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  1. I've owned many of the major brands.. hard to beat a Surefire
  2. I own several Surefire lights, and they are great. I beat them up pretty good between work, hunting, camping, etc and never had an issue with any of them. My oldest one is about 15 years old and it's still going strong.
  3. Wow great stuff! And sorry for the loss bud
  4. This is the first time I'm seeing your question. My answer is 1000% no, I would not bust balls for that. The beauty of law enforcement is the use of discretion. And IMO any LEO that does give a hard time for it is a doosh.
  5. YES SIR! I thought that pic was gone forever lol. This was 100% the original pic in the ass eyed fox saga
  6. I beg to differ, that's not the original. The original was hanging with green wreath/leaves around it.
  7. .. something that would make me yell like a girl and run away
  8. If I remember correctly, the ass eyed fox had some kinda green wreath around it, didn't it?
  9. Everyone wounds deer at some point. It's an unfortunate reality. Animals have been wounded and not recovered since the caveman days, and it'll continue to happen forever. If dogs are available to help track, I think that's a good thing.
  10. Fantastic! Congrats brother
  11. 99% of the time is not cool to kill something and just let it rot.. and I'm not saying it was ok in this case, but I think whoever shot it did this thing a favor.
  12. I joined njh in 05 or 06. It was a great site. As the years went on it was on a slow decline. A bunch of complete aholes joined, then the site was sold. I haven't been on there in years
  13. This time of year with the heat and bugs I can't do more than a few hours, so probably around 430 or so
  14. I was in high school. I was in in disbelief that something like that could happen in this country. I remember telling my parents in the next few days that I want to do something to give back. I had to finish high school, go to collage and get a degree, but 7 years later (2008) I was sworn in with the NYPD.
  15. I heard all refugees that are coming to NJ are being handed free bow licenses, and getting exclusive rights to all the hard to access private property around the state. They don't have to earn a buck, either. Oh, and they're allowed to bait turkeys too.
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