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    Bowhunting. Bowhunting. Bowhunting. And fishing. (Shad, Trout, Smallmouths, Walleyes, big Channel Cats, Fluke, Seabass, blues, stripers, Tuna, bonefish, sailfish, mahi, snappers, grouper, redfish, snook, seatrout).

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  1. JHbowhunter

    Let's see those racks.....

    how about racks on racks? my favorite pics...
  2. JHbowhunter

    Cream cheese stuffed BACKSTRAP!

    looks amazing. I am at the point in my life where my absolute favorite meat is simple, dry-rubbed, grilled backstrap cooked rare to med-rare but closer to rare. Slice medium thick and cover in it's natural juices. I love that so much, I would be very reluctant to give them up for this. However - I bet I could smash out some hind quarter steaks and achieve same. Good job!
  3. JHbowhunter

    Your ethnic background

    We need to be more inclusive of our Asian sportsmen. Zero Percent represented here. This summer, we should all reach out to those fishing all the coastal Jetties and Inlets and hand them NJW&W pamphlets, so that we might get their insight on fishing, and encourage them to also get into hunting. That would give us more "diversity"
  4. That's cool! Sorry I missed that. I say change it back!
  5. I call BS - "Bush" is not an Italian name... Unless it was changed from "Buscemi" somewhere along the way
  6. JHbowhunter

    For All The Cowboys Haters

    Haskell Hunter gonna be hatin’ on you!
  7. JHbowhunter

    I got the Big A$$ Buck!!

    Congrats on a great buck - what a warrior he was...
  8. JHbowhunter

    For All The Cowboys Haters

    you got that right - His progressions SUCK, too many missed open receivers. He lost it a few years ago.
  9. JHbowhunter

    For All The Cowboys Haters

    Put down the crack pipe John!!!!
  10. JHbowhunter

    For All The Cowboys Haters

    Ok then I will take Foles...
  11. JHbowhunter

    For All The Cowboys Haters

    I know I am - I want Nick Foles to win another Superbowl, the Eagles decide to keep him as starter, and they then trade "in division" , Carson Wentz to the Giants for the Giants 1st round draft pick. All part of the master plan...
  12. JHbowhunter

    For All The Cowboys Haters

    Condolences to the Cowboy fans - you got beat at your own game (running game). Rams had not one but TWO backs spring for over 100 yards, and Zeke only had 40! You don't need to look farther than that for the reason of loss. Unfortunately this was your best chance to win a superbowl, as the Giants will soon be returning to their rightful place atop the NFC East. We are just a QB away from dominance again! LOL Lets see if the Eagles can better represent the NFC East today.
  13. JHbowhunter

    Happy Birthday Ken Beam

    Happy Birthday KB!!!
  14. JHbowhunter

    Doe down. Long cold sit!!!

    congrats John - you definitely put a dent in that management doe herd this season!
  15. JHbowhunter

    Your ethnic background

    I wonder if this poll were expanded nationwide across all hunters if percentages would change much? Is there a correlation between ethnicity and desire to hunt? Three types of ethnic backgrounds that are very prevalent in our society - are not represented in this poll.