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  1. No difference between mans best friend and a stupid prey animal that defecates on itself?! What’s wrong with you?? With your logic a coyote is just as edible and tasty as a deer...
  2. Not a huge fan of my Avet for live lining with big bait like bunker. I love their reels so don’t get me wrong there but it’s a drag issue when it comes to the Avet. The real has a bait runner section on the lever drag but it’s not even close to being able to hold back a bunker or any kind of weight dragging on the bottom, from that position it goes right into the main drag. So example if the baitrunner drag section holds back 1lb of pressure after that it immediately jumps up to say 5 lbs. Much too much for a stricking fish not to feel the tug and let go.
  3. The high tax on cigarettes will not stop people from smoking and imo will only add to petty theft as a good proportion of the smoking population is low income and/or drug addicts.
  4. I recently purchased a pair of canvas hip boots from Scheels. They’re made like the old canvas lacrosse boots that aren’t made anymore. They have the calf strap inside to keep them on your feet and seem built pretty nicely with quality materials. For 80$ Seemed like a good deal compared to a lot of the others out there! I researched a lot before I finally landed on them. Ducks Unlimited is the only name on the box so not sure who manufactures them. Scheels also has an amazing return policy where you can basically return anything at anytime for any reason, there is no deadline date all they ask is for customers to be reasonable.
  5. Some of the responses here are pretty hypocritical if you ask me, every year some new hunters come here to ask questions or asked to be mentored. What do they usually get? Smart ass responses or the things they already know (because they’re on the Internet) like “tons of good information on the internet”. I know this because I read the comments and pm these folks to give any advice I can. The usual conclusion from them is it’s a “tough crowd” on here. I can totally understand not wanting to meet up with a stranger and take them to our spots as it’s a real thing of getting our spots burned that we put a lot of time finding or liability issues. But the nasty, wise ass, I’m the funny guy looking for laugh likes comments they receive when asking questions is ridiculous. There may be less hunters but IMO with shrinking amount of huntable land the number of hunters per square mile has actually increased leading to more competition and frustration, coupled with a shrinking game population it’s a recipe for failure in recruitment!
  6. I’ve been trying to find heads to eat at a reasonable price for some time now but nothing around me! The fat to meat ratio in heads is amazing and top off meat close to bone, yes please! My favorite meat is lamb, I fell in love with goat dishes from the streets of Jamaica and I’ve been looking for pig and cow heads for some bbq. I just watched a Bizarre Foods where they did steer head barbacoa and it looks melt in your mouth amazing! But I’m the guy that eats every bite of every bit of meat that touches my plate.
  7. They all suck these days with the water saver eco BS! Everything comes out smelling and tasting like dishwasher detergent. I do a lot of kitchens and none that I’ve come across are great. If if I had to give a recommendation I’d find the least economical one you can find.
  8. I can’t speak for Cutco but my wife bought me a real 8 inch Henkel’s chef knife about 6 years ago and it’s been a wonderful knife for me! I use it almost daily and never had to sharpen it. I hone it on the steel all the time to refine the edge but never once put it on a stone. It still slices tomato’s like butter and chops anything and everything. I do treat it like a baby though as it never touches anything but food and a soft cutting board. I hand wash and when it does get put away in a drawer it’s in a protective sleeve.
  9. Hitemnasty

    People suck

    As hammer pointed out it’s still a option on my app. Good luck getting it back, I think you might have a chance!
  10. Hitemnasty

    People suck

    Report it stolen in the app. It’s linked to cell towers so maybe they can track it down if it’s turned on again. I don’t get why steal a cell cam because the thief can’t use it!
  11. Just added this to my bookmarks recipes folder!
  12. Best meals come out of one pan, never let all those flavors go to waste!
  13. Mute your phone and the only difference between this forum and a group text is in text you usually know everyone personally. Your phone should be muted anyway because that’s one of the most annoying things is hearing others people’s phones going off so they can act like they’re important or something!
  14. Hitemnasty

    It's Valentines Day

    Everyday is bj day if you play your cards right! Oh you want your brakes done?... 3 bj’s. Oh you want that room painted that’s at least a 2 bj job.... Oh dinner with your annoying friends that’s going to cost you...hehehe It works!
  15. It’s such a joke, “I can’t do anything about it”! Yes you can you just don’t want to bother. I bet if they caught a guy that drove his truck onto a field to load up a deer they would do something about it but that same field can be a ATV track free for all.
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