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  1. Have one similar to that one which was my fathers, shot my first buck with that old sxs. Great gun, GLWS
  2. Use mine all the time, one of the best things I've bought
  3. I know couple guy's that have used Schnee's & Hoffman and like them both
  4. If your using a hang on for a quick or mobile setup have you ever considered Wild Edge step ladders ? Very compact and you can use however many steps you need to adjust to the tree, or height, you want etc. Also allows you to use a climbing aider if you need to reduce number of steps to be lighter
  5. Have to agree with you on the CS, did have to call about another issue with the unit and speaking with that person was aggravating.
  6. Ok thanks, appreciate the help
  7. Been testing one out myself for several weeks after finding it on sale. Not a bad unit overall for being small and compact and not having to have anything else your required to plug in, but could be a lot better. When testing it I've had pics that didn't come through to cell but were on the micro card when I checked it on my computer. Also, unless they have a setting that I haven't found yet, wish you could delete multiple pics in a group on the app instead of one at a time. Thats a little bit of a pain in the ass if you have a lot of pics. Definitely nice having the pics going to your cell but will be interested to see how long these units will last before crapping out, etc.
  8. Congrats on your late season buck, nice job !
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