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  1. Grice special run 35 Whelen carbine

    How you like the 35 Whelen grices ?
  2. Grice special run 35 Whelen carbine

    I will post pics of mine tom night they def gone they made only 100 from what I was told. Hopefully some day I can aquire another one
  3. looking for piglets

    Pm me
  4. Longest shot on turkey ?

    What's everybody longest shot on turkey ? Mine is 70 yards on turkey shooting browning bps 10 gauge shooting 4 shot. Now I not one of these guys would take that shot on Deer with buckshot or claim 100 yards shots on deer constantly. Now was the 70 yard. Shot a fluke ? Lucky shot ? All I know is the reach out power of the ten gauge impressed me .
  5. What Was Your Best Buy

    Best deals was buying a mint browning bps 10 gauge still in the original box it came with 28 inch barrel plus a slug barrel. Whole thing was 400.00 the buck barrel Alone goes for like 400.00 ps drove in a snow storm to pick up gun.
  6. What Was Your Best Buy

    So you shoplifted the electrical cord ?
  7. Davis Sport NY stores March 23-25 sale

    Place sucks you try to sell them a quality gun they offer you less then 40. Percent of what's it's worth then throw the gun on gunbroker and ask top dollar. But main reason place sucks is years back bought one of the first savage 17 wsm on the market they only had 10 of them and at the time ammo was not even available so they stated to me " that they keeping a list of the guys who bought them guns and when ammo comes we will be first in line for the ammo ". Ps I still waiting on that call from 6 years ago. Never stepped foot again in place , plus called them about the ammo and it was like I was bothering them and I just got the run around. Never stepped foot in place again.
  8. 17 hmr

    Have a savage 17 wsm tack driver fid card and dl required
  9. What would be your DREAM bowhunt

    White tails in Bergen county nj
  10. Quote Or Saying You Live By

    Does a bear shit in the woods
  11. Trout Poaching

    Like hammer said I would have left them and contact fish and game
  12. I Have To Say Goodbye

    Sorry for what your going through. I bought my sons a puppy in August he truly had come to be part of the family he is a sorrel red nose Pitt . 9 months old 73 pounds he is the biggest teddy bear. But very protective of me and my boys. They truly become part of the family
  13. My Friend's Taxidermist Shop

    Will he make me wait two years for a bear mount ? I have seen his work it's good
  14. 3 years later

    How many acres ?
  15. Last min - 1st coyote

    Congrats. How many inch barrel is on your brothers gun ?