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  1. Hitemnasty

    Prayers for Paramus

    Terrible! It seems as though a lot of these bad accidents involve dump trucks, I constantly see them driving like complete douches with full loads. Something needs to be done about it!
  2. Hitemnasty

    Wifi help needed

    It worked great for me and its plug a play not crawling around attics and whatnot to run cables...
  3. Hitemnasty

    Wifi help needed

    I just got a "wifi extender" off amazon and it's probably quadrupled my wifi range! I use to get almost no signal in my basement and in my yard now I have full signal anywhere on my property then some. It links up to your current modem/router and can be plugged in anywhere within your currents setups range and extend it from there.
  4. Hitemnasty

    anyone here cook on cast iron?

    I use to exclusively use a cast iron skillet that I pulled from a customers attic and reseasoned. But recently I discovered carbon steel pans from Lodge! They heat much more evenly with hardly any hotspots like cast iron and have the same if not better nonstick capability (my first cook out of the box was scrambled eggs and they never stuck even a little and every cook since has been a pleasure). The one thing I'll say is better about the cast iron skillet was the look, it stays a nice even black whereas the carbon steel has color variations from the heat. I too love the thought of using my antique cast iron but my new pans just plain out perform and now it's all I cook on!
  5. Hitemnasty

    Where Did All the Ratings Go ?

    There seems to be some of the buttons but not as many options. My biggest complaint with the new layout is not being able to tell when a topic was created all it reads is the last post time on the recent topics board. I dont like going into a topic to see someone just bumped it to the top from two years ago to give a thumbs up or something.
  6. Hitemnasty

    National puppy day!

    She's 7 months old tomorrow!
  7. Hitemnasty

    what irks you?

    Drivers that pull a douche move then give me the finger or the classic j/o motion! Drivers that move into the center or left lanes in front of me for no reason whatsoever when no one was in front of them other than to seemingly piss me off! Drivers that drive around with their dogs on their laps! How are they not ticketed, little more distracting than talking on phone, no? Stupid people in general! My biggest is the scum of the earth who litter!
  8. Hitemnasty

    Anyone Bow Hunting The Last Week?

    Haha probably just one if I was to take two I wouldn't be able to hunt that spot for years!
  9. Hitemnasty

    Anyone Bow Hunting The Last Week?

    Yup plan to hunt the last day and according to some going to take 34 deer out of the future herd!
  10. Hitemnasty

    Rare Find When Shed Hunting

    Had this immature baldie come to the blind for unknown reasons on a winter bow hunt. Stayed there until after I left.
  11. Hitemnasty

    Where to sell loose diamond?

    I don't know the laws guy asked a place I said a place. Not sure what would be illegal about it anyway? You can hock or sell used jewelry but licensed diamond brokers can't buy a diamond? Also pretty sure anyway the one stopping in for lunch would be the buyer not Joe Schmo trying to sell something he owns...
  12. Hitemnasty

    Where to sell loose diamond?

    Diamond exchange in Woodbridge. There's many many different stores in there.
  13. Hitemnasty

    Broadhead Cutting Width(Update)

    The last six bucks I've shot from 130 to 165 pounds dressed all dropped in sight going between 20-60 yards. First two was muzzy four blade and last four were helix two blade 1 3/16 inch I believe. IMO a scared deer runs farther than a deer that don't know what hit em. Big blades, loud xbow= scared deer, normal heads, quiet bow= deer don't know what hit em. I do believe does are tougher than bucks though so they usually run a bit farther!
  14. Hitemnasty

    To peep or not to peep

    G5 meta 5/16 no kisser on my Prime Defy.
  15. Hitemnasty

    Never again! Venison sausage pizza

    Same as when you go to the butcher and you see speciality sausages from different animals like rabbits, bison, ect. Look at the ingredients the animal that's labeled on the front is not the majority of the meat in the sausage its like three four ingredients down the list leaving it with a very low percentage of what you think you're buying.