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  1. https://www.amazon.com/BULZi-Massaging-Silicone-Comfortable-Flexible/dp/B07BLRF32W
  2. I’d suggest to anyone to get a silicone wedding band! It’s more comfortable and you don’t have to worry about loosing a finger in some freak accident caused by a metal ring. After hearing about the horror stories about those screw ins I’ve been phasing them out, they’re probably the most dangerous equipment hunters are using. From pulling out and falling to being gutted while you fall.... no thanks!
  3. My dads best friend in early 90’s fell out of the tree snapped pine tree 15 feet up and about 3 inches or more thick on the way down unfortunately he didn’t make it and my dad found him the next day. Dad went out and bought harness’s before our next hunt.
  4. You did the right thing not going with either of them rip-off artists! You got one of the best sliders on the market for the price imo. We replace sliders all the time and the ones that last the longest is the model you got(they still operate smoothly and most times it’s the glass or wood went bad after 20-30 years, pella had a bad run back then with water getting behind the cladding), the worst of the worst is the Anderson contractor grade vinyl covered wood doors, they swell up and are hard to operate in no time. Think about how old your framing is on the deck before you put 1000’s of dollars of composite decking down. You can do a deck with #1 select deck boards up to 20 feet long with no knots or imperfections. Composite deck boards go for about 80-90$ a board and wood is about 20-30$ For 20 footers. You don’t want to put all that expensive decking down on a frame that’s not going to outlast it. You don’t need to be 12” on center either, nobody really does that, even the most anal of architects that love to watch themselves draw and pat themselves on the back don’t do that. For a short time they started doing 12” oc when the composites like trex first came out because they were weak but even then 12” oc was suggested for commercial applications. Azec composite decking is probably the best out there now but if you’re in the sun I’d stick with wood because that stuff gets so hot you can cook burgers on it! I prefer wood.
  5. My brother ordered a set last month and had them in two days. Think he got his from Mack’s prairie wings, the newer model.
  6. Like others had said the animals you’re looking for are extremely elusive! I hunt a property that has plenty of gray fox and coyote tracks but the creatures that make them are a rare sight. I get gray fox pics on my camera all the time, all at night and I’ve only ever seen one during daylight. That’s hunting there for the last 30 years! Seen coyotes a handful of times and a mink once. Though if a deer is left overnight it’s a 50/50 shot the coyotes get to it So to probably be successful you need to setup a hide and NatGeo style stay in there for days on end for your few seconds of footage! After you’ve narrowed down the best location with hours and hours of scouting and trail cameras. Sorry to possibly burst the bubble!
  7. I understand not everyone has the same goals but when it comes to paying hard earned money I would bet most people willing to pay want the above average chance at a good to great buck. Without previous access chances at getting anything even a fawn aren’t great. Customers are supposed to walk into the woods in the dark, blind not even knowing if there’s a tree for a climber? Smaller bucks and does are readily available on the public lands we have access to for free Lands that we already have an opportunity to narrow down the better spots. Public lands, from what my experiences are from the last twenty years hunting them is that it’s not the headache everyone portrays. I actually get more frustrated on the smaller private pieces I have access to. Imo for this to truly work out (in the long term) you need to have properties setup by professionals to be hunted by customers. Where prescouting has been done and trails, stands and blinds setup, like going to a outfitter. Maybe it’s a option customers pay a little more for that service. If not that, a customers one day hunt should be a two day lease, one to scout and setup and one to hunt. But then that brings on one of my first concerns about not knowing who did what, where and when. To add... majority of hunters in today’s world rely on bait and others are lazy (meaning they don’t want to walk far or setup/takedown stands the day they hunt) so you’re really narrowing down the customer base by not having bait sites and stands setup.
  8. Pay per day to hunt land that I was never able to scout beforehand, no thanks because some land takes weeks, months, years to learn and pattern the deer to be successful specially when it comes to mature bucks. Pay per day to hunt land that I don’t know who, when or what the other mo mo’s did on that land before me, no thanks it takes one mistake wether hunting wrong wind, going in at the wrong time and many other factors that can ruin a spot for the season. We have public land for free to deal with all that! But there’s plenty of dopes with money to spend so I’m sure you’ll do ok.
  9. Same crew that screwed us out of a week of fall bow season. Heaven forbid permit bow start Nov 2nd! Last week of Oct was some of the best chances to get a fall bow buck but now it’s permit bow season. Eff Fish and Game they can’t do anything right.
  10. I was just out there for 12 days with my wife. 5 states and 2 thousand miles later on the rental I’m back to reality! It’s just unbelievable country, loved the Tetons. Was there for Yellowstones first snowfall and got pretty close to some grizz myself...
  11. Rock climbing harness. No need to worry about dying of suspension trauma or hanging there with your back to the tree.
  12. I have four cameras all of them stealth cams from different years and they all still work fine. Batteries last a long time and they take decent pictures.
  13. My entire life is a scent free world year round lol! I even have my wife mostly onboard, everything is washed with free and clear detergent, I use the unscented body wash all the time and Arm and Hammer unscented deodorant everyday. It’s the only deodorant you can put on after you stink that won’t make you stink worse but actually just kills the odor.
  14. Washing clothes fades and wears them out so I’ve been washing as little as possible last few years. I wash with Atsko sport detergent when I do and been doing so for well over a decade (they also make the absolute best body and hair soap out there that can be bought in bulk for really cheap, bare minimum ingredients). Detergent has no UV brighteners and doesn’t clog up high performance gear with crap. What I’ve been doing more than washing is dipping all but my wool undergarments in a carbon powder bath. It’s amazing how stale clothes sitting in a bag for 6 months come out smelling like fresh air! It does darken them up for a little bit and will leave a black residual on yourself but it all comes out eventually being it’s just carbon dust. I bought a 2lb bag on Amazon a few years ago for like 20$ and still have 90% of it left. I fill a tub with 5-6 gallons of water and dump in like a 1/4 cup of powder, mix around, dunk and hang dry. I put anything and everything that can get wet in the bath. To add, it’s the only way activated carbon can work in a hunting garment because there is no “reactivating” you’re just adding fresh scent absorbing carbon every time.
  15. You may be able to get the very, very edge of a blade “razor sharp” but it’s only a tiny area being the blade is so thick. That edge is gone in a nano second on a hit. What’s going to cut easier and longer, a 2x4 sharpened to a edge or a piece of paper sharpened to edge? There’s a reason bloodtrials aren’t great and it’s not because it’s a coc it’s because the edge isn’t as or stays as sharp during the pass through.
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