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  1. Pretty sure there’s a study with gps collared deer and found that they move more on windy days. It makes them uneasy overwhelming the senses. I’ve seen some nice bucks on really windy days it’s just they have the advantage of sneaking up on ya!
  2. I’m getting out this afternoon and I’m not shooting anything I wouldn’t shoot tomorrow morning. 120 or more for me(if I can properly judge them I’ve been known to over estimate haha”, I almost don’t want to go out tonight as to maybe mess with my ability to go tomorrow morning but with this weather event passing it’s hard to pass it up.
  3. There’s a guy selling a api bowhunter on here at a good price. That climber beats lone wolf and summit hands down when it comes to silent, safety and ease of use.
  4. In NJ if there’s woods there’s deer there! You don’t need any extra permits to hunt state lands only for some county lands will you need to acquire extra paperwork. Everything with licensing/permits is based on the deer zones.
  5. Switch, not only is going to be great day to hunt you probably still got the fall bow buck tag to burn!
  6. What app or website is that? It’s pretty detailed.
  7. He’s shooting a heavy arrow, pretty sure over 550 gr maybe even 600 with a quality single bevel head and pretty high poundage bow. No bone in the front of that deer was going to stop it from being a fatal hit at close range with that angle. As far as the deer going pretty far after the shot if you watch some videos of dog trackers it’s amazing how far a deer can go even with just about perfect arrow placement even over a mile and lived for about 24 hours. So we just never know whats going to happen after the arrow flies. I’m sure just about all of us lost deer we thought was a perfect shot.
  8. Pretty funny this is a topic and I just got this pic today of the biggest sixer I’ve ever seen alive!
  9. Best climber out there! The quietest to setup, climb with and will never slip on any type of tree. Been using mine for 15 years or more now. Couple modifications for comfort and you got yourself a real gem! If the buyer wants any ideas on some of my mods I’d be happy to share just send a pm.
  10. That isn't completely accurate. One of the best pork butts I ever cooked was hot and fast on my weber smokey mountain cooking at 300 degrees, I've done ribs this way also. Same can be done with a lot of other cuts. Its my preferred method as it cuts the cooking time to about half with the same and sometimes better results. Competition cooks cook hot and fast most of the time because they don't have time to cook a 8lb butts or briskets for 16 hours and you bet their stuff is coming out delicious (not that I'm a huge fan of his but its the only method Miron Mixon uses). If you buy a unit that ca
  11. I never liked carrying and hunting with binos because of their size and bulk, specially if you are looking for more than 8x zoom. So I got the Vortex 10x monocular, it’s smaller than my rangefinder so it fits right in my pocket or it hangs by my side on my rangefinder sling I made up. It doesn’t have the FOV that binos have but it’s good enough if I see movement I can check it out.
  12. Funny you mention the knives I ended up buying three of them last night! Was looking to buy one just because and was pleasantly surprised when I saw them on sale.
  13. I’ve been shooting the Defy for 5-6 years now and I don’t think any other bow compares! I always do my own bow work and tuning and the Prime has been the easiest to tune and most accurate bow I have ever owned. IMO other companies just keep doing more of the same and Prime is innovative with features that just make sense in making a better bow. It’s very forgiving with the double cam system, broadheads no matter what kind always shooting as good as field points. New original owners get free strings every two years! I don’t see myself ever buying another bow again unless something catastrophic
  14. I’d buy both as I do have both. The sled is good in certain situations and the cart in other. The sled helps if there’s no trail and going through brush, that said you are still dragging all the weight on the ground opposed to using wheels. Sled makes it a little easier to drag but nowhere near as easy as a cart on a trail.
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