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  1. Hunter115522

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    I stick with broadside, and quartering away.
  2. Hunter115522

    What’s for dinner????

    I've wanted to try it for so long, but I just can't get myself to do it lol it does look good tho.
  3. Hunter115522

    2 Brand new Penn reels for sale

  4. Hunter115522

    2 Brand new Penn reels for sale

    I have 2 Penn 245LD fishing reels for sale. Brand new, never used, in the box. I got them on clearance for $125. 47 each a few years ago, and never used them. The regular price was $150 each. I'm looking to get $150 for BOTH, that's only $75 bucks each.. price is firm as I'm already taking a hit on them. I want to sell both to the same person. I'm also going to be posting a bow or 2 soon. PM me if you're interested in the reels. Located in Monmouth County, but I travel between Monmouth and Staten Island often so I am willing to meet up between. Thanks guys. BTW, these were made in the USA, I believe Penn's stuff is now made over seas.
  5. Hunter115522

    Anyone else here about this accident?

    IF, and only IF it's true that he was trespassing /poaching when this happened.. no sympathy
  6. Hunter115522

    What zone is old bridge ?

    LOL happens to all of us. And yes, good point about the Glass Repair sign, thats what I always look for as well.
  7. Hunter115522

    What zone is old bridge ?

    According to his business card, it's 208.
  8. Hunter115522

    Venison Backstrap Cheese Steaks!!

    I love this marinade, it's good on lots of different stuff.
  9. Hunter115522

    What zone is old bridge ?

    Great butcher on Texas rd, Big Dog. 208 Texas Rd. I believe it's zone 50,but double check.
  10. Yes, I used backstraps for cheese steaks. I know, I know, it's a cardinal sin..but the wife has been begging me to make cheese steaks lately, and back straps are her favorite cut.. happy wife, happy life. That being said.. here they are. Came out amazing. Sliced a large backstrap in thin slices. Marinated it 24 hours in bourbon, teriyaki, and soy sauce. Added a little onion & garlic powder, black pepper, and just a little Montreal steak seasoning. Let that sit in the fridge over night. Sauteed' up some onions, a red and green sweet pepper, a jalapeño, and some mushrooms. When the veggies were done, I cooked the meat at a high temp in EVOO and butter. Take a good piece of bread, and line it with a piece of white cheddar, and provolone. Dump the cooked meat on it, and top with more cheese. Put the hole thing in the oven at 250 for only about 5 minutes. Let the bread get slightly toasted, make sure the cheese is melted, and take it out. Top with the veggies, mayo, ketchup, whatever you like.. enjoy. I have had venison everyday for about 8 days straight now.. chicken tomorrow!
  11. Hunter115522

    Youth day 11 pointer success for rayna!

  12. Hunter115522


    You got it Ken! Glad the stuff will be put to good use!
  13. Hunter115522

    9/22 morning Hunt

    It's an old PSE Beast split limb. He's had it for years. He shoots it well, so he doesn't plan on changing it, guess I don't blame him. He also still uses an old baker climber, believe it or not. And yes people, I know how dangerous they are, and so does he LOL. But ya can't teach this old dog new tricks Haha
  14. Hunter115522

    DDD! (Dad's Doe Down!)

    That's great, start them young! Good luck Dave!
  15. Hunter115522


    Ok, you're 3rd in line for the arrows. 2 others interested, I have to measure them to see if they are the right size for the first gentleman, if not theres 1 other guy waiting. I will find out Friday. If the first 2 don't take them, they are yours.