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  1. Well, I gave away my compound bow, because I bought a crossbow from another member, and, after asking how the young lad who was “getting” the bow, if he liked it, or whatever, not even a thank you... just silence. Pretty sad I have given away a muzzleloader and another bow, and it was great to hear what became of them, thats all, just a simple few words would have been great. OH well butt holes everywhere I guess
  2. I love the idea of Pay it forward, I have done it several times, but the last one left a bad taste, but I am still a fan
  3. This is Murphy’s administration please remember that... lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. My son needs an electrician (licensed) Franklin Lakes area for his home but doesn’t want to get screwed can anyone help me find a good one
  5. I have a 2019, and I LOVE it, rides like a Cadillac great on gas, 4 door, 6 cyl. My brother has had them for years' and I was finally able to do last year. Get it you won’t be disappointed
  6. Gel only worked for less than a week for me, and then partial knee replacement last year. I am 56 so no big deal, I have had arthroscopic done on both knees, so I know a total replacement is coming in about 20 years but if I live that long, so be it. I just had a pacemaker removed and a pacemaker/defibrillator installed last week. So, take what comes and don’t look to far forward with what ifs and maybes, you never know what is around the corner. my knee feels fantastic by the way
  7. I use mine all the time, Gamo Hornet, one shot one kill, amazing for .177 cal 11 this year taking a dirt nap Trying to upload a pic but iPad won’t allow it
  8. Happiest of New Years to everyone. Praying I get to hunt this year
  9. Changing it up this year, the wifes family (Italian) never change, so I resolved to do everything new and different. Baby Arugula salad with baby kale, lemon, pomegranate seeds, feta,... Fresh Porcini pork ragu, grilled asparagus, with citrus vinaigrette roasted assorted squashes with Ras el Hanout terrine ofsweetpotato,Idaho,and Korean sweet potato with nutmeg and maplesyrup roasted crown of Pork, served with cran-apple chutney they are buying Italian pastries, I would have made dessert, but recovering from knee surgery.lol Next day I am making forthefa
  10. I am a Scotch lover, SingleMalts mostly, but love Bourbon also. I have some that have never been opened, including the Jim Beam ceramic stein back from the 80’s, and some others including gin from the 60-70’s. Pics below. My neighbor over the summer let me have some Pappy Van WInkle, that was a TREAT.
  11. VERY nice congrats Isthat a Labradoodle?
  12. My son and I when we know we are able to be in the woods for a period of time, we set the cameras up high in a tree shooting down, and one not more than 7 feet off the ground, so there are pictures should anyone try to steal them. It is a lot of work, but I for one dont make much money to be able to buy new ones every year. I also carry a be good stick, just in case. But that will be next year before I get back in the woods.
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