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  1. smoking gun

    Couple Bass today

    Let's go to the canal btw I'm going to bone collectors tomorrow
  2. smoking gun

    Private gun sales in NJ

    Strato if you were intellegint you would realize more guns are used to commit suicide and domestic violence then anything else Don't be so biased I like guns too.after reading many of you people's garbage I see why we have laws like we do many guys on this site are assclowns and a threat to themselves
  3. smoking gun

    Private gun sales in NJ

    I know more then you do abortion remains
  4. smoking gun

    Private gun sales in NJ

  5. smoking gun

    Private gun sales in NJ

    I bet you have domestic violence history retard
  6. smoking gun

    Private gun sales in NJ

    **** you forgot that's English
  7. smoking gun

    Private gun sales in NJ

    I wonder how many guys own guns to hunt that legally shouldn't be allowed and they use someone for a straw purchase or some shady shit.you have a felon or a rest raining order your not allowed to own one so now everyone is paranoid
  8. Wasn't these laws already into effect?
  9. smoking gun

    Teamsters form "Sanctuary Union"

    Unions crack me up their about morals and integrity when a vast majority are so corrupt and greedy and feel entitled.we have a former tanker driver who was union and now employed by us his antics are gonna lead him to the unemployment line shortly.
  10. smoking gun

    Hold over trout streams near central Jersey

    Never fished Tom's river for trout I know if a place up in Princeton stony brook that area holds fish
  11. Still have a 1100 from the 70s like mint and the original 700m muzzleloader in mint.i do all my gunsmith work if needed.never will sell any of my firearms they don't make good guns anymore they make junk now
  12. smoking gun

    Got My Crossbow Set Up !!!

    After my miscue this season I was contemplating on getting one the Horton ten point.ita gonna be lights out if I get one
  13. smoking gun

    Rod builders

    Nice rods
  14. smoking gun

    Ignore the assclown Tab

    Duece and ducks haaaaa
  15. smoking gun

    My homemade Ozonics

    I have that contraption you plug into the cigarette lighter in the car it does work but it has to be in a enclosed environment you can smell it it kills the air kinda burns my throat I still drive with the windows up with it on