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  1. watched all those shows, plus Gaddabout Gaddis "The Flying Fisherman".
  2. jerseyhunter

    Local corn??

    My wife's niece has been bringing us some from Donaldson's farm Allen Rd. Hackettstown.
  3. Had a friend give me some Elk and IMO much better than Whitetail.
  4. jerseyhunter


    During the fall and winter I'm swarmed with crows trying to get into the garbage and any scraps of fat and meat while I'm butchering. But come summer I can toss the garbage at the curb and not worry. What happens to them, where do they go.
  5. I always thought it was a Linoleum cutter.
  6. You see those prices on amazon? $38.49 for 4 pks, I get it when its on sale for $2.99
  7. Nice catch. As a kid we would go out on my dads boat when we got back to the dock and my chores were done I would catch them off the dock with little pcs of clam. Even caught them in the crab traps as well.
  8. Don't know for sure, but those boats are commercial vessels and could follow different rules.
  9. Like getting along without you when she kicks your ass out for fishing to much.
  10. Once finished I take the foil wrapped butt and wrap in a towel which is then placed in a cooler for a couple hours to mellow out. Looks good.
  11. a big ass magnet would have also worked.
  12. who's providing the internet without cable, land line or dish?
  13. Cap guns that fired the red rolls of caps and rockets you tossed in the air with the greenie stickem caps, oh and silly putty. Followed by sitting on the steps and smacking some Turkish taffy into bite sized pieces.
  14. what no potato salad ? Looks good.
  15. Back at you, and all members aboard.
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