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  1. If you don’t feel like driving all the way to Millville you can go to the range at Makepeace Lake. I believe it is 100 yards. That range has nice shooting tables with benches as it was spruced up 2-3 years ago.
  2. -It’s been pretty warm so far this season. The last week or two of the season will be better when more ducks push south. The best concentration of birds is usually right when the season ends. -go shoot clays of some sort right before your trip is possible. Some sea ducks are seem very fast as they will be flying right above the water. You may not get much time to get ready for the shot. -as RGW said “ they are some tough birds”. I prefer larger shot sizes like 1 or BB. I would prefer a few pellets hit and blow through the bird then to pepper it with smaller shot and it gets aw
  3. Wallew


    Outstanding pictures! Can’t wait to read your trip report.
  4. Wallew

    It's Official...

    Congrats on the new to you boat! As an aquasport owner for many years I found loads of good info on this forum. classicaquasport.com
  5. Who’s to say that one of you future neighbors doesn’t already hunt back there? Maybe the neighbor has 2 sons that he’s teaching to bow hunt in that patch of woods and he lives twos down from this house your looking at.
  6. Wallew

    Bad storms!

    I’m in Gloucester Twp and we got hammered a short time ago.
  7. I have worked in nothing but hospitals for the last 19 years. Over that time I have come to be friends with many high up administrators in multiple hospitals. This is what I have to say after many conversations with people I trust in healthcare. - Covid 19 is real. Most people who get it have little to no symptoms. BUT the elderly, people with underlying conditions and a small handful of people have very bad outcomes. - The numbers for the deaths from Covid are very inflated. When someone dies under normal circumstances hospitals usually have to fight for the money for treatment lead
  8. As if the global pandemic isn’t scary enough. In East Africa swarms of locusts are taking over. The world is going sideways quickly.
  9. Remember when Murphy said he didn’t even consider the Bill of rights when he instituted the state shut down. The attorney general took notice and felt compelled to step in. It’s amazing what happens when a governor decided to wipe his ass with the constitution.
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