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  1. I'm interested to see how close it will be when officially scored. We went with a semi sneak offset
  2. Just for the hell of it my taxidermist put a tape to the rack.. obviously it's nothing official, but just to get an idea. He came up with a score of just shy of 140". I know about the drying period and it has to be an official P&Y scorer, but it was cool to get a basic idea.
  3. I think there was just a lot of confusion, but it's cleared up now.
  4. Lol no problem. I think my response confused some guys if they didn't realize what I was quoting.
  5. EXACTLY! Thats why I responded saying I couldn't understand why someone would check in a deer they haven't recovered. That's all my point was.
  6. I'm well aware. Please read the post that I quoted. Someone here said And I said
  7. NO SH**!!!! Someone here said the following.. please read it VERRRY slow.. And I said it Why can you not understand my response? Try reading it a few times, may help
  8. LOL man you're thick. The fact is YOU. DON'T CHECK. IN. A. DEER. UNTIL. YOU. ARE. STANDING. OVER. IT First day, last day, makes no difference. Why is this so hard to understand?
  9. Take a big breath and relax there fella..I know the laws very very well. I was referring to this Hopefully that sinks in
  10. Makes zero sense to check in a deer you haven't found yet.
  11. Hunter115522

    City deer

    Guys this has nothing to do with Staten Island, or its leaders. The boro president of SI (James Oddo, R) supports a hunt. SI is one of the 5 boroughs of NYC. These dumb decisions come from the mayors office. Does anyone think Deblasio would actually support a hunt?
  12. I didn't mention it, but I actually am taking care of the shoulder mount for him, on me. I've seen Jay's work on here, and it's beautiful! We've been using another guy for years that also does great work.
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