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  1. Nice buck, good luck !
  2. I have a older folding API cart that I use for certain situations but most of the time I find myself using my Jet Sled
  3. Not only that, but it also cracks me the ones that park in front of the building, leave their vehicle running, then when they come out to find their vehicle stolen. Happened to several of the ones in our area last year
  4. Can't believe BB hasn"t picked this up ! How the heck doesn't someone have at least one lever action in the collection !!
  5. Nice rug, congrats
  6. Go to a shop that has a wide variety and shoot what you can.
  7. Come on BB you always need a back up rifle to the other back up !
  8. Ahhhh the old paper license, never thought they would be replaced lol
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