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  1. Nice - been slowest start ever on mine, but gonna check tomorrow. Every year is different though...
  2. JHbowhunter

    Tested Today

    Good luck George... Prayers sent..
  3. love those old bucks.. Eventually they slip up... Did you send the teeth out for aging? If not we are all going to nut punch you.
  4. u know when I first started hearing of closures, and restrictions, etc. My knee jerk reaction was "but what about my fishing!" I look at that now and realize how small and selfish that really it is. We have much bigger "fish to fry" than actually catching them. We all have to make sacrifices. I will continue to fish where I can legally and avoid humans (which I tend to do anyway) but I am no longer going to get upset as we lose access bit by bit. I just want this nightmare to end for us all - if we have to give up some luxuries and freedoms we used to take for granted to get it done - so be it.
  5. With all the $$$ Matt pays me to moderate, least I can do is offer some form of amusement to you little people.
  6. Most mornings are cool, not wearing a cap, wearing a stocking hat for warmth, so the brim clips don't work hahaha... A strap on with a white LED and a GREEN LED are what I use. Always use the green when not wishing to spook deer. It makes a difference. White to assist with blood trailing along with main tac light from my pack.
  7. JHbowhunter

    What Killed NJH?

    I remember when I first joined NJH - and LOVED your handle and avatar... Still makes me laugh today!
  8. JHbowhunter

    Covid or not...

    haha - yeah i just got a shiver looking at your first two pics. Good stuff though. It hit 70 for a bit way up north today, that's still way too cold for me. Will open mine much closer to Memorial day as per usual
  9. that is AWESOME!!! first of many! Thanks for sharing put a smile on my face with your son's smile
  10. This definitely alters my shad fishing routine, but life as we know it has been radically altered so no shock. I suppose those of you that planned on turkey hunting any state parks (not WMA's of yet) have to change your plans too.
  11. Federal access on old mine road was closed from Millbrook village to Worthington State Park today as well. They of course closed it from the Worthington State park side off Rt 80, but my buddy was going over to Poxono to shad fish and a fed turned him away citing " too many hikers in both Worthington and Water Gap recreation Area leaving too much garbage presenting health hazard" So that 10-15 mile stretch is definitely shut down including two public boat ramps and many good shoreline fishing spots. I am not sure what other parts of the DWG Recreation Area will be shut down (federal lands and access - not state) but suffice to say, some of it already is
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