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  1. growing blue berries on it now, the birds must love it then they crap out the seeds and thus it spreads...
  2. I honestly feel that is what I do instinctively. That truly is the best advice.
  3. I am a bit ignorant on how the self filming works. Can you explain? How many cameras? How do you operate ? Switch back and forth? It looks so flawlessly filmed by a professional cameraman, and I am absolutely as clueless as I am amazed.
  4. Nice one. They are delicious and fun to catch a variety of ways.
  5. Hope this one takes Mike. Let me know if you need venison.
  6. That’s cool I try to learn something from every kill. Every single one has something different. Shot entrance/exit, blood trail, distance traveled - all goes into my mental database.
  7. I honestly don’t know it’s just instinctive for me. I do not think he moved a muscle from time I drew to the release
  8. Team 1 and individual. Buck credit = 10 points. 6 point pic credit. 10 pointer = 10 points. 18.5” inside spread. 6.5” and 5.5” longest tine off each beam. 56.5 total contest score.
  9. Man that is awesome- could not avoid saying CONGRATS even though I got my own situation going on. Awesome buck - very very happy for you!!!
  10. Thanks everyone - seems I kill my best deer under duress (last year dad in hospice, this year Mako having his stomach cut open)
  11. This buck is cool because he is old and he has great mass... bases are 5 4/8" and 5 3/8". Carries mass through entire beam. Not sure on what he "grosses" yet... have to tally what my buddies recorded. Neither of his beams broke 19" but over 18" and that is how he has always been.
  12. 18.5 - slightly more but we are rounding to the 1/2 inch
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