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  1. With that said you could also say that a big woods deer doesn't have as much fear from a human because they may not readily know we are a threat. Maybe a mature NY buck never even crossed paths with a hunter. Here most mature bucks have battle scars from paths being crossed with a hunter or two in their years. When it comes to human scent and mature bucks in NJ I think they will tolerate a little aged ground scent outside of their bedding area before going full ghost but they will absolutely not tolerate fresh scent from a hunter. You asked the question and started the topic, if you're go
  2. You can use a quality 8mm accessory rope to make something similar then you don't have to daisy chain and it will fit any diameter tree. look up lone wolf rope mod and you'll find it. Works with any stick that uses a button catch. Just wrap around tree go under connected rope from underneath on the button, wrap around button and half hitch and done. Quick, quiet, light and safe.
  3. Yea I guess it is a little. Yes I ice it the whole time. I’ll just swap the bags out or sometimes I have frozen jugs of water if it’s really warm. Other times I ice it down at first and being it’s wrapped I’ll check the temps inside to see if it needs more or not. It helps to have it in garage or insulated shed. At night when it’s cool open the door a little and shut it in the morning and try not to go in and out. That helps hold a steady cool temp even when the days are warm.
  4. I think a lot of guys over think hanging deer in warmer temps. I’ve never butchered a deer without hanging at least 3-4 days no matter what temp. Never had meat go bad either. Meat doesn’t just go bad overnight, ever see the food markets in other countries? I pack it with ice and wrap it up in heavy blankets, with the fur and the blankets it acts as a cooler.
  5. Doctors wear masks to protect themselves and their patients from bacteria and fluids not viruses. Bacteria and fluid particles are huge compared to a virus like covid. If masks protect surgeons from covid why do patients require passing a covid test before getting their procedure? What’s funny to me about all this and the ones creating these restrictions, is most of them fit into the vulnerable category! They’re protecting themselves while destroying the country. They’ve made their millions in corruption and don’t have long to go anyway so what do they care if the country or world go
  6. Dude you are so reaching! Anyone with half a brain can see if a stand has been hunted in the last ten years
  7. First off I've never messed with any to begin with, this is a question more about stewardship of the land. Wooden stands don't last nearly as long as a steel one will so that point doesn't make much sense, woods are made of wood. Actually if there was a tree that needed to be hunted out of that had some old wooden stand in the way then yes I would remove it but because you say I can't do that with a metal one thats been sitting there near a decade?! Since last 6 day? Im not talking a year here Im saying years, like when the straps are gone or the tree has consumed the chain. With your logic at
  8. My big question has always been, at what point is it ok to remove the stand as trash? Is it steal stealing if someone left it there forever? Just like if you see a old tire or air conditioner, you know all the other crap people leave on public land. Can you pick any of that up because its trash or are you stealing because someone left it there and you just not sure why?
  9. Man I don’t know how anyone can walk in with most or all the gear they plan on wearing! I’d sweat my butt off even on the coldest days. So I have under armour fleece wind blocking bibs that zip up to the waist and I pack them in and throw them on when on stand. Unfortunately I don’t think those are made anymore. But there’s other brands that zip that high making it very easy to put on over boots.
  10. Nice! I pulled a slab of St. Louis spare ribs out to thaw last night. Going for the same method but trying Jamaican jerk again. Got some new jerk spices, jerk bbq sauce and add a little pimento wood accompanied by some wild cherry.
  11. “Give me liberty or give me death”! Patrick Henry "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Benjamin Franklin From when men acted like men not scared little school girls.
