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  1. Good luck to everyone that entered and a big thanks to BowhunterNJ for setting it up
  2. Thought someone was looking for some of these on here not long ago
  3. Just make sure you check with whichever FFL your thinking about possibly using ahead of time, unless you have someone you use regularly already. Some have different views on what needs to be done. Some will do the transfer, some won't, some say they can't complete the transfer cause they have to actually take ownership of the firearm, etc etc
  4. Great looking mount, one of my favorite animals to trap
  5. I've always felt that the same age to join the military, vote, and legal drinking should all be the same.
  6. .........................Where's that middle finger emoji ! Thought that was in the site upgrade !
  7. Thanks for everything you do Matt
  8. Not sure if it was made by Mossy Oak or NWTF, but the couple I have that I like the best are basically a plain vest and has the NWTF patch on it. Room for all basic stuff calls, few shells, etc and is not too heavy or made out of thick material. Some of these vests they are making are getting crazy with all the gadgets they add to them ( built in seat frames, etc). Also like using the same vest during the trapping season. The pic is similar to what I have
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