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  1. 22yd shot piled up with the quickness now time to yak for largemouth
  2. Doe down 6:51am double lung piled up with the quickness 


  3. I collect mathews bows this z7 is by far the smoothest one i have.i own 5 now
  4. Yes been busy working fishing cape cod ny md slamming big bass and hunting like usual killed 3 nice bucks last year
  5. Been awhile since i been on here.hello folks are you guys ready for bow season?
  6. $20.00 4blade 100grain broadheads new in package rocky mtn advantage. 11ft tsunami casting rod rated 4 to 10oz w/penn squall 15 reel loaded with new braid.$180 obo
  7. Stick shads magicswimmers pencils if ya jig your gonna need more then andrus your jigging 5 to 6 oz up there gags savage eels and ronz
  8. All 30 to 40lb class for a week straight it was insane
  9. Going to say hi and gonna post items for sale.its been great alot of great fish caught during my hiatis.will checkout this whole new format
  10. Let's go to the canal btw I'm going to bone collectors tomorrow
  11. Strato if you were intellegint you would realize more guns are used to commit suicide and domestic violence then anything else Don't be so biased I like guns too.after reading many of you people's garbage I see why we have laws like we do many guys on this site are assclowns and a threat to themselves
  12. I know more then you do abortion remains
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