposits are fully refundable if the trip by cancelled by us for any reason
  6. if you are still getting them at your age - god bless ya !
  7. is there a 17' whaler out there that has caught more fish? Nice day
  8. We are sitting at 29 currently - come on Hunterbob1, take the last slot before it's gone!
  9. two great Jersey bucks! That should be the standard you hold out for Jay, especially z5... Congrats on making book
  10. We picked up another member + 1 who is paying in full tonight. That brings us to 27. 3 spots left. Please send me $32 balance via PayPal before Memorial Day and we are all set.
  11. Awesome Ken. Good luck. Keep us posted
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