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  1. I usually dry them with a boot dryer, then mix equal parts corn starch & baking soda and havent had any problems.
  2. Can't believe this hasn't sold, appears to be in great shape
  3. That 35 Whelen will be going probably quick
  4. Heard others talk about the Dryshod before but never really gave them any thought. What ones do you prefer for early season ?
  5. Had one pair of Muck boots and they didn't last long. My two pairs of Lacrosse Burly's haven't even made it over three years and the soles have been coming apart. Unfortunately good rubber boots are a thing of the past
  6. The same two that I always do, my original one and the one that was my fathers that he hunted with up there.
  7. The four carbines I have, two have Williams peep sights, one with a Leupold 2x7, one with another Leupold scope but on a older set of see thru sights which sit lower. The two full length barrels I still have left also have Williams peep sights. If your thinking about mounting a scope only on it I highly recommend the DNZ one piece mounts
  8. Nice find on the 760, hope you enjoy it. Sold a few full length models myself this year, was time to thin the herd lol
  9. I still use my gps as a back up but for the most part everything is done with Onx
  10. Summer heat must be getting to him, hope he's ok
  11. Remington Sportsman Magnum (870)
  12. Was there one time, and I agree a great shop
  13. Nope none here. I thought you had one or two you were looking to sell before moving to NC or TN
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