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  1. So many guys i see being i returned back here are still beating a dead horse talking about what the state implies permits baiting xbows blah blah blah nobody is telling guys to shoot anything or hunt an area.i got places by house 5 minutes away 1hour away and plenty of public land its simple you dont see deer move.but ya its the same thing over and over
  2. 2 cams on 2 properties over 5000 pix in 1 week.see theres still deer in Jersey.pressure is what drives deer out of areas.crop looks good next year we've taken 5 bucks from these 2 areas this year.some good bucks for next year i didnt upload all the young ones plenty of 4 pts 5 pts and spikes
  3. Man bout time the poster reads and follows all this crap itll be time to plant tomatoes 不不不不不nothings changed from this site from the other this is why i went awol for a couple of years
  4. Theres still good numbers out in zone 21 and 23 theres just so much baiting going on the deer become nocturnal and spooked.lots of places esp like zone 37 that borders farms the farmers are hammering everything from what i was told.
  5. Haha 15 pages this might beat puney boys deer drive thread from njhunter不不不 alot of good notes on this thread.i forgot who the original poster was already不不不 dude just get a bunch of places study topos and aerials set up some spots and see what happens.deer change up real quick....
  6. Shame on you how dare you damnit.i got 16 different bucks on my pieces some cull bucks and 4 definite shooters ill keep on going til im satisified JACKO but i do agree with the public lands being reassessed....theyre pounded hard man its like no mans land ummm i guess all that hunting since sept does it
  7. I bought birds from a bird farm and just rung their necks in the kitchen and made soup.it was cheaper plus chukars taste better imo
  8. Killed 3 solid bucks this year 2 wall hangers and 3 does i got 2 more buck tags im looking to fill one with one of the 10pts or big 8s on my pieces.plenty of buck and doe to hunt in my private pieces and we see deer every sit because their isnt any pressure except what the smokester brings when he kills bucks like clockwork.too much pressure to the original poster you gotta think you probably have 10 corn piles within a square mile close by.
  9. Probably dead or went complete nocturnal Theres too much pressure we have a season from sept til February its insane
  10. For sale you can reach me on my cellphone if your interested for price and whats available.we got a hefty taxidermy bill this year the holidays puts a hamper on the wallet and baby needs some shoes
  11. Idk i cant figure it out he wanted some pix of my season and im not posting them on any form of social media ill leave my cell he reads this he can give me a shout 609 -351-7832
  12. This is why i havent been on here in like over 1 year i still cant figure out all this format.
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