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  1. Ducks Unlimited just listed it as one of top public spots on atlantic flyway so there might be a few people interested in going there now. Lol
  2. Like new Sportdog brand Wetland Hunter 425 in like new condition with all parts, manuals,dvds and packaging. Only used once and has never been in water. $100. Vineland area. No low ballers please.
  3. Don't over think it. I would still say throw out a small number of dekes to help finish the birds the way you want. A small jerk rig goes a long way on a small, calm pond. If you don't like the looks of the decoys I would go buy a dozen cheapos from Dick's Sporting goods rather then painting. You don't need expensive, oversized decoys for small water. Just hide yourself real well and don't overshoot it. They are resident birds now so you'll probably get one good hunt on them the early week, maybe two if you spread it out.
  4. Looks like less opportunities for mazzgolf brant cooking experiments......
  5. Congrats John. Now time to hear all the ways to cook a merganser jokes (e.g. boil in old work boot for 30 minutes, then throw merganser in trash and eat boot).
  6. The 10 day forecast finally looks encouraging. Looks like we might get some winter temperatures toward end of the week. More importantly, looks like New York will start to freeze up.
  7. Male has a yellow bill. Female is a dullish green.
  8. Congrats. Nothing like green heads in full plumage in the winter.
  9. Took a drive to scout this morning since it is warmer then it was during the first split in October. Drove the coastal area from SIC to Somers Point. I literally only saw brant, buffies, mergs and black ducks. And very small numbers of scoters around the inlets. I've only been doing this a couple years now but this seems pretty bad for January. We need some cold weather badly before the season ends. Running out of days on the calendar.
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