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  1. Silver Belly62

    VA Muzzle Loader Opener

    good luck !
  2. How many days are you hunting ?
  3. Sounds like a great trip, looking forward to some pics
  4. Silver Belly62

    He Passed!

    Congrats to him
  5. Silver Belly62

    Woody and pheasant mounts

    Look great
  6. Silver Belly62

    My little guys first harvest...

    Awesome, congrats !
  7. Silver Belly62

    Big public land buck down!

    Great looking buck ! congrats
  8. Definitely get C7 style cutters and only use them for cable ! not regular wire etc use the other pliers/cutters for that. Also, get yourself good fur handling equipment if your stretching your own fur which will benefit you in the end and save yourself a lot of head aches (fleshing beam & knife, good knives, stretchers/boards & wedges, etc) Also watch out for some of the stretchers that are made out of junk metal . As rgw mentioned I wouldn't worry too much about using lures if this is your first year, focus on sign and make quality sets.
  9. Silver Belly62

    Excalibur Micro crossbow in camoflage

    If I'm not mistaken I think the scope might be the "widow maker" scope that Dead Ringer was making which was roughly around $150 or so and I think the HHA crossbow sight system that comes with a rail mount is roughly around the same price, give or take a few.
  10. Silver Belly62

    What's Your Muzzleloader Set Up For This Year?

    Still using the same knight disc rifle, two pellets, and shock wave bullet
  11. Silver Belly62

    NY buck down 10/13

    Nice buck, congrats
  12. Silver Belly62

    A pair of Woodys

    nice job
  13. Silver Belly62

    Whose ready for the opener?

    Good luck to those going out
  14. Silver Belly62

    Maine Moose Down(pic heavy)

    Awesome bull, congrats !
  15. Silver Belly62

    10/8 tree rats