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  1. https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/wcchome.htm Well i guess i never looked far enough down the list. Thanks for the info.
  2. Thats pretty cool. What type of projects do you get to work on? I never knew this was a thing.
  3. I have a 2003 nissan altima with 86,000. Asking 2000. In toms river.
  4. Njkoren

    Decoy values?

    The guy at carvings decoy and wildlife gallery put me in touch with frank and frank auctions in howell. Both seam like really nice guys. Thanks again everyone.
  5. Njkoren

    Decoy values?

    Thanks guys. Ill give them a call. I wish they were closer. Gps says 1hr 40 mins. Located in toms river.
  6. Does anyone know where to take decoys to be appraised? A friend of mine has a few that were gifted to his father by Charles Seidel and he was interested in learning about them. Thanks.
  7. In the field or the house. Best dog ive ever had. Sam will be the i talk about as an old man.
  8. Njkoren

    Best STEAK?

    Ive always loved a good ribeye off of the chuck end. But lateley ive come to appreciate the flat iron and flap meat. Also i recently started using a thermometer which ensures a perfect cooked steak everytime. Reverse searing has also been a nice discovery.
  9. Definately an eye round. And the piece off the scapula is the equivalent of a flat iron. I would cook them low and slow and do a reverse sear.
  10. Njkoren

    Ugly buck Down

    Free ride in the jet sled for winning the ugly buck award!
  11. Milkweed all the way. You can follow your scent stream. Pretty crazy what it will do sometimes.
  12. What area are they stocking at Fort Dix this year?
  13. I can't see the pictures because I don't have a facebook account. Any way someone could post a pic or two. I live in and hunt that area.
  14. I was just saying that I have been noticing a lot of road kill cats lately. So yeah I guess that would suggest a higher feral cat population.
  15. At this point in my hunting career any buck within 30 yards will do just fine.
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