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  1. If your going to leave it like that at least put in some bolts with nuts and washers. and add that fitch plate mentioned earlier.
  2. Saw one back in the late 60's at the NY boat show with my dad.
  3. Congratulations Now the heck with pictures of the bird lets see some of the cutlets.
  4. Besides frying them I've also smoked them.
  5. Makes me jealous, nicely done.
  6. Yum , isn't that called Jon Bought or something like that.
  7. I believe your allowed to cantileaver 1/4 the distance of your floor joist providing they are sturdy enough to handle the load. ie 2x10's type into your search engine allowable distances to cantilever 2x10
  8. No, but they do pee while laying there. Saw one get up and shake it off like a dog, at least I knew her bladder was empty while gutting her.
  9. After being bitten twice I never went in the woods again without all my exterior clothes being treated. Both times I took the meds to be on the safe side.
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