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Successful stalk


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Decided to spend tonight stalking in the wind. Was a great day to walk, being the leaves were wet and the wind was loud.

I still hunted along a creek tonight, and had a few opportunities at a small buck and some nice sized does.

I got a short film with my phone but grabbed some snapshots off the video to share here

Ended up having 5 does/fawns and a spike within 30 yards for about 15 mins. They never knew I was standing there up again a tree watching.



and these were the bucks I hoped to bump into...but needless to say, I did not lol




Although I didn't shoot at any, I chalk it up as successful. I had a good time, due to lack of time in the woods this season, I was able to scout and hunt at the same time. I found some good sign and know where I will be setting a stand next week.



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These conditions make stalking cornfields a blast. We just don't have any cornfields on our leases this year :/


I've walked up to many deer bedded in the corn on windy days.


I've probably shot close to 50% of the deer I've got by stalking.. cause when I was younger if I seen a deer across a field working it's way down the edge I would hop down and go cut it off using the creek bed as a place to hide as I walked a few hundred yards.


I stalk the creek too many times when it's icy with fresh snow on it .. prime time just slowly walk the creeks as I come to each bend I peek around and I know where all the common crossings are.


Love it



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