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  1. I hope the old man gets help. That being said, he's really lucky he's still alive.
  2. It definitely is. Even people who don't think they like venison would like these
  3. I've posted these a few times. Still one of my favorite ways to eat venison. I used a deli slicer and cut up peppers, onions, and the meat. Sliced some mushrooms by hand. I used back straps for these even tho that will piss some of you off lol. Anyway, tonight I marinated the meat in a little soy sauce, and rum. Cooked the thinly sliced meat in a hot pan. Cooked the peppers and onions in olive oil. I lined the bread with white American cheese, and also topped with the white American cheese. Since authentic Philly cheese steaks are usually made with cheese whiz (yes I didn't know that either b
  4. Nice! Departed Soles is good. Not great, but good. Nothing I've had from them (which is a good amount) ever wowed me. If you're into good IPA's, The Source in Colts Neck is cranking out some unreal stuff lately. If you like fruited sours, Heavy Reel in Seaside is hard to beat. Their sours are some of the best I've had, and I get stuff shipped from breweries all over the country. NJ has some great craft beer options.
  5. Horrible, but that's gotta be a 1 in 50,000,000.. think about the amount of people that use drive up anything on a daily basis.
  6. Ummm..scammer trying to get his post minimum to send PM's?
  7. I don't think it matters how old your vehicle is, or warranty status. The wife and I both drive 2020 vehicles, and get these calls daily. What I find works best is to tell them to GFTS's and hang up.
  8. Poachers = Trashy Scum
  9. If it helps, I don't have tapatalk, it happens when I'm on the site with my Galaxy with Samsung's internet browser. It never happens on my MacBook.
  10. I have a Galaxy S10+ and I know the exact jump or shift you're referring to. You can attempt to click a post, and when you do, it somehow registers that you clicked an ad link no where near the post you intended to click.
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