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  1. You may be able to get the very, very edge of a blade “razor sharp” but it’s only a tiny area being the blade is so thick. That edge is gone in a nano second on a hit. What’s going to cut easier and longer, a 2x4 sharpened to a edge or a piece of paper sharpened to edge? There’s a reason bloodtrials aren’t great and it’s not because it’s a coc it’s because the edge isn’t as or stays as sharp during the pass through.
  2. The same as you usually can’t reuse a replacement blade but you can with solid heads. Because the replacement blade is much sharper with a feathers edge that doesn’t hold up.
  3. Shaving hair off your arm and shaving sharp are two different things. You can get a knife to shave hair but you can’t gut a deer with a razor without destroying the blade.
  4. The solid molded heads have a much thicker blade with a higher number angle because of the way they get sharpened. Razor blades are about 8 degrees and I would say most replacement blades like muzzy are in that range. If I had to guess a coc that gets sharpened by laying two sides of the blades on the stone are probably over 20 degrees, nowhere near razor sharp. That’s hunting knife sharp. Thus the lack of blood.
  5. I was having a huge problem with my iphone locking up only when I was on this site. It would freeze while scrolling and sometimes take a few minutes to unfreeze. I’ve recently updated my phone and it hasn’t happened. But it has always and still does sometimes while on the site, it goes to a white screen saying a problem occurred with the website. That usually last a few seconds and goes back to normal.
  6. Crazy to think some guys still don’t wear a harness. Talking to a old man yesterday that doesn’t always wear one, I gave him a hard time about it. Don’t know if just a tough guy attitude or what but you’re not going to be so tough when you’re crying while laying on the ground. My dad lost his best friend to a treestand fall in the early 90’s before anyone really started wearing safety gear.
  7. Wow you are a lucky man for sure! I’m tired of these dump truck drivers driving completely irresponsible and constantly killing people.
  8. Deer can smell you so it doesn’t matter, Hunt the wind! Though Thermacell being heated the scent is going to rise for a while so they will be less likely to smell that before you.
  9. Guys, if you dress right for scouting you’ll hardly ever get a chigger. I’ve seen hundreds on me just about every year and no bites! They live in swarms and you’ll brush by a bush and they all cling on in the same spot, usually the size of a big bottle cap. I check every so often and I’ll scrape the swarm off with my machete. Heres my proven method Rubber boots with heavy twill pants tucked in, shirt tucked into pants. Pants are treated with permethrin and I spray just my waistline and hat with Off. The key to this whole thing is you must change your clothes before you get into your truck. If you don’t they have a lot more time to get on you, crawl into your truck to get you the next time. Only part I need to watch for them is my arms and I sometimes have to pull off a few. Oh and chiggers are smarter than that....
  10. PBJ on cinnamon raisin bread. I hate when the jelly soaks in so I give the jelly side of the bread a thin coat of PB as a barrier. I make this for every morning sit along with a small lightweight thermos of hot honey tea.
  11. If feral hogs are a problem (I think they are or in the future can be just by what’s going on in other states) why is there a season and only in certain zones? Oh I think I know why... let the population get bigger and bigger and then the state can make more money off us. They should be treated like any other pest and be killed when the opportunity presents itself, not when the state presents a chance for an opportunity.
  12. What we do know is, pork roll people are smarter for the simplest fact that we call it what it is!
  13. In a thread yesterday “Taylor ham” eaters are the classiest of crews that give back pats and reach arounds and “piney land” aka pork roll eaters were the scum of the NJ hunting world. Of course I disagree and to say people in one part of the state are different than people in the other part is ridiculous at best when it comes to being a douche! Spend some time “down the shore” and you find out real quick that the come from everywhere.
