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  1. I always hang with skin on for up to two weeks weather permitting. Yes it’s harder to skin but saves a lot of time trimming of dry meat that would end up getting thrown out. Never heard of anything leaching into the meat from the skin. Longer it hangs the more the hemoglobins evaporate and enzymes break down the muscle for tenderness. Greybeard, I’ve never heard of your complaint before. How does the blood dry inside a muscle? You’re actually doing the exact opposite that everyone else says we should do. Like at the very least wait till rigor mortis is done. Also when hanging and aging meat low humidity is what butchers are looking for so bacteria doesn’t grow. But it comes down to your taste and preference so what works for you is what you should keep doing!
  2. The bigger question here is why would you throw out antlers?
  3. I used a length of 2x6 to span three joists over Sheetrock and secured an eye bolt in the center with a big washer. Then the typical block and tackle setup.
  4. It’s also good practice when hunting off the ground is to sit 45-90 degrees off of where you think the deer will most likely be at, so if right handed deer trail is on the left side of chest to shoulder. So you are with a advantage when shooting, less movement to get ready and not torquing the body in a unnatural shooting position. Same goes for treestand imo but not for the unnatural shooting position just much less movement than getting up and turning around.
  5. I’ve done my share of hunting from the ground and usually see more action from the ground it seems. Using natural blinds or ghillie jacket. The main disadvantage to me when bow hunting is you really are limiting your shooting to less than a 180 degrees. When sitting in a treestand you have almost 360, deer can and do come from anywhere at times. The thing I hate the most about hunting from the ground is comfort! When sitting there in a little turkey seat it doesn’t take long for it to become uncomfortable. Coupled with limited visibility it’s not in the best interest to stand up at any point to stretch or it can ruin the hunt. So 3 hours is about my ground limit. That said treestand are nice, way more comfortable but I find ladder stands leaving me feel vulnerable. Because unless there’s cedars or holly’s to tuck them into, which rarely seems to actually work out I’m sitting, low, out in the open for deer to spot me from all directions, from farther away and potentially deer I never even saw, way more so than sitting on ground up against a tree. Specially this time of year when there’s no leaves and deer blend into the thick brush they can spot my movement from far away and I never knew they was looking at me.
  6. Heading in for first time since early December and first time with gun/muzzy in about 5 years. Wearing my grandpa’s old red woolrich hunting jacket that’s probably at least twice my age for some good luck and some old pac boots I got from a old timer neighbor. Switching it up and making fun. Hopefully it starts snowing soon!
  7. Maybe for some but I get mine from the butcher and it takes like a day or two to gather what I need. The same can be said for pork. The heavy fat caps get trimmed and go into a bucket. Think we agree to disagree here
  8. Maybe the things you say are true about certain applications but they don't add pork fat to ground beef. Is a ordinary hamburger foul to you, whats the difference between it being in a beef burger or a venison burger with the same fat other than the flavor of the protein? Don't you enjoy the fat on a nice ribeye? That is the best part and you'll never see my plate with bits of fat still on it. Would you ever take ground pork, make a burger, cook it rare and eat it? Hell no you wouldn't cause that would be just crazy! Yes do what makes you happy because thats what its all about but don't just dismiss another common option as "foul" when its clearly normal and potentially safer!
  9. Yea pork fat is great no doubt but why you want your venison tasting like pork?! Don’t like venison?? I don’t need the added flavor in my venison from pork just the moisture the beef fat adds
  10. I do 20% beef fat. Not sure why people use pork when beef is a comparable red meat and pork as has been discussed on here has cooking limitations on what’s safe and what’s not. I’ll never worry about my burgers being cooked rare to med rare with beef fat. I get it from a local grass fed beef butcher for a few dollars a pound. Nobody has ever complained about the flavor it’s actually quite the contrary!
  11. Use it! Not only does whatever you’re cooking come perfectly almost no matter what it’s extremely easy and very little mess to deal with afterwards. Specially if you use a torch so you don’t dirty a pan or have to fire up the grill. I put the meat on a wire broil rack to torch sear. Make life easier and while you are packing up your venison in foodsaver bags pre season so you can just throw it right in frozen, thawed and don’t have to waste more foodsaver bags.
  12. I sliced up the other one this morning for my sandwich and you can see here better how red it is. Maybe because it cooled down? Don’t know but this was the smaller of the two and both done exactly same way.
  13. Picture is deceiving it was still very rare, I think because the way it slowly comes to temp, does so for hours and is even all the way through it doesn’t keep that raw look of deep red. I need to experiment more with the temps I think I’ll try 124 next time and see what it looks like, can always cook it some more.
  14. Didn’t check but being the temp doesn’t rise at all after it’s done with the bath and searing takes seconds I’d say less than one degree. I’ve done them higher like 130 and wasn’t completely satisfied with the rareness.
  15. Pulled out some loin from a big ole doe that I had and Sous Vide them up. Sprinkled on the holy trinity, vacuum sealed and set the temp to 128 degrees. 2.5 hours later pulled em out, patted dry and torch seared in seconds with the benzomatic. Made some roasted yams on the side seasoned and added some rosemary and thyme that is still kicking around in my herb garden. It’s what treats are made of!
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