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  1. Hitemnasty

    Thermacell--Earth Scent replacement pads ?

    Same goes for cigarettes, coffee, food, etc, etc and on and on....
  2. Hitemnasty

    Thermacell--Earth Scent replacement pads ?

    Maybe its just me.. but if you're using a thermacell and the deer smell that wouldn't they have the same chance at smelling you?? If your using thermacell and get busted how would you know what they caught scent of, so how could you place blame on the thermacell alone?? I would think you couldn't, so hunt the wind and don't worry about what smells like what!
  3. Hitemnasty

    What do you all consider “backing out?”

    Most people don't realize how long meat last before going bad.
  4. Hitemnasty

    Great Room Build

    Coming together nicely! If you don't plan on it you should tape up all the seems on your house wrap, it will keep the wind from getting under it. Tape the wrap to window fins also. If you ever pulled a old window out stuffed with insulation and noticed the insulation is black instead of pink thats from the air moving through it making it a filter instead of insulation. I also see some spots that are flashed the wrong way, the house wrap should come down over the roof flashing so water sheds all the way down the house without touching wood. I do this for a living so not just blowing smoke, trying to help.
  5. Hitemnasty

    Self Defense Hunt

    I'm calling BS! The maker of the sight just so happened to have his life saved by it?! C'mon man!!!
  6. Hitemnasty

    Self Defense Hunt

    Haha I just noticed the same thing when I looked up the sight and watched a different video, its definitely him!
  7. Hitemnasty

    Thermacell foot warmers

    I’ve heard bad things about them and it’s why I never tried. I always had cold feet problem. I think my first mistake was wearing rubber boots on cold days as they don’t breathe and my second mistake was wearing a pack boot that was too insulated making my feet sweet with not air flow. So now unless it’s below 20 degrees I wear a 1000 g boot with two pairs of merino wool socks. One thin liner pair and a another thicker pair, I have multiple thicknesses so I wear what I think I’ll need. I found a big factor to keep my feet from getting damp is put on warm boots and socks! I found when I put a cold boot on my foot it instantly builds up what I guess is condensation and there’s no going back after that, starting out damp is no good! I also bring a change of socks, sometimes I walk in with a thin cotton pair and change before I climb up and other times if walk isn’t too far just a pair to change later in day( still very important to keep boot warm while you change so I close boot up by folding tounge over and pre warm my socks in my bibs). Toasty toes are always in my pack and use them a lot also. They work great just don’t walk in with them because they get too much air and overheat making feet sweat.
  8. Hitemnasty

    Climbing Harness Set Up

  9. Hitemnasty

    Climbing Harness Set Up

    Ok sorry misunderstood, ease up hoss! Haha
  10. Hitemnasty

    Which are you using on the opener?

    Getting hitched so I’ll be using the weapon god gave me!
  11. Hitemnasty

    Fart or not to fart

    I piss off my tree multiple times a day sometimes, never had a problem and I hunt the wind so I fart when the time comes!
  12. Hitemnasty

    Climbing Harness Set Up

    How do you decend with a tight prussic knot? You can’t move that knot when all your weight is hanging on it!
  13. Hitemnasty

    Climbing Harness Set Up

    Kenny, how can you sit down if the tree strap is so high up tree? You can’t sit with enough slack, so it needs to be lower, so no matter what if you want to be able to sit when you fall your feet are off the platform probably about waist to mid thigh. Now try and spin yourself strapped from your back and work at getting back up with tension from all your weight pulling you towards the tree from the back the entire time because you’re strapped from the back. It be like trying to stand up from lying down while someone pushes down on your shoulders. All the points mazz gave and... I don’t think it will be as easy to turn around as it might seem, I don’t want to find out! I don’t see the argument here???? Facts... treestand harness can save your life but if you aren’t trained and properly prepared it will kill you(I’m lucky I never fell because I never had my relief strap handy and wasn’t even aware of suspension trauma till last year, reasons for making the change)! Facts...Climbing harness is meant to hang freely from giving you all the time you need to recover and your tethered from the front making it much easier to climb back up. Just because 5 point harnesses are given with every stand and marketed to sell to hunters DOES NOT make them the better, safer system.
  14. Hitemnasty

    Climbing Harness Set Up

    From what I’ve read it’s next to impossible to fall out of harness even while inverted. Falling from a treestand with rope up at right height it not really possible to be inverted unless you were to jump up and dive off.
  15. Hitemnasty

    Climbing Harness Set Up

    I have close to the same setup as you, just picked it up and put it all together weeks ago. The ascender is a awesome addition over the prussic knot! I picked up a harness with linesmen rings. I used it to hang a set today and it work awesome and never felt safer! This setup from what I researched is way safer than traditional 5 point harnesses! You won’t die in five minutes after the blood is cut off and you won’t be hanging with your back to the tree so it makes climbing back up much much easier.