  14. Hitemnasty

    Little story

    Yea ok.... tell my dad and grandfather that! My dad used to weld up semi portables in the shop, he’s made dozens. Guess how many are left? Three, of his latest that I use on public and not one has been touched in years. Colliers mills he had wooden stands that someone went and cut 3/4 of the way through the 2x4’s to potentially cause serious harm! Bridges at creek crossings constantly taken or broken. Then there’s the game thief’s that have stolen his deer right from him. He taught me to carve initials into the hoof and bury it in leaves of his deer to stop it from happening. Drivers walking anywhere they wanted giving the finger as they walked under. Poaching was the norm, if anything it’s gotten better! The difference now is there’s less land, less deer, more valuables in the woods and the Internet to complain on for all to know.
  15. XOP vanish is basically the same exact thing as the lone wolf but much easier on the wallet. I have one and it’s great, it’s adjustable for crooked trees! Lone wolf sticks are very expensive with alternating steps, hunters now are gravitating towards hawk helium’s with double steps at close than half the price of lone wolfs. Alternating steps can get tricky when you get to the top to put stand up and try to step in if you didn’t start off on the right foot, so to speak.
  16. Found this today and it reminded me of this thread. Thought it was pretty cool how the habitat changes in a relatively fast time frame. Wasn’t long ago this tree was surrounded by others on the edge of a forest. Now the forest is pushed back 40-50 yards. on the edge of the forest.
  17. Not usually one to take pics of my food and talk about it but this is something different I think some of you could enjoy and also kinda healthy. Its my take of Mr. Miyagi bowl, found at some farm league baseball games. My first attempt and I think I definitely beat the flavor of Mr. Miyagi! Started with some not so desirable roast type hunk of venison, about a 1.5 pounds sliced thin, around 1/8th inch. Marinated over night in a combo of teriyaki and a local sweet chili garlic sauce. In pressure cooker I put one cup of brown jasmine rice, half of med/large yellow onion sliced and about two cups of sliced green cabbage, added salt and crushed red pepper to taste in 1.5 cups of water. Cooked for 19 minutes. Heated a heavy carbon steel pan with avocado oil to just smoking and dumped the meat in. Stirred continuously until I didn’t see any more red meat, about 3 minutes. Dumped the meat and juices over the bed of rice. Meat was so tender that the chopsticks kept going right through the pieces and it was really moist. Was plenty for the wife and I. Doesn’t look the prettiest but a lot of good things aren’t so pretty!
  18. Tucker Carlson made a really good observation on one of his shows recently having to do with young white men being basically forgotten by our government, jobs taken by immigrants and lowering wages, pushed aside and told they’re privileged. No way I can quote him but some points he made that I thought really made sense. Lack of family values lack of good paying jobs Women making more money because most good jobs specially in middle America are geared towards females like hospitals and schools. So women not wanting to marry a man who makes less, leading to sexual frustration and lack of family. drug epidemic He went on and on but I think he really hit the nail on the head!
  19. You say it’s landtrust right? Around me landtrust is considered public land. When the landowner signs up for the tax cut of the land they basically give up their right to the public.
  20. Oh that’s who my comment was directed at, thought that went without saying haha!
  21. The comparison between the hate group in Charlottesville and the Democrats is apples and oranges. There’s a difference between a group of idiotic citizens saying something and idiotic elected officials saying something! The president shouldn’t have to or have the time to comment on and denounce every action, from every fringe group in this country, but when it comes to hate from elected nuts (officials) that are working for us (Americans) he has imo a obligation to say and do something about it! To me, the difference is night and day.. the real problem here is nobody else is in charge is speaking up about it!
  22. Good observation! My observation from the female driver is when it comes to stop signs. Most of the time it seems as though their first instinct coming up at a stop sign is planning on rolling through it and at the last second they jamb the brakes if they see they can’t.
  23. Maybe so.... but who on a number of occasions in interviews and speeches calls their wife by the wrong name let alone a guys name?? Not just any guys name either!
  24. Not sure of the team but they’re from Brick.
  25. Oh thank you so much for giving us a free day to catch the Kings fish...so generous!
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