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  1. I’ve had a few letters and packages delivered open from the post office. It’s full of scum with no worries of loosing their jobs! They open packages they think might have money or gift cards with no repercussions. Some arrive open and who knows how many never do get delivered (cards from family with money or cards that you never knew about, so how many people are mad and never send more because they didn’t get a thank you because some asshat postal employee stole it)? With most mail being junk it’s easy for dirt bag gov employees to pick out personal letters and especially cards with something inside.
  2. My guess is he was some douche who saw your truck and was harassing you if he was just going back and forth. If that happens again film it and call the warden and he’ll regret his rude. behavior! Even if you shot a deer at sunset when it’s still pretty bright, the rule of thumb if you didn’t see it actually die is to wait at least a half hour before slowing getting down and sneaking up to the hit site. Then reviewing your shot from there wether to back out or not. So no matter what you’re still tracking in the dark. So sit till end of legal time and if you have deer around you then wait longer so you hopefully don’t educate them for next time.
  3. Good to know! So I was using the wrong terminology. I think of mass as two things being the same size but could be different weights. That’s why I was questioning you so much on it. I’m just a simple carpenter so don’t expect much from me haha. Thanks for my lesson today!!
  4. No room to chop them. Really appreciate the offer though! Going to stick with them this season. I really love the FMJ’s. They pull out so easily and give good penetration on target. I’m in north ocean county.
  5. Same size. The weight difference would create a different outcome. Isn’t weight and mass two different factors?
  6. 400 FMJ with 50g brass insert 125g single bevel two blade heads. 4 inch feather fletching with wrap and lighted nock. Coming out of a 28 inch draw Prime Defy (best bow I’ve ever had! About 6 years now). It’s a amazing setup but just want to try a stiffer spine with heavier heads to see what happens.
  7. So let’s throw both straight up into the air as hard as we can with a 10mph crosswind. The nail is going to go higher and the toothpick is going to land much farther away from the nail because of the wind sheer factor. Would that be correct?
  8. Shooting 500 right now with a 29 inch arrow and 15%FOC with 60 lbs draw weight. Looking to bump it up another hundred up front but the cost of testing is high and I’ve been having great results for many years with it. So next season maybe.
  9. I like your point of view but I think you’re leaving out a key point? I think you’re saying what it would do instantly after release. But what happens down range? The finish nail can be thrown farther and when it hits something it’s going to penetrate farther and or leave a bigger mark. The toothpick is going to loose momentum quickly and then any outside factors like wind is going to throw it off track more so because of the momentum loss. No one ever without but maybe a serious tailwind threw a toothpick farther than a finish nail. In all sincerity, am I wrong about that?
  10. I’ve been shooting heavy arrows for well over a decade, starting out tipped with muzzy 125. I’ve punched through a 2.5 year old bucks scapula with about ten inches penetration. That deer dropped in ten yards because the as he moved the arrow shredded his vitals.
  11. No hostility really. Yea it annoyed me a bit when you bashed my comparison so I started typing like crazy haha. I’ve read and watched hours and hours on the pros and cons. From what I’ve been seeing the past 4-5 years is a sway towards heavier setups with two blade coc.
  12. If you’re hitting scapula most likely the hits already too high. I’m thinking more leg bones on lower angle shots. With the right setups a quarter to shot isn’t low percentage at all it’s actually quite devastating! So IMO building a head for a gut/liver shot is a horrible idea because those heads make you aim farther back so bones aren’t hit. Few inches forward and animal isnt really going anywhere.
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