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  1. Oh I know all about it. But I also know that if the Gov't wants your DNA, they WILL NOT wait for you to do one of those DNA kits. They have other ways to get it.
  2. Hunter115522

    Cream cheese stuffed BACKSTRAP!

    Looks awesome! I'll definitely be trying it. Thanks a lot for sharing.
  3. Hunter115522

    Cream cheese stuffed BACKSTRAP!

    I kill lots of deer. I get tired of the same old stuff all the time.. hence this meal lol To each, his own!
  4. This was so good. And so different. So I sliced 2 backstraps to open them up, but don't slice all the way. Put under some cling wrap, use a meat mallet, and beat the shit out of the BS'S until they actually become flat. Season well with salt, pepper, onion & garlic powder. I filled them with cream cheese, diced jalapeños, onions, and scallions, and a little bit of garlic, only 1 clove for both BS'S. I did mushrooms on mine, the wife doesn't like mushrooms. Before rolling them, I sprinkled some panko breadcrumbs on top of the mixture as well. I held them together with toothpicks, seasoned the outside with a little Montreal seasoning. Cooked about 20 min in a preheated oven, set to 350 degrees. I think next time I'll take it a step further, and wrap them in bacon. They came out delicious tho even without the bacon.
  5. Yup, familial DNA did him in. Very interesting case.
  6. Go back and read the 3rd post in the thread.... I'm well aware that these aren't offered by the Gov't. My comment was in response to someones concerns about the Gov't getting their DNA. My occupation has me dealing with the national DNA database regularly. I know all about CODIS
  7. If the Gov't wants your DNA, they will get it. They won't wait around for you to take a 99 dollar DNA test that your ordered from a commercial.
  8. Hunter115522

    How about those Cowboys!!!

    How about the Giants?? How'd they make out??
  9. Hunter115522

    McDonalds And Racoons?

    I'd rather eat the raccoon then that shit that McDonald's trys to pass off as "food"
  10. The show definitely seems cursed. May the deceased RIP.
  11. If that's the case, he obviously has ZERO respect for the animal. He is not a hunter..not even close. Sounds like a pice of shit to me.
  12. Hunter115522

    New hunting spot

    Man it would make for some GREAT entertainment if the other 2 hunters are on here
  13. Hunter115522

    How much venison

    Between my wife and I, we easily eat 3 to 4 per year. We buy very little beef. The only time we buy beef is when we are in the mood for a good steak. I'm sorry, but a fatty juicy beef ribeye blows away a venison steak any day.
  14. Hunter115522

    First Ever Deer Drive

    Yeah I didn't think so either, that's why I was confused when Jack said that.