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  1. i provide plenty of material. I think I lead the site in ball getting busted, there is no close second. They always pick on the best looking it seems...
  2. looks old to me... reminds me of an old girl I called horsehead - but coyote's got her by February.
  3. realistically any of the major PU trucks can produce something great or a lemon... Luck of the draw. I do like Fords though - very happy so far with my 2nd F150. So many options out there across "the big 3" it's mind blowing. Probably best thing to do is if you think you got a lemon - cut your losses and switch brands. Was at an auto parts store in Newton the other day to get some rivets for my boat, and came out to see a guy in a beautiful gray metalic shiny Ram 5.3 hemi -pouring transmission fluid into it... He looks at me getting into my truck and said loudly "don't ever buy a Dodge!" He was extremely pissed off and then went on to say how he was ready to sue sussex auto mall. He was just a few miles over warranty still but they were fighting him over splitting cost of new engine which his new truck definitely needed. He said it was junk from jump street and constantly in the shop for transmission issues. There probably are same stories for every brand including Toyota and Nissan.
  4. you guys do know there are YFT and BFT cruising in the 18-30 mile range - right? for real. Oh and Mahi too...
  5. wow, just wow actually. Very shocking outcome. More so, that ACLU would even represent something not far left... still more in shock over that... (unless I am missing something which is quite possible?)
  6. for what it's worth, i can't stop laughing at this...
  7. You and Dan must be really bored at work!
  8. Your the reason our bluefish stocks are in a down cycle ! Damn you Mark!
  9. The recent “discussion” on spot burning Nantucket Shoals fluking got me thinking …. So many blogs websites and groups on FB, Instagram etc. on one hand social media has introduced me to some great folks and friends I never would have met. It’s often a good source of entertainment and great vehicle for some major ball-busting. But - as for conserving our resources, maybe not so good? Recruitment of new hunters and fishermen/women into the ranks - certainly the best tool ever. But does it come with a price? 15 years ago - I did not even fluke fish. Loved saltwater fishing but nothing about fluke appealed to me. Now it’s a passion even though I suck at it. I equate getting a double-digit fluke like getting a buck over 150”. But why? So many social media groups dedicated to the sport. The tackle the boats the lures the baits all have gotten so technical. The “big secret” up off Nantucket is now getting over-exploited just like all NJ spots have been over- bucktailed ad-nauseum. When I first started fluking, it was fun to drag the bottom with a spearing and strip of squid and see what I could catch. Relaxing. Now you need $500 reels and specialized jigging rods that seem to put the eyelets upside down as they near the tip. Better be up on all the latest knots too lest u lose “the big one”. Same could be said for bow hunting. Just an absolute explosion on social media - another passion of mine and so many on here. Surely social media is a double-edged sword though. What say you?
  10. I don’t care who it is just thankful it’s not me
  11. That shirt WILL be featured on the REEL MUSIC someday along with this hat.
  12. Nice. What did you rig on your chicken rigs ? Small bucktails wirh gulp ? Plain hooks? Teasers ? Bait. ?
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