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  1. Rapid tests are useless. Myself and a friend recently got tested. We took both the rapid and PCR tests. Both tested Negative with rapid. 2 days later our PCR results came back positive.
  2. These threads always get a cry baby or 2 triggered.
  3. I'm just going to be blunt, and call it the way I see it. Given the current climate, ANYONE in law enforcement, that stays 5 minutes longer than they have to is an idiot. The writing is on the wall guys. Look at someone the wrong way, and you'll lose your pension, get arrested, and be indicted. Somehow we are the enemy now. Pull the pin AS SOON AS YOU ARE ABLE TO. Why risk a hard earned (and well deserved) pension to make a few extra bucks per month? GTF out the second you can. Be safe out there guys.
  4. I don't have yelp, but I might get it just to leave them a shitty review. I think everyone should
  5. That's a sea run brown trout. Congrats on the rare catch
  6. Thanks bud, I appreciate it. I'm pretty good. My wife had worse symptoms. She had the "worst headaches of her life" as she said. Also extremely bad sinus pain and pressure. I had very minor headaches, and 100% loss of taste and smell, which is the strangest feeling ever. It's been 13 days since I tested positive, and I'm pretty much back to normal. I lost taste and smell on the 3rd day, and it lasted about 7-8 days. You don't realize how miserable it is to have zero taste and smell. We luckily didn't have any of the breathing problems some people get. We are healthy, fit, not over weight, non
  7. https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2021/p0329-COVID-19-Vaccines.html This study flat out says the vaccines are highly effective in preventing infections. Again, I'm neither for, or against the vaccines. It's a personal choice that the individual has to make. But this suggests that the vaccines don't only lesson the symptoms, but actually do prevent one from contracting COVID.
  8. From the CDC website: "A new CDC study provides strong evidence that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective in preventing SARS-CoV-2 infections in real-world conditions among health care personnel, first responders, and other essential workers. These groups are more likely than the general population to be exposed to the virus because of their occupations. The study looked at the effectiveness of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines in preventing SARS-CoV-2 infections among 3,950 study participants in six states over a 13-week period from December 14, 2020 to March
  9. There's zero justification for this, total scumbag move. How did the ahole try to explain it when you showed the store the video?
  10. I'm all for it. IMO poachers are among the worst pieces of garbage out there.
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