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  1. jerseyhunter

    Small Doe = Slim Jims

    Perfect timing.
  2. jerseyhunter

    Christmas trees as cover?

    I used to clip some branches and stick them in my climber tin strategic places. Worked as a cover scent and break up any outlines, then just left them hanging on a hook for next time.
  3. jerseyhunter

    Be Careful Tomorrow

    Just got in from shoveling an inch of wet slop from my neighbors and my sidewalks in the sleet. Better to be safe than cursing in the am that it froze . I only trust 2 people myself and the weatherman isn't the second.
  4. I just go to my Mechanic in Montclair Been going to him over 15 years. Tried a Mech a few blocks from me , never again.
  5. jerseyhunter

    When did things change so much

    Sounds like the person who turned you down needs to be fired.
  6. jerseyhunter

    Venison vegetable soup

    Nice, string beans look home grown.
  7. jerseyhunter

    Your ethnic background

    See my post in the Playground
  8. jerseyhunter

    It Was Frigging Cold Today.....pic

    Nice going , I remember those days and wonder how I did it, but I do know why.
  9. jerseyhunter

    Venison & Potato Au Gratin - Crockpot

    Looks great. I'm surprised the russets kept their shape. I would have opted for red or Yukon's but that's just my opinion.
  10. jerseyhunter

    Tips with dealing with road noise.

    You can't hear them, they can't hear you. Just have to watch for movement. By now you should know the direction they will be coming from, and approx. time. Move your eyes not you head. GL. wish I still had that problem.
  11. jerseyhunter

    for the Crabbers

    Why not just throw them in a cooler with a frozen gal. bottle of water? You can even drink the water as it melts.
  12. jerseyhunter

    My boy got a deer tonight

    congratulations to both of you
  13. jerseyhunter

    In Colorado it's called TAYLOR HAM!!

    My son and family moved out there about 5 yrs. ago.
  14. jerseyhunter

    Favorite winter time Venison meal

    pm sent