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  1. I’d be ok if you called it an Irish and I’m Irish - LOL
  2. Good luck with the squirrels. I’ll be out too but prospects don’t look good. Very few squirrels this year - at least up north.
  3. Great offer! Someone will need this.
  4. Blackriver WMA was infested with them the other day. They were dive bombing us on the shotgun range.
  5. Good story. Thanks for taking time to share.
  6. Thank you so much for the information. I just learned about them recently from a friend and stumbled on them while hiking. I have zero knowledge about mushrooms in general. Ordinarily I wouldn’t mess with them but I saw what my buddy did with them so I throughly I’d harvest them. Gave him 11 pounds to check and cook up. He’s cleaning them as I write this and said most of them look great. One small batch looks to be slightly past it’s prime. He’s going to cook them up and give me a tray tomorrow. I asked him to taste test before he gives to me- LOL.
  7. No clue; I’m not a mushroom guy but my friends are experts and are going to cook them up for me. They say they’re good. One of them has a commercial business growing mushrooms and selling to restaurants. he thought they were good. We’ll see. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Went back today and harvested 11 pounds being careful to leave some attached to stump for regeneration. I heard these go for $15-$20/ pound. Not planning to sell but out of curiosity, anyone know how to go about selling them?
  9. Glad you got closure and it was recovered
  10. Nice job; looks great! As an FYI, if you’re on Facebook, check out DIY Hunting Blinds. Tons of info and ideas on building elevated hunting platforms.
  11. It happened me a lot last year in township parks where I occasionally hunt. Joggers, hikers, bicyclists using the trails, blasting music and generally enjoying themselves oblivious to hunters in the woods. Good news is they tend to stay home once the weather gets colder.
  12. For years I used my old Petzl backpacking headlight but everyone once in a while I found it’s 200 lumens to be a problem. Last year bought a Black Diamond Storm 400 lumens. Works great. No complaints.
  13. Welcome to the site. I’m also in Morris County. Good luck this season.
  14. Not sure who to point you to for 1:1 lessons but I think you can search “Guitar Lessons” on YouTube. Good luck.
  15. Congratulations! Sounds like an awesome hunt.
  16. Sounds like you already checked with their customer service for replacement parts. If so, may be try Primal. I vaguely recall they make the ladder stands for Dicks but I could be wrong. Good luck.
  17. I largely agree but I’m extra cautious when I bump a sow with her Cubs. She goes into protection mode.
  18. The only way bear hunting returns is after Murphy leaves office and based on the polling, he’s not going anywhere.
  19. Best of luck folks! No hunting for me today.
  20. Welcome to the site. Best of luck this season.
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