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  1. One of the best hunting stories I’ve read all year. Congratulations on a beautiful first buck. Your face says it all in the first photo.
  2. Another true New Jersey giant. Wow congratulations he is a bruiser!!!
  3. Nice wide spread buck... Congratulations
  4. P&Y BUCK

    Caught 1

    Amazing on what they actually can handle and for the length of time they can hold on. Strong willed animals!!! Good job for putting him to rest.
  5. Good one to get out!!! Congrats
  6. Good luck, usually turkeys come in first... the deer should be in shortly.
  7. That sucks. Wonder how that even could happen. Well good luck using the crossbow I guess.
  8. Congratulations I miss hunting Illinois. I’ll get back there 1 day
  9. Nice job guys congratulations
  10. Looks like an awesome spot for a giant to come cruising through. Good luck
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