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  1. Pre opening day

    I catch my beagle drinking my jameson sometimes shes a real lush. Good luck tomorrow.
  2. Swan attacked my Lab

    I was at island heights this morning with my 1 year old son feeding the ducks and canadian geese. There was a little kid there yelling go away duck to the geese and trying to throw water on them from a poland spring bottle. A swan swam in with his wings curled up and chased all the birds off and the kid thought it would be a goid idea to go down and approach the swan. Unfortunately the swan nevrr charged the kid, but i wanted to see that brat learn his lesson. I was about his age when i got bit by one.
  3. Raynas youth hunt.

    Wheres the trophy pic? Good luck guys!!
  4. Hey, what's up.

  5. Pro Gun Youtube Replacement

    https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/watch/confiscation-nj-senators-caught-mocking-gun-owners-committee-meeting-may-9-2013_bLCwCbWrxLA2Hqc.html From 2013. Might be old news to some but first time i remember hearing it.
  6. Good enough?

    "It will kill." Doug Marcaida
  7. Knife Control

    They will cut down all the trees once someone is beat to death with a stick
  8. Need brush cleared

    I have a few hundred tracers i can fire into your brush pile
  9. Shooting tracers?

    Guess ill save them for the zombie apocalypse. Thanks
  10. Shooting tracers?

    Does any one know of a public range that allows you to shoot tracers. Me and a buddy bought a couple of cans not knowing what they were years ago and now they just sit in a closet. My range does not allow them. I would really like to travel somewhere not to far and rent something automatic and use them up. But just finding somewhere to shoot them would be good enough for me. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Get ur permits

    Looking forward to 10am this morning for a while. Look at the clock and its 10:45. My head hit the desk. I was able to get a D week. But i really wanted that E. Better luck next year. Good luck everyone.
  12. Hunting preserves

    The dog was compensated for her time. 20180330_113804.jpg.pdf
  13. Hunting preserves

    What is customary as far as tipping when hunting a preserve. If you are not using a guide and have your own dog are you still expected to tip someone? If so who? Interested to know your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance.
  14. Nh ccw

    After reading that it sounds like maine is ok with permitless carry. I wonder if calling the state police to ask would clarify it. It says they do not give legal advice but i wonder if they would consider answering that question as legal advice.
  15. Nh ccw

    I would be honest in filling it out and say that it would be for protection while hiking. I would think that would be good enough. Any thoughts?