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  1. Hitemnasty

    Question for the driving gang

    “Know your public land” doesn’t really make any sense when saying you know how it’s hunted. So for the three months after six day I need to come up with a plan on unknown factors? Like when a gang is going to show up and push. What way they’re going to push and if they’re going to even show up? That’s crazy, it may workout 1 in a 100 times but all the other times wasted it isn’t worth it. The ground has already been pushed several times leaving deer in there beds till sun goes down. That plan hardly works out the first day of the gun season forget all the following days because I’ve planned for that for the last 6 years and it’s worked out for me once! You can’t know the unknown.
  2. Hitemnasty

    Question for the driving gang

    Yea I know my public land and there’s only so many adjustments one can make when there’s few deer left to adjust on and then pressured to full nocturnal! That’s my issue the public land we all can hunt his mismanaged for the parts of the state that can’t be hunted. It’s not a “one size fits all” situation.
  3. Hitemnasty

    Question for the driving gang

    Percentage wise they are killing more, less guys killing more deer in a smaller time frame with much more stress on them. You can make assumptions about deer not being pushed to death even though every book and article I’ve read about deer on the subject says otherwise about how fragile they are in the winter months, specially bucks. Look it up... So my assumption, is a good percentage of deer killed by drivers go unreported... Buckshot leaves little trace of a hit with very little blood trail. These guys don’t have time to search around for a deer that was maybe hit they need to get on with the next drive. Dude thought the buck was bigger so decides not to tag it. Shoot first ask questions later, so how many deer found don’t get tagged? Gang mentality is safety in numbers so just shoot that buck you don’t have a tag for it’s cool. We all have assumptions.....
  4. Hitemnasty

    Question for the driving gang

    Tired of hearing the same old tired argument. Theres been a lot of "traditions" in human history that aren't "traditions" anymore. The "tradition" was for guys to get together for one week a year and maybe a few other days with the doe days to enjoy the "camaraderie". Now its not the same, the land (mostly public) is raped for months over and over and over again in the name of "tradition" and "camaraderie" by many different clubs and groups of guys on the same day even! It was "tradition" for me to go out hunting and see a healthy, thriving deer herd, what about mine and others "traditions", does anyone care about ours?? The herd is very far from thriving anymore, its in real bad shape on public ground, Private is seeing it also. It isn't just about the crazy amounts of deer they kill, wound or never find using buckshot on running targets or the added pressure turning all deer nocturnal ruining the rest of the season for stand hunters. What about all the deer that are run to death from starvation in their most vulnerable time, during the winter when every calorie needs to be accounted for to survive? A mature buck is all ready walking a thin line after 1,2,3 ruts to survive the winter, now put on top all the extra energy it needs to burn to avoid flying lead, leaving it even less time to eat and recuperate. Nobody thinks about that do they?? All these guys care about is filling the meat pole for the social media "likes", back pats and reach arounds all in the name of "traditions and camaraderie"! NJF&G management plan is a joke and a spit in the face to all hunters when they bow to the special interest groups, i.e gun clubs and insurance companies!
  5. Hitemnasty

    Tuna found on ibsp

    Found washed up this morning. Pic was sent from the source, a friend on mine (guy in pic who’s about 6 foot 185) that works there. Only details I know.
  6. Hitemnasty

    Happy Wife Happy Life.

    Good looking pup! Going to do the same thing this morning with our 15 month old chocolate.... ‘tis the season
  7. Hitemnasty

    Facebook really sucks

    Your smart phone is always listening also! Other day wife and I was talking about getting her father a nice steak. What pops up on her phone, a advertisement for Omaha steaks! Never searched it before, we would never buy that crap to begin with. Just recently my pandora threw me a add for hunting gear. I have no type of hunting channel on there. Don’t have any social media either.
  8. Hitemnasty

    Jet Sled?

    Sled is nice, good way to keep gear packed in truck. Cart is much much easier if you have flat ground and trails. There’s still a lot of friction with sled, it takes a little effort even when empty, much more than a cart. Modified my handle also, made two loops with cobra weave wrap for added grip that runs through a wooden dowel. Gives me the option to use the dowel or slide the dowel down to sled and just pull with the loops. Which I prefer to do even when two people are pulling as it gives each person more freedom to move around.
  9. Hitemnasty

    Filson Mackinaw Wool Bibs

    I recently bought the pants in size 34, I normally wear 33 with room to spare but the Filson are kinda tight. Well made for sure but I also have a problem where all the seams join together in the crotch. The seams there are very bulky and uncomfortable between my thighs. I guess if I was a skinny chick with a thigh gap it be ok but as of right now there’s no way I can wear them to walk any distance in without waddling! I’m hardly fat, it has over a inch of bulked up material where it needs to be the thinnest. So it looks like I need to spend more money and have a tailor sew in a gusset like they should have already.
  10. Hitemnasty

    Fish & Game is sucking big time on stocking

    F&G sucks at basically everything they do
  11. Hitemnasty

    To drive, or not to drive

    I’ve done a few small drives, it’s different and can be fun but not really my thing. I do have a problem with it on public land though and not for the reason of my hunt being ruined. I’ve actually had great hunts when drives where being done around me! My gripe is the gun season is so long and for deer to survive winter they need to save every calorie they can. When they’re constantly being pushed around in their most fragile time of the year it has to take a huge toll on them and that’s the ones that actually survive the gauntlet. Bucks particularly are extremely fragile after the rut and here in NJ there’s rutting going on into December, so how is a buck going to survive the extra stress of being pushed around? Go to a WMA on a Saturday and you’ll see set of trucks in a spot and drive by half hour later and an entire new set of trucks will be there! With all the other stress they face from stand hunters, hikers, bikers and predators the odds are extremely stacked against them and it’s showing. But that’s seems to be what NJFG wants..all the deer dead, raise our rates adding in a buck stub giving us less for more! Our states “wildlife management plan” is a joke!
  12. Hitemnasty

    Back to decimating the breeding stock

    When it’s done up and down the coast throughout the year wherever they may be at that particular time. It is hurting the fishery. I’ve seen a huge difference in the past 10 years. I use to go out in a small boat and fish within three miles of the inlet and do quite well on any given day, never trolling I rather not fish than do that. It may take a while but we get some fish by hitting the jetties or just jumping from bunker school to bunker school. Now we have a bigger boat and I barely bother fishing for them because it’s not go out the inlet and find the bunker you find the bass. It’s go travel 10-15 miles where the bass were yesterday and maybe they’ll still be there! The way the fleet swarms them tells the tail, when times was good there wasn’t 200 boats fishing the only school of stripers in the region. We were all spread out and all catching fish. Now when you hear the bite is on you need to fight your way in to get a chunk! It ridiculous, not enjoyable dealing with all the pompous dickheads in there 30 foot CC’s with quad 300’s and people say hunting public land is bad..ha!
  13. Hitemnasty

    Amazon Prime falls short on guaranteed shipping.

    They made the promise not USPS so it really is there fault they should’ve figured out the logistics! That company has more than enough money to start and run its own shipping company dealing only with Amazon purchases.
  14. Hitemnasty

    Amazon Prime falls short on guaranteed shipping.

    If the product has Prime next to it, it should be Prime eligible. Many products on there don’t have Prime and it tells you free shipping or shipping costs and delayed shipping times. But they’re still selling Prime memberships with the same label! To me “fast free 2 day shipping” means exactly that...2 day shipping not ships out in 2 days if that was the case why would it be free or why pay for subscription on a normal service of getting a product shipped out as fast as possible?