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  1. jerseyhunter

    Ely's deer Pepperoni

    It would make great gifts for Christmas
  2. jerseyhunter

    Outfitter tips?

    Never went on a hunting excursion but on guided/chartered fishing trips always tipped the guides well. Never the owner/operator of the lodge. My buddies and I became so good friends with the guides we didn't need the lodge anymore as the guides/new friends put us up at their houses. They always appreciated the gifts we brought from Jersey. But that was over 30 yrs ago, maybe things and times have changed.
  3. jerseyhunter

    Stan Lee has passed

    R.I.P Stan When I was a kid I lived for the weekend to get my comic books or a new copy of the Hardy Boys. Wish I had them now. I think my ex tossed them 40 yrs ago.
  4. jerseyhunter

    Rookie Mistake

    Heck I used to eat a T-ham & egg on the way there , pack a cold T-ham/w lettuce on a Portuguese roll with mayo.(this was my go to fishing or hunting). Then around 12-1 go to the local pizza joint 2 min away, eat a slice or 2 and get 1 to go for around 3-4 . It kept me hunting all day . Those last 20 min that I could see were magic. Once I got down I still had another 20 min still hunting back to the truck without the canopy.
  5. jerseyhunter

    Veterans Day Buck Down!!!

    Congratulations. Better to be lucky than not. Always nice to find something you dropped on you way back to the truck. Had my new release attached to my bow, got up in my stand and it was gone. Fortunately I had a spare in my pack.
  6. jerseyhunter

    Ground Blind Orange Requirement (DIY Paint Job).

    I think it is definitely safer than a vest and you'll never have to worry you forgot to pack it.
  7. jerseyhunter

    The life and times of Buck 8917

    Wondering why he went there to die is interesting. Maybe he had some kin who perished there as in his mom, or maybe it was his birth place. Something similar to elephants who travel to their sacred burial ground. We may never know.
  8. jerseyhunter


    Happy Veteran's Day, and thank you all who have served.
  9. jerseyhunter

    One Day Left.

    up and at him. Good Luck
  10. jerseyhunter

    Venison pastrami on rye, new fave.

    I used to make it all the time when I was hunting. Gives you a sense of accomplishment and not having to rely on a deli.
  11. He should not have fought with the officers but the gun goes off accidentally and they hear the shot and they shoot to kill. Sounds like the cop wrestling with the man wasn't qualified to go hand to hand wearing all the body armor. But it is what it is and he went home to his family. I wonder if they have a conscience ?
  12. jerseyhunter

    Get out and vote today

    Got back half hour ago. I couldn't believe the looks I got, all for wearing a camo cap with the words 10 point and their logo on it.
  13. jerseyhunter

    How much Tinks 69 doe-in rut to use

    I've always had luck with Bob Kirchner's deer lure located in Pa. http://www.bobkirschnerdeerlure.com/
  14. since it was probably proposed by a Dem. I'm voting no.
  15. jerseyhunter

    Buck down

    congratulations, you using your wife's x bow?