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  1. Njkoren

    Father's Day Gifts

    I usually go on the party boats with my dad for fathers day. Hope we can do 3 generations when my son gets older.
  2. Njkoren

    50 Jersey foods to try before you die

    Sea bright pizza grandma pie Prosciutto connection from dolce and clementes in robbinsville Italian hero from lennys in siverton
  3. Njkoren

    Saw a cockbird at Colliers Mills!!

    Well then, that is the kind of bird i would like to hunt. Much better than the ones that dont flush until your stepping on them.
  4. Njkoren

    Saw a cockbird at Colliers Mills!!

    You can also get chukar pheasant and ducks. Just depends on what you are working on and your budget.
  5. That company sucks i have them too
  6. Njkoren

    Saw a cockbird at Colliers Mills!!

    Could have gotten away from a navhda clinic more recently.
  7. Njkoren

    Future hunter....itโ€™s a Boy!!

    Fixed blade or mechanical?
  8. Njkoren

    Really Nice Bear

    Looks like the bear from great outdoors missing the hair on top of his head
  9. Njkoren

    Tick Repellent?

    Buy the permethrin concentrate and dilute it yourself. Spray the perimeter of your house while your at it. Good luck.
  10. Njkoren

    Two came in.....only one left

    What a nice fan. Backround isnt bad either. Congrats
  11. Njkoren

    104.3 or 105.5

    101.5 if i feel like being frustrated, otherwise its pandora.
  12. Njkoren

    Thoughts on this mount?

    I get it but i dont love it. I like the mounts that bring them back to life. However if you have a wall full of shoulder mounts something like that might look good just because its different.
  13. Njkoren

    Pre opening day

    I catch my beagle drinking my jameson sometimes shes a real lush. Good luck tomorrow.
  14. Njkoren

    Swan attacked my Lab

    I was at island heights this morning with my 1 year old son feeding the ducks and canadian geese. There was a little kid there yelling go away duck to the geese and trying to throw water on them from a poland spring bottle. A swan swam in with his wings curled up and chased all the birds off and the kid thought it would be a goid idea to go down and approach the swan. Unfortunately the swan nevrr charged the kid, but i wanted to see that brat learn his lesson. I was about his age when i got bit by one.