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  1. FowlHooked

    Coastal Opener

    missed on some buffies this morning. saw a lot of birds moving though. high flying Canada, blacks, teal, saw some pintail which is always nice. first hunt for my pup and hide was lousy. ready to head back inland saturday!
  2. FowlHooked

    coastal Reports

    I'll be out tomorrow. hate setting up on dead low tide but o well. best of luck to all
  3. FowlHooked

    Coastal Opener

    I'll be down in cmc Monday. Hoping cold weather pushed in some birds. south zone second opener should be nice with these fronts coming through.
  4. FowlHooked

    Coastal Opener

    anybody got any reports from today?
  5. FowlHooked

    Coastal Opener

    Anyone gonna brave the winds tomorrow? Bay might be pretty rough tomorrow.
  6. FowlHooked

    Back to decimating the breeding stock

    I'm a believer in changing regulations to a slot fish in a way that the redfish population have been managed in the south.
  7. FowlHooked

    coastal Reports

    no luck on the bass. water was still pretty dirty in the back. some guys did catch though
  8. FowlHooked

    coastal Reports

    was out striper fishing in the backbays of cmc this morning and doing a little scouting while out there. didn't see many birds. nothing like the numbers of ducks inland.
  9. FowlHooked

    2019-2020 Mallard and Geese Reductions

    Disappointed about the geese. Was expecting the mallard reduction.
  10. Just read on DU website that bag limit changes approved for next season in Atlantic Flyway. Mallards reduced from 4 to 2 daily. Canada geese reduced from 3 to 2 and season for geese shortened from 45 to 30 days.
  11. FowlHooked

    Early Season

    Enjoyed the early season this year. It seemed like the cold weather really helped. Enjoyed both woodies and big ducks in the beaver swamps. Can't wait for the main event now. Just a few weeks away. Saw some big flocks flying high yesterday. Wont be long before it's time to break out the Divebomb silos and layout blinds.
  12. FowlHooked

    limited out on woodies in the rain!

    Great job Mazz. Way to finish the week.
  13. FowlHooked

    Nor'easter Woodies

  14. FowlHooked

    duck hunting is... hard

    Been a solid early season. Seeing good numbers of both woodies and big ducks.
  15. FowlHooked

    Who is going south zone opener?

    Hope everyone had a great morning. Shot my limit of woodies and completely missed on cupped up mallards. Go figure. Saw more mallards around my farm then I usually do on early opener. Wonder if Cold weather helped push some birds down.