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  1. Chefhunter

    Youth day 11 pointer success for rayna!

    That is a fantastic smile she has, and a great kill. Congratulations!
  2. Chefhunter

    Me-Too Movement

    Inspiration for retroactive abortion
  3. Chefhunter

    The Dukes of Hazard [ Politically Correct ]

    So appropriate today
  4. Chefhunter

    Broken to my core

    Sorry she has to go thru this, but be happy they got it now, I wish I knew better when I was young, I have moderate loss in right ear due to idiotic things like m-80’s guns and no such thing as hearing protection back then. She will preserve and lead a fully functional life. Just be careful.
  5. It is a shame the myopic views of the idiots are more powerful than truth, or reality. If only themedia was completely neutral on reporting the news. We could have a lot of fun with the libtards.
  6. Chefhunter

    9/13 afternoon sit. New Youth Hunter

    Wow hope all goes well on the next one. Definitely something he won’t forget. Stay positive
  7. Chefhunter

    Gut shot backing out - all on film

    Great lookin deer, congrats on finding him
  8. Chefhunter

    Why Live to Cat when you can Live to Fox?

    My son saw this guy the other day, looks a bit mangy
  9. Chefhunter

    Why Live to Cat when you can Live to Fox?

    I think I’ll pass, I like dogs anyway..
  10. Chefhunter

    Bergen county buck pic

    I have the wild kingdom in my back yard in Waldwick , there is a defunct garden nursery behind the house and we have seen everything except a bobcat from animals in NJ
  11. This is starting to feel like NJ Hunter web site
  12. Chefhunter

    Never had this happen before on a hunt

    Nice, sorry I was not around for that.
  13. Chefhunter

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    S. Edigio in Ridgewood Ronnie G in Ramsey
  14. Chefhunter

    Help buying an Electric or Propane Smoker

    The last time I actually paid for electric to use an electric smoker, was 30 years ago, and we threw it in the garbage after the first electric bill which was $200 dollars and change more, my propane, I can run for almost a month on one tank, but always on low, 225-250 degrees. I usually leave it going overnight, to time it for dinner the next day. So IMHO, I think it is cheaper to use propane.
  15. Chefhunter

    Self Defense Hunt

    Dam man, not too sure if I would be able to react that quick, but that was one hell of a shot. Nice elk too by the way.