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  1. Been away from these sites for a while, here’s one of my toys...
  2. Thanks again for letting me tag along, your definitely a determined Mainiac! Beautiful country up there but definitely tough hunting.
  3. There was one in Tabernacle that I would see in fields on 206 a few times each spring for the past 3 years. There was also one in Winslow right near Mr Bills that was seen on the side of the expressway a few years back. There here but not many yet.
  4. I used it for years with no problems at all but most of my stands were limited to 25 yards visibility. Last year in 2 different areas it cost me two shots. The first was in a ground blind, doe at 40 yards (site set at 20) but I didnt have enough light inside to see what the tape read to change it before she walked off. The second was in a stand where I could see pretty far, had a decent buck come in around 45 yards but he had me pegged and again I couldn't adjust the sight without being totally busted. I ended up buying a 5 pin Spot Hogg Grinder sight.
  5. Jesus man I think I need to start reading the books. Just watching the show I have no idea how your coming up with half of this.
  6. I'm still shooting my 2011 Elite Pulse.
  7. Going back to a multi pin sight from a slider, anyone have any recommendations for 3-5 pins, .19 size and bright?
  8. Toys or rides huh? How about a pic of a toy in a ride. I use to race mx when I was a kid but got out of it about 14 years ago. Slowly getting back into it but I have to keep reminding myself I'm not 16 anymore.
  9. That's awesome! Can't wait to see pictures. For me, another donation. Maybe next year.
  10. Ended up back in bed. Once I really woke up and saw how crappy it was out it didn't seem like to hard of a choice. I wanna kill a bird and all but not that bad!
  11. Thoughts? It doesn't sound that heavy out.
  12. I buy a lot from The Gun Rack and Butches in Vineland. Not the biggest selections but they usually have what I'm looking for.
  13. There were a few hens over there but I couldn't hear of they were talking or not. I was hoping to be able to hear them and mimic them but couldn't. One of these days I'm gonna kill a turkey!
  14. Anyone have any suggestions on calling birds from 150-200 yards? Today I had 5 gobblers in the field across from my property that I couldn't get to cooperate. Everything I tried seemed to keep them interested but they wouldn't budge from the corner of the field. Is 200 yards to far?
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