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  1. Do what I did and go into your phone settings and set it to silence unknown numbers! Works like a charm, when a number that isn’t saved in my phone calls me I have no clue until the call ended or a voicemail was left, even then it just leaves a notification without sound or vibration. I have iPhone so not sure if it works with Android.
  2. Good luck with it! It’s really hard to mess up cooking Sous vide. I think the best tip for Sous vide is your timing. 2 hours on a steak and it’s going to taste like a steak but take the same steak and do it 12 hours it’s going to taste more like a roast. I did a 10lb leg of lamb for Xmas at 133 for 33 hours and it was amazing, because the extra time gives the tough parts time to tenderize. Check out the YouTube channel “Sous vide everything” as he experiments with just about every meat and time cooked. I love Sous vide for its ease of use but I think it does lack in the complexity of
  3. Found it on Amazon. Bought a 3 pack. Don’t think I’ve ever seen it in a store but it definitely blows away A1!
  4. Got a delivery from Master Purveyors Butcher yesterday and couldn’t resist the chance to cook up a NY strip from the Prime dry aged sampler box I got! My birthday gifts every year are usually gift cards from this amazing butcher that supplies a lot of NY city’s restaurants. It’s not the cheapest but a real treat. Dry brined for 3 hours, Sous Vide at 130 degrees for 2.5 hours and finished off over weber chimney starter with natural lump oak coal for a super crispy crust! Accompanied with herb tossed roasted sweet potatoes and a couple glasses of Bib & Tucker bourbon and little Lee
  5. Thanks for taking the time to give me ideas!! It’s definitely not like going to the store to buy a tool, there’s a lot involved with different specs. Definitely going the heavy duty route as I believe but the best buy once.
  6. Hitemnasty


    You should probably get some help haha! I miss seeing pretty girls faces like seriously this mask crap has to go!
  7. I’m starting up my own business and need a trailer for my tools. The pickup bed is designated for hunting and fishing gear! I’ve heard that trailers are much cheaper in other states. Does anyone here have experience buying trailers here in NJ or another state and what a good price would be or maybe you know someone looking to sell one? I’m clueless on this one and it’s not easy to search for info over the Internet on these. I’m looking for a 6x8 or 6x10 enclosed, preferably a V nose with double back doors and side door. Thanks again in advance!
  8. Looks like a solid step but I don’t see any advantage over a stick. With a stick your getting 3 steps with one rope, no worrying about the right tension and position of the step and rope for a proper cam over. With a stick the rope can be tight be loose it’s going to hold once pulled down. Plus you now have all these little steps dangling while walking/climbing potentially banging around. I like the idea for a permanent set over tree steps because they’re scary to me but for mobile setup I’m just not seeing it.
  9. You couldn't give me a summit for free that I would use and this post may take some heat because we like what we like but I'm throwing out a different prospective! They're clunky and noisy to take apart, put back together and climb with. Oh and they're known to slide down on smooth bark or frozen trees! Now, my API bowhunter is just about everything I want in a climber. I can quickly take it apart and put it back together without worrying about making any noise because theres no metal on metal when stored. The shrink wrapped chains silently slide in and out with tons of adjustment, summit
  10. Sous vide a leg of lamb for last nights dinner. 32 hours in the bath at 132.5. Torched to sear and it came out amazing! I’ve done rib roasts for 24 hours. You can do it to anything and I’ve done venison quite a bit and it always comes out perfect. The trick with Sous Vide is the timing.. quick example is take a steak and Sous vide it for two hours and sear. That’s going to taste like a classic steak. Take same steak do it for 12 hours and sear and it’s going to taste like a roast. The longer the meat is in the bath the more it’s going to break it down and tenderize but not overcook. You can go
  11. Huge leg of lamb dry brined and seasoned with fresh garlic and rosemary. Sous vide for 24 hours or so to 130 and torched over for the sear. I don’t care about anything else! Well except my moms deviled eggs and my aunts homemade stuffing. All will be outta this world good.
  12. Dry brining is the technique of salting the exterior so the salt pulls the moisture from the meat, salt mixes with the moisture and the meat pulls it back in essentially seasoning the meat on the inside. Salt retains moisture so it actually helps the meat stay moist. No need to scrape the salt off because the salt is gone into the meat. Just don’t add more salt to it when adding other seasoning. Definitely all meat should be as dry as possible before searing hot and fast, putting in fridge takes it to the next level actually dehydrated the exterior so it’s crusty.
  13. Always a Karen to want and ruin a good time! Have to be going pretty fast for that to happen and a rigid setup probably more dangerous by chance of being whacked or impaled by whatever is making it rigid.
  14. Walked in on glass this morning I’m sure every deer within a mile heard me! Creek is 5-6 inches higher than last week bridge was under water my feet got little wet so that feels awesome. Had a deer come in 3 minutes too early though it was legal time I couldn’t make out if it was a shed buck or doe and if a branch was in the way. Just had button walk in. Been my luck this year. When I’m out for meat nothing, when I’m hunting for good buck does and little bucks do the conga past my tree...
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