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  1. I can't reply using IE either and now firefox is underlineing everything. Also is there a new format? most everything is blue. I hate change.
  2. I bought a Kenmore seal n save about 15 yrs ago sealed over 20 deer and numerous other cuts of meat, never let me down. Less $ than the Foodsaver at the time and they looked identical.
  3. Wood is spoken for. Nice Meeting you Bill and your son also.
  4. A huge tree came down and I have 2 lge piles over a ton, at the curb for town pickup . Hate to see it wasted. End of Paranya ct .in Clifton.
  5. Wow, unbelievable and sounds unbeatable.
  6. Kudos to her. Cute girl, keep her that way by putting the guard back on and getting her a full face shield..
  7. Looks yummy Cooking outside also saves a little on the AC.
  8. Breakfast Sausage 10 lbs of ground venison including pork fat. (usually 8 lbs meat 2 lbs fat) more or less to taste. I like more fat 5 tbls salt 1 tsp ground white pepper 1 tbls sage 1 tsp ground ginger 1 tbls ground nutmeg 2 tbls powdered dextrose ` 2 Cups Ice water mix and stuff into 28-30 mm hog casings, 24-26 lamb casings or into roll and freeze into patties. If freezing for any length of time it’s best to leave out the sage as it will turn bitter.` ...................................................................
  9. jerseyhunter

    Oil Change

    Hint To be on the safe side you should take a file and mark the filter, this way you'll know you got a new one, not the same one wiped clean.
  10. That shouldn't be like that after 1 season. I'd go someplace other than where you bought the bow, unless they're willing to make it right or give you some kind of compensation. That's just me though.
  11. Nah, just cross the bridge to Bellville .
  12. How could you tell her no to the nuggets? Did you at least smoke the eels? Looks like she had a blast.
  13. Never heard of anyone doing them rare.
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