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  1. Stomping is fun or use a pitch fork or a canoe paddle and lightly poke the ground in front of you while you walk. You’ll know when you hit one. Raking is too much like work for me!
  2. Watched some last night and after 40 minutes I just couldn’t take anymore Haha! The editing is a insult to the viewers intelligence. Do they really expect us to believe it when they’re showing two boats fighting fish, supposedly at the same time with completely different seas and sky color while in sight of each other??? What about the Pinwheel saying they need the first opening day fish when the opening day was a windy, snotty, gray day and the first fish they showing them hooked up the seas are relatively flat with really dark storm clouds and his sister was wearing completely different yoga pants. I don’t even want to get started with the constant repeated sound byte of fake dog barking on the Hot Tuna every time they hook up! They rarely show the dogs while adding the sound but once and a while we get a glimpse and those dogs are definitely not barking!! It’s just bad, rant over....
  3. Record the show and watch when there’s nothing else to watch at night. Some of the worst editing in tv history, right up there with Swamp People.
  4. Lunatic, it’s not being boiled in water, it never touches the water. Sous Vide means under vacuum, meat is vacuum sealed or put in ziplock and must be seared so you aren’t eating “boiled meat”. If you go out to eat and get Prime rib or stuff like that you definitely have eaten meat Sous Vide style!
  5. The great things about it is the “set and forget” and the easy clean up after. That 5 lb rib roast took 7 hours FYI.
  6. Works good, it’s just another tool in the tool box as I do like the way meat taste when it’s brought to temp on a grill or smoker a little better. It seems to be lacking in that with flavor but it does get the meat perfect though and has treated me well with some venison cuts I usually grind up and big cuts You must sear the meat either before or after to kill exterior bacteria, that isn’t a option! I mostly use a flamethrower for weeds, it’s fun and gets the job done in seconds! It’s hard to overcook meat in it, you’d have to leave it in 3-4 hours after it reached its temp.
  7. That’s the reason I don’t buy them, it’s like a sponge for scent and dampness.
  8. Had a pair of 800g Irish setter waterproof lace ups. Worn them maybe 10 times tops on some light hunting trips. They’re about 8-10 years old stored in a closet or basement. Hadn’t worn them in a few years so I pulled them out last year to shovel some snow, to realize as my feet were getting wet the stitching to the sole broke away all the way around on both pairs! Never seen anything like it, the rubber went to crap and just crumbled releasing all the stitches. Lacrosse rubber boots can’t be beat for sure! My early season pair get put through the ringer on scouting trips, yard work and stuff like that. They last years with countless country miles. I have a pair of 1200’s that are at least 12 years old that I don’t wear much more than walking back and forth to stand and they just started to leak a little this season where they flop over and a crease is made. The flopping over crease has been the Achilles heel for most of my early season pairs so now I store them with lengths of foam pool noodle to keep them upright.
  9. Been shooting a Prime Defy for a few years now and unless I lose it, it will be my last bow! It’s shoots amazing, draws unbelievably smooth with a solid back wall and super quiet. I never had a bow that was so easy to tune in my life and shoots broadheads better than any other I’ve seen. Imo Prime is the only bow company out there actually changing the mechanics of a compound and setting the bar with new, practical innovations that actually help the way it shoots. These other companies just change the shapes of their bows, slap a different paint job and come up with a catchy name every year. Not Prime! With the warranty and free strings every two years it can’t be beat!
  10. Down here there was nothing but wet roads, no slush, snow or ice. Not like it’s uncommon for them to salt for no reason...
  11. They’re salting the parkway as we speak! Raining for last two hours supposed to get to upper 40’s tonight. What a joke!
  12. Slept on one a few times and wasn’t impressed. It’s a glorified air mattress.
  13. We always cooked the brant for the dogs. Breasted out and boiled. I actually kinda liked the smell of them cooked that way but my dad would never let me try it because he knew!! Fun to decoy and shoot but unless you have dogs to feed them to there’s no reason to shoot them. Buffies aren’t half bad, they make the perfect size for bacon wrapped poppers.
  14. Cute pup! Got my chocolate just over year ago and it’s been just awesome. Best dogs in the world, there is no second guessing their loyalty and willingness to please!
  15. Yea the “mobile” view is no upgrade, not just the additional adds but it’s harder to use than the desktop view on the phone and not as streamlined. Though I usually always prefer desktop over mobile I know what lunatic is talking about I have the same problem! Every other site that defaults me to mobile I go through my phone and request desktop view but this site doesn’t work that way for some reason and must be done on sites page itself Desktop views the adds are easy to ignore and navigate around but mobile view they’re right in your face all the time!
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