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  1. I wouldn’t touch those things. Stopped shooting at them years ago. if you want to try and eat one you need to double brine it. Let soak in brine for 24 hours, then change the brine and soak for another 24 hours.
  2. Wallew

    Go Birds!

    I say this as a life long Eagles fan. That would be the ultimate irony. We let Foles go as a free agent and he ends up with the giants. Continues his magic on the way to a hall of fame career. We keep wentz and he gets hurt every season and have to hear how he could have been a superstar if he could have just stayed healthy. My opinion is that no way in hell I would let Foles get away, but I also don’t run the eagles.
  3. Wallew

    Adult chigger swarm??!!??

    I highly doubt that they are chiggers. I have had them a few times over the years and they are almost impossible to see. I have also never heard of anyone getting or seeing them in January. They are usually done for the year after the first good frost and don’t come back out until early spring.
  4. Wallew

    Go Birds!

    Foles and Wentz have been saying the same thing.
  5. Wallew

    Go Birds!

    The growing legend of Nick Foles isn’t done yet. -next week Foles will have a game ending drive for a field goal to beat the saints. -NFC championship in Dallas. Cowboys choke in a blowout. Foles ties or breaks yet another NFL quaurterback record. - Super Bowl. Eagles play KC. Chiefs get the ball with under 2:00 left and down by under a touchdown. Reid proves once again he is the master of clock mismanagement. Eagles win.
  6. Wallew

    The next two years

    I’m not worried about being nice. When you are a POS you need to be called out.
  7. Wallew

    The next two years

    Closet liberal.??? archer is the biggest flaming liberal on any nj hunting site.
  8. Wallew

    Favorite movies? List the top 3...

    Really tough to just pick 3 -The great escape -The hangover -Pale Rider
  9. Wallew

    So are we felons now?

    From what I have read, one standard capacity magazine will get you a 4th degree felony. You can get up to 18 months in jail and up to a $10,000 fine.
  10. I can’t speak for all areas but I can speak for where I live. I live in the same township as Mazz( Gloucester Township) I am friends with a few of the local police officers. They ABSOLUTELY hunt lots of pieces of property that are off limits to people like me and Mazz. If we got caught hunting these properties we would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the the law. This is not a bullshit assumption. This is just the cold hard truth.
  11. Wallew

    Light Modified Choke Tube

    Take the money you would spend on fancy choke tubes and shoot more clays. Being a duck/goose slayer is all about practice, practice and then some more practice. The best waterfowler I know is 71 years old and he uses a 30 year old wingmaster. He shoots cheap Remington blue box shells and drops more birds than anyone else I have ever hunted with. And I’ve hunted with a lot of people.
  12. Wallew

    Get out and vote today

    Will be voting on the way home from work. This is also the first election that my oldest daughter gets to vote in. I had a talk with her last night about voting. We talked about the Menendez/Hugan election. Her reply was why the hell would anyone vote for Menendez.
  13. Wallew

    Oak Orchard 2018, when you hit it right

    Outstanding fishing trip!!!
  14. Wallew

    Little political humor

    We need more political humor. Politics in general have just become ridiculous.