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  1. .... Let me know when my freedom of speach has been restored...
  2. The thought of using hand loads does keep crossing my mind.. Especially when other people suggest it... I think what I really need to do is get out and shoot the factory loads and see exactly what I got.. Then perhaps consider handloads .. or at least try them... I aint having no gun with a plastic stock... If it aint wood I wont touch it... That's non negotiable,,... I did think about getting that kit but, i'm not really a rifle and scope hunter...once this scope is mounted it will probably never come off unless it breaks or proves to be useless... Probably have a gun smith mount it...
  3. That's your opinion not mine... Where was that place you own in PA?.. I'll be passing through next week and would like to hunt for a day.. I don't like trespassing on a total strangers land so, since I sorta know you.....
  4. I didn't "told" anyone to do anything.. I simply made a suggestion.. A reasonable suggestion.. If you think I should act like an A-Hole to other hunters who mean me no harm like some of you selfish "it's >>MY
  5. ​.. You sound like you're jealous of something... .. is it my new scope rings?.. if it will make u happy i'll buy u a pair for xmass ...
  6. Well judging from your response to my "tact" or "logic" , I think its reasonable to conclude its not in anyone's interest to Agree or like it.. If they want to be able to keep posting here anyway... Or at least avoid being called out on it.. What I posted had nothing to do with decency.. And common sense, at least my common sense , tells me someone in the family should have been out looking for this guy... The fact that there was no mention of them doing so set off alarm bells.. And so I made my comment hoping someone might shed some light on what I couldn't see... Had no idea it would trigger an all out assault... Nor was it meant to have that effect...
  7. .. WHAT THE...??????.... DAAAAaaaam JH... Where did that come from?...Did I really deserve that tongue lashing you just gave me?.. I'll admit I do at times have a habit of "thinking out side of the box " but, I wouldn't categorize that as sh*tting "on every post".. Here's the thing... And like I said I merely found the whole thing "suspicious".. I didn't draw any conclusions nor did I imply there was any foul play on the part of the family .. The guy was hunting only 300 yards from the house.. The guy didn't come home at dark.. The family knew about where he was but didn't go look for him and instead called the police.. Now put yourself in their shoes..the families shoes.. What if the missing person was one of your own?... Would you not go out and look for him?.. If not before U called the cops but after?.. I know I would... and I'm pretty sure the VAST majority of normal people who visit this site would... Now there MAY be a perfectly good reason why the family didn't go out and look, iduno.. Like u said " we don't know the facts"... And because of the fact that we don't now all the facts is why I was "suspicious".. And your version of the Sequence of events doesnt do anything to alleviate my suspicions... "I swear if I didn't know any better - you don't hunt. You don't fish. You don't harvest anything. You sit around all day and troll posts on various websites just looking to impart your special brand of wisdom? Am I right, or am I wrong?" ​WRONG!!!!!.... And if I didn't know any better I would swear you and jakesbeard have been hitting the wild turkey together alittle to much and talking about how "we gonna get that Axiom guy'... What did i ever do to you?..
  8. ... Above is the author of the article and her email address... I just sent her an email and called her a whack job...
  9. lol... Yeah, I was about to cut and pasted that part of the article awhile ago and ask the same question but got distracted by a phone call... The fact that the author of that article felt it was note worthy to write that gives me the creeps..
  10. 3).. a nearby Land owner cut up 1 blind and stole the other cause they were both trespassing on Public Land...
  11. 1 among my many talents and professions, I worked in radiology in virtually every hospital, Doctors office, out patient centers etc, in NJ and NYC... One of those bones looks to be a vertebra.. And it is NOT human.. Could be Yetti bones though...
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