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  1. Those #1 will probably go quick
  2. My condolences also, but glad you were able to get up to Maine even though it was cut short. Hopefully things will be better for you next year
  3. Nice buck, congrats
  4. Good luck, always wanted to try that place.
  5. Is your slumberjack main compartment big enough to hold safety harness ?
  6. Camo sling pack, been using one for several years. Smaller then a regular back pack but bigger then fanny back
  7. Couple friends have Excalibur and they like them
  8. Yes you are my friend lol. Lately only 3" buckshot I've seen is #4, everything else has been 2 3/4 and some 3 1/2"
  9. Ive had several Beretta's over the years, great guns. Good luck with it
  10. Ive used Kicks ported buckshot choke for several different guns over the years and they have been great, most of the time light full. Also used one of the Carlson buckshot chokes in my Beretta Outlander and it patterns well
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