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  1. Wallew

    So are we felons now?

    From what I have read, one standard capacity magazine will get you a 4th degree felony. You can get up to 18 months in jail and up to a $10,000 fine.
  2. I can’t speak for all areas but I can speak for where I live. I live in the same township as Mazz( Gloucester Township) I am friends with a few of the local police officers. They ABSOLUTELY hunt lots of pieces of property that are off limits to people like me and Mazz. If we got caught hunting these properties we would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the the law. This is not a bullshit assumption. This is just the cold hard truth.
  3. Wallew

    Light Modified Choke Tube

    Take the money you would spend on fancy choke tubes and shoot more clays. Being a duck/goose slayer is all about practice, practice and then some more practice. The best waterfowler I know is 71 years old and he uses a 30 year old wingmaster. He shoots cheap Remington blue box shells and drops more birds than anyone else I have ever hunted with. And I’ve hunted with a lot of people.
  4. Wallew

    Get out and vote today

    Will be voting on the way home from work. This is also the first election that my oldest daughter gets to vote in. I had a talk with her last night about voting. We talked about the Menendez/Hugan election. Her reply was why the hell would anyone vote for Menendez.
  5. Wallew

    Oak Orchard 2018, when you hit it right

    Outstanding fishing trip!!!
  6. Wallew

    Little political humor

    We need more political humor. Politics in general have just become ridiculous.
  7. Wallew

    8 pointer down with a lot of luck!

    Nice buck!!! love the fact that you were in shorts and sneakers.
  8. Wallew

    Got my buck

    Great buck!
  9. Wallew

    Murphy & more Gun Laws

  10. Wallew

    They cant all be wide

  11. Wallew

    Big 10pt finally makes a mistake

    Nice buck!
  12. Wallew

    A pair of Woodys

    Congrats on the ducks!
  13. Wallew

    Opening day of waterfowl

    Or they shot the crap out of nothing like most on opening day.
  14. Wallew

    Maine Moose Down(pic heavy)