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  1. Hello @B B! We haven’t been on the forum in a while but heard you were looking for us! Our bad for being away for so long, @BowhunterNJ. Thanks @nb6624! We love to hear when people are happy with our stuff! We put a lot of work into everything and the validation of that work is appreciated! Thank you! On the other side of the coin, we are not so happy to hear about your experience with our MM, @hammer4reel. We would love to make it right with you, as well as, find out more about how it was used and why it might not have worked out as you had hoped so we can determine why
  2. Jason is a good guy. Just recently got the fortune to meet and get friendly with him. He is easy going, fun to talk to, very dedicated to hunting big bucks in NJ and a wealth of knowledge on how to hunt pressured bucks. Excellent deer.
  3. Thanks!! This is where we started out and we are most appreciative!
  4. We are actually going to be down that way next weekend at a show! Tuckerton. We will take a look at what is down there! If you have any "ins" we always make it worth your while! We will explain this weekend how!
  5. What part are you in? What stores down there would be convenient for you?
  6. ...and we love the local support! We try to help out our locals as much as we can!
  7. Yes! We just dropped some stuff off at Simon Peters tonight. Not sure if they have any blocks left though but we can drop them off there for you if you want. Tackle and Field has a bunch of blocks left as does Mountain Mike's Sport Shop. Are any of those stores close?
  8. Awesome! So glad to hear that you have been enjoying the Pinch Point! My business partner is the formulation specialist. When he developed it and we got out hands on it we looked at each other and said, "I think we nailed it...." We are super proud of what we came up with and how the deer react to it. Thank you for the compliments and we are now beginning to really start pushing it to other stores in the state. We wanted to see the reaction to it before we really started letting the reins out, so to speak. Again, thank you and if you are in the area let us know as we try to meet a
  9. Sent you a PM. Burgers, fries and shakes? You have our attention.....................
  10. No thanks needed! haha....I'll hang out and chat until I feel as though I am overstaying my welcome. haha I kid. Greg and myself can (and do) talk deer all day. It's amazing how a conversation about hunting and deer can connect two people that have never spoken to each other before. You have a very unique spot to hunt and its fun hearing about how different people hunt different deer. I meant to see how things turned out for you!
  11. Wow Lou, we are humbled by those words! One of the best parts of this whole trip has been developing friendships that we would have otherwise never had the opportunity to start and meet people we would have never met otherwise, even you! haha Kidding! Awesome!
  12. We are located in Morris County but get to all areas of the state. The retailers that carry our blocks are up north right now. Let us know where you are located, through PM if you wish. Thanks!
  13. No, thank YOU! We are so very sorry that we disappeared for a while there and plan on being more involved. Slammed = zero hunts for me this season. My partner got out for a few hours on opening morning and that is it. Still, it has been a fun ride so far and we will find some time in the woods yet!
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