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  1. That is why I called him “iron balls McGinty”.
  2. Forgot to mention @nmc02 made his own special tuna poke with fresh shavings off the heads and carcasses - incredible. Just best ever. Get back to our Airbnb - I am camp cook so made Spanish yellow rice and lightly grilled rare teriyaki tuna. They tell me it’s amazing and I have to concur. Followed by dessert of champions.
  3. Met @nmc02up in Truro to be part of 3 Bobby Rice owned boats - all named “Reel Deal”. Our charter was @TroutandBucks, @Buck154, my son and myself. Our captain - 26 year old Chad Avery. NMC02 can report on what his boat got in mort detail but they got two nice BFT over 100, and we got a 40# and 72 3/4” fish about 200#. My son Landed the smaller and Buck154 the larger after about a 45 minute battle. We assumed boat had standup belts - nope! Rod butt between the legs! . All action on live mackerel although we did jig all day without a hit. Troutandbucks and I always seemed to end up with s
  4. I know - I am still miffed at how a rutted up 200# dressed Ohio buck I shot in 2018 went 600 yards with double lung (high though) and his last feat was straight up a long nearly vertical hill. So steep I had to get on all fours to climb it! I once had a purely heart shot doe run 200 yards downhill and never found a speck of blood. No two kills are every the same it seems!
  5. Congrats on the doe! Regarding shot placement and slick tricks, always known of them to be pretty good for making blood trails, so only thing I can surmise is shot was a bit higher in the lungs which can quite often lead to less than desirable blood trails and the blood fills the cavity before it spills out.
  6. I think those are bucks Hiking found with the dog, and he is thanking flyarcher.x for putting a doe on the board? I could be wrong though.
  7. Somerset County sure does have them. Congrats to your buddy
  8. Good luck Bob. Watch out for them damn bears
  9. I just tossed out the first Island I thought of - 3,100 square miles is a bad example I agree... My point was fair chase does not apply to an area where deer cannot escape (mainly high fence deer farms of course). Your spotlighting at night scenario were it to be "legal" well of course not for me, but unfortunately many depredation permits allow farmers to do this. My point actually was if (I had one) is "fair chase" can be defined to fit anyone's interpretation. I would be ok if they outlawed baiting and ok if it stays... Doesn't matter it's just another method among many but nev
  10. man that is just awesome! Congrats to you both and thanks for sharing...
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