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  1. Didn't I ask not to make jokes ?

  2. hunterdan199

    H.r ultra. Trifecta

    Dollar for dollar when they came out most accurate gun for the money
  3. hunterdan199

    H.r ultra. Trifecta

    I have seen h.r out shoot tar hunts shame remingtion ruined them
  4. hunterdan199

    Butts and Bows

    I remember being sold a bear bow that was to big for me along with the wrong size arrows . Just my two cents
  5. hunterdan199

    H.r ultra. Trifecta

    Just my two cents the 20 3-5 was ahead of its time
  6. hunterdan199

    H.r ultra. Trifecta

    Ammo all over Internet why archer you got gun for sale ?
  7. hunterdan199

    H.r ultra. Trifecta

    It's easier to find ammo then the gun.
  8. hunterdan199

    H.r ultra. Trifecta

    They tack drivers
  9. hunterdan199

    H.r ultra. Trifecta

    Thanks for adding pic joe
  10. hunterdan199

    H.r ultra. Trifecta

    Trificta complete now only one to find is elusive hasting 20 gauge 3-5 inch. Both my sons have 20 gauges and I got a super deal on the 12 gauge from Ohio .
  11. hunterdan199

    Grice special run 35 Whelen carbine

    How you like the 35 Whelen grices ?
  12. hunterdan199

    Grice special run 35 Whelen carbine

    I will post pics of mine tom night they def gone they made only 100 from what I was told. Hopefully some day I can aquire another one
  13. hunterdan199

    looking for piglets

    Pm me
  14. hunterdan199

    Longest shot on turkey ?

    What's everybody longest shot on turkey ? Mine is 70 yards on turkey shooting browning bps 10 gauge shooting 4 shot. Now I not one of these guys would take that shot on Deer with buckshot or claim 100 yards shots on deer constantly. Now was the 70 yard. Shot a fluke ? Lucky shot ? All I know is the reach out power of the ten gauge impressed me .
  15. hunterdan199

    What Was Your Best Buy

    Best deals was buying a mint browning bps 10 gauge still in the original box it came with 28 inch barrel plus a slug barrel. Whole thing was 400.00 the buck barrel Alone goes for like 400.00 ps drove in a snow storm to pick up gun.