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  1. Njkoren

    What do you consider to be a big buck?

    At this point in my hunting career any buck within 30 yards will do just fine.
  2. Njkoren

    Upright vs Chest Freezers

    You get more cubic feet of freezer while giving up less square feet of floor space with an upright. Plus i think the shuffling around vacuum pack over and over with a chestfreezer leads to broken seals.
  3. Njkoren

    Reminder for next weekend decoy show

    First time putting my gsp sam in the dock dog competition. She did pretty good for a rookie. 16' 1". Lots of fun!!
  4. I remember them saying that they were using pheasants over quail as a cost saving measure. Maybe next year we will get pigeons. Either way i think my dog knows the season is coming.
  5. Njkoren

    GSP Exit 105 Area

    Mature deer know where they are safe. I have seen some good ones out there before.
  6. Njkoren

    Shooters clean out sale

    I would have taken that scope. I just bought a vx freedom for my new 220 last Saturday. Timing is everything.
  7. Njkoren

    Netflix - the legacy of a whitetail deer hunter

    I just heard the guys from the hunting public talking about this. Looks decent for netflix.
  8. Njkoren

    Savage 220 Optics

    Thanks for the recommendations guys. I appreciate the info.
  9. Njkoren

    Savage 220 Optics

    I am looking to purchase my first slug gun. For obvious reasons I am looking at the 220. I think the Nikon slug hunter for $200 looks like a good choice for a scope but I was wondering what other people are using. I like that price point but would appreciate any information you could offer. Thanks
  10. Njkoren

    Father's Day Gifts

    I usually go on the party boats with my dad for fathers day. Hope we can do 3 generations when my son gets older.
  11. Njkoren

    50 Jersey foods to try before you die

    Sea bright pizza grandma pie Prosciutto connection from dolce and clementes in robbinsville Italian hero from lennys in siverton
  12. Njkoren

    Saw a cockbird at Colliers Mills!!

    Well then, that is the kind of bird i would like to hunt. Much better than the ones that dont flush until your stepping on them.
  13. Njkoren

    Saw a cockbird at Colliers Mills!!

    You can also get chukar pheasant and ducks. Just depends on what you are working on and your budget.
  14. That company sucks i have them too