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  1. His 8pt running mate. Same bucks I saw the last time here.
  2. Big body 6 just came by. Freezer filler for sure but got the pass. Here comes more deer
  3. Not much to report. Just two 1.5 year old bucks a little 6 and tiny spike.
  4. Who is with me? Nice gusty West Wind blowing - 68 degrees up here in z5. Should drop into upper 50’s by dark. Hoping to see some more buck aggression and hopefully the target buck will expose himself to show dominance. Familiar spot.
  5. Still being tenderized by rubbing this elm tree …
  6. Out in Z5 oak funnel hoping to catch a mature buck on his way to bed. Now in a stand had I been in yesterday most likely would be tagged out. Good luck all!
  7. Congratulations @PinsanOutdoors! Good hunt good shot!
  8. red oak acorns - but I know where I am going in morning, in a little deeper. And of course will watch him walk by where I was this morning
  9. Just had a full size bobcat go by at 50 yards. Almost size of the fawns.
  10. This big girl just came by had two fawns just losing spots.
  11. Picked the wrong stand. While a doe and fawn were feeding by me - my target buck and his younger pal he is always running with went right past my other stand 120 yards further in. The younger 7 is on my camera by this stand every day twice a day first light last light. Target buck not on camera in over a week. Will not see them again this morning they were heading straight to bed. Hunt pretty much over I think - but will give it another hour.
  12. Have had munching and crunching around me in dark. Only one I could make out was a doe. Hopefully some daylight activity about to happen
  13. Good luck. Out in z5 amidst some acorns.not a bumper crop but better than last two season so hope to get a mature buck grazing through
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