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  1. Come get this bear grizzly and arrows goofball.surprised you aint sold or traded the wife kids and dog yet
  2. Its not just a xbow guy or a buckshot guys its even some elitist with the compounds too nowadays.i have a group of friends that jabber alot and some of the crap I hear has me mind boggled.i don't think its much of what we use I think its the mindset in some
  3. A field of Marijuana would do good then sell it and go to saskatchewan every year
  4. Cape cod was lights out thus year oh man phenomenal so was south jersey
  5. Mark you have always been one of my favorites you still doing no shave November
  6. You're the anti christ I still owe you for getting my kid jacked up on candy
  7. Why worry about the dumpster the entire states a dump.im sure it'll be a good artificial reef or a float for chiclet teeth murph
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