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  1. Chefhunter

    Nice One on Cam

    He may have something else in mind, he is sticking his tongue out at you nice buck tho
  2. Chefhunter

    1 less fawn killer

    Looks well fed
  3. Chefhunter

    Scotch/Scotch Blend Recommendations?

    For you Johnnie fans
  4. Chefhunter

    Scotch/Scotch Blend Recommendations?

    To me they taste rotten, I just keep the in case someone wants it
  5. Chefhunter

    Scotch/Scotch Blend Recommendations?

    Some are from the 70’s, from my step father. The Jim Beam stein is1981 and never opened. If anyone is in Bergen County in the near future and want to share a dram, let me know.
  6. Chefhunter

    Scotch/Scotch Blend Recommendations?

    For those guys who dont like it, theone that turned me was Glenrothes, so smooth, dont gulpthem, sip itand go slow
  7. Chefhunter

    Who cures their own bacon here?

    I do make it, and you can get the belly at restaurant depot if you have access.
  8. Chefhunter

    Murphy on 101.5/ bear hunt

    Being that he is already touching funds to pay for other services, he is like every other governor, and even though he “promised” not to do what he is doing, they are all the same. He is just hoping that the heavily taxed POT sales, will fund his agenda. He is a POS
  9. Chefhunter

    Found this little guy today

    I love veal...
  10. Chefhunter

    Chipmunk infestation

    We have a ton of strays and they are the laziest cats I have ever seen. We have chippy holes everywhere. Living in suburbia, cannot shoot them even with the pellet gun. Traps work, but we kill one 10 more show up.
  11. Chefhunter

    Big Timber / First Copperhead

    Not copperheads, the little bastards bite first, I have seen them after someone in front of me kicked them up, or disturbed them, I’ll take a rattler any day
  12. Chefhunter

    Crossbow ranges?

  13. Chefhunter

    Crossbow ranges?

    Where are people allowed to practice with a crossbow? I am in north Bergen county but travel to Flatbrook .. any ideas thanks
  14. Chefhunter


    Got a thank you from the friend who picked it up, but nothing with the kid who was to get it. Its all good, but never again. Not looking for sympathy or anything, I try to do what is right, and hopefully all is well. See y’all in Sept. I am out for the summer from here.