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  1. Mounted my new 6.5

    that's a great compromise between a .245 and a 30-06, or effectively very close to a .270 since this is .264 on the caliber scale. What made you not choose a more popular American round? I am intrigued. What advantage does this .264 give you over the .270 which have only a .006 difference on caliber? I don't own either - just curious and always fascinated by this stuff.
  2. Good Opening day gobbler

    Nice gobbler Will - congrats
  3. Opening morning bird down.

    Happy Birthday and congrats on the Turkey
  4. Great turkey Lou - congrats!
  5. One for team 5 To check in later

    congrats - lots of birds falling today!
  6. Long beard down

    Congrats - nice in the sand!
  7. Balls deep bow bird

    You need a lab! LOL.. Congrats, nothing like doing it the hard way.
  8. Opening morning bird down

    congrats - that was quick!
  9. Didn't take long

  10. Swan attacked my Lab

    This swan lives on Cranberry Lake... It's there every year, and where my fiancé's dock is - it's a no wake zone so the kids have to take her wave runners through a narrow pass at idle speed to get to main lake... The swan attacks them every year. It's well known to be a mean SOB.
  11. Swan attacked my Lab

    So my instincts were correct - get the hell outta there it wasn’t going to end well for Mako
  12. Swan attacked my Lab

    I wish I had my phone with me to take a video. Had Mako out on my fiance’s dock this morning tossing his duck dummy as far as I could to burn off some of his energy. All of a sudden this big swan comes charging across the lake ready to kill. Poor Mako didn’t see it coming as the swan beared down on him. I guess he heard he hissing and he turned around and had the funniest “OH SH#T” moment and Mako turned on the afterburner and somehow out swam the swan. That swan then went on to beat up two Canada Geese. Wish I never gave my son’s paintball gun away I would paint that SOB red! Nasty mean bird for sure but would have probably won a funniest video contest. We took our duck across the street to her parents dock after that I could see that swan breaking his back with the beak and long neck.
  13. Wide 6ptr mount done

    You had a helluva season that’s one of the more impressive 6 pointers I have ever seen and a very nice 8 you got. Congratulations !
  14. Nice surprise trout fishing today

    Nice surprise indeed. Would have been delicious but nice release
  15. Gobbler Down!

    Congrats to you both! That young man is building quite a resume!