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  1. Hitemnasty

    Prime Logic

    Been shooting a Prime Defy for a few years now and unless I lose it, it will be my last bow! It’s shoots amazing, draws unbelievably smooth with a solid back wall and super quiet. I never had a bow that was so easy to tune in my life and shoots broadheads better than any other I’ve seen. Imo Prime is the only bow company out there actually changing the mechanics of a compound and setting the bar with new, practical innovations that actually help the way it shoots. These other companies just change the shapes of their bows, slap a different paint job and come up with a catchy name every year. Not Prime! With the warranty and free strings every two years it can’t be beat!
  2. Hitemnasty


    Down here there was nothing but wet roads, no slush, snow or ice. Not like it’s uncommon for them to salt for no reason...
  3. Hitemnasty


    They’re salting the parkway as we speak! Raining for last two hours supposed to get to upper 40’s tonight. What a joke!
  4. Hitemnasty

    Anyone with Sleep Number Bed?

    Slept on one a few times and wasn’t impressed. It’s a glorified air mattress.
  5. We always cooked the brant for the dogs. Breasted out and boiled. I actually kinda liked the smell of them cooked that way but my dad would never let me try it because he knew!! Fun to decoy and shoot but unless you have dogs to feed them to there’s no reason to shoot them. Buffies aren’t half bad, they make the perfect size for bacon wrapped poppers.
  6. Hitemnasty

    Chocolate Lab puppy

    Cute pup! Got my chocolate just over year ago and it’s been just awesome. Best dogs in the world, there is no second guessing their loyalty and willingness to please!
  7. Hitemnasty

    Site theme update for mobile devices

    Yea the “mobile” view is no upgrade, not just the additional adds but it’s harder to use than the desktop view on the phone and not as streamlined. Though I usually always prefer desktop over mobile I know what lunatic is talking about I have the same problem! Every other site that defaults me to mobile I go through my phone and request desktop view but this site doesn’t work that way for some reason and must be done on sites page itself Desktop views the adds are easy to ignore and navigate around but mobile view they’re right in your face all the time!
  8. Hitemnasty

    for the Crabbers

    To maximize flavor shouldn’t crabs be cooked whole? When eating soft shells the guts stay in. It takes not much more time to do it that way after they’re cooked without the gadget. Much more of a chance of getting pinched that way also!
  9. Hitemnasty

    In Colorado it's called TAYLOR HAM!!

    So some stoned out hipsters call it by the brand name.... I’m convinced now!!
  10. Hitemnasty

    For All The Cowboys Haters

  11. Me too, I have a lightweight Firstlite merino balaclava that I wear just about every hunt and layer up from there with hats and gator. I was raised hunting with a face covering for deer and ducks so now it’s just ingrained to wear something over my face. I also believe all animals, including us are instinctually designed to pick out a face for their safety.
  12. Hitemnasty

    For All The Cowboys Haters

    Cowboys fan before I even started watching football as a youngster because dad liked western movies. It is America’s team, it’s the only team that is always on tv unless the local teams are on at same time. There’s a good reason they have so many haters and it isn’t because they suck! Eli sucks and his team carried him to and through those Super Bowls! If his receivers at the time weren’t able to jump ten feet high to catch his lame duck passes he wouldn’t have gotten to them let alone win any. Look at him after those receivers left....sucks even with one of the best in the league! Romo sucked as well, he always found a way to loose when it counted! He also blows as a commentator. He commentates like he was a winner. When they start calling them the Jersey Giants or Jets maybe I’ll start rooting for them then, being they take up space here and all... until then they’re NY teams and NY isn’t a state I’m rooting for. JH is going to say they don’t have a chance today after they beat the best team in the league with one of the best QB’s of all time, the Saints? Ok whatever you say....
  13. Don’t really like the baseball cap when it’s cold it always leaves a open space on my forehead to get chilly! Haha I really only wear one if sun is in my face or it’s snowing because it creates a much bigger profile on the head when looking around giving the deer more to spot. Prefer a boonie hat when it’s warm because it’s consistent as the head turns.
  14. I layer my hats just as I do the rest of my body. From lightweight merino to mid weight merino to thick as a quilt acrylic. Maybe with a merino baclava or maybe a baseball cap Or any combination I see fit for the situation.
  15. Hitemnasty

    Smoking a Turkey

    https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/turkey-recipes/bbq-and-grilled-turkey-recipe-ultimate-turkey-easily-adapted-cooking The info and recipes on this site never let me down! Never done whole turkey but most of what I’ve learned was learned here and has treated my guests and I well. 250 reviews and 5 stars from BBQists is a good start I’d say.