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  1. Where are you shopping and what are you shopping for? I know people... PM me
  2. He's freaking hilarious. Enjoy
  3. I'm interested in shooting a big ass fixed head. 100g heads simply aren't as durable as 125, 150, 200g etc... they have to shave weight off of ferrules or machine metal a little thinner to make the head lighter. I want to shoot a beast head that I could go home and chop wood with after the hunt. Lol I really want to shoot those Simmons LandSharks or Tiger Sharks. Both are 165g The Kudupoint Contours look pretty amazing too. I know lots of folks have had success with all sorts of big game with those heads
  4. Thanks Dan. I was hoping you'd chime in. I'm really leaning towards a fairly normal build. 300 spine. Normal insert and nock. 150g heads (possibly 125). What would you use to steer something like that? 4" vanes? 4" feathers? 5" feathers? Maybe a little helical if I'm shooting double bevels. Definitely helical if I'm shooting single bevels... keeps me right around 480-500g total weight depending on heads
  5. I've heard that he builds great arrows. I'll have to check him out. I just ordered the fingersavers for the kid's bow, so I need to stop by your place in the next few days to use the press. I will bring the new bow over and shoot those Eastons to see how they feel. I'll send you a text in the next couple of days to find a good day to do that
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. The bow is only for hunting whitetails, so nothing larger than that at this point in time. That also means, no shots longer than 30 yards essentially. I'm going to be running a Montana Black Gold Custom 4 pin sight and plan on 20/30/40/50 or maybe 15/25/35/45 for pins. I'd like to have some decent pin gap/uncluttered sight window because when the pins are too close it plays tricks on my brain. I was thinking of maybe even running 4" or 5" feathers instead of vanes. Save a little weight in the rear, and give me a lot of control and stabilization, especially with wanting to run a large COC head. I'm leaning towards a normal insert and a 150g head. The front runners that I'll probably test out are Grim Reaper Hades 4 blade, Kudupoint Coutours or possibly Simmons Land Sharks or Simmons Tigersharks (both of those heads actually weigh 165g). I love Magnus Black Hornets and I have always been interested in the Hunor Neo, but both of those only come in 125g. @Gobblengrunt I was leaning towards the Beman Shafts because I've always had success with them. I usually have them spin and spine tested too. I don't object to trying another brand though. I guess I'd just like to shoot a heavier arrow in general and I know I need something tough to handle the power this bow has. It also gives me the ability to shoot a larger and heavier head, which I really want to do. I know I'll get better penetration with a heavier arrow and a little more FOC can't hurt. I still want to maintain as much of the speed that this bow has to offer, so I'm not trying to build some crazy 800g+ setup. I'd probably be happy in the 15og heads and a roughly 500-510 total arrow weight. That would get me close to 10% FOC. It would still probably give me great speed as well. My draw length is 28" on PSE bows. I have no idea of any speeds yet because I haven't been able to chrono it yet. Hell, I haven't even gotten my hands on the bow yet. It's due to be delivered any day now. I'm just trying to make some plans on how to set it up
  7. Keep going. You can't shoot one at home on your couch. Carry your grunt tube with you in your hand. As you're sneaking in, if you happen to bump some deer give a gentle grunt or two.
  8. Fair enough... Gotta keep an eye on me. Give me an inch and I'll take a mile
  9. Can I hunt one or two of your spots? I'm due for a nice buck
  10. So I'm in the process of setting up a new bow (more on that later) and wanted to get everyone's input on arrow builds, shaft recommendations, FOC % for NJ whitetails, total arrow weight, etc. With my current setup, I'm flinging 28" Beman Classics, .400, 3" vanes, standard nock and insters, and 100g heads. My new setup will be a different animal altogether and I will need a more stout arrow build. It's a Frankenbow built by John's Custom Archery in Virginia. The archerytalk crew will know him as Breathn, and he builds great bows. I got my hands on a frankenthrottle...a PSE Full Throttle with the PSE HD cams. The strings and cables are custom. The build adds 1/4" of ATA and 1/4" of brace height. It drawing at 71lbs. This thing will shoot laser beams. So the charts are telling me a .300 Beman Classic or Beman Precision at 28" with a 125 or 150g head. Standard insert, knock and 3" vane, with a 125g head gives me a roughly total weight of 480g and FOC of roughly 7.4%. With a 150g head its about 505g total and 9.4% FOC. So...should I jump to a 100g insert and shoot 125g heads? That makes 560g and 12.7% FOC. With that 100g insert, I will probably have to go to a .250 spine though, so total weight will be more than the 560. Speed won't be an issue with this bow at all; even those heavy arrows will be sizzling down range. Thoughts?
  11. Lou is going to be heartbroken...
  12. Good luck Lou. I had a nice 8 on my property this morning when I got out of the shower and a ton of flatheads milling around in the woods all around. It's a great morning for a hunt
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