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  1. When I hunted from a tree it was on before I left the ground and didn't come off till I was down.
  2. I was there 20 after 6 lady said I was the first one.
  3. I shot a deer broadside, the fletching seemed to go to the left and the deer ran to the right. Looked and found no hair ,blood or arrow. So I followed it's tracks since they were heading towards my truck. Eyes locked intensely on the trail I spotted a drop of blood, 3' later there lay the deer the arrow sticking out 6" . body cavity filled with blood. It had evidently jumped the string , what a way to reach the heart.
  4. Silver skin does not melt or cook down, what your describing is the collagen ,which is healthy for you .
  5. I would as BHC said except I would also spray with Permethrin for tick protection. Once dry put em in the bag and your good to go for weeks against ticks and other creepy crawlys.
  6. watched all those shows, plus Gaddabout Gaddis "The Flying Fisherman".
  7. jerseyhunter

    Local corn??

    My wife's niece has been bringing us some from Donaldson's farm Allen Rd. Hackettstown.
  8. Had a friend give me some Elk and IMO much better than Whitetail.
  9. jerseyhunter


    During the fall and winter I'm swarmed with crows trying to get into the garbage and any scraps of fat and meat while I'm butchering. But come summer I can toss the garbage at the curb and not worry. What happens to them, where do they go.
  10. I always thought it was a Linoleum cutter.
  11. You see those prices on amazon? $38.49 for 4 pks, I get it when its on sale for $2.99
  12. Nice catch. As a kid we would go out on my dads boat when we got back to the dock and my chores were done I would catch them off the dock with little pcs of clam. Even caught them in the crab traps as well.
  13. Don't know for sure, but those boats are commercial vessels and could follow different rules.
  14. Like getting along without you when she kicks your ass out for fishing to much.
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