  12. I hunted this afternoon on the ground with a ghille jacket. From before I even sat down I was covered up with deer! One of the craziest things that’s ever happened while hunting happened tonight. Woods were wet and quiet I didn’t hear any of the first three deer I saw. I was sitting there and heard hooves hitting the ground, I look over and a doe is being chased by a spike 20 yards or less. They continued to come right at me and at the last second they turned and went right behind me, two yards or less! They never saw me because they continued to run around. I don’t think I flinched because I
  13. I don’t think I ever said I trusted one more than the other. I simply pointed out to people that cry about trump because he lies but likes others who lie. Who says Fauci only lied about the masks? He’s turned this thing to politics so I’m sure he’s lying more! Just like the whole lockdown and mask wearing, if it works it would’ve worked so he’s lying! Why don’t you people see that? Back in January he told us not to worry about it...lied. Trump might of said things he believed and he’s got that right he also let Fauci go on tv everyday to say what he was told to say by the corrupt CDC and WHO.
  14. Thousands of wounded deer might have more say....
  15. I had the same problem with the jacket as far as fit goes. I wear a large in just about everything. I bought the fanatic in large, the body fit great but the arms were very tight with a t shirt on! So I got the xl and the body is kinda big and the arms are still tighter than I would like but I love the coat so I deal. I’m by no means a muscle builder so how would a large fit a “athletic” guy with jacked arms? It can’t. I’m interested in these bibs but with the sizing issues I’m skeptical on wether they’d be too big or too small.
  16. To reiterate a lot of countries have harsh military enforced lockdowns since early spring. Those countries aren’t better off than the ones that didn’t. That’s fact so if lockdowns and mask mandates worked their lives would/should be back to normal by now but they aren’t they’re basically rowing the same boat we are. So tell me again how we messed up?
  17. I’m not looking up links right now but he absolutely said those things about not shaking hands ever again but it’s cool to have sex with strangers. I don’t care how many mask were or weren’t available he told the American public to not wear them they aren’t going to help. So he was lying then or lying now that makes him a liar and you can’t trust a liar just like you don’t trust Trump for lying.
  18. I’d love to see a list of our elected elites that have skin in the game for fiscal gain in this rushed vaccine!
  19. The side that’s winning the election right now fueled the fire and fanned the flames for months. Those people wouldn’t listen to trump no matter what he said. They listen to the radicals on the left and they did. So what came of all those super spreader protests Covid wise? Nothing did just like nothing came from a few rallies. It’s a cold virus, everyone is going to come into contact with it no matter what.
  20. What about all the radical left wing protests that happened for months early on in all this “pandemic” crap and much much much more widespread than a few rallies. Are they “super spreader events” haha? Our own Murph stood holding hands with these morons to defund the police.
  21. That’s a lot of rambling to filter through to actually understand what you’re trying to say. I obviously know the guy And his wife I mentioned is anecdotal in the big scheme of things but it’s still a fact. Didn’t need a paragraph on how it doesn’t apply. I’m asking why is the doctors on one side treated smarter than the doctors on the other side? Not are we/I smarter than the doctors. So again didn’t need a essay to explain that a plumber shouldn’t lance your hemorrhoids. Even though the job would probably get done just as good costing a lot less! One of the biggest proble
  22. I don’t think you even read the article you posted up because it isn’t just 20% as you mentioned. Try reading it again. It didn’t come from a animal it came from a lab. There’s plenty of science and data out there that show that masks and lockdowns don’t work. If they did work they’d be working!! Go to a city and every dope is wearing a mask even while walking through the park with nobody around(I know because I’ve seen it). Here in NJ just about every single person is wearing a mask when they’re supposed to be on government orders. What, am I supposed to wear a mask while sleeping in bed with
  23. One simple search on Google (the same company that “fact checks” and is a arm for the left) has countless articles stating that they are. 90% of New Yorkers put on vents died and on and on.
  24. Ventilators are basically a death sentence.
  25. Nothing was forced here! The state didn’t round people up and hold guns to their heads and said you are going to be a deer tracker dog handler. So that’s not logical either. They volunteered because they love their dog and to watch them work, meet people and just get out for exercise among who knows how many other reasons. Other services like wait staff make few dollars a hour so tips are basically their only income. Im not saying they should get more or less either my whole point is the ones saying 200 dollars or you’re basically a cheap jerk are wrong and more goes into than that.
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