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  1. Sorry fellas didn’t mean to stir the pot!
  2. I don’t care what the internet thinks I should shoot. I only hint for what I feel is among the most mature for the areas I hunt. I think about it less in the off season and get a little burned out by the end of it but have never enjoyed it more. You are still very young. I have underwear older than you. Trust me things change as you age, including how you hunt.
  3. Just keep your head on straight and your priorities straight like your daughter, your career, hunting, fishing and possibly another shot of finding your soulmate (all in that order of course). Seems like things are turning around and for many, divorce is a very liberating experience and for the best. Hopefully you are both real team players when it comes to your daughter and wishing you and her all the best.
  4. JHbowhunter


    Ryan I bet he got an injured right back leg...
  5. That's the beauty of hunting. It really is whatever you make it. A little luck, a little skill, spending time outdoors either with family, or friends, or both, or completely solitary. Whatever floats your boat. I know for me - even through it's been quite a few years since my father could hunt with me, just not having there to talk about it with him is leaving a big empty void. He would call me if I didn't call him after every hunt and wanted to hear every detail. Wish my son hunted, I would probably be feeling exactly the same way. Instead - I will be the Lone Wolf - and loving every minute of it as well. It's my sanctuary, and truly the only time I am relaxed is when I am 20' up and strapped in. Definitely going to try and take it a little less seriously this season. I do often feel less is more. Just only hunt when it's "right" and never force the issue. I also want to invest in a good ground blind this year for my zone 2 spots - got winded far too much in winter bow and late permit bow over there last season on edge of big corn fields. Every time I got set up with the perfect wind, right at prime time the wind went dead and my scent just slowly slipped down a slight grade right into them. Other than that - probably a lot more of the same. I am hoping for a good acorn crop again so I can hunt more early season natural food sources. I seem to have figured out where all the best white oak trees are in most of my spots - my favorite type of hunting. Good luck Lou and Christopher - although it is a bit early yet!
  6. I lost one damn near that size in the Raritan Bay area last Sunday. On 10lb braid, line didn't break but the hook pulled as it neared the boat.
  7. Shad roe! After that it’s a tie between Black Sea Bass, grouper,snapper tilefish, monkfish, mako, tuna, tog and Mahi.
  8. awesome Ron! You should still get pics of "the release" those would be cool (just not like the one where it nearly bit your kneecap off.. LOL)
  9. in my case it can keep me from overhunting an area. I am avoiding it.
  10. It didn't take the thrill out, If anything, it increased it.
  11. In one of my spots, I have a buck I have been "avoiding" past two season. I believe he is 5 years old now. He is generally the dominant buck, but just either hasn't reached his potential or may never be a real slammer. He is always "tempting" looking though. Since he generally takes over a core area and due to the modern technology of trail cams, I can usually get him patterned - but I just don't hunt for him. I would rather "avoid" than sit in the tree only to pass him up or even worse - be tempted in the moment... This does require discipline and also of course eliminates the possibility that a "surprise" buck much larger "could" show. Naturally if a larger buck does show on cam, I would hunt that core area. This is result of "the trail cam" for better or worse, and just wasn't even thought of the first 25-30 years I bow hunted. My hunting now is more strategy and surveillance and reading the wind and conditions rather than just hunting for the heck of it. I am not saying it has taken the joy out of hunting, but it has changed the way I hunt (because of targeting specific bucks). Does anyone else use "avoidance" as a strategy to let bucks grow?
  12. You are finally coming out of the closet and wearing drag? (not that there is anything wrong with that)
  13. Oh good lord, I can't run for office now, with my Joe Biden impersonation. In my defense, her shirt did say "Kiss me I bowhunt"
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