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  1. This is what my blood trails look like with G5's
  2. I've killed around 20 deer in the last 4 years with Montec G5's.. I love them and never had a problem with blood trails.
  3. Nice setup! Good luck with it!
  4. Sounds like you gave it your all. Judging by the arrow alone yesterday, I had a bad feeling.
  5. Rusty I was waiting for someone to suggest it was a "void" hit between the lungs and spine.. at which time I would bang my head against the wall lol
  6. Bright red could indicate you clipped lung. A single lung hit could take hours to die. Tough call what to do
  7. Wait at least an hour from the time you shot. To be honest, the arrow doesn't look promising. Maybe through the backstraps? Is there blood on the arrow shaft? Or just meat?
  8. That bitch ruined my good reputation! All cause she/he chose a name similar to mine
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