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  1. congrats! - I am lazy shed hunter. I just put out minerals as early as I can, and cams on them... Then I see what is left over for the upcoming fall bow season. LOL . There are some bucks I would love to find the sheds from, but just don't have the time right now.
  2. blah... it's not venison... In all seriousness, never been one of my favorite meals. I can do without it. Hope it was good for ya
  3. i can't find a durn thing about flat acorns on the web...
  4. might have been some sort of acorn deformity on that tree, but the bark looks like a typical red oak?
  5. infrastructure roads bridges military / national defense border protection Intelligence National parks and wildlife Environmental protection FDA (done properly) Care, benefits and programs for SPECIAL NEEDS =============================================================== Ok that was my list of what I want the government to do. No income redistribution No sanctuary cities
  6. is he related to Jake from State Farm?
  7. that is really cool MSG - clearly early growth, not sure I have ever seen it this early. That buck will indeed be a NJ bomber!
  8. I have had both MJ's and Costa's. Currently have new Costas and good Ray Ban's for driving but also work just fine for fishing as they are polarized / brown lense. All are good. I have even had good use out of lesser priced brands. I know a lot of Fla Keys guides love the Smith's as well.
  9. Congrats to NOTR! Thank you for the donation Silver Belly and Matt for running a great site.
  10. ok look at this 2017 3x3, vs his 2018 4x5 version. I am positive same buck. Not positive on age but think he will be 4.5 this season. maybe a 15- 20" jump last season. Really hope to see him again.
  11. Oh and Holly did post on this last night! Lmao. She’s a funny girl.
  12. Dan feel bad I got you all that A&W and it didn’t work. You are spot on about diff products working in different regions. If u have any left I will buy it back.
  13. I have never been able to figure out which 2.5 year old buck was a spike. I have another buck I will profile from last season that went from a very distinctive 3x3 with no brow tines in 2017 at what I think was age 2.5 - to a good 4x5 last season. Not quite a shooter but if he puts on 30” this year should have that “wow” factor.
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