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  1. Wallew

    Nancy Pelosi

    She is 78. I think that she is the perfect example for why we need term limits.
  2. Wallew

    your still-hunting methods?

    This is my favorite type of deer hunting ( even though I’ve had very little luck with it). As other have said the most important thing is being able to walk quietly. Hunting during a snowstorm is the best. One of my most memorable hunts was during a heavy snowstorm a few years ago. Still hunting during permit shotgun while snow was dumping down. Got to within about 5 yards of a bedded down doe. She was nice size probably close to 100lbs. She was bedded under a blowdown facing away from me. I got to about 5 yards and she didn’t even know I was behind her. I didn’t want to shoot while she was bedded down so I yelled “hey”. She jumped to her feet and spun around to look at me . As soon as she spun I pulled the trigger and dropped her right where she stood. I have got two other does still hunting. One other with the shotgun and one with the crossbow. Getting a decent buck while still hunting is definitely on my bucket list. I’m sure it will happen soon. Along with my 3 successful still hunts I have countless unsuccessful still hunts. But it is an unbelievable feeling when it does work.
  3. Wallew

    Worst thing Christe stuck us with?

    The image of him of him in a baseball uniform.
  4. Wallew

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    Italia in Bellmawr. Sadly the family sold it to Vito’s a few years ago. Many get one part right( the crust, the sauce or the cheese) but few get all three right. They got all 3 and it is rare. What we consider ok pizza would be outstanding for 90% of the country. When it comes to Pizza our state kicks ass!!!
  5. Wallew

    Fuel spills Delaware river

    It’s not just cargo trains. There seems to be crashes and derailments on the news all of the time for passenger trains also.
  6. Wallew

    Jrs 1st time/Raceway Park M/X

    Very cool!!!
  7. Wallew

    Chicago Violence Problem

    What they should be doing is arming every person over 21 that can pass a criminal background check.
  8. Wallew

    Chicago Violence Problem

    Pretty interesting link. Pretty much 3 sections/ neighborhoods seem to count for the bulk of the shootings. At this point something needs to be done. I don’t know how this has gone on this long without major organizing from the good people in Chicago to make something happen. It’s very sad when any American must live in a place like this.
  9. Wallew

    Chicago Violence Problem

    This is an excerpt from a Chicago tribune article that came out today. Pretty much explains where the biggest issues are. There can’t be a rational explanation because Chicago’s plague of urban warfare isn’t logical; it’s horrifically cruel and self-destructive. A 2017 University of Chicago Crime Lab study was able to quantify how much of the city’s gunfire victimizes residents of struggling neighborhoods: Five South and West side communities with 9 percent of Chicago’s population (Austin, Englewood, New City, West Englewood and Greater Grand Crossing) accounted for nearly half the city’s increase in 2016 homicides. African-American men ages 15-34 made up more than half of the city’s homicide victims in 2015 and 2016 while accounting for just 4 percent of the city’s population. Almost 40 percent of victims had prior violent crime arrests. “One of the ways Chicago is different is that our social conditions are not anything like those now in New York City and Los Angeles,” Jens Ludwig, director of the Crime Lab, told a City Club audience early this year. “We are not just the most segregated city in America, but the level of concentrated poverty we have in our neighborhoods is unlike anything in Los Angeles or New York. You would not find an Englewood or Garfield Park anywhere in Los Angeles and New York.” The dynamics at play, the ones Chicagoans want to understand to end the bloodshed, are complex. Gang life is a substitute for hope in isolated neighborhoods. Every shooting invites a retaliatory attack. In a city of 2.7 million people, a relatively small number of criminals — perhaps 5,000 to 10,000 thugs and drug dealers — are driving a large share of the violence. “It’s the same individuals that continuously commit these crimes,” Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.
  10. Wallew

    Life Takes A Change.

    Prayers sent. He’s a strong young man. I’m sure everything will work out.
  11. If there was a picture of a shirtless guy chopping firewood in this mix, I would guess it was just another NJ W&W man stuff day.
  12. Wallew


    Welcome to NJ where nothing quite makes sense. I used to ask the same question but I just deal with it. If you have been hunting for a number of years you pretty much know what the dates are going to be. Doubt we are getting any surprise curveballs.
  13. Wallew

    Endoscopy This Morning

    I feel your pain. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia a few years ago after dealing with issues for about a decade. I’ve come to learn most of my triggers for heartburn. About every 3 months or so I get a flare up and do the omeprozole thing for two weeks and then I’m good for a few months again. The biggest issue I have with my hiatal hernia is sometimes if I get gas in my stomach it can feel like I’m having a mild heat attack( i have actually gone to the ER for this years ago to be told there was nothing wrong). It’s actually a burp that gets stuck and the only way to get it out is heavy carbonation. I always have a liter of seltzer with me. In the house, the truck, hunting bag and while fishing.
  14. Wallew

    Ocean Resort Casino, Atlantic City

    Hope you have a great time!!! It’s a nice joint. Never got a chance to stay there when it was open as Revel. The wife and I stopped in two weeks ago after the Florida Georgia line concert at the Hard Rock. We got late night tacos from the food truck that they have set up at the back of the casino floor. Food was pretty good. The couple of times I’ve been there I’m always amazed that no one has taken a drunken header off of those escalators coming in from the boardwalk. The top one is about 150ft in the air.
  15. Wallew

    Water tender 9.4 row boat

    How fast does it go with a 5hp outboard that it is rated for? Someone could turn that thing into a super cool one man duck boat.