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  1. Not sure of the team but they’re from Brick.
  2. Oh thank you so much for giving us a free day to catch the Kings fish...so generous!
  3. My boss is taking his son up today for the week.
  4. That’s been around for years, maybe even more than 5.
  5. I know its all about money and marketing but thats not my point. My point is Scentlok, by manufacturing and selling a ozone bag for their gear, basically just admitted that carbon clothing and carbon gear bags are all hype. Because if the carbon linings worked as they claim, ozone isn't needed because all the scent would be trapped in the carbon lining...
  6. Wait just a minute! If scentlok is all it’s cracked up and claimed to be why the hell would they need to make a ozone bag? Some things make you go hmmmm...
  7. Watch a few episodes of Monsters Inside Me and I think you might rethink using one without worry! It’s not a issue until it is one!
  8. I use swivel chairs that I find curbside. Easy, instant height adjustment, swivel to shoot out of any window, some even recline a little! Practical and comfortable if you don’t plan on bringing in and out with you. I pop the wheels off and remove anything that could make noise.
  9. Thats it! I got the 20$ digital meat thermometer and use it all the time, love how fast and accurate it is. I replaced the gauge on my Weber Smokey Mountain with a 3 inch River country gauge and I'm happy with that though the dome temp isn't the same temp where the meat is so take that into consideration.
  10. Maverick or Thermoworks BBQ digital thermometers. There is options for a remote thermo that you can carry around the house giving you the pit and meat temps. I highly recommend it, I have the Maverick I was given as a gift that works great but if I was to buy my own I really like the quality of the Thermoworks products and would pick them.
  11. What’s confusing RPK? Case pork roll taste better than Taylor Ham pork roll. Either way it’s still called pork roll!
  12. Yous can keep your “Taylor Ham” pork roll up there, Case taste way better anyway!
  13. I have a 12 foot John boat on a trailer I’ve been thinking about selling. Retro fitted with lightweight aluminum floor and two swivel boat seats with front storage deck. Also has a 25 lb thrust trolling motor. Could use a paint job and front storage deck could use some fixing or just taken off. If you think he may be interested I’ll take some more pics this weekend. Looking to get like 500$ for it.
  14. It’s not how I do it but there’s more than one way to get it done. Hit the gills and the fish bleeds out, so what other reason would a angler stab the gills? Let me guess??... For fun I suppose... but they’re certainty bloody for a fish that wasn’t bled!
  15. Thats nuts!! The cuts are most likely from the angler sticking a knife into the gills to bleed them out.
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