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Ground Venison


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Hunters pie. Sauté up what ever veggies you have around (I usually buy the soup greens package from supermarket) throw chop meat in cook and break it up as you go add worstshire, seasoning and can of tomato paste then a little water cook for 20 min. While its cooking make some cheesy mash potatoes. Fill meat in baking dish and smooth it out then throw potatoes on top smooth out and with fork whip the potatoes up to every couple inches so they crisp and some juice boils to surface. Throw in oven 375 for 30 minutes. Ridiculous how good it tastes and makes for great leftovers.

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Make a few different types of meatballs, I did a sweet & sour one years ago that was really good, may have to find that recipe again. You can google sweet and sour meatballs and get tons of good ideas.


Also, chili, nacho's or a meat & cheese dip. Just brown up 1 pound of ground meat, add a jar of Tostitos queso cheese, have guac, salsa or sour cream on the side, dip with chips. 


Go get a quesadilla maker, you can find them for $15-$20 and use it for the ground meat, or any other kind of left overs you have: chicken, pork, etc. My kids even like a pizza style quesadilla one. 


Season the ground meat like you would for a burger, and roll it pretty flat. Take a cheese stick, either pepper jack, cheddar, colby and cheddar, whatever you like, wrap the cheese stick in the ground meat like a fat hot dog, wrap with bacon, and grill. 

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