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  1. Chefhunter

    11/17 live bow hunt

    With all the (possibly) youth hunters there should be 40 deer down around me, I have not heard a lone shot yet, all emptied their guns... I have not seen anything yet, all spooked
  2. Chefhunter

    First and last sit for the season

    Thanks partial knee replacement on Wednesday hope to find a flat spot for gun season otherwise I will watch the deer in my back yard lol
  3. Chefhunter

    First and last sit for the season

    Finally got out, lots of gun fire sitting in a blind today, finally getting to use the Carbon Express xbow. Thanks shootstraight hope to connect
  4. Chefhunter

    1AM- dont tell my wife

    I like how you say your wifes fridge...
  5. Chefhunter

    They cant all be wide

    Holy Crap!!!!
  6. Chefhunter


    None of them went off?!! If it was for real, they would have gone boom. Not very bright or lack of intent, just big publicity, you have to wonder who was going to be in the next headline for sexual depravity on the dumbocrap side...
  7. Chefhunter

    Prayers needed

    Thank you all for the support, the is a positive outcome this time.. 6 years ago my older brother did not make it, this incident my younger brother collapsed at work, CPR started immediately, the used the AED, got him back, now he works in rural Pennsylvania, the medics got there and stabilized him and called for a helicopter instead of going to the local hospital, thank God, flee him to Lehigh Valley and I am happy to report he is off the ventilator and awake but still needs open heart surgery All the stars aligned and I am convinced prayers worked it’s magic. He is the only brother I have so thank you all for your support. Inknow some have said hunting will always be there, but sitting in the woods is my relaxation place, and I love being out there, I did not want to be out of the woods for a third year. Thank you all for your support!!!
  8. Chefhunter

    Prayers needed

    Once again, the hunting gods have kicked me in the stones, I have not gotten out yet this year, due to knee issues, but this week I was going to be out this week, and SUnday afternoon, my brother collapsed at work, and with the use of the AED they got him back, and right now he is in ICU on a vent, and in hypothermia sedated coma. They are warming him as we speak, but takes 16+ hours, and we will not know the extent of his neurological status until Thursday or friday. I wanted to get in the woods this week, but now that is out of the question, and I have knee replacement surgery the day before Thanksgiving. I am going to have to cram a lot of time in the woods in a short period of time. Prayers for the family appreciated. And to my team mates in Team 7, I apologize for not getting ananimalyet. Thanks all
  9. Chefhunter

    Guess I made a lot of people's Facebook page yesterday!

    Nice job, congrats
  10. Chefhunter

    Free crossbow cocking string

    Sorry, I had another one but it was frayed but I went and got a crank for 40 bucks and it is fantastic, and I can uncock it safely with it. Just a thought if you can afford to do it
  11. Chefhunter


    Because we have a dumbocrap gov
  12. Chefhunter

    Free crossbow cocking string

  13. Chefhunter

    Most dangerous NJ cities

    Having worked in Newark, it is not a nice place to be, especially after dark, I now work in Paterson, and I wouls rather be in Newark, Paterson is BAD, I carry a stun flashlight and a knife, since we are not allowed to CCW. In the mid/late 80’s I worked in Paterson as a medic, the reason I gave up being a medic, was being held at gun point (twice) for the drugs we carried...nope I am done, but now I am back in the same hell hole teaching. I love what I am doing but I never let me guard down. If only they had a proactive police dept, and at least tried.
  14. Chefhunter

    Crossbow discharge bolt failure

    Some of us have to (forced) because of medical issues, to use cross bows, some of us try to be as perfect as we can, we were not born that way...septicdude...do you walk on water or just pump it.?
  15. Chefhunter

    1st Compound Bow Kill

    First one is always great, congrats