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  1. Chefhunter


    Happiest of New Years to everyone. Praying I get to hunt this year
  2. Chefhunter

    Favorite Christmas Food/Dessert

    Changing it up this year, the wifes family (Italian) never change, so I resolved to do everything new and different. Baby Arugula salad with baby kale, lemon, pomegranate seeds, feta,... Fresh Porcini pork ragu, grilled asparagus, with citrus vinaigrette roasted assorted squashes with Ras el Hanout terrine ofsweetpotato,Idaho,and Korean sweet potato with nutmeg and maplesyrup roasted crown of Pork, served with cran-apple chutney they are buying Italian pastries, I would have made dessert, but recovering from knee surgery.lol Next day I am making forthefamily brunch, fresh assorted bagels including cinnamon raisin, assorted cream cheeses and homemade Gravlax
  3. Chefhunter

    Bourbon and Scotch collectors

    I am a Scotch lover, SingleMalts mostly, but love Bourbon also. I have some that have never been opened, including the Jim Beam ceramic stein back from the 80’s, and some others including gin from the 60-70’s. Pics below. My neighbor over the summer let me have some Pappy Van WInkle, that was a TREAT.
  4. Chefhunter

    slug gun success! first deer with a shotgun!

    Great story, congrats
  5. Chefhunter

    Buck down:)

    VERY nice congrats Isthat a Labradoodle?
  6. Chefhunter

    Unpleasant surprise in the dark....

    My son and I when we know we are able to be in the woods for a period of time, we set the cameras up high in a tree shooting down, and one not more than 7 feet off the ground, so there are pictures should anyone try to steal them. It is a lot of work, but I for one dont make much money to be able to buy new ones every year. I also carry a be good stick, just in case. But that will be next year before I get back in the woods.
  7. Chefhunter

    My Son's Mercy Kill From Tonight

    Good hunting wisdom for a young person.Bravo
  8. Chefhunter

    Had a scare yesterday!

    I went thru that last year, was shaving, passed out fast forward, had a monitor implanted, found the arrhythmia took out the monitor and put in a pacemaker glad you are ok , trust me it sucks, I have been in the woods a total of 4 days in the past 3 years
  9. Chefhunter

    Christmas Wish Lists???

    For the pain to go away in my knee, The thing in the picture AND Bucktooth Phil to resign and move to Iraq
  10. Chefhunter

    beginning to hate hunting nj

    This is some interesting bickering
  11. Chefhunter

    11/17 live bow hunt

    With all the (possibly) youth hunters there should be 40 deer down around me, I have not heard a lone shot yet, all emptied their guns... I have not seen anything yet, all spooked
  12. Chefhunter

    First and last sit for the season

    Thanks partial knee replacement on Wednesday hope to find a flat spot for gun season otherwise I will watch the deer in my back yard lol
  13. Chefhunter

    First and last sit for the season

    Finally got out, lots of gun fire sitting in a blind today, finally getting to use the Carbon Express xbow. Thanks shootstraight hope to connect
  14. Chefhunter

    1AM- dont tell my wife

    I like how you say your wifes fridge...
  15. Chefhunter

    They cant all be wide

    Holy Crap!!!!