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  1. Why did you leave? I thought baiting turkeys with corn was legal?
  2. If it's public, just hunt it. Don't let the other guys get in the way, especially if they rarely hunt it. I have setup my climber numerous times next to ladders or lock ons on public property (obviously when those stands weren't being hunted.) Having a stand setup in a particular area on public property doesn't make that piece off limits to everyone else.
  3. That pic has been around for almost 10 years now
  4. For what it's worth.. I'm 35, and have never gotten the flu shot in my life. I have had the flu maybe 3 times ever.
  5. I think the more important question is.. what to eat for breakfast. Yeah it's important, but if someone thinks that shoving a bacon egg and cheese on a roll down their throat every morning is good.. they should get a good cardiologist.
  6. Got a couple PM's asking about my cajun seasoning recipe.. here goes: 2.5 t spoon salt 1.5 t spoon black pepper 2.5 t spoon garlic powder 2 t spoon onion powder 2 t spoon paprika 1.5 t spoon italian seasoning (oregano, basil, parsley mix) 1.5 t spoon cayenne pepper 1/2 t spoon white pepper Mix it all up in a bowl, and sprinkle on everything.
  7. Hunter115522


    Oh God, please no...
  8. So I took a break from the deer carcass in the garbage can thread and whipped up the wife and I some dinner. Cajun tenderloin & shrimp with broiled veggies. Came out excellent. Pretty easy too. Clean the shrimp, and cut the tenderloin into chunks. Keep in separate bowls, add a little EVOO to both. Then use your favorite cajun seasoning (I make my own, but you could use store bought) to liberally coat all the shrimp and chicken. I also did the same with some cut up onions and peppers. I first broiled the veggies, and when done, left in the oven, but moved to the bottom so they wouldn't over cook. I broiled the venison and shrimp for 2.5 min per side (flip the skewers) this was perfect for med-rare meat, and property cooked shrimp. I splashed a little lime juice on everything, lime goes nice with cajun seasoned food. Give it a try. It's easy and delicious. if anyone wants the recipe i use for my cajun seasoning, let me know. I just didn't feel like typing it all out
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