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  1. I been a Ford guy for years, started with a Ranger, now on my 3rd F150. IMO Ford's quality is heading for the shitter. My last one was lemon lawed with 20,000 miles, and my new 2020 with 16,000 miles is starting to make some interesting nosies. Pretty sure I'm done with Ford after this
  2. Congrats on the purchase, that thing is cool as hell. Good luck with it. btw, It's your money, spend it anyway you wish
  3. If I were to choose who I would want to win between Sweden, or a team of kneeling Americans.. I'd rather see Sweden win hands down.
  4. I don't think it has anything to do with "cliques" or people not liking you. I think a lot of guys on here (myself included) are just puzzled by the strange, random things that you post so often.
  5. And also doesn't belong in the "Sports" sub-section of a hunting forum.
  6. That thing is cool looking. Looking forward to your review!
  7. While anything is possible, I'd guess if a trooper made a car stop for only 8 over the limit on a highway, something else may have been at play that he didn't mention to you during the stop. Maybe your vehicle matched a description or something. That's only my guess, like I said anything is possible.
  8. A weak, laughable justice system is a huge part of it. Liberal judges that hand out "slap on the wrist" sentences, thus letting the inmates run the asylum.. stripping police powers away, and making cops afraid to do their jobs.. look what's going on in these liberal cities, it's a free-for-all.. bail reform.. I can go on, and on
  9. Nice buck, Good luck Bill
  10. Happy Birthday, meal looks great
  11. Great song. Aaron Lewis is great
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