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  1. Silver Belly62

    Your Choice for President !

    I nominate............... "BB""
  2. Treating every gun as if it were loaded, not allowing the muzzle to be pointed at something you do not plan to shoot, and actions always open are three rules that were hammered to me when I was young, some times with a good boot up the back side when I wouldn't listen. These days I'm not so sure for certain ones
  3. Silver Belly62

    Bears and coon mounts complete

    Awesome job, always wanted to get one of my coons done on a limb like that
  4. Silver Belly62

    Cat and Mouse Game Over, For Now

    Nice job, keep at it
  5. Silver Belly62

    How much venison

    Before pop passed would be around 6-8, but also do my own sausage and some jerky. Any others we would get I would give to a few friends that like venison but dont hunt. Luckily my wife likes venison and cooking it
  6. Silver Belly62

    Question for the trappers

    Everyone's situation is different, depending where they are. Usually sold the muskrat to the organizations that would put on the muskrat dinners down this way, but sadly that is fading away. Then I would have others on a list that would want the coon, opossum, beaver, and any extra muskrats. K9's as already stated back to nature. Some trappers that make there own lures or baits may use some meat for that etc.
  7. Silver Belly62

    Beaver Mayhem

    Nice job Have you been getting some nice size castor to dry out ?
  8. Silver Belly62

    What Brand Scope Is Your Favorite?

    Leupold & Redfield Revolution (owned by Leupold) on most all of mine for me. I have two Burris, which have nice glass, but the one I dont care for the way the whole eye piece turns for adjustment instead of just a ring. I like some of the Nikons but just dont care for that BDC reticle and their warranty. Might give Vortex a try on one rifle this year
  9. Silver Belly62

    Favorite winter time Venison meal

    venison stew for me
  10. Silver Belly62

    Great morning with kids.

    Nice job, have fun
  11. Silver Belly62

    Venison Sheppard's pie

    Looks good
  12. Silver Belly62

    Favorite bird mount

  13. Silver Belly62

    410 shotguns...?

    Have had several 410's over the years when running hounds for rabbits never cared to use them for birds, used my 20 ga sxs for them. One of the 410 I liked the most was the Browning BPS model because it had choke tubes
  14. Silver Belly62

    Tree Rats=Chickens of the tree

    Mother use to make squirrel pot pie