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  1. Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures
  2. Nope. Sorry. Check out YouTube videos. There are some great gun review videos out there. Call all the shops in the area to see if they have one you can handle and all of the ranges to see if they have one you can shoot
  3. Duratracs are awesome. They're just more tire than most folks need, especially when 99% of driving is on pavement. That's why I recommended the Coopers. The Toyo's are nice too, but the Coopers outperform them on wet pavement significantly and that's really important in the real world.
  4. Do you have any of the other draw modules? Are they still easy to get?
  5. Very cool. Very sorry for your loss as well. It's always heartbreaking to have to deal with the inevitable...
  6. Agreed. Looks like a golden to me too. Too fat and fluffy to be a wild dog.
  7. Congrats again. Cool story!
  8. That's what you get for inviting those shady characters to your house
  9. So you're saying the deer and mystery animal have nothing to do with each other? That this is just a glitch in the matrix?
  10. Weird. Hard to tell what it could be. Definitely looks alive to me.
  11. not on the rug

    Baby Boy

  12. Your words Jack...not mine. Just calling 'em like I see 'em. Gotta keep Jack honest. It keeps his ego in check
  13. Congrats Nick! What a beauty
  14. @Septicdudedid you get your meat back yet? When you do, let us know what it looks like. I have used Tom religiously for as long as I can remember, and I know he always did all of his own work, and the work was exceptional. However, the past 2 years I was extremely disappointed in the work that was done on my deer. No silver skin was trimmed off of anything, the cuts were sloppy and many packages weren't vacuum sealed properly. If that's how the meat is being handled by whoever he had working in his shop, then I'd rather find a new place to go
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