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  1. To each, his own.. I bait and use cams in some of my spots and the thrill is just as strong as the first time I ever hunted.
  2. Easy to pick out my number 1.. CRAPPIE by far. Best tasting fish out there IMO.. Also like (in this order, after crappie) Sea Bass Fluke Monkfish
  3. Bought 1 bow there and was treated terribly.. Like I was bothering them. They are known in the industry as having piss poor customer service.. unless of course they know you.
  4. Had this is Baltimore. Haven't seen it anywhere else. It's a "sour" beer, but the flavor is awesome.
  5. I like.. Sam Summer Sam Cold Snap Sam Oktoberfest Sam Winter Sam Cream Stout Blue Point Toasted Lager Founders Breakfast Stout Founders All Day IPA Duclaw Sweet Baby Jesus (Peanut butter Porter) Duclaw Strawberry Letter 23 Laguintas Little Sumptin' Sumptin' Mind Haze IPA Magners Irish Cider but I'm not really that into beer
  6. Literally made me laugh out loud haha
  7. That purple haired freak Rapinoe has zero class. She acts like a complete POS.
  8. Let us know if you regret that decision when you wake up like this...
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